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Hello There

Rissa Gross

California, Communication, Class of 2020



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Hello, everyone. I am Risa, and I am a student at Cal Lutheran University. I You can call it Cal. Ooh or Cal Lutheran or Seal you. We basically call it whatever we want. Um, and I am going to be showing you a week in the life of a Cali student. Andi, I'm so, so excited to tell you guys about my school and about my life here and about how much I love it here, because I really dio um so first a little bit about me. Like I said, my name is Risa. I grew up in Southern California, Santa Clarita, which a lot of you probably know a CZ, the home of Six Flags, Magic Mountain or Santa Clarita diet. But the Netflix TV show, which is actually totally spot on about, you know, the stereotypical suburb of Santa Clarita. But without the whole zombie thing. I don't know too many zombies in Santa Clarita, but for all I know, there could be some slow about my school. Uh, this is Cal Lutheran. Tell Lucille you anything you really want to call it. It's been called. We are the home of the Regal's is technically for the female students and the King Zeman for the male students. I don't really know why we have to have different ones, but that's okay. And our UN officials mascot is actually this great guy right behind me. This is gonna be so Gumby. A little story was actually a gift from the first graduating class from Cal Lutheran. And the reason it became called Gumby was because the original paint job rusted and turned green. And so it looked like Gumby. Since then, it has got had a new paint job. And it, actually, this medallion that it has on it right now is not usually there. It's actually for a festival that's going on that you will see later in the week. Um slipped that car go by. And so, just so you know, our positioning a little bit, this is the library right here behind me. Actually, that is the library. This is the pre spit right form, which I'm going to be showing you later tonight. And right here, this is Kingsman Park. And the reason that it has all this stuff in it is actually the same reason that that medallion is there is because there is a an event going on this weekend that I'm really excited to show you tomorrow, and they're all set up for it. But tonight, I'm actually going to show you a typical Friday night in Thousand Oaks, California. It's not the most exciting place in the world, but I am going to show you a little bit about So I just got out of the echo. And as you can see, Dum B is right behind me. So just to put that into perspective and Kinsmen Park is what I'm walking along. A much much walk to class. My next class, which is actually all the way across campus, which you will see as we walk, is about to take about five minutes. Those canvases really very small. All right. Just gonna plant some things out to you. I don't know if you can see it, but I'm going to show you this a little bit later. But right there, that's actually Centrum. That's one of our dining places here. Used to be my favorite. And when you see my new favorite, you'll find out why, and right here on the other side of me um, this is Starbucks. Of course. Every college campus needs a Starbucks actually had to shoot you. It's basically like your basic Subra. I don't know if he saw that. It was a really long line right now because it always has a really long line at this time. It's right before classiness, kind of prime time to get some coffee. Good class. They have like, bagels and stuff. And and you'll see our big welcome to telling sign. Love that sign. It's very colorful. Then you'll see that. That Kings in Park has kind of emptied out after the fair for the festival. That's kind of. Empty now, but just kind of walking in class. It is a beautiful day. Get over here. You'LL see we have Coleman. This is OMON Commons. Next to it is a woman to go. And that is my new favorite. Let's cross a super dangerous street. Um it's not really think yourself is a joke. But I'm just gonna walk into class moments ago is my new favorite because it's a lot more healthy. And it's also much closer to the dorms that I live in. I used to live in remote Cliff Hall, which is right over there. You're really close to Centrum Cafe, which is where you see that. And they had a lot more fattening foods. So, yes, it's not really the best treat. Sit there and then gradually past our last shining thing. Finding place never, but is actually jump. Andi. That's a good place to get, you know, a healthy morning breakfast type thing. I like to get some of these things. Feels a lot healthier than getting Starbucks if you don't like coffee like me because I don't taste thing. I understand. I'm on the I'm in the minority on that, but it's okay. They have good coffee at Starbucks. I understand. So his trauma chief's Right now, I'm just walking past all the academic buildings, but I want to talk to you a little bit about time about joining. So if you live on campus and you live in a dorm that does not have a kitchen, you are required to have a dining plan so much as a freshman. It is pretty extensive, you know? They have like I can't remember. I think they have, like three options. There's twelve meal swipes a week. Or fourteen or seventeen. I think there are three options, but I I'm not totally sure. Um and this, um, are required for freshmen. One of the few. I think I picked the smallest one. And I didn't eat the dining commons all that often. Last year. I did have a fridge, mini fridge and a like a wave in my room, so that was kind of nice. And I didn't always eat at the dining commons, but when I did, it was nice to have a meal plan. Right now, I don't have a kitchen, so I don't have to have a meal plan. But I do any race. Um, I think I have a really small one, like twenty five meal swipes a semester and stuff like that. Hey, Leslie, uh, and I have said twenty five years, like a semester and two hundred dollars in bonuses dollars. Which means I get to use that like John produce and all those places and Centrum Starbucks. But at home in commons, meals can actually get kind of expensive. But you never really noticed because of male swipe just counts. So right now I'm at the building, but my classes in. This is Swanson. Most of my classes communications class was doing here, and I'm actually about to meet my friend, and he's going to tell me a little bit about himself. Okay, so right now I'm in a classroom in alumni Hall. I've never had a class in here, but I have been to a class in here, sort of, you know, when? On the first day to find out if I wanted to be in it. This is actually, there's a big classroom compared to most of our classrooms. Our average class size is probably twenty to twenty five students. Um, and this is pretty big. So I would guess that most classes in here are Okay, so I'm going to tell you a little bit about the other freshman dorm options. So there's two other freshman dorm's besides Mount Class. Um, and those are Peterson and Thompson and their exact mirrors of each other. And the dorms are having the same. I'm not going to take you in there because I don't know anybody who lives in there. I mean, Ken is really the only freshman that I know because freshmen are kind of all secluded over here on the other side of campus because they want, you know, classes to be a little bit closer when you're freshman's you, Khun, like, rely on each other, Which is cool, actually. And, uh, the other two dorms or Peterson and Thompson. And they are sweet, um, style dorm. So you have a living room and then two bedrooms off of that living room. This time, yes, and this year they have five people living in there and each in each sweet because they had, like, an over over need for dorms in that residents in those residents. Also, there's two people in one room and three people in the other room, and the reason that I picked Mount clef was because I was told that Peterson and Thompson you could hold hands with your roommate while you slept, and I was like, That's weird. So no. And as you can see, the rooms and in Chlef are are pretty spacious, like you don't you don't have to hold hands, but you don't have a living. You don't have like, every living room space, so you just kinda have your desks in here and everything like that. But so in here, I forgot to say in here, you do have to two different sweets that share bathroom. So there's, like, two doors. There's a door to the out to the hallway and a door to the bathroom, and they have the exact same thing on the other side. Apparently so, yeah, it's basically for purse wheat. But if you I mean, I know a lot of people who didn't know their suite mates at all. I happened to be really good friends with a suite Hey, guys. So I broke in to the field. Not really. I just had Teo to push past the crowd of the event that was going on because it had just ended. So this is our field. We have our, you know, visitor bleachers over there and the soccer soccer teams actually practicing right now and over here we have our home team creatures, and they're all purple and yellow because you have school pride. And there's actually a lot of these honest totally fills up during homecoming week. Yeah, because home going weekend is actually family our parent weekend. So parents come and visit and there's so much events for them and they come Hey, guys. So right now I'm standing in one of the classrooms in, uh, the soil in humanities center, which is one of our classroom academic buildings on campus. And this is basically every classroom in this building. There's a lot of classrooms in this building. And what this building holds is all of the humanities classes and faculty and stuff like that. I have had a lot of classes. I've never I had a semester where he didn't have a class in this building. Um, right now I have Spanish right next door and religion in this classroom. And my very first semester I had my freshman immersion class in here, and I had one of my honor's seminars in here s O. This is like an average class size. Um, even one of these classrooms probably is never really full. My class in here has, I think, twenty nineteen, maybe students in it. So this classroom is never really full. Our class is a really small. So if you ever like Miss a class, your professors will notice. And even if you miss a couple in a row, they'll like, I actually love that about this campus that If you miss more than a couple of classes in a row, then they'll actually reach out to you and be like, Are you OK? He's sick. There's something going on because it's such a small school. Okay, so this is Candace, freshman dorm. As you can see, she has a very messy roommate, which, you know, it happens. Nesa wasn't much of a neat person when I lived with her, either. Um, and you kind of just have to live with it. See, Kenna's side is quite clean. Andi, that's her. So I'm just going to take you in a bit a little bit. Her dorm is a little bit different than the normal dorm C. There's a desk in the closet. Hers is a little bit different because she is in a disabled dorm, so the bathroom is a little bit different and the closet is in a different place. When I lived here, the closet was right there next to the door, and the bathroom door was right there. And the bathroom is quite small. So yeah, it's It's a little bit different, and I'm not really going to show you the bathroom because it's the bathroom very different. But there is probably twice as much closet space here than there is in the normal amount, cleft arms and all of the other dorms. You have just like that and dresses like these instead of the desk that she has right there, which is, you know, built in a little bit. She's like trying to get out of camera, but there's no wind. And so, yeah, this is kind of a And so this is the priest brett forum, which apparently has a weird pronunciation. But nobody calls it that. It's the price went free form. It's like saying price, but you're like from the east coast royce. But we're not from these codes. So we call it prius brand, and this is also library. So we're gonna walk into the lobby right now, so see, right here, that's the that's the lobby. But we're actually going in. That's what i meant. I definitely meant library. So we're going in here to the forum for the brother, so wait. We don't really have to be quiet. There's nothing going on. Yeah, there's not too many people here, a lot of community members right now, but i'm sure more students finish early. So same hansel and gretel, which her roommate, rachel, isn't, is also my friend, not just her and a couple of people from choir. Yeah, it's a lot of fire in it, the leeds. And there's actually there's actually a live orchestra like that was really cool, so i wanted to say something about this room. So really, the most fun thing i can think of that goes on here is improv. So they do improv. It's at like eleven o'clock on thursday nights, but they never really tell you ahead of time when it is until they way haven't in because someone in choir is in it. And, you know, i just had a couple days before or for the day up. And hill, he'll tell us on. Its really cool like this room fills up. There's like people standing in the back, standing on the corner is sitting in the eye. Always people have to get there like an hour, an hour ahead of time. Just to get a seat from, and it's a little funny. It's really probably the most fun. I've had all those give us because it's like Good mining. Everyone I am. I'm walking with my roommates. This is Johanna. And that's Taylor. We are walking behind us. You will see a most of the upperclassmen dorms. Actually, I can't really see what, Because there's a lot of trees, but we are walking right now to an event on campus. That is probably one of the biggest events for the weekends. Um, that happens here, and some people call it scanty fest. Some people call it scanned fest, but it's actually the skin to maybe in festival. Okay, so we just got our risk, man's supercool students got in free, but, you know, community members do you have to pay? So we're looking for food. So there's live entertainment around live entertainment. I'm gonna talk a little bit louder so that you can hear me over them. But see, there's a lot of people here like it's this pretty full on. So they have this thing called Apple skippers. These are the most proper missing here that, like, can't kick balls or something. It's a it's a I don't know Swedish thing, but that's just me guessing I I honestly don't know, but it's they always having That's candy fest. The best thing here they have corn dogs and carnival stuff, dipping dots, Italian ice, taking pictures. I have things that they're selling and music and a Morning, guys. So here I am in dining. This is our one dining common on campus. That's not late. One of the cafes or anything. And it's a pretty big, just like there's a seating area and this is also seating area, and there's actually more seating on the other side over there on DH. There's also outdoor seating and a few in Syria. Some outdoor seating. Um, and it's actually really big in here. It gets pretty busy around dinner. I brought you during breakfast because it's really the only time I come in here because my plan is so small and I do really like their breakfast. So I just finished, uh, with some like appetizer type things, which had some potatoes and some bacon. And now I have, like, Main course. I'm, um, the type to get really sugary breakfast, and they have a lot of options for that. Dave Lee Blueberry pancakes, Pink regular pancakes Trouble chip. Which is what, and French toast from that. You can also get omelettes. I've heard really good things with omelettes. I'm not much in person, and they've got bacon and everything to. And so those are all the things that you can order at like they have these little kiosks, a little windows or not, even just computer screens that you go up touch screen the touch screen and you click on what you want. Get this little printout received and it gets you a number. And when your number is, they have these screens around the room. Also, that tells you when your number is done. And so when your number is done, you just go up to this little counter over there and you pick it up. And it's really easy to dio at dinnertime and lunchtime. They have like sandwiches and burgers, chicken fries and all of the things you can imagine. The food's not too bad. I know everyone says that our food's not the best on actually our contract, but are catering company today. So I believe just ended So I and there's a little bit of rumors going around that you've renewed. So for all I know that food could be totally different by the time any of you