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Even though "Lutheran" is in the name, Cal Lu has no intention of converting its students or forcing any ideologies onto students. There is a religious atmosphere at Cal Lu through organizations and clubs on campus, which include non-Christian clubs such as a Hillel (Jewish) club, a Muslim Students Alliance and a chapter of the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) Student Association. University Chapel is every Thursday in this chapel and is optional for all students and faculty. University Chapel is very inclusive as a reflection of our campus community and student body, chapel consists of Jewish and Christian readings and more. Chapel hour (11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.) is the time on Thursdays when University Chapel is held, and at that time no students have classes, so it is basically an hour-long lunch break. Students are required to take one lower-division and one upper-division religion class. Lower-division religion classes can be more on the historical side, while upper-division courses are more debate and research centered and can be really interesting.