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You guys know, gonna show your own wife. And so can you tow swipe into here, too? So you just type in, and then you side recorded skulls, and then you also to swipe into the weight room, too. So since I worker, I have access to like the storage room itself. And so, in addition to having a cardio in the weight room, you can also check out different equipment, so out stretched beyond. So there's these are all the different Stretch Franz that you canoes do feel the mats There is also jump ropes, agility ladders and then also weight belt. And we also have risked, perhaps Ivan. In addition to our own, we also have a soccer ball football, so thirty three pound weight bars and seventeen and then we also have some, like rollers and stuff So right now I'm headed to show you a little Italy, which is kind of like Italian tone. So just a bunch of like Italian creases to go eat and silver that it's right next to campus like a five minute walk, Max. Lots of Russians, some places the shop. It's a bit and then also the the subway station is also right outside, a little too. So, like just a couple words on the our transportation since just show that to you. So the whole transportation system was called Archie, and there's like a train, then bust. Is that so? It's free to all case shooting. So basically, you have a cigarette on you. Right there, and it says that you can take the public extradition and it's basically inter tuition, so use it as much as you can. So there's a big tree across the street that it's to preemie trees so that it's called Chrissy's. I really, really like it. Um, and yeah, there's just a bunch of Russia on himself across the street. As you can see, my two favorite are Mia, Bella and Victoria both pretty good, so I would definitely try this out. So little. Italy is also a residential area, so a lot of shooting Cleaven apartments and little Italy I personally don't live in Little Italy by do live like a block from it. So if everyone you off campus housing Little Italy is a good choice for it. So as you can see, little Italy is huge. I've been walking for like seven minutes and I am still in it. So basically it's a road I think may feel this this way. And then you turn on to Murray Hill and it just keeps going and going and going until it goes to the other side of campus. So I'm curly. I'm Merry Hill and there's mostly homes on Murray Hill, but the end of Murray Hill towards the south side of campus. There's more restaurants, and there's like a couple bars, and there's also hotel and a couple coffee shops, too. So this is my friend Julia. She will be telling you a little bit about case. Um, she's my best friend. Um, so, Julia, introduce yourself. I'm Julia. I'm a thirty year studying economics and international studies. Okay, s. So why did you Why did you choose case Western and of all the other schools you had? Um well, I was kind of between case in a couple of other schools. Andi came down to like, the campus visit. Really? For me, because when I showed up on campus, it felt a lot friendlier than all the other schools that I was looking at. I was like, you know, people were really opened, like asking for directions because I needed a lot of those and that it also came down for me because, uh, swimming. So I'm on the varsity swim team, and that really took me over the I think for case because I thought that the athletics community was really nice here, too. Great eso. How would you describe the student body? I kind, I think I think a lot of people here are, like, not very stuck up. We're pretty chill. And like, I just opened a helping people angry, Angry? Um, So how would you describe the academic climate like, Is it intense or classes can get hard, but like, they could get hard anywhere. So that's not a big deal for me. I think what I like about it is that everyone's really collaborative. And I think that some places you don't get that people are like fighting to get to the top and like they great things on a curve. So, like, you know it, like some places, if you get a name that means, like, someone else has to get a B on this just totally not in here because I've never had a class. It's grated like that. It's always based on merit. And like they were professors like, I want you to help each other and people want to help each other. Same s o. What's your favorite part? At least part of this school, man. My favorite part is the people. I mean kind of bias. They have really cool friends. But the people who ever cared for, in my least favorite part, I don't know, mostly apart is like being far away from home for me. And I'm like eight and a half hours away. Um, which gets like Castle. It's like a really big hassle sometimes with, like, moving in and out like that. But if you picked case up and moved it, like eight hours closer to my house, that might be good. Hey, guys. I'm Joanne and I go to case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a third year majoring in nutritional, biochem and metabolism and also on the pretense of track. I am from Troy, Michigan. So not too far away from Cleveland. About three hours. Yeah, I am too excited to share my campus with you and just take your own and give you a mini tour of it so that you can see more really side of versus for my college tour. So, yeah, super excited to be with you guys, Okay, I So I am going to be doing an apartment, too, of my off campus apartment. So that us going to see how, uh, off campus housing is here? Usually, um, upper classes do tend to see a campus because the sweets on the other side of campus are pretty nice, usually tenderly towards that option more. I just looked on campus because it's cheaper, so I'd have to pay for room and board, and that just really cuts off a lot of the tuition I would usually be paying. So yeah, that's why I just live off campus. But here's my woman. So when you first fucking remember mint, these air made roommates room. So your two rooms. And then we just got a shoe rack with most of our shoes on there and it myself, a couple of those in their own. And then we have a table here just to put stuff on. And this is just storage. So we just keep, like, toilet paper and papers on here and Afghan stuff. And then we have our bathroom and hello, there I am. And so just pretty small bathroom. Nothing too fancy is actually a pretty good size. Yeah. So there's the bathroom. I'm walking here. We have a living room, So we just have a book show where we just kind of put random stuff on there. Yeah, And then we have a coach and just two shares, and then we got this lovely inflatable chair for, like, five dollars. Hold these, and then he's going to uni on We have a we and like all the we stuff is in this Ottoman I saw, there's other we stuff right there. Yeah, We just got her dining table knocking. Britta strained himself on there. Pizza. And then we've guard kitchen in here. So we just have we each have, like, a little section for food. So this is mine. And on the other two mayor mates their food and then conquer maker. But, uh, splendid. A rice cooker, but other food. And then we just gotta Michael Green and a toaster oven. Cycling trash. Nothing to heart on, then just a fridge. Unfortunately, we don't have a dishwasher and apartment, so we solve a drying rack right there. Yeah, I'm in here. I just have great symbol rules and stuff here. We just have all our many, many, many mugs. Brooks. Now I have the experience to just return the calls and then in my sweater here, and they're here were severed cooking utensils. And then we also keep a grocery list on the kitchen so that every time we go shopping, just grab it and then walked out the door pretty easily. So then finally I have my room. You guys have to see it a little bit alive. Filming. It's kind of messy. I just got back and I was gonna clean, but I didn't. So the tap three projects pretty familiar, actually film on my desk that here. So basically, when you work in, I'm I'm here and then I am Mad Rush dresser that says Majority of my clothes in there and then I've just got some cops and stuff here on DH. Then I have, like, my daily makeup stuff will hear my glasses. Um, and then I just have some, like sports tape, too. Just like my ankles being Marquis a man. My calendar that I showed in another video. And then here is my desk. I keep my toothbrush in my desk because it's not long enough to reach anywhere else. Um, so, yeah, I just have pens and pencils. Um, like some face stuff, some hair stuff and then, like cars and white out on erasers. Um, and then I just have oh, scratch map and stuff. I also have a bunch of pictures around my Windu. Um, And then if we come down here, got my alarm clock, went to shoe box my contacts, and then appears just like my girl stuff I found in products and then done your stationery. And like, just random stuff you have, like, all my medicine and vitamins and stuff like that. And then I have also have another, uh, three tiered joy. So this is just more makeup, jewelry and hair stuff. And then this was, like, extra contacts, extra makeup wipes, actual ocean deodorant, and, um, like staying conditioner. And then down here, I just have these mass. It's a playback. And then we just have my unmade bed right here. Looks pretty messy. Sorry. And then there was just my dresses and my coat and then also in my laundry bag down there. Um, yeah. So that is my problem. Tour. So for like laundry, we have to go in the basement to do that. That's how it is usually for off campus housing or some other places like you have to go to a laundromat which which shouldn't be too far. Some of my friends do. You have to go to one. And they walk, like, two minutes to the laundromat. So, um, yeah, but thank you for watching my apartment to her. Hope you enjoyed it. Get a little inside look of how messy my life really is. But, Yeah, CIA guy. Hey, guys, This is my friend Elisa. She was my roommate freshman year, so she's good and true these two. So Hi, I'm Elise. I'm a third year studying nutrition. Um, I'm originally from Louisville, Kentucky, but now I'm here. So why did you choose case, uh, my cho's case? Because first off, the application process was free. No essay. Um, and they offered me a lot of money. Um, And how would you describe the student body at the school? It's pretty diapers. Divers. I'd say it's a small number compared to other universities, but it's it's a good number. It's like, you know, not too many people, but not too little. Yeah, I think there's about, like, five thousand undergrad here, I think it's five thousand. Um, so how would you describe the student body on this campus? Um, like I said, really diapers. There's a lot of diversity. You know, those people from all over the world were coming to case. I didn't really have international friends, So seeing the different cultures is really interesting. Yeah, I get that. Um So what's your least favorite part about this school? And what, your most report about school way report? I don't think a lot of the money goes to us, and it goes on med school. That is, You're, like, in terms of, like, even the simple things like food. Our tuition is so high, but our food not good compared to other schools. But I guess the best thing is that since we struggle so much, you're able Teo, relate in many senses and grow better relation. Yeah, Yeah. Shipped with each other. Yeah. On the school does provide. Wait now and then. So yes. Two gun? Yep. Agreed. Thanks, Elise. So this is my last video for you guys. And I am super sad because this has been super duper fun. Two films, It's over that little bit awkward at times, but that's okay. I'm awkward person, so no biggie. But I'm filming an outside because the lighting is good F. So, yeah, I got to take advantage of that Lady Mary, Um, so basically, and is kind and some advice and kind of like why I chose case, too. So ultimately, choosing a college is a fairy. Sorry, there was a bush there. It's a very, very big decision, and yeah, but ultimately, the truce is yours. If you feel like you would fit well in a school like case, that great. But if you don't, that's fine. But, yeah, honesty. I chose case mainly because of my major and kind of why I wanted to use a clear. So, as I said before, pre dental and so cases, a very healthy, focused on science focused campus and there's ah hospital right next campus. So that's easy for volunteering and somebody bad also doing research. And I also like the size of the school. A lot like it's not too big, but it's not too small, like there's still good in people you don't know. So you're always meeting new people, like every year, every week, every month and stuff like that. So that's why I chose Case and I also chose it because, uh, first swimming. So I sent my freshman year. But I am not so meaning we're due to an injury and also partially because of academic. So now I am on the club level teams. I was so staying active, it's by that. And I also, um, I came on like a visit, and there was, like, affair for clubs and stuff. And I just really liked all the clubs in the diversity that they had, and you're super nice and welcoming when I came on my two times, so I came on a recruiting trip and then I came on like a normal, normal, non athlete person trip. So I really liked it both those times, and that is why I chose case. But I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour around. My beautiful campus with me is in campus issues, the parking lot, But I hope you enjoyed it, and you can follow me on my social media. If you want Teo, I will put it like right here somewhere. And you know, you condemn me with questions at all that fun jazz. But it was very nice. Teo, show you guys a log my days and stuff like that with you guys and hope to see you soon in the future. Don't kill me. Okay, guys, this is my friend Sarah. She's gonna talk to you about a little bit about why she chose case and about the campus, So introduce yourself. Oh, those okay. Um, hi, I'm Sara. I'm a third year in case I am studying origin. Science is be a on the pre medicine track and then on campus, I I'm in a couple of organization, so I'm in fight Elsa of Salon, which is an international medical fraternity among the varsity swim team. Very fun. And I do some writing for the Observer. Freelance. So, Sarah, why did you choose case us in and out of all the many other schools that accepted you, Okay. I mean, I chose case because it was a really good combo of both what I wanted to do athletically. What I wanted to study academically and then also is really good financial option for me. So the case is very good at scholarships, is what I will say. And then additionally, it's a level of competition that is intense but good for people who want to focus more on academics. And then also, it's challenging enough here in case that I feel like I'm learning a lot, and I feel like it'll really help me in the future. Yeah, so it was like a combo of all three things I really wanted, So thanks. So how would you describe the student body on this campus? Uh, student body is quirky, is what I will say. I mean, a lot of people you talk to are really passionate about either the major like a club there in your everyone's passionate about something, and then a lot of people will have fun, little fun. Little like quality is basically like you get to know a lot of the people on the on the campus. So, like, it's not like everyone's a stranger to each other, but it's really cool to see, like, a really passionate people. So well. So how you describe the academic climate, he ahs a free as a premed, since it's like kind of ah is a very selective school. Uh, no. It's a very selective like profession in terms of going and getting into med school. So I definitely say academics are pretty intense, but also, I'd say it's not quite a cut. Throat is like I've heard at other schools like it's a very like, collaborative environment. Still were like, people help each other with homework and like, you won't just, like, leave someone hanging if they don't understand something. You like work to try to understand things together. So it's collaborative. And then, lastly, what Your least favorite and most favorite part of campus Or about this school in general. What is my, um I'm gonna start with a favorite because Oh, no, I don't. I don't even think about this. Um, I would say my least favorite is probably how intense economics can be. Sometimes. So, a lot of folks, it could be kind of hard to balance your social life with your academic life because it's just like such a drive to be excellent in academic front. So sometimes your social life can suffer a little bit. You have to be, like, really proactive about doing things. I'm going to events there. Plenty of campus events, you know where to look at them. And then my favorite thing is probably so I said, I'm a swimmer and I really enjoy a swim team, but I kind of just like the club mentality is they have here. So when you join a club like everyone's very open, very encouraging of you, like try new things and then honestly get really bonded with, like, different groups of people. So, like, it's easy to make friends here if you engage yourself on campus. So I think that's probably my favorite part of the people. And, like groups. Hey, thank you so much there. So we're currently in the freshman dork hold. Nor in it's like in the middle of all the freshmen dorms. So all the freshmen live on the north side of campus. So I'll be showing you around one of my friends room's so big, shout out to them and hope you enjoy it. I just can't find it all. I don't know. No. So, like just to go over some freshman year like must have things on your door. It would definitely be really helpful to get, like, boxes or somebody that so that you could put extra stuff a new your bed. So I case well, usually most colleges, you can choose how you want to lock her bed so you can have a mid lofted, like, all the way on the ground or, like bad level. So my freshman year, I chose the middle ofthe level, and I could put it on my dress dresser under. And then I also put a couple boxes so that I also put a shoe rack. Just like having Isis for storage is really helpful. Um, and then, also, like other things, you also want storage on your desk. So, like on my desk, I have, like, storage, like, here for all my, um, like beauty stuff again, like baby stuff and all that while that jazz and then, like, it's really boring to get something like this to so like something that doubles as storage and as something like you smell like a lamp. Um, and then definitely, like stuff, repents and pencils while you're studying. Coming. I also have this little basket where I just put a little tape. It's over that. Um yeah. So I just like having storage is a very useful, um and like so just having a planner. Mom would be really nice in your room. So I have this so little. So I have, like, a weekly schedule that I right out every Sunday so that I know and tell me that I also have a big calendar, which I don't really write that much on. But at least I know, like what day it is and suffer that. So that is really helpful to for me here. Yeah, And also, just like, uh, for your closet, you wantto have extra storage. So, like online. Um, so I live off campus, so my closet's smaller, but freshman year, something very, very somewhere to this, too. So it's basically a tear. So you have your normal hanging one that goes with the closet. And then there's a separate one right there where you could hang your stuff. And also I have I also have one for skirts. That is the same, but it's like, skilled out. So for like girls, that would be really helpful. So they reworked off the clothes that you want to bring us some of that? Um, yeah. And also, extension cords are very important and surge protectors. So I actually found one target. And a lot of people have it, tio one that has, like a USB and also like the normal plug so that I have the next my bed, so like for my phone and and then my alarm clock and then this is like for another extension. So those things, I think, are the most sensual things So every Tuesday on campus, we have something called twin Tuesday. So basically, they just give out, like, food free stuff. Is there anything else? No, no. Just free food. So we should go sports. Yeah. So if you don't want to make lunch, if you don't want to go to the dining hall going between Tuesday Thank you yourself, Cookie. Yeah, I'm you'll replace so filling a, um so telling is of building on campus. I heard it's very unstable. So be careful, but really selling school here. Yeah, Well, you she will be showing you around between Tuesday. It will not be too exciting, but you'll see. Let's begin again. Going Your name? My video.