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Hi, My name is Aria and my name is Arya and we're here to talk to you about the S A. T and a C T. So we're going to start out with the differences between the theatre and a CT. Thie has both a calculator portion for math and a non calculator portion, whereas in the you can use a calculator for the whole thing and edition. For the there's a science section which is not included on the S A. T. Overall, the you're gonna have to work a lot faster than you would on many what on the But the asset is more abstract, figurative language based, whereas the is just a lot more content based. I decided to take the because I am more abstract and figurative as well as not the best when it comes to science. So I thought I would be able to shine more on the city, and I took the because I'm a lot better at math and science, and I am on reading comprehension. And unlike Arial, I'm a lot less abstract base, and I could do math faster than I could on the CD, so it really depends on what you're where you're aptitudes are and what you think you will excel. That s o what you could do in order to figure out where your aptitudes may lies, to take practice tests in each and see how you feel taking them how you perform in them. Yeah, my advice would be not to assume that you're going to be better at one over the other. I actually assumed that I would be better there at the T. And I spent a couple of months studying for that when I realized that the was really where my strengths lives. So, like, R. L said, take one practice test on both the city and see it and see which one you do better, and that should be the one to focus on. My biggest advice for it is to not get too caught up in it. And the number doesn't really represent who you are because it does affect college admissions. It really isn't a defining factor on yourself. So try not to internalize that or stress out about it too much. But do be sure to adequately prepare for the exam. I agree. Put as much effort as you can, inasmuch times you're willing, Tio. But in the end, it's not as big of a deal as you might think. It isthe when it comes to preparing for their exams. There. Multiple resource is out there. I personally took the exam and didn't do as well as I would have liked and then enrolled in an in person prep course, which helped me to eventually raise my test score by 200 points. I initially enrolled in an online course and found that it wasn't for me, so I went to using review books, But you really helped me improve my score. I would recommend using the official review books, either for the S A. T, the one produced by College Board or for the one produced by the dot ward as those contained, previously administered test. So I think that's really your best resource is for old practice s. And if you want to save money on those, you could try and work it out with someone else and split the cost and then make copies of the pages so you don't actually have to write in it because they can be expensive. And then when it comes to sending your scores. If you know what schools you wantto goto and apply to you, you can fill out the forms and send them to the school is an advance. Or you can wait until after you get your scores to send to decide where you want to send them to. Good luck. I'm going to do great. Hey, I'm Mario. This is my friend Shawn. And today we are at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a biomedical engineering major with a French minor, and I am a rising sophomore. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has a lot of really cool fossils and other specimens as well is just a lot of cool rocks and live animals to get to go and see keys. You dance, man. Here. No, Teo last night is It's yeah ls down. One thing, I think, is really cool about the Museum of Natural History, as they have so many animals who are rehabilitated or couldn't survive in the wild, something that's really nice about cases they provide us with free entry to each of the museum's once a week, which really gives you stuff to do and explore around the campus. One of the very first early human ancestors by an associate professor at Case Western, we're now going to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It's also really great how the museums are in walking distance of all of the freshmen and upperclassmen dorms, which makes it really accessible to get to go out to see them I love going to the botanical gardens, even if it's just to take a study break to see the butterflies and all of the flowers. There's indoors and outdoors when the weather is good and there's even just a nice little nook that I'll go and study so you can come over here and sit down and just there's plenty of room to spread out your stuff. And one cool thing about the Cleveland Botanical Garden is they do let you bring in your stuff. The Cleveland Museum of Art has some nice places to study, but you have to check your bags. But here you could just come and spread out all your stuff and look at the butterflies. Now we're heading to the art museum. No, the Cleveland Museum of Art is really cool, and I've actually had to go there for a few my classes. One time my classics and film course went to see some of the stuff from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and I've heard of physics class is having an assignment there, so there's really a tons of stuff to go see no matter what you're interested in, and they always have cool special exhibits and they have a Monet and then go, so they have really cool pieces, and it's really nice to just go there and hang out. It's completely free all of the time, so sometimes when my family visits will go there and check it out. And they also have the Thinker, which I think is really cool. It's a really nice place to go and look at things is also just a really nice place to go and take a break or to meet up with friends. There's a restaurant. You can grab food. They have an outdoor area, the main part indoors. So there's just a lot to see and do, and you can really spend so much time there. They even have fun interactive exhibits for people of any age or your inner child between all of the museum's as well as the arty, a past that is included and all of the restaurants, there's really so much to do in the area, on and off campus. Cleveland is a really cool place. If you come here. I really hope you get to take advantage of these resource is and enjoy them as right now, we're in the suite and headed in. So this is my room And Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Also. Like we said, this is primarily upperclassmen housing. But this is pretty typical of what you would get for any kind of progressive housing in S T J, as we call it, or the village. So you do get the Fullers ipads in the upperclassmen. Housing and freshmen housing is about 2/3 are about half the size of this bed here for Afrikaans when you can't change the level of the bed. But in freshmen housing, you can adjust it from pretty much anywhere from about this height all the way up to about here. So that is a really cool feature. You just have to put in a request, and they can adjust the level of your bad to anyone of the notches it's pretty wide range of. Besides, you could have every dorm comes with a, um, dresser with few drawers for space. You automatically get a desk in the freshman dorms. Your desk is a little bit smaller, but it does have an added level appear from or storage on DH. Those were pretty much their guarantee things in all housing is a desk, a dresser and a bed on that. Obviously you do have closet space. This is what comes with the offer. Cosmic housing in both the village and S T J is just kind of the strip for storage. Bub. I'm hanging space. This is something actually that I pushed myself, which is something that a lot of students do is just kind of by these additional racks to put other things on for extra space in the dorm. Because there isn't a lot of space to just kind of put things in. All you really have is your dresser. In the freshman dorms, however, this would be closed cabinet space, and you have open space above for a little bit of upper stories on you have closet space open that does have additional hanging space as well. All the dorms have a window. So if natural light is something like that is always an option on, they can't on DH there, not always the prettiest. They kind of all come in like a beige or white color, but they're very easy to decorate. One downside, though, is you can't put anything into the wall. So if you do want to any decorations, you have to bring some kind of tape or command hooks. Or I use a lot of like attack and things just kind of press things into the wall. But you definitely can't bring any kind of pains to start stick things directly into the wall. So does that mean something to think about how you plan on putting up yourself? A lot of people do prefer to use command strips in command hooks to kind of hang things and put things all around there right so easy. When you're going to college, there are the go to things that you bring you obviously wanted backpack. You want a computer, things like that. But there's some things that they don't always tell you to bring that are very useful. First thing you think about that. While you may not think it is fully important, bringing decorations for your dorm is honestly super great for just mental health and kind of enjoy yourself in staying grounded throughout the year. Something else is something like a shoe rack or additional racks or anything like that for just additional stories, whether it's for shoes or clothing or anything of that nature is something that is super helpful. Thing that most people have in their dorm is a fridge of some kind. Another thing is cleaning supplies. At no point did they clean your room for you on a regular basis. They do, obviously regularly clean your bathrooms on in freshman freshman dorms. They clean your common spaces on DH. Even in upper consummate housing, they do clean your bathrooms. They do not clean your kitchen areas in your common spaces, however, so just have become some kind of document room. Why it's things like that is very helpful. Since these dorms do, you kind of tend to collect us. In Cleveland, weather is very all over the place. Sometimes there days where it can be in the forties, in the morning and then in the seventies and then back to the fifties. So you do not have to be prepared for everything, no matter what. Because they could change in a moment is in almost all cases, you don't have to pay for laundry. This is something that was actually added pretty recently because the Presidents Hall Association fought on DH, made an agreement with the school to make all laundry free on campus housing in Case kind of has its ups and its downs. Overall, it is a rough beginning. The freshman and sophomore houses aren't always the greatest and do have a lot of problems. Like I said, they don't have air conditioning there, not the newest of buildings. But overall they do get the job done and it is a pretty enjoyable experience. You don't have terrible mattresses, and nothing is really falling apart constantly. So overall thus far, I've really I've really been satisfied with the overall housing experience. A case. Obviously, it does get better throughout on. There are a lot of people who do choose to live off campus in the area. Housing a case can be a bit pricey, especially for what we're getting in the lower class houses. But overall, because of the area is not the most expensive option. There are options off campus that can tend to be more expensive, but overall I am pretty satisfied with my case housing experience. It's done its job. I've gone to bed every night and pretty satisfied and enjoying myself, so there's not really that many huge problems. There are things that obviously could be better. But I have pretty much enjoyed and been happy with my housing experience here at case. Hey, guys. Right now I'm headed to think box for a J to give us a tour of the make your space on campus. Hi, my name's A J. I'm going to be your tour guide today. I am studying English education, and I'm a 30 year here in case I have been working here for about a year. This is a box of your largest collegiate level. Open access in a patient centered on your left. So that's a lot of words, basically what that needs. What we like to brag about a lot is that we are completely open access so you don't. So that means you don't need to have a case I need in order to get this face is a valid idea with your name and face on it and theirs. It's totally free. You don't need to pay a subscription or paper used many of our machines or anything like that. Pink boxes, 50,000 square feet, seven stories and each has its own purpose, which go a little bit later in the day. Now, if you'll follow me this way, I always like to get my tourism's started talking about murders. There's obviously not a better way to get two ways to trust you, right? It's just a little joke I like to be. Sometimes it doesn't get any laughs. Okay, Now, I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but at the Museum of Natural History here in Cleveland, we have a collection of murder remains. Reason we have that collection is because there used to be a man who would go around various more publicity and collect those remains when he died. Then don't that question to him. Mrs. Kids might not have wanted it. However, Do you know the little problem called ethics Museum is not allowed to quit remains on display. So what they did was they brought him off here and three arms manner to scan all those remains that with a digital files, all of them, and they get pretty print versions of them to put on a splint. Now, speaking of three D printing, if you turn around over here, we have our desk top three printers. So these machines take a material called L. A, which is a type of plastic that comes to schools, and I will use it like a pen will melt it down and then right on themselves, over and over again until you have a final product. Something printed right here. This machine right here is our final cutter, thiss machine. Thanks. What's essentially stickers? So you could see on this piece of acrylic right here. The part was what was cut out on this machine. So this machine cut into this material's called final and with that produces sticker like materials so you can make some fun stickers. Or if you're advertising event, you could make a sticker for a poster. Anything right here we have our poster printers. Uh, these machines are used often by students boozing in the projects. We have two different types of paper. We have glossy and bonding pretty different qualities of them. Pretty much the only difference is that at the glossy paper has more of a photo finish with the bond paper has a matte finish to it right back here we have our electronics area. This has everything from wares to tools to starring irons, and we have our back above our starring Erin because we want to make sure no one's passing out on us and all of this stuff on, Uh, this a diamond used to Max here is totally free for users. I just come in and take what you need. If you want to come over on this side over here and all the stuff on this far rack right here is available for two loans. So that means you bring the thing up to the front desk, You say I'd like to borrow this, and then you can take it home for up to two days. Totally free. Right here. We have our embroidering machine. Uh, this machine we got last summer, it can use up to eight different colors. And the way it works is you take a computer program and that scans it and decides what color is it should be. And then you put your chill right here. Plug in the program to this screen hit start mannitol a border. Your material for you. You could see an example right here. We have our state of the art ironing machine. All right, well, I guess they can't feel the examples. Right. So in this room, we have our industrial science printers, so these ones are similar to the ones that I showed you guys earlier on ly. Of course, they're a lot bigger way. Also, often these as a service. So you sent your file with us and make things for you that allows us to be a lot more time efficient and, well, it's most efficient with these machines. Machines themselves are really, really expensive and a filament for them anywhere between $600,000 which is kind of crazy. So we try toe print as many of them. It's possible that we're using as little material as possible, and we don't have to charge you this right here. This is my favorite machine on this entire floor. I think it's so cool. This is our object. The reason we have this because even clinic recommended it to us. They have one to take cats, hands of patients, parts pretty prince, slightly flexible burdens of patients parts that way. Before this even opens up their patient's chest, they practice on their specific patients. I don't know about you, but if someone's cutting open my chest and I want to know what they're doing, so I think that's super cool. Um, like I briefly mentioned, you could print what school materials on this, you can also print solid materials, which means that their lives all the way under certain chemicals. So that allows you to print multi colored parts. No assembly required. So this entire car was printed all together and a lot also last you to print moving parts like this. So originally, this was all printed together and had soluble material within it. Then we dissolve that all away and we're left with this. Another cool thing about this machine. This last one, I promise it was signed by Adam Savage for any mythbuster fans. Right over here we have our photos. So that's where if you ever make anything really cool in this space, for example, if you make a robot that you want a large scale photo those backdrops over there, yeah, you make something smaller, like a circuit board this smaller set up right here also seeing people coming here to take their passport photos. So it's really whatever Over here To my left, we have our laser butters. These are one of the most popular on this floor, different types of material. So for example, they would for like, cardboard, leather, something island relatively recently is that they could mesh into Dunham, which means a pair of jeans. You could write something in them, I think is pretty interesting right here. We have examples of stuff that was made on this floor, almost everything here wass laser cut. Except, of course, for these chess pieces, which were three D printed on our industrial three D printers and the fog in parts of the acrylic. That's what it looks like when the acrylic is etched. Where wins. What is it more of a burnt look like this? Okay, now we're going to go up to the fourth floor. That's our fabrication floor, and that's where we keep our heavy machinery. No, on this floor, we have a few more safe depression's than we do on any of the other floors. That's just because some of the machines on this floor can cause a little bit more damage. And we always, always, always want to make sure our users are safe above all else. So what? That's it. Now we have received two glasses on making cross this red and white wine right here. This right here, it's our welding room in this room. We have those mega anti welding. There's just two different kinds of welding cases. Campus What? Use this room too well together, whatever they're working on. So, for example, the Baja team, they create parts that they go to competitions in and they have human people inside those cards raising them. And so they really want to make sure that their cars are safe and secure for those humans. So they use this room too well together. The Carts Robotics team also uses this 12 together certain parts of the robot every year. And all this stuff was very generously donated to a specially from electric. So this right here is our wood shop. In this room, we have various materials for shockingly cutting wood. But you could also cook plastic in here. So, for example, this machine right here, this is called R. I saw this is similar to something you'd see at Home Depot for cutting down pieces of wood or plastic. We also have our shop over here, a machine, that policy and see the way it works is you taking computer programs Senate over the machine. That's inside. What? And it will go down whatever shape into material that you told over here wishing that I always like to mention especially on tears for prospective students, because this machine has a mechanism in it called a sauce up. You could see the name right there and what that does If you're curious about it, you could look up videos of this online where they test it with hot dogs. But if Human, if a human hand were to touch the blade of this machine while it's running, blade immediately stops and Bronx down that its toe losing a figure, you get maybe a small scratch it. So right here we have our metal shop way like to keep our metal shop on our woodshop separate because oftentimes, sparks and sawdust don't mix too well now, right here. Wait, Crown Jewel box, This's our water jet cutter. And the way it works is it takes time, pressure water, along with abrasive gone it san, which is in this container cure. And they got into some very dense materials. For example, I have this piece of mild steel here just very, very, uh, a cut into this in about five minutes. But then we also have a small detail parts like this pair of calipers and you can see right there the water jet cut it very delicately. There's a lot of little details you cannot shoot. A little joke that me and my coworkers like to make is that if you come in here with the shoot diamond, then you don't have too many problems in life Morning now on this floor. As I mentioned before, we do have more safety precautions. So we offer training all the machines on this board to get me to get something calling ability badge, which you just get by taking a tour of this war that's a little more detailed than the one I just gave you. It's about 1 10 to 15 minutes long, and then once you have that, you can get training on any of these machines. Whichever one's 20 years now, I wear this way. There's some example pieces here that were made on various machines on this floor. So, for example, we have this which was made on a shop, and you can see where the bit went into this piece of acrylic where this piece of plastic So this is our fifth floor. This is the four that's known as our project space. Various clubs from cases campus will use this space to work on their year long projects. Way also have are painted right here. Kika. So the reason we have this room is because we used to have people coming into think back saying I have made a cool thing. Now where can I paint my cool things on? Our answer used to be outside, I guess on. So we created this room so that people would know I have to go outside. So we have our people's right there and then we have our CNN jeans over there. What those do is they basically shoot out high pressured shards of glass to smooth things out and make them look nicer? It generally gives things a bit of a frosty finish. It's pretty cool looking. I think it's right here. We have the Baja team space. This is the team that I was talking about in the welding room what their carts look like. You can see their little dirty right now and then, as we follow me this way will seek some other teams. So right here we have the aeronautics team space you can see some of the wings that they work on. And they used to have to hand cut out each of their prototypes. And whenever they would test them, if they would break, they would have to start all over again over now, do two things like the shot bottom, the water jet cutter. They could just call multiple parts at once and very quickly replaced them. If anything breaks. This right here is a rocket team space. So you can see some of their rockets up there on the wall as well as this one which actually moves over here. We have our robotics team in space so you can see over there that is their robot for this year. And then right here. That's their robot from the year before that. So those are their NASA mining robots? What those do is they compete on a type of sand that is similar to the ground on ours, and then they dig down in order to reach water. No. So right here This machine is called our pizza ATM machine that stands for pizza at the moment. And what it does is it takes frozen pizzas, picks it three minutes. Then your pizza pops out right here. And this is one of only two of these machines in the entire country. The other one is that you? First and last, but certainly not least all of donors. These are all people who allowed think box change, continue existing. So you can see we're Sears and Sally's want next year's they get their name put on a building because they are our biggest donators on. We really, really appreciate them way. Also appreciate all of the other people who give us any kind of money to continue operating the way we are and continue helping people tto have easier, more affordable access to Stephen. All right, thanks for coming on the So this video is going to be concentrating on housing. And during my first year, I stayed in Taft on Ice Agents Math, which are both part of Juniper Residential College, which is Thie newest residential college on campus. You know, mistletoe, Magnolia, Cedar and Clark. Those air the residential colleges on campus for all of the first years on DH, something that's a little bit different than other colleges is. A lot of other colleges, like residential colleges, have like like competitions and like other things, which is something that case that actually doesn't have a lot of residential colleges like you have, like club teams that are purely just for your residential colleges. We do have residential college events, and we have events for a specific houses. But nothing is like there's not as much big residential college. It really depends on what the President's Hall Association decides to dio and your representatives or yourselves if you get involved in that. And, for example, Cedar. They had a Harry Potter month filled with Harry Potter events for their residential college specifically, and even that cool scarves and everything. So it's really about just trying Teo, advocate for yourself and what you want. And so the amount of events, or how often they are, depend on you and your residential directors and something that they're really good about is especially for the likes student representative. They're really good about. Like if you ever want, have any ideas or want to do something specific, you want to change something. They really listen to a lot, especially since they're people who are living either in your building or in one of building tracks easing. They're always very willing, especially depending on who the person is to talk to. You just be like, Oh, this is something that I want to do And I think it's really cool if we did, and they will bring it up and talk about an advocate for which is something that is very interesting also with housing, what the different options are your first year. Are there certain dorms, which are sweet style and those have or quad style? And it has different Root him out of rooms It's about. It's usually about four or five dorms with one shared bathroom and eats like a shared hallway or common state lining on where you're living and those for your freshman year. Your sweets and rooms are separated by gender, but the floor Certain norms have coed Florence, while others are separated by gender on DH. That is something that you won't know going, and they don't really tell you which floors and which dorms will or will not be coed, whether or not you'll be living on a coid floor. I was living on code floor on, So were you on. That was something that we didn't know in advance. What you likely can reach out to the housing office and request not to live on a co ed floor. That's an issue. Yeah, I don't remember if it is something that you can specifically request in your housing application, but I know they're pretty accommodating for things like that. If that is something that you have an issue with, I don't think either of us had that big of a problem with it. It was just something that we looked into that heavily. Also, the race track style dorms, which are your more stereotypical like it's a hallway you have your whole floor sharing is sort of out of bathrooms, and you have just your status. Your set up two people, two beds, one room on DH. Those air Nice because they allow a lot more of a like floor culture on DH that depending on who you are, is something the very nice I know. I enjoyed that. This here because my dorm was right next to our floor. Common room on my floor had a very vibrant community, and we all got along really well and I made a lot of friends on my floor. So that was something really nice that I could just open my door on DH. See people that I like to have conversations by whatever in my room doing anything you're feeling stressed out. I could just walk right out into the common room and talk to a bunch of people that I really liked. We are currently heading to 70 Tubbs Jones Hole, which is one of the newest residents buildings on campus, and that's generally doesn't needed for upperclassmen. But sometimes, if you're lucky, you live in a world I'm currently saying there because it is made term, which is a cool thing, that the campus has what you can take it a class or two and it's generally every day for from the end of finals to the end of May, and hence the name a term. And it allows you to just get ahead or get a requirement out of the way when you don't have a CZ many classes to worry about and then you can live on different summer campus. Build these yahoos on. There's a lot of people whose takeover different reasons I'm saying here because I'm currently actually working for housing. So I'm one of the people, is helping prepare rooms and fix any problems that have been made throughout the year so that the incoming freshmen and other dorms, whoever is living in the other dorms could be ready on enjoy it just as much as we did. Like you said, 17 Tubbs Jones Hall is the I believe the actually the fully newest dorm, so it is very nice of you. It's one of the drawers where you do have your own bedroom. Something about case is you do have tio. Unless you request a single for your freshman year, you will have a roommate sharing your bedroom with you, but you can obviously request a single and there are plenty of those. They are more expensive, obviously. But then, after your freshman year, I don't believe that there are any common housing set up where you would have to do have a fully roommate again. From that point on, you pretty much just be having suitemates, where it be a certain number of you sharing a common room and possibly a kitchen and a bathroom. There are certain things, like the Triangle Apartments, where some of the setups you can be sharing a room with someone. But it is generally after your freshman year. Sweet styles with singles on. That's what I will be saying in an official sophomore housing next year on the South Side, Thie freshman and upperclassmen primarily live on north side, and then sophomores live on Southside on. I will be living in How, which is Sweet South, so I will be living with five other people. There will be six of us total on. We'll be sharing a bathroom and a common space software. Housing is interesting because there's honestly quite a bit of very Asian. There are certain norms that do have kitchens. They're certainly storms that don't have kitchens, whether or not. They have a kitchen in your suite. They all have do have kitchens, at least on the first floor, but there is a little bit more variation. The the sophomore houses are a little decently nicer than the freshman houses. Like I said, you're not sharing a bedroom, so you do have your own bedroom, and they are its newer furniture Maur. It's metallic versus wood for an inter. Some of the freshmen dorms are getting new junipers, getting new furniture. Part of that is because I know shy note for freshmen housing Juniper contained Smith House, which is the house that I live in, which does have the showroom. Eso Junior pretends to have the newest, nicest things, because that is the things that more and more freshmen see because they all enter our dorms and see the show room in Smith House. When they're going on the prospective student tours or admitted student tours, that's where they go through Yes s over sophomore housing this bottom of the hill and top of the hill. Bottom of the hill is Murray Hill, and there are four houses. How alumni Tippet and Staley on DH. From my knowledge tippet, and still we do have in sweet kitchens and how an alumni do not some of the buildings they're kind of weirdly set up. But how in Staley are just nine storey buildings with two suites before on alumni in Tibet are four stories and a little confusing, So the difference you talk with Helen Bottom Hill is literally as it sounds. One is literally on top of a hill way Have Murray Hill on the south side of campus, which means if you live on top of the hair you have Hill, you have to climb what we call the elephants stairs. I don't know exactly how big is a quite large staircase. The Trans owns up the hill. It is a task to climb sometimes, eh? So that is why I personally chose to live on the bottom of the hill because I did not want to constantly be climbing the elephants tears. Because the Southside dining hole is on the bottom of the hill as well as campus and everything else, you would have to go down the basement stairs to get to the top of the hill dorms. However, from my knowledge and from what I've seen of all of them and I've been in all these houses, obviously is top of the hill is a little bit nicer. Their common room space is larger. They kind of have, like a little more of a coat area room and a bigger just entrance into the suite itself. And the good thing about elephants there's is that you get a guaranteed work out every day. That is very true, and a lot of people do enjoy it on DH. There are a lot of Greek houses on top and on bottom of the hill primarily. Most of them, however, are on south side. There is just a maybe five or so on north side, I believe. Um, but top of the hill is, on average, a little bit nicer, but bottom of the hill. It tends to be more convenient. Most of the dorms on campus for freshmen and sophomores are twin extra long beds, which is important to keep in mind when you're purchasing your sheets. But thie S T J building as well as the village is all full sized beds with air conditioners, which makes them really nice, and those also have in sweet kitchens, and I personally am living in House six next year, which is one of the houses in the village and I, that is the village and is generally upperclassmen housing. But because I'm affiliated with a sorority that does not have a out, we're getting sweet inside of the village and so through that I'm living in there and it's going to be very exciting. Like she said, about finishing one downside of lower classman. Housing is you do not have air conditioning. So while Cleveland last, Cleveland is in the north and is quite a cool place for the majority of the year, and we obviously do have heating all the buildings, the freshmen and sophomores arms have no air conditioning. So when you come at the beginning of the year, you're going to be enjoying some lovely warm weather with no air conditioning, so definitely need sands on DH. It was kind of hard. I come from Houston, Texas, so I am usedto warm weather. But no air conditioning was a bit difficult for me to adjust, too, in the beginning, but you won't be complaining about the lack of air conditioning during the winter. Yes, It does get quite cold for a quite large period of time during the year, which, depending on what kind of whether you like it could be a pro or con. Wait, now wait all the campus you only really have access. So that way so your individual rooms as well as the buildings. And sometimes I look in the case best generous natural areas. You have to have a key with access. In order to get the freshmen dorms, you could get into your two or three residential buildings, but no, none other fresh from normal because they do try to women how many people have access to buildings, even in that after a certain times. And on certain days you can only have access to your specific residential building, which is a very nice feature for anyone who is prioritizing secret so you can get in based on your residential college so I can get. When I was saying in the freshman dorms, I could get into Sean Storm because we're both in Jennifer and so I could get into his dorm until midnight and go and hang out. But that after midnight I was only able to get into my overall thus far, I've really I've really been satisfied with the overall housing experience in case. Obviously, it does get better throughout on DH. There are a lot of people who do choose to live off campus in the area. Housing a case can be a bit pricey, especially for what we're getting in the lower class houses. But over all because of the area is not the most expensive option. There are options off campus that can tend to be more expensive, but overall, I am pretty satisfied with my case housing experience. It's done its job. I've gone to bed every night and pretty satisfied and enjoying myself. So there's not really that many huge problems. There are things that obviously could be better, but I have pretty much enjoyed and been happy with my housing experience here. At case from where and Sean is gonna Hey, guys. So, no, I'm gonna take you through uptown or what is like basically the partner on campus that has a lot of food and stuff to eat. Sews like Starbucks. Panera Pope Lady, there's ice cream place for Mitchell's on DH. Yeah, there's just like a lot of different places, City. And so So basically this is we're like students go if you don't want to go to the dining hall or something of that. So I'll be taking you around that area and you will get to kind of see like where we go and grab food occasionally on, like, nights out our books here. Here. Yeah. So this is a sorry It was kind of loud back there. This is a sushi place in a bubble tea place, and then we have a baseball rascal house. So this is just for pizza. And then we also have a tropical smoothie down here. So this whole like to block stretch it is. Okay here, which is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's free for okay, students. I think it's pretty cool on the inside, so they would definitely recommend to check it out. The one thing I forgot to mention about uptown is that basically all the places there except case cash, and there's also a Dunkin Donuts, and you can use a meal. Start there, too. So that's super useful if you're like in a super big rush to class, or you just don't feel like going to a lawyer for breakfast because you're sick of the food or whatever. But yeah, since you have case cash with your meal pain, you can use it at So this is my friend Julia. She will be telling you a little bit about case. Um, she's my best friend. Um, so, Julia, introduce yourself. I'm Julia. I'm a thirty year studying economics and international studies. Okay, s. So why did you Why did you choose case Western and of all the other schools you had? Um well, I was kind of between case in a couple of other schools. Andi came down to like, the campus visit. Really? For me, because when I showed up on campus, it felt a lot friendlier than all the other schools that I was looking at. I was like, you know, people were really opened, like asking for directions because I needed a lot of those and that it also came down for me because, uh, swimming. So I'm on the varsity swim team, and that really took me over the I think for case because I thought that the athletics community was really nice here, too. Great eso. How would you describe the student body? I kind, I think I think a lot of people here are, like, not very stuck up. We're pretty chill. And like, I just opened a helping people angry, Angry? Um, So how would you describe the academic climate like, Is it intense or classes can get hard, but like, they could get hard anywhere. So that's not a big deal for me. I think what I like about it is that everyone's really collaborative. And I think that some places you don't get that people are like fighting to get to the top and like they great things on a curve. So, like, you know it, like some places, if you get a name that means, like, someone else has to get a B on this just totally not in here because I've never had a class. It's grated like that. It's always based on merit. And like they were professors like, I want you to help each other and people want to help each other. Same s o. What's your favorite part? At least part of this school, man. My favorite part is the people. I mean kind of bias. They have really cool friends. But the people who ever cared for, in my least favorite part, I don't know, mostly apart is like being far away from home for me. And I'm like eight and a half hours away. Um, which gets like Castle. It's like a really big hassle sometimes with, like, moving in and out like that. But if you picked case up and moved it, like eight hours closer to my house, that might be good. She's a psycho from a Midwest suburb. No straight Jackie could hold her. Wow dies. They will or me in her trap. I go my just hold her until I noticed that something was strange. Out of my means, There was no way back. Something but nothing. My brains. She wasn't saying. Here she goes again. A cycle from, um, in West Suburb. I woke up. Bennett told her you when Ines. And not everyone. The look on your face slowly come on down because it was on the front and quiet. Nice job to find another place to stay And no, you don't know me when the fun and not so everyone She's a loose cannon with the temper so absurd. Hiding from the police here took pills with the name I've never heard, But they were for sleep. She for me. That's when I noticed that something was strange. I don't mind range. There was no way back, something but nothing. My brain. She wasn't saying. Here she goes again. Cycle from, um in West Suburb I woke up and I told her, You want don't you in the field and so on. And not everyone. The look on your face were slowly carp pond because it was on the front. Quiet. Say it. To find another place to stay. You want me when the feelings are one? Not so everyone. Yeah. That's it. I noticed that something was strange out of my range. There was no way back. Something meant nothing. My brain. She wasn't saying. Here she goes again. Sight go from, um in West Suburb. I woke up then that's all her you want Don't win the spin And so on. Not so everyone the look on your face slowly. Come on down because it was on the front. Eyes they to stay. And you wanna know when the linens that's all everyone. That's right. Okay. Just to go over some freshman year like must have things on your door. It would definitely be really helpful to get like, boxes or somebody that so that you could put extra stuff a New year bet. So I case well, usually most colleges, you can choose how you want to lock her bed so you can have a mid lofted, like, all the way on the ground or, like bad level. So my freshman year, I chose the middle ofthe level, and I could put it on my dress dresser under. And then I also put a couple boxes. And so that I also put a shoe rack under, Just like having Isis for storage is really helpful. Um, and then, also, like other things, you also want storage on your desk. So, like my desk, I have, like, storage, like here for all my, um, like beauty stuff and like face stuff and all that. All that jazz. And then, like, it's really important to get something like this to so like something that doubles as storage and as something like useful, like a lamp. Um, and then definitely, like stuffer pens and pencils while you're studying and I also have this little basket where I just put a little tape. And so by that, um uh, for your closet, you wanna have extra storage, So, like online. Um, so I live off campus, so my closet dollar, but freshman year, something very, very somewhere to this, too. So it's basically a tear. So you have your normal hanging one that goes with the closet. And then there's a separate one right there where you could hang your stuff. And also I have I also have one for skirts. That is the same. But it's, like, skilled out. So for like girls, that would be really helpful. Just so that you work off the clothes that you want to bring us some of that. Um, yeah. And also, extension cords are very important and surge protectors. So I actually found one target. And a lot of people have it, tio one that has, like a USB and also like the normal plug so that I have the next my bed, so like for my phone and and then my alarm clock. And then this is like for another extension for us useful and then also just having a planner, um, would be really nice in your room. So I ofthis so little. So I have, like, a weekly schedule that I right out every Sunday so that I know. And then I also have a big calendar, which I don't really write that much on Ellie say no like what day it is and stuff like that, so that is really helpful to for me. Um, here those things, I think, are the most sexual things for your dorm room. Um, they're different male friends. You can choose him as a freshman. You can either have the nineteen minutes wipe or the seventeen miles away when I was a fresh united seventeen. And then you also get additional case cash, which is where, like, it's basic leeches, cash making use us or in places like on campus or like places near campus that would accept that case cash. So with nineteen Mills types, I think you get one hundred dollars case cash. And with seventeen, you get one hundred fifty dollars case cash. So yeah, so another thing I forgot to mention about the tiny holes is that they're really aware of people's allergies. So that case if you have an allergy, or if you have a certain doubt, you balls just begin vegetarian or for including free. They're very open and very willing to help you find, um, different foods and some of that in the dining hall that will fit your nutritional needs. So that is a really good thing about case. So right now I'm headed to show you a little Italy, which is kind of like Italian tone. So just a bunch of like Italian creases to go eat and silver that it's right next to campus like a five minute walk, Max. Lots of Russians, some places the shop. It's a bit and then also the the subway station is also right outside, a little too. So there's a big tree across the street. It has two preemie patriot so that it's called Chrissy's. I really, really like it. Um, and yeah, there's just a bunch of Russia on across the street. As you can see, my two favorite are Mia, Bella and Victoria both pretty good, so I would definitely try this out. So little. Italy is also a residential area, so a lot of shoots live in apartments and little Italy. I personally don't live in Little Italy by do live like a block from it, so everyone you off campus housing Little Italy is a good choice for it. So as you can see, little Italy is huge. I've been walking for, like, seven minutes and I am still in it. So basically it's a road I think may feel this this way. And then you turn on to Murray Hill and it just keeps going and going and going until it goes to the other side of campus. So I'm curly. I'm Merry Hill and there's mostly homes on Murray Hill, but the end of Murray Hill towards the south side of campus. There's more restaurants, and there's like a couple bars, and there's also hotel and a couple coffee shops, too. Hey, guys. So, no, I'm gonna take you through uptown or what is like basically the partner on campus that has a lot of food and stuff to eat. Sews like Starbucks Panera to Pope Lady. There's the ice cream place for Mitchell's on DH. Yeah, there's just like a lot of different places. And so, so basically this is we're like students go if you don't want to go to the dining hall or something of that. So I'll be taking you around that area and you will get to kind of see like where we go and grab food occasionally on, like nights out there are books here. Each place here. Yeah. Yeah. So this is a sorry It was kind of loud back there, This sushi place in a bubble tea place, and then we have a baseball rascal house. So this is just for pizza and something, and then we also have a tropical smoothie down here. So this whole, like, two blocks stretch is mocha here, which is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's free for okay, students. I think it's pretty cool on the inside, so it would definitely recommend to check it out. The one thing I forgot to mention about uptown is that basically all the places there except case cash, and there's also a Dunkin Donuts. And you can use a meal site there, too. So that's super useful if you're like in a super big rush to class, or you just don't feel like going to a lawyer for breakfast because you're sick of the food or whatever. But yeah, since you have case cash with your meal pain, you can use it at all the places there you are. Don't kill me. Okay, guys, this is my friend Sarah. She's gonna talk to you about a little bit about why she chose case and about the campus, So introduce yourself. Oh, those okay. Um, hi, I'm Sara. I'm a third year in case I am studying origin. Science is be a on the pre medicine track and then on campus, I I'm in a couple of organization, so I'm in fight Elsa of Salon, which is an international medical fraternity among the varsity swim team. Very fun. And I do some writing for the Observer. Freelance. So, Sarah, why did you choose case us in and out of all the many other schools that accepted you, Okay. I mean, I chose case because it was a really good combo of both what I wanted to do athletically. What I wanted to study academically and then also is really good financial option for me. So the case is very good at scholarships, is what I will say. And then additionally, it's a level of competition that is intense but good for people who want to focus more on academics. And then also, it's challenging enough here in case that I feel like I'm learning a lot, and I feel like it'll really help me in the future. Yeah, so it was like a combo of all three things I really wanted, So thanks. So how would you describe the student body on this campus? Uh, student body is quirky, is what I will say. I mean, a lot of people you talk to are really passionate about either the major like a club there in your everyone's passionate about something, and then a lot of people will have fun, little fun. Little like quality is basically like you get to know a lot of the people on the on the campus. So, like, it's not like everyone's a stranger to each other, but it's really cool to see, like, a really passionate people. So well. So how you describe the academic climate, he ahs a free as a premed, since it's like kind of ah is a very selective school. Uh, no. It's a very selective like profession in terms of going and getting into med school. So I definitely say academics are pretty intense, but also, I'd say it's not quite a cut. Throat is like I've heard at other schools like it's a very like, collaborative environment. Still were like, people help each other with homework and like, you won't just, like, leave someone hanging if they don't understand something. You like work to try to understand things together. So it's collaborative. And then, lastly, what Your least favorite and most favorite part of campus Or about this school in general. What is my, um I'm gonna start with a favorite because Oh, no, I don't. I don't even think about this. Um, I would say my least favorite is probably how intense economics can be. Sometimes. So, a lot of folks, it could be kind of hard to balance your social life with your academic life because it's just like such a drive to be excellent in academic front. So sometimes your social life can suffer a little bit. You have to be, like, really proactive about doing things. I'm going to events there. Plenty of campus events, you know where to look at them. And then my favorite thing is probably so I said, I'm a swimmer and I really enjoy a swim team, but I kind of just like the club mentality is they have here. So when you join a club like everyone's very open, very encouraging of you, like try new things and then honestly get really bonded with, like, different groups of people. So, like, it's easy to make friends here if you engage yourself on campus. So I think that's probably my favorite part of the people. And, like groups. Hey, thank you so much there. So every Tuesday on campus, we have something called twin Tuesday. So basically, they just give out, like, food free stuff. Is there anything else? No, no. Just free food. So we should go sports. Yeah. So if you don't want to make lunch, if you don't want to go to the dining hall going between Tuesday Thank you yourself, Cookie. Yeah, I'm you'll replace so filling a, um so telling is of building on campus. I heard it's very unstable. So be careful, but really selling school here. Yeah, Well, you she will be showing you around between Tuesday. It will not be too exciting, but you'll see. Let's begin again. Going Your name? My video.