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Thinking about Claremont McKenna College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Claremont McKenna College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Claremont McKenna College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Claremont McKenna College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Claremont McKenna College experience. These Claremont McKenna College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Erin Alexander

Biology, Class of 2020


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Washington, Molecular Biology, Class of 2022



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Hey, guys, I'm here with my friends. They're going to introduce themselves and answer some questions for you guys. So take it away. City of software. See? Yeah. Over. Yeah, I am Gonzalo. I'm also software James in international relations and three two on the jury. Hi guys on the child here. Fresh. Argh! Name is Robert majoring in studies potential. Okay, Now I'm starting with Sydney. Can you tell us why you chose the emcee? With you and initially on a larger versus CMC and Ray one was larger for the client. As the consortium more pass it. I think at the end of it it's here when I went toward her school. At the end of the day just seem like the you see a line. I was a person left. So similar you similarly action. I was kind of sort of in between Sanford and CMC and my because I want to go into I wanted worth and things that I can Me, no, the drops here, actually and I think once you see it, what is it? Got a lot of these and it's round, such as maybe president, but it's much harder to find it so Oh, yeah. So for me, the primaries nitro CMC was the financial aid on the initial eight Here is impeccable. Oh, my God. That money that they have here it seems to this day it's still amazing. I'm with the crime. CMC Once I got here in one time, after I completed my tour, I noticed how small institution Wass and that was another thing that sold me about Seems to want it. What small classes? Small community, very intimate officers get. No, my friend s. So that will be probably So we're making our way to the act, Uh, the name we called the And I just thought I'd mention that CMC has a lot of opportunities for free food because that's a big deal to me. I love food. Um, every Monday through Thursday, I think it's two, three, two, four. There is FT. Where they have little snacks like chocolate covered. Strawberries are crispy treats and tea and coffee, and they just let you take it for free. There's milk replacement at the hub, which I'll show you soon when my favorite places to go where, if you happen to miss a meal, they let you just take a swipe. Which CMC is the only one of the five colleges that want to do that? There's also snack every Monday through Thursday ten thirty p. M. To eleven thirty. They have sometimes of mozzarella sticks ideas and you get Just go into Colin's dining hall for free. No meal swipes, no nothing, and it takes State your name and Major, please. I'm Julian Tess Ling and I McGovern Major at C, N c m. A freshman in your major. What would you say? Like the academic culture is like and go? It's a very writing based and kind of like, argumentative based major. So there's a lot of discussions in class, a lot of debates and writing, which are my specialty. I hates them. Yeah. Are you in any guff classes right now? And off they go. Classes you've taken. What do your professors like? I've only taken one golf class so far because I'm trying to get some of my jeans out of the way. But the one gulf professor than I've had so far, he's very chill. He kind of tends to lean a little bit to the right, which is refreshing because most professors lean to the left. So that's good with CMC itself. What's been your favorite part of the whole college as a whole? I think my favorite part about CMC is its membership in the consortium. So you get access to classes from the other four colleges. You get access to the dining hall's in the resource is of the four colleges, and then you tend to see a lot of students from the other colleges at CMC. So it kind of feels like you're at a school like eight or nine thousand students. But you kind of have the attention and like the, like the Professor two student ratio of a smaller college. All right, that's CMC what would be your least favorite part of the schools the whole, probably the drinking culture. And even that's not too bad because unlike a lot of schools that have frats and sororities, the drinking culture, there's really no pressure. People are chill, regardless of your decisions to drink or not. And a lot of it's kind of situated in the north and mid quads. So, like I live in South Korea, so that's not really an issue. Stark Hall is the only hall at CMC that substance free, which is where I live. That's really nice because the community and start they're all kind of united by, like their dislike for alcohol. So people tend to form my closer friendships than in So I just got out of economics mid term beside note. The academics here are no joke. It's just like going to an Ivy League. It's really hard, but it's doable. Um, but no, I'm here to show you guys are biggest. Lecture Hall, which was Pickford Auditorium. It's like a theater star see all the chance? It's It's pretty big for a small school, but honestly, it's really small for a big school. And here's the whole stage. There's a projector. Spain. What board? All the jazz theirs. Projection room. Um, but this is as big as it's going to get. I have not had a class in here yet because the class sizes are so small. So I've taken a test in here. I have had meetings in here, but unless you're in a big intro class, you're not going to let a Now I want to show you guys the beautiful Robert's Pavilion Main entrance. It's a good place together my friends are doing here home study space. You look out over Parents field, North Quad. You have a knife? Terrorist on here Study. And there's a little heart attack and you have an amazing view of the mountains and power. Okay, We're heading back through mid quad now. This mail room right here. Another good work opportunity as well. Here's part of mid Claude. That's Phillips Hall and you know you're in mid quad because all the windows have red frames around them. And you know, this is where you go if you didn't want to be like straight in the middle of the party scene, but you also don't want to be all the way out of the party scene. So this is kind of a good mixing bowl. This's arrest of mid quad space that I think gets overlooked Sometimes that's my dorm burger, Mom, just because this space isn't really near anything academic or important, the dining hall. But this is, in my opinion, the nicest space we have. We have Burger and then Claremont Hall directly next to it, and that provides a very nice kitchen previews if you don't want to use the dining hall All right. I'm sitting outside the student center right now, nicknamed the Hub. No one really calls the student center. Um, and this is just where you go. If you want to study, there's a pool table in there. You can do fun things. They also sell food, which is really nice if you miss your if you miss the dining hall's being open because then you can go in there and get a meal replacement without using any. You know, extra money. You can just use a meal's white. If you missed it, then on my other side, this building. While it may not look that nice, it's called the Athenaeum, and it's a really important part of, you know, the more professional side of CMC you. Khun, Go there and they have talks nearly every weekday, and you can go there and listen to almost anyone talk. We've had. Think you've had former presidents there. They thought everyone there, and a lot of the talks are really interesting and you also get a nice meal. So that's also a work opportunity. If you're looking for some kind of on campus student job, you can go work at the Athens is server, All right. So I am here to show you guys my favorite view on campus, which is the view from fourth floor Kravis. Here you can see basically all of the Claremont colleges. Right over here. We have scripts college, just on the other side of that white building, which is cake science towards where I spend a lot of my time. Um is Pitzer College past scripts that way? A little up the road is Harvey Mudd and that way by the towers. But the side is Pomona College. So Clairmont is home of the Claremont Colleges, which is a consortium of five colleges. We have Harvey Mudd should sir scripts and Ramona College. You can take classes at any one of the five cities. Last Mr took classes Pomona Pitzer and the semester. I'm taking one of scripts and the restaurant CMC you can major off campus. So I have friends that are taking class is here that our international relations majors and then media really related majors at scripts you can use. Resource is from any one of the five seas. You have friends from all the five seas. It is such an incredible resource. That's probably One of my favorite things overall about Clermont is the amount of resources and the ability to take a mouse's at different colleges, but a completely independent of yours. So now we're going to go to the other side of Krampus. And speaking of the consortium, they're sort of there one there that there are seven dining halls, which I'm a huge fan of the food on campus. And you can go to every single one. How the seven dining halls. There's one on campus three of Pomona, which is right here. The clocktower. Um, wanna Pitzer want mud? I want scrips. Scrips, especially my favorite. Um, here is our library. It is the third largest private library on the West Coast. I like to go in there a lot for quite study. There's the basement and then three floors. And the higher up you go quite, er gets all show you guys that library later. But here's the view of CMC and there is Pomona, and it's just the other side of the deal. Fourth for Club Kravis is probably one of the best All right. Everyone has been a fun giving you a tour of my home. Now, I'm studying for Agent Turned that I have to. But last piece of advice is to work hard and schools you can get to a school like this because it is so worth it. And it will pay off in the long run. So do everything you can. It will all be worth All right. The first thing you need to know about CMC Claremont McKenna College is that it's a consortium, and what that means is that there are four other under graduate schools with in very close proximity, and we all kind of share. Resource is theirs. There's one shared library. We share our athletic facilities with Harvey Mudd and Scripts College, while Pomona and Pitzer makeup the other athletic team. The other thing that would be important to know about the consortium is that we can also share academics wise. So I I said before I was majoring in molecular biology. I'm not majoring at CMC. Technically, though, I'm majoring at Tech, which is a joint science department between CMC Scripts and Pitzer. So everything everything overlaps so much I have. I have a lot of friends who are from the other colleges. I swim on the swim team for C. M s Claremont Mudd scripts, and so I have a lot of other friends on there that go to other colleges as well and sense. I could, like, walk ten minutes north and get to Harvey Mudd or two minutes north and get two scripts we often mix by going to each other's dining halls, which we all have access to a cz. Well, yeah. The only important thing to note about the, uh, whole cross registering thing is that while you may make Major at any other college, that is not your own. For example, I have friends who are majoring in C s at Mud. You still do have to take fifty percent of your courses here, which should not be a problem, because they're our general education requirements that require you to take classes at CMC. That should not be a problem.