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you go. You got me feeling So how come in the sky? I'm saying in Nyberg, I just Why's that blanket? Oh, okay, dude, if fortunate people and spices. So, everyone, welcome back to my channel or well, if you knew, I don't know what your life was like. Okay. So, basically, I should be told by the title of video we are making food. Have you ever been in college? And just, like, really realized that you missed the good old days like elementary school When you really like, you see pizza bagels. But then you realize that you're not like elementary school anymore. Larger size ones. That's what we're doing. We're making pizza bagels before we get into the video as a couple. Well, but like this video, if you like my new interim out kind of hard on them and also get its video huge sums up if you like the music in my ultra The intro is by lobster. Yeah, So this lobby and the ah chose by my God, I have their sound Lincoln description. You want to check? That didn't hold up to me if you did into them as well. Hi. Just get your text messages. Oh, my God. Don't get that. Yes, I don't get it because of me. You just put sauce. Cheese, Remember, be flavor. Depends like sauce. You have. This isn't great. We bought the cheapest one. You know what The best you say, Chef boy. Ar dio Raghu starting company. Oh, tag. You got a dollar. You made up this right now? Okay. Yeah. You got to get a nice and saucy. That's how your mom would want. So, Kim, would you like It? Makes sense on can. That's your moment. One. Yeah, that's a long name. Then I freaked it. She's like, Don't put it that way. Yeah, Mike. What the Who? No. You make burgers either. It was a couple who makes pizza bagels the mean one. So from that show, don't you? Oh, my God. I don't even Ramsey. I'm Chef Gordon or something. I'm Sheriff firing Elliot's daughter. Hi. Yeah, they look good. We're gonna tease you. Reported me it very well. Rachel Ray would be proud to have her cookbook really a lot sublimation. It's sublime physical science. What is this in 63 on video may be walking, you know, just not go. Hecox is off kitty murder. No, I don't. I have made pizza bagels in my head before. Come on. You know, she said it. Great. You understand? Yeah. We care. Bear bear that Mariah didn't touch the food. You know, maybe one more stop would be good. Maybe just like the birth we'll see with this is to for pasta e Emily. And I think get me where. It's just stupid. You ever college lifestyle? What? She must wait. Don't support her. She's racing. This is way to myself. I don't think no. So you have to put, like, three tables, three tables, wounds sauce, four from liver because she wanted to watch you cooking. What? Just saying. Well, I'm looking at night. Yes, a random amount. How do you think you will learn to cook? Watching you by watching other buff? That's good. Get better. All right. Let's be with E. I put it all over burnt cheese from right down in the back. What about getting further down? It might get a little bit crumbly. Crunchy Frenchy, Chunky Frozen wasn't working. I'm Rachel Ray and getting a hole. That's different now. I'm gonna be Chandler Chandler because I saw you dressed like you trying to dress like a man from the nineties. A tablet feminine, as I'm sure. Are you saying I dress like a feminine man from the 19? My dress. I ever masculine man, from the night I just like a man. I know you were evident time. Oh, my God. Are you done with cheese? Triple the salt. Whoa! I weigh one as if there was another place. Have you? I don't know. Yes, you do. You tease. That's right. You do eat spray. Something on this? No spray something. A listing of the pizza bagels? No, but you know what you should do. Take him off the pan. Take over. Cheese. No. Jesus. The best cheese. If you said what I want you to say nothing. You're wasting freaking cheese is a better would eat it. Yeah, Mariah is dropping it into her mouth like heathens. Raised. Really? Did not. To was with She knows we're good. Let's stick these bad boys and having 3 50 Because that's what my mom always told me. Oh, yeah. Thank you. I don't have even been in this joint. Thank you. You're on. Okay, So how about. I watched the video and someone's got, but they were like in there. I hope that it happened. But open. It was about. And I heard a lot of sounds out in the hallway like people in heels. It doesn't sound right. Yes, you're the most powerful than ever. As a team of the cheese, she goes. I brought the stone. What's so funny? Handsome Like walking to the window? No, that's so weird. So, personally, I think they're done. I have some contesting. They're not. There isn't gold in there. It's like popping up is like puffing up. Yes. You see, the pepperoni is like sinking down into the whole years. Older, homemade popular is welcome to college. You're gonna bring yourself home, huh? Uh huh. Just like mom used to make Day came. I never used to make this. She's shaking her boots right now. It's quaking, but shaping. Yeah, well, I'm gonna start it because that's what it was. Act like we're on this crazy day. No, right. It was a little bit. It really brought him out like that. Hurt. Look, it is not right. My wife. In fact, whenever I take your talent that always take three. No. Yes. Go. We lost. Remember the team. But I'm sorry, but that is like, Bye. Common. Double out everything you do a video on the improvement of bagels. They weren't made with organic bagels. Yeah, I think this one. First together, videos like try give a convincing down like five minutes puts in fast forward. They're just cut out. So be it. Family would come back, but I don't know where they're coming back and I'll get back to get my big. But thanks for watching this video. Make sure you like comment and subscribe. Esther, you were cooking with looking with something you don't know about hosted, but yeah. Thanks for washing A. Make sure you follow my social. She'll see in the next screen. All right? Right now we're gonna hop inside Sather's downing Center and see what that's like.