CUNY Lehman College Dining & Food

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Wait. So right now I'm in the entrance for the main cafeteria is called Underground Lounge. They have pizza sandwiches. You could make your own salads. They have a really convict burgers and sub sewer. In the morning they serve breakfast. Cutoff time for breakfast thinking ten. Thirty. I went there to get breakfast this morning that I was here early. I usually never go for breakfast because I only take the afternoon classes. But I don't like getting up in the morning. Wake there. Edible cafeteria people over to hang out. Buddy, you just killed time with. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Get burgers way Also have, like, a little Starbucks in the music building. They're the fact that dining room in the back booth, even though it's called the faculty dining room students still like hang out here to wait. Oh, way younger. Every year you kind of have the same stuff, but I'm going downstairs at, like everything. What? No, Outside of like, the campus area in Carmen Hole is smaller than the main one. They don't have a twenty options, but it's so like, you know, a lot of students come here to study or to kill time between classes. A lot of them have classes in Carmen upstairs. So they just there and work on projects himself.