Peek at the Global Neighborhood | Dorm Tour 2019

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Bella Branham

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In this video I give you a quick look around the Global Neighborhood and inside the first floor of one of the dorms. Global was my home as a freshman and I really liked it because it literally looks like a hotel but there were some downsides. Global, like Colonnades, isn't very social like historic is so for my first semester before I joined my sorority it was harder to make friends. Of course I made friends going out and in classes and around campus but they all had huge groups of friends from all living in historic together so I didn't have that same experience. However, every year there are usually 2-4 floors in Global that are so social and fun so if you're looking to be in one of the nicer dorms there is still a chance you can get a great hall and all hangout in the common room together and go out together.