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Hey, guys, over this video, I'm gonna give you a tour of one of our freshman dorms there. Five freshmen neighborhoods you can live in. You can live in global colonnades, the historic neighborhood Dannelly and the New West storms. So today, I'm gonna give you a look at the colony. It's neighborhood, which is one of our newest neighborhoods. It's sweet style, and it's coed floors. And so in this room, you walk in. And as you see, there are two beds and a window. This is a pretty decent sized colonnade room. Most of them are around this size. There are a few that are handicap, so they're a little bit bigger. So they're there to accommodate those who need the space. And then in here we have the closet. And this is very similar to the dorm that I lived in freshman year. I lived in the global dorms, which are literally a mirror image of this storm. And I can tell you that the's shoe trees putting on the back of the doors, those help you save a lot of space, considering these air somewhat smaller closets. Um, so that frees up space. The girl is sitting in this room, decided to use it to put her vacuum her hamper, which is a really good use of the space. It also comes with two desks. Um, and a chair. So you don't have to bring your own desk. Um, they have the sliding out drawers, some really good dusk space in here. And you can really arrange the dorms however you want you, Khun loft your bed. You can have it lower. Both of these girls decided till off their beds, which is really smart because it helps add a lot of under bed space. Which is what I also did. Um, if you get those, uh, clear containers from, like, Target or the container store, those tend to really, really help when you're in such a small space, the two people. And then here's thie view from the outside the colonnades neighborhood. And I'm gonna take you into the bathroom and give you a look at how the sweet stall bathrooms were set up. So in the sweet style, the bathrooms have the sink inside the room with some under storage spaces. Well, so you have the sink the mirror and then, Okay, I'm ghetto on this. The rooms are connected through the bathroom. So here's the shower. A decent size shower compared Teo historic. And then there's a toilet and also some space for some side cabinets. And then going into the other suite room here's another sink and mirror set up. And then hi, guys. Um, so then again, like this is the same set up as the other room except with two windows. So it looks a little bit bigger, but it's the same exact size and the same set up with the desks and the beds. Casey has a few questions about. Um, so do you like living in colonnade? What do you think are like? How does it compare to when you hear other people talk about mother like neighborhoods? Well, I just think that quiet of colonnades is amazing. Like I wanted historic, but like now, I'm so happy that I got caught and it's like it's cool. It's close to the dining hall. Just close all my classes. Great. You do your thing and, like, have him come back to quiet. And so that's, like, really free from it and salt, like, very clean here, Right? Because generally historic is more of like a louder like social environment. And colonnades and global tend to be more of a quiet place. They have quiet hours at night. Um, and so how did it worked out? Well, for you guys with your sweet may situation. And did you pick your roommates orgy? Go random way, went through the Facebook page, and then we mustn't come into people and then found really all verily, we all So now I'm gonna give you guys look at the West dorm. This is Sarah. So she's being so nice and letting us take a look inside her dorm. West was renovated a little bit over a year ago, and so it's a lot nicer than when I was a freshman. But they have double rooms and their hall style bathrooms, and so you both decided to lock your beds to use like the under red storage. Yeah, it definitely does. And so you did these come with the room? Where the hell with them. Shoot. Okay. Yeah. I was telling them in another video I made that she racks are really helpful when you're at school sharing a room because it helps a lot with the space. And then the under storage containers are really nice too. And then you guys separate it really Well. Looks so good. And then you guys have your own desks and you get the hutch through the school. Yeah, my sisters went here. Oh, right. Okay. And other dusk. And so you said you guys are on the third floor, so you don't have to worry about, like, you know, is Yeah. Good. And you? Like, How did you find your roommate? Did you find a part of the Facebook? Yeah. And was she one of the first people that you message Yeah, that's great. And it's working out well, Yes. Good. Would you be able to show me the whole south bathrooms? Probably not gonna go in just in case. And it was in there, but or actually Cubbies. Oh, okay. That's really nice. So that's for, like, your shower caddy Seo. Carry them from your room. Okay, so these are just haul style bathrooms. Wow. I have not been in these. Yeah, these air. So nice. Have you been in Carolina? Yeah. Yeah. So, like, this is amazing. Oh, my gosh. This is a major upgrade from what West used to look like. So if you want to live in a historic dorm but not get the kind of gross historic field that Carolina has definitely trying get into Wes, was this your first choice door? Listen, Carolina. Impressive. Yeah. And you like you still like God. You made that decision. Yeah. Yeah. And the social aspect is good, Tio. It's all girls. We all just Yeah. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And then this is just a common area. Do you guys use this a lot to hang out? Yeah, every night. Great. What's a really good use of the space? And then there's the new McEwen dining hall, which will be hopefully dying by the end of the month. And you guys will have that which would be really nice if you want to walk part of the Hey guys. So it's gamed it you on. It's Saturday and we're playing Furman at home. Thegame DIY video for me is going to be a little bit different than some of the others because I actually worked for the own football team. I mentioned that in my intro video. I feel in their practices and games. I'm also filming the tailgate for my job, so I won't be able to narrate it because I have to use the film. I'm getting for my job with the school, but I'll be able to marry toe after and just interject what is going on. Um, Ellen Sze. Not a big football school like really at all, which is kind of It's kind of disappointing because when you think of like Southern schools, you kind of think of like big Southern football. Yuan didn't really have that good of a record until last year. We had a really great season. We got a new coach, Kurt Signet, E and he's here this year and it looks like when I'm not a really good year. But just because of the tradition of yuan not being as great, people don't usually come out to the games. Also, as I mentioned Saturday's, a lot of fraternities will have day drinks and you on it, so it's kind of side. But it's just people prioritize that over, going to like athletic events. Um, it's really like a big frosty night. Yuan and sports aren't really has appreciated. That's something that a lot of people really don't like about the school, especially the athletes. So there isn't really a big support for athletics, just being honest. But the tailgates today should be really fine because this is the first home game. So the frats have to be there for the first. I think our of the tailgate S o that will actually be kind of a fun experience. But then, after there's going straight today Gering. So this's kind of like a little bit more of a pact tailgate than it usually will be There usually kind of dead, but they're working on trying to get like France Toe. Have to be there for the first hour to make it more exciting for people. Um, but I'll give you guys a look and then I'll be able to get some film from where I'm filming I film on top of the press box. I'm literally on the roof building, looking down at the stadium, which is really cool. Um, it's a fun view. It's the best view, in my opinion, Um, and I'm gonna have some of my friends get some footage from the stands to show you guys what it's like when you're in the bleachers watching the game, but I'll bring you guys to tell you in just a few minutes. Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna take you to one of Milan's biggest traditions. It's Tuesday, which means it's college Coffee Day. So from nine forty two, ten twenty, every Tuesday in the five Ada Cabot Commons, there's food. Coffee organizations have tables set up. So it's just a good time for everyone. Tio, get to know other people, talk to people from different organizations and eat some really good food. So it's a lot of fun, and so I'm gonna give you a tour of that today. Eyes you guys can see behind me there's tons of people, tons of different tables and lots of you guys are student union board hair, college coffee. Can you tell us a little bit about college copy and Soon Union? Or does Yeah. Jr is one of the largest student organizations here. We are in charge of all of the late night programming on the weekends, and so we throw a bunch of parties and a lot of events for all sides. We're close copy every Tuesday, talking with fresh new students in encouraging people to come, always handing out free stuff owning what's happening this weekend. Come in. Thanks, guys. Hey, Ryan, How are you? Hey, Bella. I'm making a video for a perspective. You on students, You want to tell me a little bit about college coffee? What you like about it don't free food. You get to see. It's just a great time for students to come together, you know, and experience Joy. You know, it's free time for everyone. Like love. Right. Trail? Uh, he's awesome parts, you know, You get you get involved. It's a great way to get involved and get to know people around campus. That's why it comes college coffee. Great. Also the coffee, right. The free food, the coffee, So this is what a typical classroom in the com school looks like. The classroom's around campus looks slightly different, depending on which building you're in. But for the most part they look like this. So a lot of classes will have Mac or some kind of computer up there and then whiteboards and amazing boards and things like that. Some of the communications classes will have computers Mac computers all around the room to with monitors so that the picture being shown on the board or screen is also being shown around the classroom. So students, no matter where they are, can have really good views of what's being shown, which is nice. So a lot of my classes are in this building. It's definitely my favorite building by far, just because it's so beautiful. And there's just a lot of options for communications students. So, for example, we have the gear room, which is where you can check out a bunch of equipment like cameras and tripods and anything who possibly need. And depending on the level of class your end for communications majors, you're allowed to check out equipment. So the farther up you get in classes the more expensive equipment you can basically rent, and but it's free. So you all you have to do is check out the equipment and return it by a certain date. The classroom sizes are very, very nice. You will not see a class larger than usually thirty students, even for the Jennette classes, the very first classes you have to take his freshman. You will not see more than that, usually in a class. Which is amazing because usually schools You'LL have one hundred to two hundred students in one class as a freshman, but here, a deal on the faculty student ratio is amazing, and they do a very good job of making sure that each class doesn't have a lot of students in it, so that we we get more time with our professors. And it's a lot better of a relationship, really, and it helps are learning a lot. I personally love the smaller class sizes because it's great to get to know people, and I've actually gotten a lot more connections for different things through having smaller class sizes and more time with professors there always so open to meeting Teo, every that's like one of my favorite things about being an Ellen is that the professors here are so open to just helping you. Like they're here for the students at Yuan. I haven't met one professor that's too busy for for his or her students. They're they're here to help us. They're here to connect us with alumni and here to just teach us everything that they know. So right now I'm standing in the center of campus. I'm currently standing on what we call the ***, which are these two green hills. So people come out here and lay out to work, sometimes throw Frisbee. But behind me, we have mostly, which is our main building on campus, where we have a lot of different organization offices and places to study. We have the mostly front desk, which is where people can come and ask questions and call and find out anything about the school and things that they need to know about the campus. We have offices for organizations like the creed and different diversity organizations. We also have a whole living space with giant beanbags and chairs and tables where a lot of students will study, along with printers we have attached to. Mostly, we have a lot of lecture halls where they'LL hold different authors and speakers attached to the mostly sitting area. We have the mail center, and whenever you get a package or letter, you will get a email saying that you have male and so you go to the mail center and pick that up. All you to do is swipe your Phoenix card, and they'LL Bring that right to You, which is really, really nice and then attached farther to the mail center. We have a raw zu coffee, which is a great place that a lot of soon's like to study and order coffee, a snack, anything like that. And farther down we have what we call Winter Garden, which has three of our retail places. Biscuit ville topia is, which is a pizza place, and we also have fresh's, which has a little more healthy bowls. With vegetables, you get burritos or soups there. They also offer some frozen yogurt and just plain yogurt ice cream. Things like that you could get with meal dollars, like sushi and different drinks. The next to Winter Garden. We have Lakeside, which is one of our dining halls, which a lot of freshmen end up going to that live in the dorms down there, which are the global dorms. There's also upstairs, mostly which houses, Mohr organizations and lecture halls. So mostly is a great place to hang out. And so over here we have the library, which it just got renovated, so it has a lot more expansion to it. now a lot more study rooms, which is awesome. Like most universities, the bottom is the loudest and the higher up you go. It gets quieter and quieter, so the third floor is completely silent, so it's great places. Study. There's a lot of last open area towards the back, so you get some natural lighting. A lot of people like to go there to check out, Uh, we have media services where you can check out different things, like laptops, if you need them. Speakers, microphones, all of that jazz. There is the writing center, where they will help you with essays and anything that students might need for different research projects. You can check out a lot of things, like DVDs and books and things that students might need Hey, guys. So now I'm gonna show you around one of my favorite academic buildings at this school. I'm a communications major communications fellow and just really involved with the com school. So this is the new side of the Shar communications building. We had a much smaller com school until I got here. I was so lucky they were literally just opening up. This new building when I got here is a freshman. So right now we're walking into the Snow Family grand atrium. This is perfect for doing homework. It's a really nice, bright open space for students walking between classes. And what you just saw to my right is the Turner Theater. Turn Theatre is a two hundred person movie theater, though they just added so students completely. They worked there. Uh, Thursday and Friday nights. If they have new movies come out tonight are tomorrow night's Oceans eight. They have a ton, a ton of movies like New Weekend new movie. So now I'm gonna take you to the upstairs area. The sharp building tons of classroom study room's computer labs. Lots of professors have their offices up there, where office hours are always like really flexible students. And then on There's also the sand box, which is like a little area that they hope will help start discussion. It's kind of like they call it the play area for the calm students so we can all work on a project together in the bounce. Ideas off each other cells hit you upstairs right now. Here is the sand box. This's just a great area for calm. Seems to come in and work. We have some computers up in the back, the printer So I'm gonna take you guys into the older part of school communications. This is where the TV studios are, which are brand new on all the classrooms had just been renovated. That's where I had my first calm classes of my first memories that you on This is one of my study areas. Hi, Alex, but my study buddies So this is the Boulder area was full of communications. This is called the McEwan School Communications. And this is the gear. Um, hi, guys. Uh, this is where you can check out equipment. Would you tell us a little about the serum you guys do for prospective students? Yeah, sure. So figure out a place constantly. Do you need projects? His money, Mr. Thank you. I'LL see you guys probably very soon. And this is one News network. Hey! Actually, would you want to tell me what? You're not too busy. Hello. My name is Grace. I'm thanking you for your welcome. So you're going to use is a converted organization. So we have the pendulum and we have local news. Which means the pendulum in the paper and Yale in local news broadcast S O l. A news network covers both of those. So if you join in and you can work for you, Wei have three shows a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. And then we have the pendulum that comes out on Wednesday. So we do something almost every day of the week. Super fun opportunity. And we let first get in here. So it's fun in here. You're not a place for you to have a place So I'm sitting in what we called the historic district of Ilan. So we have a lot of dorms in this area, and also a lot of academic buildings when you can take classes alone is known for our fountain. So this is one of our one of our fountain's called elements fountain. Uh, this is the older part of Ilan, so we have the older buildings here. We have this courtyard right here where we have academic buildings surrounding it. So we have al a man's building, which has a lot of causes for, like, lit and creative writing. We have Duke, which is a lot for math Powell, which has some science, um, pre requisite crosses. We also have Carlton, which is the building for all the foreign languages, which holds L Central, which is the Spanish center where students can go and take conversation. Classes learn Spanish. They have a lot of different events there to learn more about the culture on also lectures and people that will come and speak from different countries and things like that. So it's a great place to go. One cool thing about El Centro that not a lot of students actually know about is that if you go into El Centro and study to Spanish homework, take classes, go to events. If you rack up one hundred and forty hours by the time you graduate, you can apply for a free plane ticket to any Spanish speaking country that you would like to go to, which is really, really cool. I currently have a hundred hours, so I'm slowly getting there. This is where most people take their classes. Uh, doesn't matter if your freshman senior A lot of the bosses are in this area of campus, which is really nice because they're all in one place. There's also a lot of freshmen dorms here. We have a lot. So there's West. There's Sloane Virginia Smith. Some of them are Cohen, and the coed dorms are not by floor, thereby room. So you will not necessarily be just on a floor with like, all girls are all guys. Some of them are just girl dorm. Some of them are just guy dorms, so it really, really depends. Um, we also have HPV, which is another section of historic. That house is the honor students and other freshman as well. So I'm sitting here in the back of elements. There's elements over there and here we have a couple more buildings. We have Mooney, which is right in front of me, which houses a lot more of the foreign language classes we have long over here, which is part of this school. Pena me communications. But a lot of these causes are not used for undergrad. They're used for outside for graduate. Behind me is the sharp building which I will go to introduce to you in a little bit. This building is called lately. It is a building where we hold a lot of our concerts, including our capella. I just love walking through this area. It's just so pretty. Just all the grass and the trees. The building's surrounded with the flowers. So a typical day for me I'll usually wake up. Go to class A lot of times I'll study. I like sitting outside, especially when it's nice out like this, uh, sometimes all study I rarely study in the library just because I usually like spaces that are more open. Uh, and I don't mind when people are talking around me. So I'll do that. A lot is all study outside or there's a lot of great nice just seating areas with couches on campus, eat meals on campus, hang out with people and then I'LL do things. I gotta practice for Ultimate Frisbee and then sometimes hang out in my apartment. Just chill. There's a lot of different things that you could do on campus. A lot of events that they have. Uh, we have Greek week coming up, which is a sorority fraternity event, so it's a lot of fun. So there's a lot of different organizations and events that Ellen puts on. A lot of them are We'LL just come up randomly. There's boards posted all around the school where you can look of the new events that are coming up different things that they have like blood drives or fundraiser tables here again? Yeah, What's going on over here? Volunteers for the Oh, that's cool. Tonight we're here at another Ellen event. This is the yearly spring Comedian show where we have a comedian come this comedian for this spring is Ron with Bunch. Yeah, and he's been new girl and other things like that. Usually a lot of students come out to see the comedians because they're really funny. And then they'LL have, like, an opener, which is either a student or like, tonight's gonna be a magician that's been on SNL, apparently got America's Got talent, I think. Yes, yes, America's got talent. This's McEwen, and they're currently having a seemed event. More decorations out here. It's kind of cool. Dining halls will sometimes dio themed, uh, meals and theme days, which is always really fine. So sometimes way will have a farmer's market going on. It's all local stuff that's being sold by local people around Ilan. Oh, hey, what's going on here? Morgan, He's banged some seed potatoes. That's cool. Hey, what is this? It's a book sale, this black So this is our most famous fountain that we have here on campus, the most popular one. It's really beautiful. It's right in front of the business center. The K O B. C is what we call it, and that's where a lot of the bin students will take their business classes. And there's also a building right next to it. That's the extension of the business school over here. Right behind me. We have a Chloe and Hall, which was previously called Colonnades Dining Hall, but they recently changed the name. So you'LL hear both of those names being floated around Chloe and Hall is one of the most popular dining halls I would say we have here on campus. They have a lot of options for food. They always have a hot food section where they'LL serve like chicken, salmon, pasta. They always have a pizza section, a dessert section, a solid section, which is really nice. And then they have Green World, which is a very healthy. They always have a lot of vegan vegetarian options. Ellen does a pretty good job of always catering to dietary restrictions. Chlo, Hannes Upstairs, Downstairs we have Pores Head, which is a sandwich shop, and also they have a little, uh, convenient grocery store area. Down there, we get different items, like cereal and things like that. They also have a little great place where you can get crepes, and that is a part of meal swipe so you can use, like, I think you can use blocks wise for those or Phoenix cash anything like that. And then behind here, past the business center, we have the colonnades residential halls. So that's where you'LL find freshman sophomore is living there. Those air pretty nice residential there. Sweet styles and pod styles behind colonnades. We have Dannelly apartments, which are another set of apartments for students, and Dannelly also has, uh, an apartment style complex. So but they have what we call flats, which is about like six ish students in each flat. I believe I've never lived in daily, but I know a lot of people that have, and then they have a kitchen area, common space and then shared bathrooms for those as well. And then we have a retail place. Uh, we have Padova, which is the Mexican place over there, and we also find signs which is great for