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Mikaila gives you a tour of Emory's Library!

Tour of the library, a place that Mikaila has rarely never been to. The way that it works is the higher up you get the quieter it gets. Don't get caught playing with the stacks though!

Video Location Robert W. Woodruff Library

Tour Guide

Mikaila Schmidt
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This, my friends, is the economic building that I have visited approximately seven times over the course of my three and a half years in school. The library, we have thousands and thousands of books. Tons of different resource is like this beautiful white board. Is this whole wild Lauryn Williams? I see being very studious in the library. Oh, basically, the way that this place works is that we have about ten different floors. The bottom floor is the loudest I'm currently sitting on the second floor, which is why I could talk to you guys like this. Then the further up we get, we go into the stacks, which are basically silent floors. Like, if you make adenoid noise whatsoever, you'll get stared at until the social anxiety forces you to leave. They're really cool, didn't you? Walking through the library on floor two, Go into the sex to show you what we can do. So basically these things remember? It. Oh, my. I wasn't lying when I said books on books on books.