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A Day in the Life with Mikaila

Thinking about Emory University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Emory University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Emory University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Emory University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Emory University experience. These Emory University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Mikaila Schmidt

Greater Atlanta, Anthropology, Class of 2018


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Georgia, Biology, Class of 2022



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Okay. Yes, I will be entirely honest with you. I am a huge proponent of setting new room with no sound and no distractions, because that's the only way that I could do it. But when I have forty five minutes in between classes and I'm on campus anyway, I love to come up to this secret spot above the Carless Museum, which is a really cool museum on campus that I'll show you guys later. But anyway, it's a super secret private spot that I didn't even know about until my junior year. And it's really, really beautiful and super super nice. So it looks like this up here, tables and chairs. It is a track to get up here. You gotta climb all of those stairs, so not best to do it. I don't like day and it overlooks the entire quad. So you can't really beat these views. It's actually amazing, especially when it's nice outside. So when I do study on campus, this is my good to spot, But keep it a secret, all right? Welcome to Murder three forty eight. Well, thiss my beautiful remake, A birdie. This is our at simple cute. So with these rooms, we have a smaller sink area and a cute little mirror. We have a little sticker here from our friend. It's really, really cute. Each room comes with a closet area. This is my cause. It it's beautiful S o We It comes with shells like you put stuff on. I just have a little pantry over here, but it's up to you. What you want? You could hang stuff, have a long, three, amber, Whatever. And this is mine closet, but it is currently blocked off because it's really messy. Can't fit a whole pile of clothes there if you like. Beautiful. And this is just your decision. You can make anything you want to all your snacks, all your, you know, wash stuff, you know? And also, each room comes with two desks. So that's Kim's desk. This is my desk. And obviously the beds they locked up. This is the highest. They locked up and and Jerry, See if you watch those videos they locked up to about right here, but it's super cute. Super livable and we love. This is Kim's side underneath the beds. As you can see, there is pretty much a lot of space. So I fit about a couple of plastic drawers underneath here that fit like your clothes stuff. And you can put anything you want in there, and each room can have about one refrigerator, one printer and having a printer is really helpful, so you don't have to walk back and forth to the library every time you need to do in a site. So yeah, yeah, I live in East Village is the This is one of the classrooms. It's one of the relatively smaller ones. Since Emery is a pretty medium size school, we don't have too many super huge lecture halls or lecture hall classrooms. That's mostly for the freshmen seminars and the big chemistry and bio classes. But once you get a little bit further into your major and things of that sort in, the classes kind of narrowed down to like fifteen twenty people. So this is what one of those would look like, and I think Professor Williams is writing on the board. But they're really cool. They actually even have fun swivel chairs and they're pretty comfortable. And yeah, nice class, bas. Good teachers, great students, great conversation. So our main dining hall option on campuses Duck, which stands for the dog's universities. But basically we are renovating our entire campus life center. So I'm currently sitting in our ducklings, which is a sub version of the duck temporarily for students of society. So we've got salad bar. We've got fresh squeezed orange shoes, waffles and pancakes and hot food. All that good stuff. It's actually really, really good. Not bad at all. This is another housing option called Claremont Campus. Basically, it's technically on campus housing, although you do have to take a shuttle to get here or it's like a ten minute walk from campus. Um, it's mainly for upperclassman. So juniors and seniors or what? We're talking about pressure. They have sweets and things like that. But, um, some sophomores could live here, too. It kind of just depends on what you're looking for and what your needs are. And the Housing Office has a really good job of meeting those. So it's a really, really nice. It's literally like a country club. They have their own gym, their own place to eat inside this building right here. There's a pool over here like literally a full size pool, like Olympic size swimming pool, and it is gorgeous and not a bad gig So about a five minute walk away from campus is this super cute little place called Emery Village. It meets all of your food needs. I mean, it has everything from Chipotle et tu Jimmy Johns, too. Dragon Ball, which gives you these awesome teriyaki race balls and dominoes and even has a CVS in a Panera. And some actually really nice restaurants, too. I'm about to head into one of my favorite breakfast spots called Rise and died with a couple of friends. So once I get in there and get my food, I'll show you guys that it looks like look at that cheese. There's a but that really alone. Um, least favorite part. We'll easily The bear part is people. I think after a while, any campus gets old and routine gets old on classes, get boring. And it's had missed. And I think what surprised me most are how incredible. Uh, my friends are here and how smart and kind and giving the population here is that I feel supported no matter what. No. Suddenly, my favorite part, uh, least favorite part, I think. There's an emphasis on grating on test taking. Thanks. There isn't enough emphasis learning an intellectual curiosity, and I think it gets sucked out because people are very work hard, play hard. And so it's like when we focus for a couple hours, get this done, go go out and get drunk and then come back, cover my work, get drunk the next weekend, any. Is it something we're like? People are reading books for fun and, like people, have any stimulating conversations that does happen. But not to the like. Not overtly. I think in a small space is something I would like to see more. This, my friends, is the economic building that I have visited approximately seven times over the course of my three and a half years in school. The library, we have thousands and thousands of books. Tons of different resource is like this beautiful white board. For all of your expo marker endeavors. Is this whole wild Lauryn Williams? I see being very studious in the library. Oh, basically, the way that this place works is that we have about ten different floors. The bottom floor is the loudest I'm currently sitting on the second floor, which is why I could talk to you guys like this. And then the further up we get, we go into the stacks, which are basically silent floors. Like, if you make adenoid noise whatsoever, you'll get stared at until the social anxiety forces you to leave. So I'll show you guys those in a minute. But they're really cool, didn't you? Walking through the library on floor two, Go into the sex to show you what we can do. You were in stacks wait. Show them out this way. So basically these things remember? It. Oh, my. You get it? Get it, Get it. Look at that. I wasn't lying when I said books So this is what kind of a more stereotypical lecture hall would look like. All these different Rose, the teacher stands up front and lectures from the computer and the projector screen. I mean, it does the job. It's very efficient, I thought, the prettiest of buildings, but it gets it done over this room. Particular has a very special addition to it. No. Oh, stand for the right time to say goodbye I don't know the words but I'm gonna try and get it leaves. Lauryn Williams for everybody. Since memories a relatively small school are Greek life scene isn't as big a sum of the huge state schools like USC or UNC and things of that sort. But we still do have a really solid Greek presence on campus. We have some different sororities and fraternities, all of which you can rush, enjoying your freshman or sophomore or junior year. There are a ton of fun, all the frats of houses. All the authorities have lodges, and it's a really great time. I mean, Greek life isn't for everybody, so if you're into it, I'd say Go for it. I am personally am in authority myself. I really enjoy. I like the social outlet and I really like the girls and I'm with you. But there are a lot of different social options on campus to. I mean, you could just stay on campus and have a good time with your friends, or you can go out to our neighborhood. Bar and Grill called Maggie is which is totally a dive bar. But you have to go at least once in your four years of memory. Or you could even go downtown Buckhead and go tio. Some of the more popular bars where the adults go and locals. And it's a huge mix of people, so it makes it a really good time. But the Emery presence there is definitely a remarkable autonomous Lovett Autonomous go every weekend. And I mean it's Atlanta There so many fun things to do in Atlanta. So money, different kinds of concerts and museums and outdoor activities in places that you can go and parks and all that good stuff, so you really can not get