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So we've managed the F i T bookstore, which is very gonna find all of your tax book school supplies and then other, like fun books, magazines as well as, like, little things like candy. And then all of, like the apparel and accessories and mugs. And like, he's really cool fames that stick on the back of your phone and you can put your cards in like, I d card. And, yeah, they have a bunch of fun stuff in here, and I come here a lot to get different. Sweatshirts are books and any purpose. Or if I'm running low on pens. So yeah, definitely really handy. And you just need your i D. Card to get in here. Hi guys. My name is Shanna and I'm a junior here at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I'm super excited to be the official campus Real ambassador for F I. T. I can't wait to show you around campus show you few my favorite spots Introduce you to my friends and let you know my beloved so much of my such a great school So keep on I got it. So I'm here. I'm here right now because I'm about to do my tour. I live in the upperclassmen dorms, which are about a ten minute walk from F I. T from the actual school building. They're called Kaufman Hall and I'm a junior, so that's why I'm over here. It's a really nice being over here. It's really easy Commute like time and a lot even less if you want it to be. And but it's also nice. But sometimes I feel like you're not really like at school anymore, which is different from the other dorms on right across the street from the school. But those are really nice to live there my freshman year and I really loved it. So basically, I'll give you a little overview of the room. This is my side and my roommate side. There's just two of us, but I'll start You're so yeah, yeah, which is really nice. It's freezing here. If you open the store, here's our bathroom. Twillie sing in the shower over there. Really nice. There's two of us. So we only have one thing. There's more than two. You get two things and you also get a stall around your toilet. But there's only two of us. So oh, around a little bit and we have our kitchen area. So every doorman coffin is like this. So you have a kitchenette. It's called and then it comes with all the appliances. Except for microwave. There's a spot that one fits perfectly. But if you're gonna want one, you have to bring it yourself. So that's what we did. Then there's a bunch of Cabinet space, good and please. And utensils and all that. Cleaning supplies believe under there, man. Keep going. Here is our dining room table Like Guess you could call it. And then there's two chairs. You get as many shares as they are roommates in the room. There's two of us to share. And then on top of that, we have something Mertz from Holy cream, which is a great tone, a place with. They have, like ice cream. Brownie is cooking a bunch of stuff. It's like Write a few blocks up from our dorm, so we like to order some from there sometimes, and this is my roommate side. So her bed and I'm a closet on her desk and then my mind set of the scene by justice next to hers, and then underneath the beds there is door space that they provide, which is really nice the way but really handy for more clothes or other things. And then nice, because if you raise your bed, you have space underneath. So that's where I keep my printer on my textbooks might. Nice camera protein and gym stuff. My yoga mat hampers in the corner there. That's a really nice extra space for a room. Mirror closet, which is nice, Jess, which you also get these drawers provided, but you're really nice. Get out. Whore stays that those can be moved. You don't want to marry but to keep the bear because their way. But we're here for. Thanks. Wait all construction across the street. But we have a really nice view of the New York side, which is right up there. And if you're hiring, you were pretty, You know, it's fine. It is so nice. No city. So I want you. Yeah. I hope you really like this. My dorm. I like. I love it here, so, So we're now on the fifth floor of the Dubinsky Center, which is where the main student lounge is, and I'm not going to go inside because you have to say silent while you're in there. But I will just give you a little Steve. It's a really good place to get worked on and Okay, so apparently I'm in style shop, which is a student run shop on campus here, on the first floor of the defense he's enter. And as you can see, there's a lot of like, really cool things like you have a bunch of jewelry sweatshirts and you could find a lot of, like, more creative apparel heared that is designed. Produced or bought from local designers by F I T students who are part of the merchandising society, which is a club here on campus. So it's really cool because everything in here is going right through my tio. So yeah, definitely really cool and a lot of really fun stuff. Hi, I So I wonder my umbrella right now. It's pouring right and super windy. But I'm leaving Penn Station, which made me think that I want to tell you about how convenient location of tears because it is only four blocks. I'm from presentation for school, and then Coffin Hall is only two blocks away, so it's super convenient getting everywhere. And Penn Station has most of the popular trains going all directions as well as I am Jersey Chance and Railroad, if you're traveling out of the city. So it's really convenient for me and for everyone. You just walked two blocks over, Get on a train and I'm gonna save you. So yeah, just wanted Teo. Let you guys know about Ted. It was one of those things.