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So right now I am in a cafeteria here. Main campus is not one of the main dining holes. But I love these cafeteria because it's a plant based cafeteria. Actually, I am weak, My best friend. Look at this. If you like plant based meals, I can come here. Disease. I already know what's inside here, but it's very good. So if you come here, you So I was some of my favorite places to eat it up as you aren't even restaurants there. Food trucks was. There's a steak and shake truck thin. There's a seminal dining, food truck and front pocket. If you guys, uh, meal plan, you can still use your flex bucks at the food trucks as if you were going to one of the dining hall. So, um, and there are more during the school year when you have when there are like a bend, some things began. The food trucks are one of the really cool thing is about the union green. So I don't eat on the campus very much. To be honest, I don't really know a lot of the good places to eat on campus, but one of the very few places, but I do like is the only chick fillet on campus, which I'm sure they would be weird about me filming in there. So I'm not gonna go in, but it's really good. One. So. No. Yeah. Theo, wait. So right now I am in the Swanee Danny Home here, my friend. What I love about this is that is a true friend. And it's like four stations where you have a past our station have a grill station, South station. You can eat like whatever you want. How much you want? I mean, you are full of food. It's very good. Very, very good foot. Thanks. Stand by one back. It's what? Go. Fire. I'm so excited. So good. So the owner of this place is terrifying, so I would not dare film inside. But one of my favorite places on campus is that little shop. It's called Sweet Shop, and you could get coffee and pastries and like euros and stuff. It's really good. I'm actually there every week because I have executive board meetings there for this tutoring club I'm in. And, yeah, it's just the best. Like I said, the owner's terrifying, so do not get on his bad side. There's like a piano in there, and if you're bad at it, he'll he'll yell at you. So don't play the piano unless you're good three. One of the little gems that affects you that you're gonna learn to love If you come here, you don't even have to learn to love it. It's just amazing. Um, so, yeah, one of my favorite Hey, so as i told you market wednesdays here at the ugliest union people, local businesses come here or people that want to sell, like a lot of arty san stuff to show you guys there's music too. One thing Spending can get stuff done a favor. This is your study one day here. Really laugh, You dialled Booth your parents for this. I hope you enjoy your weekend. International coffee hour. Wait here. Real exotic. We meet people from different places were and having to natural food make friends about Gore out as today we Soap in the union. We have a lot of different places to eat is a community table. It's owned by F issues. So this is like like I would see it's almost like chillies. Yeah, it's kind of a chili's and even you. Right. You can go in there and use any of your efforts. You like dining points that you have things like that. We do have a cafeteria once again. Students efforts. You are really what? I already like that. You know, this is, uh this is one of our main dining area is right here. Dislike remain. Dining hall. Well, one of one of them. This is the one in the union. So salad bar over there. Wei have a grill over here. There. You could get some chicken and stuff like that. We also have pasta and things like that. You could also get sushi. All of the good stuff. It's pretty cool. Dining Hall do say so myself. Yeah. This is what the union looks like. One that's not unionization were open and big. This is usually where a lot of people hang out, So let me tell you guys. One of the another hidden gym I found here. If it's you thiss one I really liked on. He's a organic guard here. If it's you, you can plant your own food. Those are the bets. They usually divided in half on DH. If you are like if you alone. You want a plan? You can. I paid ten bucks. Person. Mr Onda they don't want if you have one of me in group with friends, you pay thirty bucks. Andi, you have I think the full bed. I don't know. But look at all these legs. Let me show you guys all the food. I think this is Cale. Maybe okay. Full of. Actually, if they find the flight date, so look at these. Uh, it's also breathe a very good place to shield, you know? I hope you like this