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Right now in the TV center down there is vital fiddles. It's like supermarket type thing. It's one of the corp locations on campus completely. Student Ren, I'm in here, right there is the bookstore, as you can see and then But out here, there's a few Russians that except meals, wipes every good chick fil A some other things. And then it's just like a wide open study space that people come and like, you know, you hang out, eat some food, Hallmark. Ash, I These are the Georgetown. This is like the signature Jorge Campos hard you got going on here. Uh, that is Healy thinks the original building, right? I think so. There's John Carroll, right there's John Carroll's like a freshman tradition here. You always have to take a picture sitting on John Carroll's lab and then show them the brutalist. Oh, right. Okay. So this is heli, right? And then to the left, we have lounger library and the eyesore of Georgetown campus because it is technically supposed to be a brutalised in person impression of of Healy. So, as you can see, a beautiful heal You ugly. Yeah. This is our main area. I guess you could say it's really pretty. Especially like in the summer. Flowers, everything. Lots of kids take pictures on his lap. Yeah, Something to do. You know all the cool kids You to leave. As you can see back there. They're a bunch of comics. Recently, we've had a lot of hammocks put in on campus. Um, they're also like, What do you think? Do you think that they're really comfortable? Yeah, they're great. But super random. Um, this is a rue pay. This is where I actually live. It's really nice. The new storm on campus and then to the left we have. And then this is what we ask or not. Which leads to life. A bunch of Russian life. Police lose. And the bookstore? Yeah, officers, etcetera. So I think one of the things that people usually associate with Georgetown is like, really preppy people like vineyard vines and stuff like that. But the thing is, is that here? Okay, continue this ball. You guys look at this random cross section of Georgetown. So there are preppy people, of course. But I think that, like, you don't have to be property. Come here. Seriously, would you agree? Are you happy? Neither have I. But one thing I can say about some students, which I was not prepared for, is that everyone is always really well dressed and, like, really well dressed. I don't mean that. Like, you know, like all really nice. Whatever. Like no more than like you rarely rarely see people walking around campus and spot pants. Right? That's too. Yeah, everyone usually looks really put together, um, even like during finals, you know, like, I mean, people will burst then, but like not as common as on other campuses, which I think is really interesting. Uh, remember when I was packing, my friends left before me, it was like packing my jeans and they're like, no camera like I like, I like never here. But you're gonna wear. So I showed up with a lot of buckets that no jeans on, basically. Yeah, it was. It wasn't fun. Uh, yeah. So here's a Red Cross section of Georgetown. It's beautiful. It's literally like the Georgetown postcard. Right there is my friend Julie. She's great. You can't now write in huge. It's my favorite place to do work. It's awesome. Super quiet so I can actually go inside. Yeah. As you can see. Like this building, I think has a lot more religious references Then most, uh, it's one of the original buildings here, right on the jack there. Apologies. No. This is where all the chaplain's have their offices and stuff. And that over there. Shit. Yeah. Back there's our president's artists. You know, it's an important building here, George. So as I told you guys before ever in here super into joining everything behind me. Right here are a bunch of, like, club tables. You're pretty much see them everyday when you walked to Red Square. All right. Scores like a really central part of campus. But as I also yeah, and everything. So as I was telling you guys right to my left is the jugs burgers thing. So, basically, like there's actually a club on here for everyone. It's the Georgetown University Grilling Society. Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah. Georgetown University grilling Society. Every Friday they make burgers. I've never tried them. We're really just Yeah. Um so yeah, I mean, there's literally like there is a weird pressure to join clubs here for sure, but there's definitely a club for everyone. I never joined any club. Don't you feel like a lot of students who do? A lot of a lot of students join clubs and there's a few having air pressure to join them. But you can always create your own, join whatever you want, but you can always not join if you want. Exactly. So there is definitely a norm of joining. I think that's pretty specific to Georgetown, but again, you don't have to. So right now, I'm in the night. It's one of the Corp locations on campus. It's completely student runs on the second floor of the library, which on its open super late during finals. We need like, you know, meeting for my high school friends are broad. It's awesome. It's really kids base. He's there. My friends, they just got coffee. Close. Faras transportation goes in Georgetown. I usually take the bus toe part. My part time job. Um, and so I'm waiting at the bus stop. So, um, if that's not enough for you, we have capital bike stand over there. Um, so we have that much or a bus? The DC circulator. And then he really want to go to, uh, tow a metro stop. Then you can take one of our guts. Buses got stands for Georgetown University transportation systems, and so it has five different shuttles that go to different places around the George drink around the D. C. Area, Which helps a lot for people like me who have tio go around the D. C area. But we don't have a metro stop. So you're Sean really wants to work on access abilities. They're able to go wherever and whenever you want to go. A zongzi plan accordingly. So lots of places for Field, and this is where lots of football games are. Things are right now. There's just practice. Um, and so usually when it's warmer, people stand on the stands over there on DH. Watch the game. Visitors tend to be over there where they sent more stands. Lots of different games happen here, but since it is winter, there's not really a lot to do. I really love that. We are Georgetown right over here. I think it's a really cute touch. So here we are in front and we're in Copley lawn. Um, it seems after Copley dorm down there, but this is Haley Hall and it's snowing, so lots of really nice. Obviously it's cold, but if you're prepared for this now, then it's not really a big deal. No. This is stalled. Named after a dog chapel. This is snow ings. There is no sound so dollar Grand chapel. This is where the tree lighting ceremony is during wintertime, which I really love. Um so it's a good way for the lawyers to get together on holidays. If you're Catholic, manure masses will be here. They have daily mass is on also have, um and they also have Spanish masses. If that's what you're into. Weaken T. Healy Hall over there. So this is a really prime spot for people to take photos. Um, that's one of my favorite places to sit and read on one of the benches bythe vengeance if its not freezing cold. So yeah. Sister. So right now I'm in the lobby of the I C C Uh, we're waiting in line to get coffee. I remember. Yeah. Uh, that's right. Fifty and yeah, so basically on campus, I would say they're like three main eras like building. We like the really old buildings like Ely and Copley. They're really pretty. And then all the buildings built around the sixties, which is like I C. C. A few of the freshmen dorms are really ugly and not particularly well designed. But the new buildings, like the business school's absolutely beautiful. That was built a few years back. Same honestly, with the new TV centre, they completely redone it on. Yeah, that's it. Now we're going to study in the family's student center. It's I think it's my place. Yeah, right. Okay, Well, it's really knew how to get open two years ago on It's completely student design, which is awesome. Everything's like, exactly what we want is a bunch of private rooms over here and then some conference rooms, which, like you can either rent or if you get there first, there's like, this little study lounge thing. I actually want to see election this year in here. Breathe. You're down like watch football games. I'm like, Yeah, it's like a convert beating. This is the hill toss. Um, I actually work here. It's completely stupid. Run salads, these movies being great, especially you're like in here studying snack. Such on over here. He's like the open area. It's also and there's like a fireplace in the middle, which is great. If you like reading to do green. It's pretty cool. There's a balcony. Look, the Potomac. It's really pretty. And then this is like my favorite part, Mr Belding, right? So comfortable for reading and everything. Just like it. Fire and stuff like that. So we're going to go back to our booth right now. Finish up somewhere. Statistics God, Yeah. Finish up some Russian homework. Yeah. Okay, So what do you think about the surrounding area? Like George thought, You know, I'm sorry. It's really nice. It's like you have, like, very, very nice, like college sound grilling your campus and just walk around there a bunch of, like, stores. A really nice restaurant. You kind of have, like, this space to get away a little bit under any of the waterfront, which is really gorgeous. Yeah, Just get, you know, walk, enjoy the weather. So would you say during the week, Do you ever leave campus e d'Oh? I think it's, like, really helpful. And you have, like, a big test. Hear anything? If you want to, like, sort of, like, relax, little bit just to go outside and just, like, have a coffee with friends thing. They also have bike share, lots of bikes around lots of banks. We actually have a bikeshare thing right outside the front gate. You guys ever use it? I use it all. Pretty awesome. Thank you. So right now, I'm, uh, right in front of Healy, which is one of the big buildings here. Georgetown. And this is my friend Julia. Julia. Okay. You want to tell me about why I chose Georgetown? So, um, I George Georgetown after I spent a summer here and I got interact with a lot of the professors and not only a lot of the professors, but also part of this from the body. And as I walk through Healey and you walked her campus, you see all of these banners about Jesuit values. And what about what they actually stand for right there? And what I really understood about George shown is that they're actually real, and people care about you. And you're not just another student. You're a person. People care about you, their systems in place to help you when you need everybody looks happy. Which is hard to see in a college campus. Given all the stress. Seriously, um, what else? Um, basically, I felt that I could be myself here and that even though I'd be living so far away from home because I'm from Brazil, I would still find a home that would make me happy me feel safe and, uh, feel comfortable with who I am and be able to be a better version of myself. So that's why I chose charge down. Well, that's also okay. Thanks, Julie. Your eyes. And now we're going to go to class in Healy. That really pretty building right there? Yeah. Alice. Right now we're walking into, uh, one of the big auditoriums here. It's in the I C. C. And this is for national relations. This is one of the bigger ones is one of the firing for the School of Foreign Service. There's a lot of given it ever. So this is the Georgetown farmer's market. As you can see, we have some fresh fruit, vegetable stands. And then there's also a food. So there's a Ripa's. There's trips. There's bubble tea, really good wood fired pizza, Turkish food dumplings. My personal favorite way. Have it everyone's day in the fall and in the spring. Usually it's a lot more crowded, but right now we're right in the middle of class times, and it's not a particularly nice day out. Yeah. Bar has been part of physiology because I really applies to what I want to do later in life. And it's very detailed. And every time I go into the class I learned so much. And there's not a lot that I've heard before, so it's really interesting to learn about the human body and diseases will go wrong. House fixed. What's your major human sides? Thanks, man. Years. Yeah. You see, there's a lot of cardio down. Three. How often when I'm not. It's just no boxing practice that week, uncomfortable with five to six days. On the other way from your sports, like a softer one. Discourse on the tennis court. In the back, behind the truck, in the truck. Oh, yeah. Can you tell? I don't get it. And then there's also a racquetball court squash courts. There's a pool down there, studio down there. Answer isn't different. A lot of cities. Branch. Yeah, bones. Right. I can't believe that you're walking inside the campus. Where are you right now? Inside.