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Thinking about Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus experience. These Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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For the ethic you number two. This is going to be focused on college and admissions and everything of the suits. So the first question is, if you could give your high school self one piece of advice before college, what would it be? So I would say, Don't get intimidated because once you get to college, there will be a ton of people that you don't know. People will have been friends in the past. People will have come to college knowing absolutely nobody, which is what I did. And don't let that hinder how you act. Don't let that hinder who you are because whoever you are, whatever your interests are, you will find people who have those same interests as you. And if you just be yourself and don't get distracted by other people and thinking about them, just focus on yourself. Then it will just make your college experience that much better. The next question is, what do you wish you knew before attending college? This may be a text specific one, but g p a Be ready for it to be below what you think You may have had a four point a nice school, and I was wonderful. He may have had a three point over two point on high school, and as long as you did the best that you could, that's okay. And once you get to college, that is okay, too. Whether you have a two point eight, we're of four point out those are both really good. What matters is that you learn and that you're there and that you care if you bomb and exam it's gonna happen. Everyone's gonna fail in exam, if not more. Don't let that get to you know that it is only one example and just work as hard as you can on the next ones. And it'll all work out in the end. But exam doesn't define who you are as a person. And exams and define who you are is a student. It's gonna happen. Everyone fails. Just be ready for that. And one thing about Tech specifically is we have a wonderful program called Freshman Forgiveness, where if you end up failing in class your freshman year, you can just retake it again, and it will be wiped from your G P A s. That's always something you can look forward to. The last question is what is something that they did not tell you on your tour that you wish that they told you so. I toward tech twice, once my junior and once my senior, and they were very helpful and explaining, like the history and where you'll be living, what you'll be doing and all that. But what they didn't tell me is how inclusive the environment here is because you have people of all different interests. You have a ton of Greek life. It's a very important part here. Even though I am not personally involved in and eat with me not being involved in Greek live. I have so many friends who are Greek, and if they don't judge you, obviously there will be people who fit the stereotypes of I'm better than you because I'm in a storage room, in a fraternity or among this athletic team or I'm in this academic organization. There will be people who think that. But overall, the campus of tech is very welcoming and very accepting. And it's just a good thing to know that and have that in your head before going in, because it just makes it a lot less scary to come here because you can go to anyone and they'll want to talk to you. I don't want to answer your questions about tech. Don't want to become your friend. In regards to freshmen housing, you were able to choose your housing based off of how quickly you submit the housing deposit. And if you're remain, submits it before you, then they can request the room. And then the request. You was a roomy, so there's no issues with that. It's just whether I was the closer time ticket. Now for the options you are required to live in a dorm. Your freshmen will you not required, but it's guaranteed. I'm told that you have the dorm open for your freshman year, and they are all traditional style except for one would drop on West Campus. Is not that a sweet style where you have two bedrooms, two person per room and one bathroom shared. However, that is not up today. It's not the best dorm. So you can have either West campus for East campus housing. The most newly renovated Our Glennon towers, which are on East campus, and a few of the dorms have laundry in them. On East. The only ones that do are Glenn Towers and Hopkins. But if you don't, then you just go to the nearest residents hole where you can do your laundry there, which is what I had to do over the summer when I lived in Caldwell Residence Hall on West Campus. If you have a pl one or two appeals for your floor, which are basically George Tak freshman raised for, they're there to help guide you and such. We also have living learning communities, which is there are a few of them. There is exploit grand challenges, global leadership and a few more which I can't think of right now. And that's just a way to live with people of the same interests as you. They have activities within your LLC. You have certain classes and stuff like that. So this is an example of a quad dorm. This is in Hopkins, which is the same residence hall that I live in, and this one was actually a study room at first, but they needed more room for more people, so I turned it into a wall so, yeah, it's basically just a big room with four of We're the last F A Q. It is about the application process, so I'm gonna give you a few tips about applying in general and in a few tips about tech and applying and getting accepted into tech. So one thing that I find to be very important in the application process is to start early. When I was applying, I had all of my applications done before I started my senior year of high school. And granted, that's abnormal, especially because our high school starts late like most people will start, like right when the common app gets released. But get on it, it'll make your life so much easier and so much less stressful. If you can get your APS done before most people dio, another thing that is very important would be Get your essays. Proofread. I was with those people who I was like, Oh no, I'm a good writer. I don't need people to look at what I've done. It's good. It's my writing, but I do slightly regret it and that I didn't get most of my things. Pretty friends and the ones that I did get proofread. We're a lot better and looking back. I know that now. So just get all your many essays, short answers, full essays. Get them proofread by at least one person that you trust because you won't notice things that other people would notice. The third tip is very important. Do not lie. If you lie on your application, it will be found out. I don't know what the consequences are for that because I did not lie on mine. But if you lie on their application, maybe maybe they don't find out. But then once you get to that college, if you choose to go there, you won't be who they thought you were. So it may not be the right fit for you. Nonetheless, he may not be ableto get through the academic rigor if you are percent by your GPS. So my force piece of advice would be apply. Apply. Apply if you can apply to multiple schools. Do that. Especially if you're unsure at the time of the application process, where you want to go applied as many schools as you can. I personally applied to ten ten different schools, and that's a bit much. Yes, but I knew people who only applied to schools, and if they hadn't gotten into one of those two schools, they just be S O L. And my fifth and last piece of advice would be Have your applications like varied. Make sure you have your safe school, preferably to save schools and then have your slight reach, but not really a reach school where it's like I'm looking, probably get into these. But it's better than my safe schools. And then I'll apply to a reach school, even if you think there's no way I can get into that school, whether it's academically a reach school athletically, a reach school or musically a reach school apply to reach schools because you never know what's gonna happen. You never know if you'll get in because odds are you will and now for Tech. Specifically, I would recommend to start thinking about it early, because Tech is a very difficult school and we're getting more and more difficult to be accepted to. But you have to show that you have the credentials to get in here. One very important thing about tech is that you can't just be a brain. You have to have other things to you have to be involved, and you have to be unique. So prove that in your application, talk about your involvements around your high school. Talk about the unique things that you've done told about any volunteer service that you've done, and also you want to be unique in all applications, not just tack. But this is also very important to tell you in your college essay. You don't just want to be like, oh, this one time I failed and then I studied, so I did better talk about something weird. Talk about something unique for my college, I say. Like the general one for the common app I talked about embracing awkward moments. It was titled Baby Got Bots. That's weird. Be weird because you may not get a ninja with a school. I didn't interview for Tech, but you want to be able to show your personality through your application. You don't just want to have to have numbers. You want it to be you. So, yeah, that's it for my advice or an application again. If you have any more questions, you can contact anyone from campus real. You can contact me in my goodbye video. I have all of my links for my social media's where you can contact me through that, and I would be glad to answer any of your questions. Okay. In case you're wondering, I was able to see production 30 minutes. I'm tired. So tired. It's really put my shirt on inside out. I need to wake up. But enough on that. Today is the day that I feared as a kindergartner. First greater second grader, third grader, fourth grader, fifth grader. But now, man, I love it. The first day of school, we back at it again, timeto learn some Maur and hopefully not feel any classes. In fact, man, I'm so excited. I want to scream from the rooftops about it. Unfortunately, there's no rooftops, but we do have a terrorist school. Behave so much for doing that. Also, my room's looking a little bit nicer. Since the last time you all came around. We did some redecorating. Specifically my roommates fridge, though. Wow. Okay, so I'm going to get ready for the day. I need some cool transition, though. Who's that dapper looking guy right there? I'm gonna start packing back. Theo, This is my backpack for the year. Can't forget the paper. It's very important. Have you got some pencils? I hope you'll realize you just watch me pack a bag. That's quality a lot of confidence. That's William Willis. Great angle. Dude, you're looking so good right now. Bad outside Right now. I'd be a lot hotter, right? So I actually have stuff to do today because I got wait listed for a course that I need to take in order to take more classes next semester. And if I don't get that, then I'm kind of screwed Morty on energy. Otherwise, I only have two classes today. Sorry, I'm very scattered rain that right now. So I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm going to an academic council. Get my stuff in order that way. Okay. I think I'm in the right building now. I just have to find the right room. Oh, shoot your own building. Five hours late. L c academic advising place. Yeah. Awesome. That's a long line. Is it even worth it? The answer is yes. Okay. I have been sitting in waiting in this chair for, like 30 minutes. Now, don't get me wrong. It's a good chair, but I want to get my issues resolved. Me, Okay. Okay. First day and I'm already academically challenged. I need help. OK, so long story short, we have to register. Look, I can get a first day of school picture. Hell, yeah, I'm gonna do it. Okay. So what I get to do is get to draw on this white board and write something clever, funny and unique. And then I get a free T shirt because I will do anything for a free T shirt, whatever it takes. You know what? Never send my last statement about it being normal weather today. It's still super high. Uh, the only available time slot for math is that Monday Wednesday from 6 to 7. That's such a bad time slide. I'm gonna have to do it, though, because I need this class. Look, it's a wheel. Spin around and win some stuff. I want to spend it. I think that all I can, So I'm gonna head back to the house real quick. All right. Back in the dorm room. I told you, be quick. Change your stand. I got some food. All right, so my first class isn't until three o'clock. It is currently 12 15 so I have about three hours to kill. I don't know what I'm gonna do with all that time, but right now this up Five hours late, tail. So I'm back. I took a little bit of a nap. And now the moment you've all been waiting for, at least I don't know. I think you've been waiting for the first day of school. But I am going to bus called great authors where we're learning about Jane Austen. To be or not to be. I know that's not Jane Austen two Or do not. There is no try. We're just about to read so many Jane Austen books. I'm gonna be so cultured. Professor's name is Karen. Normally, I would be heading the marching band next, but I forgot my clarinet. So I'm gonna have to do Mom back to the frat house. There she is. I need the band. Super quick. Q. True. What can I say? This you get the band. Cue the transition, everyone. I'm here. I'm here. So band happened. Not much else to say they're marching. Band is exhausting. Anyway, I have to run to our math class now, but I signed up earlier today. When I walked in here, I realized I completely forgot 100% about but by the end I finished to the war. Math is done now as a member of a fraternity, I have to go to Rush, which means essentially, we find people that we like and accept him into the fraternity. It's a little bit more complicated than that, but I don't want to go into the details of my rusher, So I'm going to go your high key. My favorite part of Rush is eating their food so close yet so far away. Wait for my day. Thanks for watching. I realized I really enjoyed editing, so I'm gonna make Maur Maur Maura Maura content by Theo the lights in the bathroom or motion activated. That means if no one comes in, the lights go off. Even if someone's taking a shower and let me tell you, shower in the dark, not spooky. Also, a couple other things have happened. I lost my chair. It's not there any more roomy or familiar faces or now rest in peace chair. Sorry, love. I want to say like some ninjas took it and it sounded really cool, like, but really, the previous owner came in. He was like, I want my stuff back. So I'm not entirely sure how the mailing system to the frat house works yet, so I could go to the Amazon store to pick up some stuff. Then I was planning going to the grocery store and get me some sunscreen. You gotta protect yourself from the sun. That was crazy. Aaron. One check. Now it's time to go to the grocery store. I figure I'm just gonna buy as much stuff. I think this is my favorite intersection. Diagonal crosswalk. I can literally be walking in the middle of the street. Bad boy life. You know, Gang Gang Squad Squad. I made the public's shopping Street expert shoppers, by the way. Here we go. Here's the sunscreen. High key. I didn't realize how many different sunscreens work. Pick some of this. This this, this? Yeah, I think that's enough. Sunscreen. Theo, Groceries check. I will say shopping There was. I feel so on top of things today, man. I can take on anything. Okay, So I'm going to get lunch with the front now, and I'll talk to you. But you're wondering what I got. I think you know what time you've got mail. I'll set a nail. Clippers. Cool. Right? I know. And I just finished lunch. Dude, it was pretty good. I had some, like, Italian sausage and some broccoli and zucchini because we're living that healthy lifestyle. You know it, I know it. And to continue on with that healthy lifestyle, I'm about to head my way over to the gym. Also, I picked up a water bottle on the way, which is good, because I lose about five water bottles of semester. You like with this tank top? I'm finally becoming a gym, bro. Also just figure out how to use a lot of bars last night. Made back to the dorm do. Honestly, that was a pretty solid work out here. I also got the smoothie. Oh, I was like, Who the hell are you talking? Camera people also got this peanut butter protein smoothie hiking. But I don't get the rest for that long because I have to move out to class again. In the Jane Austen class, we're reading the Jane Austen project, a time travel book where they go back in time to recover a loss work. I'm a sucker for a good time travel novel. I'm a head out by Peter. Okay, so today we talked about the historical background of when Jane Austen was alive and how that could have contributed to her writing the band. Now I just gotta put on sunscreen. I don't wanna be looking like Larry the Lobster living leg, Larry, except I'm not so good news. Practice ended early so we can play for the football. That can cut out the pause. It's called editing. It's always long time. This is my first time going in this building. Can I interview real quick? Are you? How's the season gonna be here? Really? Yeah. You all right? But do you mind if I do it for you? What are you? But what do you do here? We've got some unbelievable young men in this program that represent this institution. Just every day I get to coach the best band. Oh, it don't get better now. All right, Appreciate it. Thank you. Oh, hi. Key that could not have gone any better. I met a football player, talked to him and talked to the head coach. Brought this is gonna be a great loss to 1000 years later, they'll realize that lost. You look like a frat boy. All right, besides me looking like Friday, make frat. We learned about cross products with vectors today's Wednesday, meaning that it's a chapter day for the fraternity. And so, essentially, this is the day to day operations of how we get the frat running. Most people when they see the parting side. But there's a lot of logistical stuff Thio as well. But also, there's a lot of partying too. Don't get me wrong on that. I'm running late, so I have to kind of, like, sneak my way in there. You sneak. So I'm editing right now, and I realized they already For this video, I am going to be giving you guys a quick little dorm tour. Just as a little bit of background. I live in the Hopkins residence hall, which is on East Campus. It is a freshman standard style door, so this is what it looks like right when you walk into her dorm. So we have over here, my roommates bad. And she had her stuff up there. We have our food turn underneath of here. They have a recycling bin and little car over here. But on the other side of the door, we have our trash can and my roommates wardrobe. And then over here we have my roommate's desk and dresser, which it's kind of a mess right now, but this whole room is cause it's college. This is a real dorm toy. And we have our moon and Constellation tapestry appear with much very let's hanging on it. We have a target lamp over here because the lighting in here isn't great. My wardrobe is right here. And then over here we have our mini fridge, which does not come with the dorm. You have to get one yourself. But there is a kitchen down the hall where you can use the big fridges have to share with the whole whole that My hamper got my towels hanging up over here. Let me have my bed over here, which is by the window, and I have my desk and dresser over here. And there are also these joys that I got from Target and brought myself and the dressers, the desks, the beds. They all come with the room. The rest we brought and the bed's Khun gone three different settings. You can put him all the way up here doing in the middle, or you do it all the way at the bottom, which nearly everyone does it up top because there's just not a ton of room in the dorm and I'm going to show you the inside of the wardrobe so you can see what it looks like. So you've got a big shelf up there two sides where there's a Barda hang, and then that one is totally open. And the shelves there, too, right there, and they're movable so that you can see over here you can put the shelves wherever you would like, but it only comes with two any of the towel rack right here and awful Miran here. So that's basically my dorm. Also, the layout that we did with the beds on both sides, that's very uncommon. You will see when I go through the rest of the dorms that I show you. Most people have one on either side, but in Hopkins our rooms are very long and skinny. So we figured that putting them on the same side will maximize our space, which I still agree that we made the right choice in that aspect. Okay, so first off, amused, apologized for wearing this. But the wind is very bad. So you probably won't be able to hear me unless I have to make a final. Um so right now, I just want to introduce the stadiums. We have a bunch of stadiums on campus, football stadium, the basketball stadium. You have a bunch of places that I have no. So, Yeah, this Anderson issue. You feel the stadiums? I can't get in to all of them because they're locked. So I apologise. And for those Oh, my gosh, this wind and for those that I don't have access to, I will put in pictures that you can still see the inside of them. So these are the tennis complexes we have here. We're track and building such the baseball seems right over there and also that giant building is a practice for football people, and this is Mechanic civilian, which I don't think we'll be able to get inside. But that is where the basketball teams play. We have a lot of events. They're freshmen. Complications there became a. She's really pretty great place. I could try to get some food, is and maybe put those in here instead. GameDay Culture at Tech is very important to the community, and it's just a very awesome place to be. The culture is more exciting and during football season, obviously, and I wish I could show you football season. But it is February, so obviously it is not football season. I am going to show you a little bit of the baseball game day, though, but what the average game day goes is we have games relatively early in the day. I think most of our games air at noon, so when you like get up, there will already be tailgaters. Most likely, and they basically just park their cars all around campus and then to tailgate. You could do your own tailgate. You could join a family or each of the fraternities do a tailgate. That's what I did this past year. You can block with a fraternity and then you can go to their tailgate and sit with them at the game. So that's what I did. And then it's just a crazy, wonderful experience going to a game because our football team ain't that great. But her excitement is insane. We have so much energy and just chanting and all of our I like songs, I guess, makes me really excited. I love them all. I even did Gold fellas, which is where a bunch of people, they paint themselves head to toe and write, like in black writing on their stomachs. And it's just you go crazy of wigs. It's insane. I was enough for one game, though, but it was so much fun. And, yeah, that's pretty much game they call, too. It's really exciting here, and also a little bit of the baseball. Aren't they so cool? Help your recording. You know, we just got to the game and we got these free, awesome Beanies. So now we wait for the game to start, and I'll show you a bit about the baseball games at Georgia Tech. Yeah. This is intense talking to He's definitely well. Now I'm gonna talk a little bit about the Georgia Tech dining services. So for your freshman here you are required to get a meal plan, which consists of four meals a day. Be there the day planned without you during the week or the full plan. Where beyond and when that you can go to three places four places where you can use meal swipes. You can go where I am right now, which is West Village. You could go to Britain Dining Hall on the campus for North Avenue dining hall on campus. There are also a few meals. Wipe options in. In the student center, which is right smack dab in the middle of campus and dining. As you progress through tag after your freshman year, you are not required to get a meal plan anymore, and if you do choose to, you can do it any way that you want to. You can choose the amount of meals, wakes you warrant and usually the upperclassmen. The housing would be in an apartment cereal so a lot of people don't even get one. We also have dining dollars and plus phones, which dining dollars are a lot more limited. There are few places you can use them on campus, and those will be tax free, and that's fans for a full year. So if you have one hundred dining dollars at the beginning of your fall semester, that will be done after your spring semester. Buzz funds, which could be used for food, laundry, vending machines and such, and that will last through your entire tech career. So if you get like two hundred bucks funds the beginning of your freshman year, they those stay until you graduate from tech, which could be for years. It could be seven years, so that's basically all about turning on campus. I'll show you a little bit of each of the dining hall's just that you can see what it's about. So one thing that I forgot to mention the Starbucks, which is inside a will ege right there. It uses meal swipes, and it's the newest addition to the male swipes on campus. So you can get any grand a size. Think you could get a tall drink and one dessert item and there's a third option. Come to Tech and you'll see what that third option