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Thinking about University of Miami and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Miami in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Miami’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Miami, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Miami experience. These University of Miami video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Already. So that's actually brought us to the end of this tour. I hope you guys enjoyed my campus just as much as I did. I really think you guys will love Miami. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made my life. And I know it will be one of Y'all's, too. My last bit of advice to you guys is really cherish your freshman year. I can't stress enough. It goes by in a blink of an eye. And I want one hundred percent miss every new experience, every memory, every, you know, laugh, cry. You know, just everything. Your freshman year kind of just set you up for the rest of college, so take it seriously, It's not a joke, but also have the best time. You know, make your best friends. You're going to meet some people that are definitely going to be your bride's maids. Your you know, your best met man, All of that stuff. So really take into consideration all of the people around you, Really? You know, cherish them like as much as you can. I was bawling crying the minute I had to leave and go back home. So if I were to give you my last piece of advice. That would be too really cherish every moment you have in college because it goes by in a blink of the eye and especially your freshman year. So that's it. Go, Keynes, and I hope to see What is up, everyone? My name is Val Correa DeLorenzo. But you can call me Val. Much easier to say, but I just parked. I'm here at the University of Miami, um, in Coral Gables, Florida. Beautiful place. The sun is shining. I'm so excited. Teo, give you guys a tour on campus riel of our campus. Um, just introduce myself. I am a health science major in the School of Nursing Over here. I'm on the Prudential track, meaning I want to go to dental school. So I take a lot of science classes about a public health classes, you know, just all the gist. But I've also taken a ton of like electives. I have taken evolution of jazz, which was really cool. Um, so, yeah, I'm really excited to take you guys on this tour. I'm just to get a little sneak peek. We have a lot of greenery. It's really nice and sunny all the time. I think the coldest that probably gets here say is like sixty degrees, which is great like this. It's January right now, guys, it is January and it is beautiful. So get excited. I'll be taking you on What is up, everyone? We're back here at the farmer's market. I got my little Sybil and just wanted to do my little closing statement and say that I had an amazing time working with campus. Real. I love showing you guys campus. It's It's amazing. I love this school. I couldn't have made a better choice. And it really wasn't my first option. Crazy how life works And Ianto appeared. I had best college experience ever and just a senior giving you guys a little pointers. Enjoy college. Yes. You're here to study. Uh, my parents and my family has helped me so much to be here in this private university. And I'm so grateful. And I have put a lot of work and effort, um, into my studies, But, um, I also took all of college and I enjoyed everything. I met so many people. I tried so many different things. For what out I tried to go to, like, as many events I could go and just enjoyed every moment of it. And I don't know, um, some of my favorite college memories have been in the freshman dorms. Just meeting all of my girlfriends that were still breast friends today, which is crazy. But, yeah, I'm a bit my best friends are from freshman year, and then I'm just going to all the events school puts on, like, the pancakes way random. They had Hyundai for free. Me and my friend just came and, like, hung out and the farmer's market the other day, Drake came to campus like it was crazy. Just random things. Um, yeah. Enjoy college study a lot, but have a good time again. I think you m is one of the best options we have. Such a diverse group of people here on campus. Uh, just make friends wherever you can. It's amazing experience. And I hope you guys had a great time coming on this tour with me. I hope you learned a lot. I hope Miami becomes one of your options. All right, guys. Hope you enjoyed meeting Abby and Molly. They were super nice. Their room is way more perfect than my remember, Wass, But we're walking in the gym now. It's literally a two minute walk from the dorms, which is awesome. And I'll show you guys inside. Hey, everyone, this is clearing. Doesn't matter before, But she is here to show us around the gym a little bit and you tell us about yourself. Yeah. So I'm a senior here at U. M. I'm a psychology and exercise physiology major. I wanted to physical therapy, and so I've been working here at the gym for four years since I was a freshman. I work in the sales office, so we do things like so membership classes, cooking glasses, things like that. And I also work as a fitness instructor, which is pretty cool. The gym once he worked between different places. So our facility is actually the largest student employee population on campus. So if you're interested in getting a job, you know, just some extra money. It's a great place to work. We have lots of different areas to kind of. See your interest, so perfect. Come to us. Yeah, and it's free for students. But then, like except for certain classes. But also people outside like in Miami will come and buy membership. So s so we have lots of things. We have cooking classes way do CPR massages like tennis classes, dance classes, spend yoga, all your general group exercise. And then we have indoor outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball, a full indoor track Awful like Wait, uh, fitness for and everything. And sometimes we do special events for students. And we do things like the week of well being, and sometimes we'll do free chair massages was always a lot happening here. Yeah. Finals week. I remember you said the little sod chairs outside the library way do a lot of things for students during finals. All right, Well, thank you for talking to us and telling us a little bit about the Djinn coming So we are coming in close to the com school, which is great. Look way. Have some students working on some journalism or broadcasting or something like that. Or a film or something really cool. What? Um, So, yeah. Where about to see what the com school looks likes Jack Pot empty classroom. So, yeah, you got to, like, study in here. There's no one here, you know, like so, you know, I just do that because I have a lot of work to do but says what a classroom looks like. They're pretty big in here, but on I don't know, It won't be filled up by to say, like I've had actually evolution of jazz in this classroom, which is really cool at the end of the semester. Avoca lips. So I'll put it in here but them in semester, our teacher brought some of, like, his jazz students. It was really cool. You see, there's a piano in here. Great. There. That's it. Oh, that's really cool, because they're screens everywhere. So if you're sitting in the back, you can still see the main screen the teacher will lecture over. I don't know. I carriage over there. That's right there. So, yeah, this is what classroom looks like. So another part of the com school. I'm going to go in there. It's like finally got computer lab because, you know, a lot of students work with, like making movies or films and stuff like that. So I bring you guys inside. What is up. Everyone were here at the naz berry farm, doing a little exploring in miami. Just wanted, like the best things about going to school here is that there's so many to dio. And so the naz berry farm is famous for their cinnamon rolls. And there, fantastic. Like so good on, they'll solve like strawberry picking. So we're going to do that and i'll show you guys around. But robin's actually here because she's a broadcast journalism major and she's been getting some shots. They let her in the kitchen like super cool. It's great to be a miami hurricane and get all these extra like being opportunity opportunities. Opportunity is important, yes, so we're here for a little camera set up. Well, not set up, but she's going to set it off and we're going to do some fun things, get some shots, do some work but also have fun at the same time. We're going to go behind the scenes, a university of miami student. Work. Work. Work were quick sound. Hey, guys, Welcome back to rechannel my name she had If it's your first time here and if not, welcome back. So today I'm just gonna dio a college wrap up video. So basically a review of my first year of college. I just finished my freshman year of college at the University of Miami, so yeah hoo hoo! Yeah. So I'm just gonna pull up some of things I thought of on my phone. I think my biggest piece of advice for freshman year of college is to be open to new experiences. Looking back last year, like, where was I like, never would have imagined I'd be doing things that I do now that they really opened up my mind. And I feel like my outlook on life is like better for having have these new experiences. So I'm really glad that I liked remained open to them. Um Hm. My next thing is to hold out for good friends. Thea's you will find them. I know it gets stressful because sometimes, like, it'll seem like the first week here in college, like a bunch of people have already found their friend group. And like in some ways, like That's true. Some people will find their friend group the first week of college, first day of college or whatever and stick with them for like, I guess the rest of the four years but like that's not the case River but win the case for me. But it also say, like, don't waste time falling in with the crowd. Just have people to be around. I definitely say, like, be open, like go out with, like, different groups of people See what's the lay of the land does. But also you're like me people who were you seen? Count on who you can rely on, especially when you're going out in college, because it can be like very evil. Ex sketchy experience sometimes. So you want to make sure that you're with people who are gonna like, keep their eye on you and make sure that you're good to go. Definitely trust your instincts when it comes to friends, because we doesn't feel like a good fit than it probably isn't one. And when you know you'll like, you'll know in the same vein, give friendships that don't like. Click immediately, like give them so sometime is if you think back to like your friends from back home? At least I think back to like my friend group from back home. We didn't really, like all become a solid group of friends until, like, the second half of my junior year of high school, like solidly first Mr Senior year, we didn't all become like, as tight knit as we are now, it takes a wild making friends, and first muster, I feel like by the end of first most I don't feel like I have really clicked with anyone other than, like my roommate. Um, but by the beginning of seconds, master like, halfway through it, I like it felt like, so bonded to the group of people that I'm not that it was, like, amazing and out of this world. I'm so happy that I like stuff with it and stuck with, um um because, like, obviously really worth it, try not to keep too many walls up, because that is one of things that, like inhibit those friendships. They say all the warm up to people. But even if that is the case for you, try not like waste too much time in that stage. on just, like be opened being like one of those people because people will surprise you and they'll be like So you're like me. But we came from completely different places and completely different lives and, like, we still are you saying, like, How does that how does that work? You know, that's one of the most amazing things about colleges, like meeting people from completely different places. Um, from like where you grew up or meeting people from even like, basically where you grew up in, like finding each other. It's like, really special. Really? Now getting down to some, like practical tips. Um, do not schedule a M classes or even 9 a.m. classes if you could help it. You may think that Hey, I'm an early riser. I woke up at 56 a. M for high school classes like Humpty Fine and like, maybe will. I think there's a select group of people who that would totally be true for them. But for a lot of us, it's just like as soon as you get to college, you, like, lose the ability to be able to wake up early in the morning. Will you just can't do it. But I had nine AM classes. I've never had a Navy I may never will have made him. But I had 9 a.m. Class is my first Muster and I for next last year, and they were just, like, so hard to get you trying to schedule them later in the day. But also try not set schedule them too late. You don't have like night classes because that's ridiculous and it gets dark out. And that's Loki dangerous. So one of the things I really enjoyed this year was that I didn't have writing classes. So I'd say, If you can find a day of the week to not have classes the day of the like actual work, we have glasses that you have, like a three day weekend. That's Holmes. Probably amazing. It was really nice. Um, I actually got so used to it that I feel like if I didn't have it, I would feel like weird. Um, actually worked all day on Fridays. I worked from, like 9 to 5, so it wasn't not much of like a break, but it wasn't classes. So on that subject, I think getting on campus job. If you have, the time is on campus. Jobs are just really amazing. And they're like a great way to meet people is well, is obviously like other students work there. Um, one of my, like, really close friends. I feel like we probably wouldn't be as close we are if we, like, didn't work together and, like, have all of our classes together. Um, so that was, like, really cool getting to work with her every day. Um and then my boss is like, super cool cell, like it's really fun going into work. Um, and it's like, really got a great experience and strict for the resume. And also, it's just like teachers you responsibility to be like making your own money and spending your own money instead of like getting allowing to your parents. But also, if you have like, I have your workload girl, just like don't worry about it. Just do your work, get your grades right, because that's really the point of college. It's not really about, um, like having toe work or do any of that, because all this will be doing that later on. Um, but I think it's good. Like if you have time, did you? So you don't have to be doing what everyone else is doing, and this goes along a lot with partying, especially at you on, like everyone's like I was such a big party school like it is. But I feel like it's definitely a work hard play, hard kind of school like these. I don't think you can find anyone across the U. S. Any other school that you could find a group of people that could, like rally harder than you have students like I don't know. Obviously I haven't adult experience back that up. I don't have the knowledge to back that up, but the's folks can rally like you'll see people who go to the club every single night of the week. And those will also be the people you see in the study room, the most hitting those books and you're like they don't sleep and, you know, I don't think they do. They just don't sleep. They don't sleep. That's not a part of their lives. They're going to classes there, you know, I'm going to the club. They're reading their books. They're eating three square meals a day and living their young lives, which, like, go more power to you getting those grades right again, get it get all caught up in instrument feuds in the Snapchat stories of people like at the club every night, like you don't you owe me that even if it's like Friday night Saturday night, you're like all these people out clubbing. I'm just you're watching, right? Netflix, like that's a great way to spend your weekend like chill. You don't need to be out of the club if you don't feel like you want to be there. Like, I really thought that I was gonna be like, a party. I was like, yes, going to you. And I'm like, gonna you get a good education in part. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then, like I experienced it a little first week and I was like, I'm okay. I had some like waves or is like, Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I was like, No, not for me. The whole partying culture can be like, really toxic first. Well, it's like built around, been drinking, which is not great generally, especially since, you know, lots of the folks are underage, but it's like going to these clients were like girls getting for pre engaged to paper little blood. And then it's just like, you know, Do you really want to be, like, objectified and, like become this just like you which, like, slab of meat and then, you know, be like getting drunk every night like, well, I don't know. You know, if you're into it, we're into it. Me personally, I realized I was not for the hard core partying lifestyle. Actually, don't really like being and like a large groups of people who are just, like all like, raging, that's like really not my scene. So, um, I prefer like a quieter night ends, um, along conversations that lasts until, like, 5 a.m. in the morning. I had quite a few of those, like, really appreciated them so much more than any nights that I went out. The next thing is, don't waste time on a major that you don't want, like, seriously, it's totally fine to switch up your major to Doctor what you wanna do with my lot, Robert. But like don't so many people, it's like meeting people of first week of college like Oh, yeah, I'm premed in premed and pretty bad, and you're just sitting very like, and it's like no judgment to those people. Absolutely not. But I feel like there's a certain number of those people who, like realize that they're only going for a certain major just because they want to, like, have a major they don't want to be under clear. There's nothing wrong with being under cleared. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being under clear, and I think it's a great way to be, Um I mean, hopefully, at least for you. Um, it would be best to be like in the school or college of your choice and be under cleared. They're so awful. If he knew, like a general gauge of like what you want to do, that would be helpful. But if you like, I have absolutely no idea. It's totally fine. I think it's better to be under clear than to be heading for a major and like two requirements for a major that you like, You know, deep down that you don't want to do like, totally sir time. Don't waste other people's time like it's just like such a waste, and you could be spending more time doing what you want to do and finish up those requirements that in those last years you could just flit around And do, you know, like maybe you've wasted the time that you could be studying abroad My taking requirements for this major that you don't want, you know? So just don't waste time. Just don't do it. It's really colleges are really expensive thing, especially if you go to your home. It's so expensive. So do not waste your time on taking classes going through major that you don't want. This is specifically you on get the lowest like swipe plan the Locusts Dining Plan. I have the 14th white pill plan at the 14th White Plan, which I think you get 130 or $169 along with 151 of those numbers. 1 75 from around there. Um, you get like that much dining dollars, along with the 14 swipes per week, and I can probably count on my hand how many times I used up those wipes for a week like I barely ever use them up. And I only eat like a normal human being, obviously didn't eat that much there because I decided to start cutting a lot of things out pretty early on in my freshman year. So, like once it stopped eating meat just like really the tiny house and not doing it for me. So, um, keep in mind if you're likely in a vegetarian, let's not great. If your editor and you can probably live begin, it's really art's pretty hard. They're trying, but it's like not great. University of Miami is a very fun place to go to school, and I know I'm not the only one that will tell you this. Many people tell you this, especially if they know anything about you. Um, they tell you sure that you don't get distracted your freshman year because the very fund let's go to school. And there's so many distractions around the city of Miami just on campus itself. There's so many distractions, so many different forms of them. Um, it's kind of goes for any school you go to, but especially Miami like so close till I got Miami environment. There's so many things that could distract you, and you can really like falling to it, and I just say do it all in moderation. Or, like maybe until this week, you know, do it all at once, and then you'll realize who does. Not a lifestyle that I want. You should step back. Um, but I think it's, like, so important to just keep yourself, like level headed in the situation, Um, and do not use up too much of that. Like freshmen forgiveness, as they call it. I've got to think like all schools would sell anything that you people talk about. Like freshmen Forgiveness goes like freshman year can be wild if you like living life untamed. So just like take it all slow. You have to go crazy. I give you guys one example. By the way, if you join up with silly week is silly week is syllabus weak and then you shorten it and then it's still early and you know I get silly. I'm so obviously because it's not really anything. You just going to classes. You get your syllabus basically on, like independent some classes. I bet like start to Jane. But like you, probably you like unlikely toe have much homework that week. Um, so that's like prime time for going out first semester. I didn't really I don't remember. Like taking that much advantage of syllabus week. I remember once we got there were, like trying to see, like, What's the deal with my going out? But like once, if you don't really know the lay of the land, it's like pretty hard to like, figured out. Some people just have the plug. You'll meet those people who just know every single thing that's going on, like immediately, and you're like, Well, I remember going out that much, But second semester I went out every single night Krystle of this week, which was a lot going out, every single one of you. It's just a wild thing. Do I go wild thing to do so unnecessary, I'd say, Like maybe experienced What? Once. If you're gonna do it, do it during Soul of this week, one like Everything's good. Like it's fine. I got really good grades semesters, so I'm not, like, stressed about it. But it was an experience, Um, second buster, I will say full disclosure. I joined a sorority. I'm not gonna talk too much about that. If you guys do you want me to talk about it. I did drop. I'm not silliness already. I can't discuss that. If it's like, interesting at all to you guys. I'm not talking about which one. It is because the community is like, substantial eight yuan. But it's like a little smaller than out of it. Other schools, like I'm not really like Feli discuss it all the gory details. There's no gory details. It just wasn't for me. That's basically like it about this story. Um, yeah, experienced it for a little under. Just wasn't for me. But in the time that I waas, surety was like Still, this week was like plant, you know, not like actually blend, but like you knew everything that was happening and you're like popping around toe like this in that So that is the thing that is possible that you could D'oh! But personally, I hope that you'll ever be doing that again, like it was nice to experience it. But no, it's not really my life to be going out. There is not another week police in that capacity and, like the large party capacity, is one thing you really just hanging out with, like your children friends look every night like That's different. That's it for this video. That's all I have for you guys that I hope you all enjoyed watching this video. And if you did, be sure to like, coming down below and subscribe for more content. Um, I have a lot more videos coming out this summer. I would love to do more college videos for you guys. More advice videos if you're interested in them. Leave what kind of videos you'd like to see down Bo Blo and also do some other videos. And like I said, I'm going to Canada really soon, So I will definitely be blogging every single day. There were so excited. Are you guys? Thanks for watching Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. So my name is Jay Dev Is your first time here? If not hey, this video is going to be a little bit more. Why? I think I got into the University of Miami. I do have a few ideas and you guys definite one of this video. It's totally valid to like what I hear other people's experiences and kind of relate them to your owns. You can see a bit whether school is either a safety school, a mid range school or reach school for you personally. So I'm a freshman theater received Miami and I am in the communication honors program, so that also makes my acceptance things like a little bit different. Um, I'll give you some perspective. So, like, don't worry, if you have different stops and you're like, Oh, I'm feeling nothing. Get in because, like you told really good, I want this video to, like have no effect over whether or not you apply to you. So I hope the only people watching this video of, like people who have already applied to you, um are people who are definitely applying to you. Um, you know I mean, if you're not definitely applying, you totally should apply because a literally, all you submit is your common app. There's no supplement, and that doesn't mean just applied to apply, but like, it really is an amazing school to look into it and see if it sounds like it might be right for you. Um, even if you have, even if you haven't visited because let me tell you once you visit the campus like I have yet to meet a person who visited you on campus and was like ill, you know, it was like I would not be interested in living in endless sunshine and happiness and massages and three puppies and all sables on Wednesday. You know, like I don't know. Maybe if that's you, that's okay. Some people like this. No, I can't really. I'm actually making this video because of a comment that I got one of my videos. S o. I'll read that right now to make sure that I answer over questions that she asked. So Courtney asked, Can you do a video on how you got into you? How you got the full ride in your grades in F. C t scores. I'll start out with, like, my grades s a t scores a whole like she bang about least that's what Yu has really, really, really want to know. You've been asking me, like so many times and like I'm not not answering you to be rude. It's just like hunting for your question. But honestly, like, I don't really care. I think some of assessing this sham. So sorry if you think otherwise, that's cool for you. So Maya's a t score? I didn't take. Basically, I did take a practice. A city in a practice s a T before any studying or anything happened. And I did like pretty much same one bill test. So I just decided to go for the S A. T s. I was really not about the science section on the C t, but I got a 13 40 a message t which is nothing spectacular or exciting, like it's fine. I'm really not great at standardized testing. I'm not great testing in general. I've quite a bit of test anxiety. Um, having sad, like I maybe get up studied more also, but I just really wasn't that invested. And my city scores because I spent somewhere shine like working hard during high school on my grade, So I really just whole essay teething came around. I was kind of like, very negative about the whole process. And that does not help your grades. By the way, Miami Dottie View has loads of information about all of this stuff for my freshman class. The freshman class of 2017 r Class profile says that our 25th percentile s a T scores were 30 where a 13 20 our 75th percentile scores were 14 40. Basically, what that means to me is that you should probably even to get between of 13 20 a 14 40 on your safety. If you're like aiming to get certain score, I'd say, like maybe you're saying to do the best you can, like, see what you can do with that because that's what I did on to the next thing grades. So I did not have a job ta in high school, but I'm in. The airline is like B plus range for grades from high school and without into perspective. I went to a small private school in New York City's so it was extremely academically rigorous. Um, it wasn't like average tow. Have a 4.0, I know, like at a lot of other schools, like a lot of people have four point nose. But of the people that had four point owes in my class, like those people went to Ivy leagues or got untied believes it's probably also like when I say a minus B plus rangers. Really, as you're more to like the B plus range, which is It all depends on the reason I told you, like about my school, just because it all depends like what school you're coming from and also the rigor of your course load. I was super involved in high schools, so I lead three clubs. I let the Drama Club Spirit Club raising awareness advocating Diversity Club. I was also a student tour guide. I was a little on my ambassador. Um, I was like the clerk of freshman orientation, and I did like so many things that I can't even imagine how I did them all now because all I do now is sleep. Um, and I also had a job after school. This is just like what I think from like what I've seen and what I've experienced, I would say something that's really important, especially since we do not have supplements. You should definitely definitely make sure that your college essay you comin up essay is like a strong one. I think my cominup essays like one of the best things that I've ever written and like not that you guys would do this, but like, don't ask me in the comments to share my common app essay with you. I know some people agreed their essays. Um, I just personally think Linus, like, personal on I want to keep it to myself. I don't know if you guys remember Hurricane Sandy, which was, like, way back one, but when it came through, it flooded the bottom of my house with six feet of water. Like while we, me and my family were in the house. And my room is in the basement where it was flooded, and it took us, like, three years to recover from that. So I wrote a little bit about that and tied it into, like, school in academics and, um, just like how I grew from the experience, but just make sure your chisel about you, whatever a story you decide to tell which I think it's pretty obvious, but you can literally write about anything. Um, I think my college counselors told us to choose, like top five moments are like top things that have ever happened to you and then, like trying to write about one of those. I started writing the summer before my senior year because that's when we really told you I like super great college counselors and also to let you know, like as Faras, where your mom was on the spectrum. For me, it was a mid range school. I say It's super important, something that every college that you applied to will see so like worked really hard on it. And if somebody tells you to start writing this honor for your senior year, or if they don't like, let me be the one to tell you. Start writing the summer before your senior year or start brainstorming. I brainstorm to topics, and the second of those became my college essay, and I was done with it. Probably like Midway's your first Mestre, and that's really a nice wait to be lifted off of you. I have to write a bunch of supplements for other schools, which is kind of annoying now, looking back because I came to school that asked for no supplements. But, you know, you gotta play along with the game in the process. So I think extracurriculars really important. There's some statistic about you having the most involved student body, But I definitely comptel from a lot of the people I talk to you. They're definitely people who are leaders on their habits. They're people who are super involved in their school queen bee. You're in their community at large and like, if you didn't have a million extracurriculars, that is also okay, Maybe get a few things that you're super get out or like, one thing that you're super get up, but you spend a lot of time with I think that's okay is well, um, but they always tell you regulars are good for college, but also don't do extracurriculars just because they're good for college. I do not do a single one of my extracurriculars because I thought it would look better on my college application. I know that may sound like a ho really like you did it. But, like no, genuinely, I wanted to do all the extracurriculars because I am controlling honestly. But I was also super invested in my school community. Last thing I'm gonna talk about is my scholarship. Depth of the Ronald ate him in scholarship, which is a full tuition scholarship Over the course of your four years at U M of an entire video tells you literally exactly what happened during the weekend giving anything away. Just tell you what you go through the deal with, you know, received Miami scholarships. At least the big ones that are, like full tuition, their full ride. You have to apply for the early action deadline. So super sorry if you applied regular decision and are now hearing about this, but yeah, I think outside song Ship s well, but for the university, full tuition, full ride scholarships. You do have applied by the early action deadline. And then the admissions committee nominates you too, Like the scholarship people, and then they send you out the e mail. You an invitation list? Probably be coming out soon. Like sometime after e a comes out. Um, is when I got mine. and you'll look at your little invitation. You pee like is this really totally is Go to the weekend. You do? The only thing is, you do have to, like, buy yourself out to Miami by the lamb from New York City. I mean, honestly, soon. Sorry that I didn't say that earlier on. If you didn't know, I got the e mail, and I was like, Hey, is this a thing I decided to You have to do a little application. You've to write an essay, and then you fly out to Miami for two days and they go Want to tell you everything is amazing? Oh, my gosh. It's amazing. I love everything. Beautiful. Yeah, You guys got in, but like, not all of you going to get money, huh? There's like so many people. This is not to Detroit you at all because I personally have never won anything like you're told you. I went to a small private school that was, like, academically rigorous. And I've always been kind of like middle of the pack. So coming to you, em And like going to that scholarship about I'm not. Show me people who were like super intelligent who are like I'm premed. I'm premed. I pre med I cream and I cream it. Are you Are you mad? Look, this permit interesting. Yeah, like obviously, I'm coming here like, Oh, I want to make movies like I don't believe it. I say t scores. So I like maybe I'll get this scholarship. Um, but I want to the interview. I, like, did my thing. I told them whatever they asked, I honestly don't really remember what they asked. Maybe I talked about in the video. What they asked me. I was honestly, so stress out. Any of you guys are just, like, really, really one of the scholarship burns, like, fallen in love with school. It's like his guys yet, like, I love this place. I want to come here and live here forever. So that's how that was going. Honestly, Like, that's all I have for you today. Like, go watch the video of when I want a scholarship weekend, cause that literally tells you everything you need to know about the weekend. Um, especially We got the invitation on your, like, antsy about going to weekend. Um, I would suggest watching video. Have any more questions about my college life. Like socially. Anything else about you? Um, please ask those questions down below. I will do a college Q and A if you guys want to know more about, like his head about you, um, social life. Um, my life, firstly, how things were going. If you want to know anything about the school of communication, if you want to know anything about my major my miners, I'm majoring in motion pictures on the production drag mine during and after the studies and theater, by the way, ask me anything. And if you guys have any other videos you'd like, we make comment down below. Let me know. I hope you all enjoyed watching this video. I hope it helped you out a little bit. Sorry if I rambled on a bit. Um, but be sure to like this video if you didn't enjoy it, did help you at all. Comin down below. Ask many questions. Just tell me stuff how you're feeling. If you're nervous with schools, you're applying to tell me whatever you want to tell me and subscribe. Okay, So this is the food court. Um, I'll tell you guys inside in a second, but way have subway. We have tossed, which is like salads. But there's also like raps and healthy things like that. We have clear tropical Burger three Oh, five Sushi Maki way just got Vicki's cafe, which I'm so excited about because, you know, we're in Miami and Cuban food is amazing. So they have a Cuban food and Penn Express way have out takes, which is open pretty late, has just like, uh, cereal bars like granola bars, apples and just random food. Gatorade things Teo, take to your dorm. But another thing I'll tell you guys inside in a second, but I love this outside area. This is called the patio and on Think it's Thursdays. We have patio jam. And so the kids from the Frost school music will perform out here. Yeah, right there. And you can, like, eat out in these tables. Core no one here because it's nine in the morning. But what it looks like. And this isn't me confused with the dining hall. That's like a separate thing close to the dorms for the students, but This is for people who live off just trying to get lunch in school. So next you're just going to see some testimonials from a few friends? Yes, summer. More joking than others. But everything they have like to say is really the truth. The best and worst part of Miami from me would probably be the best is the people and just No one judges, you hear? I really feel like I've found my home here. And for me, the worst thing is probably the rain. I had a situation where I had to run from one building to the other on other sides, the campus for my class. And it was torrential downpour ng and I stepped up my back back in the everything and I ran, you know, from Flip C two cocks and I open my laptop and it's just completely ruined. So definitely make sure you have an umbrella with you, but yeah, so those air just some more funny advice. But everything is really serious and, you know, the academics, everyone does really care about their grades here's. That's also really nice thing to know that everyone around you will support you and will help you in your academics. And no one wants you to fail here, everyone helps each other. Everyone send study guides and those kinds of things. So I hope you like the student body at Miami with these interviews. Please tell me your name and why I'm the school. My name's Lauren Brown. I wanted to come to Miami because my brother is a lot older. Wass touring when I was like, seven years old and ever since then, I ended up coming like three or four more times and just falling about James. How would you describe the student body? Divers in terms of what people are interested in and everyone's from really different places, it's not too large. You know, some of the people, but you don't know what's your major in house word your academic managers, media management within the communications. It depends on what, uh, defensible classes I'm taking. Really? For how hard everything is, but but a lot of effort. And you should be. I'm favorite and least favorite part of the university, but they're part of years. Miami is there's always so much going on. I am is a really cool place. And there's always people that want to do things with you. These favorite is probably not being ableto Go do whatever you want all the time. Socially. Yeah. How would you describe your classes here? Challenge. How many? I think I'm taking six. This story you think you're taking and taking six? Yes, six. And giving him balance a little Merkin tests mullahs or Yeah, for the most part, sometimes it gets a little aggressive, but for the most part, it's not that bad. Yeah, some weeks, your professors like toe all gang up and put every test on these wait times in two days. Five in a week. I have. So that's already. Can you introduce yourself? Peter Cleveland from Chicago, Illinois. I'm a junior, but what you're saying I'm a finance and business law made. How did you say your classes are very good? It's definitely hard with my schedule. What? It's definitely worth it. All right. You want your biggest guys? Were freshmen Definitely go to class. There's definitely there's There might not be in attendance policy, but you can't get it if you don't know what the best and worst thing Miami Best thing is that from the people. The worst thing is the bus schedule. Hunter Frog from Jersey. I'm a Junior Harken section Major Minor construction Management. Yeah, I'm in a five year program, Alex. What about the student body's Great. Everyone's very friendly. That's where my best, uh, say those community, the life is the worst. It's probably the humidity. Yeah. What? What? Campus buzzing. It's fucking going, Yes. A lovely canvas buzzing people at the right barn. Fucking The other route is the best place on any college campus across the entire country. Was a far right on the lake. Burn on campus. Eight dollars happy our pictures port for