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What is up, everyone? My name is Val Correa DeLorenzo. But you can call me Val. Much easier to say, but I just parked. I'm here at the University of Miami, um, in Coral Gables, Florida. Beautiful place. The sun is shining. I'm so excited. Teo, give you guys a tour on campus riel of our campus. Um, just introduce myself. I am a health science major in the School of Nursing Over here. I'm on the Prudential track, meaning I want to go to dental school. So I take a lot of science classes about a public health classes, you know, just all the gist. But I've also taken a ton of like electives. I have taken evolution of jazz, which was really cool. Um, so, yeah, I'm really excited to take you guys on this tour. I'm just to get a little sneak peek. We have a lot of greenery. It's really nice and sunny all the time. I think the coldest that probably gets here say is like sixty degrees, which is great like this. It's January right now, guys, it is January and it is beautiful. So get excited. I'll be taking you on All right, guys. Hope you enjoyed meeting Abby and Molly. They were super nice. Their room is way more perfect than my remember, Wass, But we're walking in the gym now. It's literally a two minute walk from the dorms, which is awesome. And I'll show you guys inside. Hey, everyone, this is clearing. Doesn't matter before, But she is here to show us around the gym a little bit and you tell us about yourself. Yeah. So I'm a senior here at U. M. I'm a psychology and exercise physiology major. I wanted to physical therapy, and so I've been working here at the gym for four years since I was a freshman. I work in the sales office, so we do things like so membership classes, cooking glasses, things like that. And I also work as a fitness instructor, which is pretty cool. The gym once he worked between different places. So our facility is actually the largest student employee population on campus. So if you're interested in getting a job, you know, just some extra money. It's a great place to work. We have lots of different areas to kind of. See your interest, so perfect. Come to us. Yeah, and it's free for students. But then, like except for certain classes. But also people outside like in Miami will come and buy membership. So s so we have lots of things. We have cooking classes way do CPR massages like tennis classes, dance classes, spend yoga, all your general group exercise. And then we have indoor outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball, a full indoor track Awful like Wait, uh, fitness for and everything. And sometimes we do special events for students. And we do things like the week of well being, and sometimes we'll do free chair massages was always a lot happening here. Yeah. Finals week. I remember you said the little sod chairs outside the library way do a lot of things for students during finals. All right, Well, thank you for talking to us and telling us a little bit about the Djinn coming Already. So that's actually brought us to the end of this tour. I hope you guys enjoyed my campus just as much as I did. I really think you guys will love Miami. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made my life. And I know it will be one of Y'all's, too. My last bit of advice to you guys is really cherish your freshman year. I can't stress enough. It goes by in a blink of an eye. And I want one hundred percent miss every new experience, every memory, every, you know, laugh, cry. You know, just everything. Your freshman year kind of just set you up for the rest of college, so take it seriously, It's not a joke, but also have the best time. You know, make your best friends. You're going to meet some people that are definitely going to be your bride's maids. Your you know, your best met man, All of that stuff. So really take into consideration all of the people around you, Really? You know, cherish them like as much as you can. I was bawling crying the minute I had to leave and go back home. So if I were to give you my last piece of advice. That would be too really cherish every moment you have in college because it goes by in a blink of the eye and especially your freshman year. So that's it. Go, Keynes, and I hope to see So we are coming in close to the com school, which is great. Look way. Have some students working on some journalism or broadcasting or something like that. Or a film or something really cool. What? Um, So, yeah. Where about to see what the com school looks likes Jack Pot empty classroom. So, yeah, you got to, like, study in here. There's no one here, you know, like so, you know, I just do that because I have a lot of work to do but says what a classroom looks like. They're pretty big in here, but on I don't know, It won't be filled up by to say, like I've had actually evolution of jazz in this classroom, which is really cool at the end of the semester. Avoca lips. So I'll put it in here but them in semester, our teacher brought some of, like, his jazz students. It was really cool. You see, there's a piano in here. Great. There. That's it. Oh, that's really cool, because they're screens everywhere. So if you're sitting in the back, you can still see the main screen the teacher will lecture over. I don't know. I carriage over there. That's right there. So, yeah, this is what classroom looks like. So another part of the com school. I'm going to go in there. It's like finally got computer lab because, you know, a lot of students work with, like making movies or films and stuff like that. So I bring you guys inside. Okay, So this is the food court. Um, I'll tell you guys inside in a second, but way have subway. We have tossed, which is like salads. But there's also like raps and healthy things like that. We have clear tropical Burger three Oh, five Sushi Maki way just got Vicki's cafe, which I'm so excited about because, you know, we're in Miami and Cuban food is amazing. So they have a Cuban food and Penn Express way have out takes, which is open pretty late, has just like, uh, cereal bars like granola bars, apples and just random food. Gatorade things Teo, take to your dorm. But another thing I'll tell you guys inside in a second, but I love this outside area. This is called the patio and on Think it's Thursdays. We have patio jam. And so the kids from the Frost school music will perform out here. Yeah, right there. And you can, like, eat out in these tables. Core no one here because it's nine in the morning. But what it looks like. And this isn't me confused with the dining hall. That's like a separate thing close to the dorms for the students, but This is for people who live off just trying to get lunch in school. So next I want to talk about is the library. So on average I spend around four to six hours a week in the library. But then on weeks where I have like a bunch of tests like last week, I had five test in a week, which I don't even know how I did that honestly, but just the way I study in all that kind of stuff, I probably spent around twenty hours, two twenties, six hours, like at least in a library like there every night there in between classes, just studying repetition, take notes, reading textbooks. It sucks. But then, on the off weeks where you just have homework and that kind of stuff I spent around for hours in library, so just to explain a little bit, this is the first for the library. And there, as you can see, there's some computers there in books, but most of it's just desk space. A lot of people talk. Tutoring gets done down there. Oh, explain the first floor to second floor difference. Libra. First floor is like very chilly projects in my talk, and no one really cares. Second floor is like grinding life on school is like second floor is almost pitch quiet, and there's just desks for people to study. So the last thing in the library that I want to talk about is tutoring. So all your tutoring is downstairs and it's all free, which is great. That's a really big help because, you know college is expensive. You can't afford to have a private tutor always. So all your classes mats, like a bunch of them, have free to during in the library. Also, the only other private library that I didn't show you was something called the Stacks, and that is the third floor and up. You actually access it through the second floor, unlike the Quiet zone. But you go in the elevator and you go up, and as you progressively get higher and higher, those who were really all the books are. So if you actually need a research something or find a source, something like that, it's all in the stocks. But as you go floor by floor, it get it's quieter and quieter. So final seasons, a bunch of people and there it kind of looks like a jail cell. But when I say it's pitch silent like you don't hear anything but a pin drop. That's how quiet it is, So it's really nice area So next you're just going to see some testimonials from a few friends? Yes, summer. More joking than others. But everything they have like to say is really the truth. The best and worst part of Miami from me would probably be the best is the people and just No one judges, you hear? I really feel like I've found my home here. And for me, the worst thing is probably the rain. I had a situation where I had to run from one building to the other on other sides, the campus for my class. And it was torrential downpour ng and I stepped up my back back in the everything and I ran, you know, from Flip C two cocks and I open my laptop and it's just completely ruined. So definitely make sure you have an umbrella with you, but yeah, so those air just some more funny advice. But everything is really serious and, you know, the academics, everyone does really care about their grades here's. That's also really nice thing to know that everyone around you will support you and will help you in your academics. And no one wants you to fail here, everyone helps each other. Everyone send study guides and those kinds of things. So I hope you like the student body at Miami with these interviews. Please tell me your name and why I'm the school. My name's Lauren Brown. I wanted to come to Miami because my brother is a lot older. Wass touring when I was like, seven years old and ever since then, I ended up coming like three or four more times and just falling about James. How would you describe the student body? Divers in terms of what people are interested in and everyone's from really different places, it's not too large. You know, some of the people, but you don't know what's your major in house word your academic managers, media management within the communications. It depends on what, uh, defensible classes I'm taking. Really? For how hard everything is, but but a lot of effort. And you should be. I'm favorite and least favorite part of the university, but they're part of years. Miami is there's always so much going on. I am is a really cool place. And there's always people that want to do things with you. These favorite is probably not being ableto Go do whatever you want all the time. Socially. Yeah. How would you describe your classes here? Challenge. How many? I think I'm taking six. This story you think you're taking and taking six? Yes, six. And giving him balance a little Merkin tests mullahs or Yeah, for the most part, sometimes it gets a little aggressive, but for the most part, it's not that bad. Yeah, some weeks, your professors like toe all gang up and put every test on these wait times in two days. Five in a week. I have. So that's already. Can you introduce yourself? Peter Cleveland from Chicago, Illinois. I'm a junior, but what you're saying I'm a finance and business law made. How did you say your classes are very good? It's definitely hard with my schedule. What? It's definitely worth it. All right. You want your biggest guys? Were freshmen Definitely go to class. There's definitely there's There might not be in attendance policy, but you can't get it if you don't know what the best and worst thing Miami Best thing is that from the people. The worst thing is the bus schedule. Hunter Frog from Jersey. I'm a Junior Harken section Major Minor construction Management. Yeah, I'm in a five year program, Alex. What about the student body's Great. Everyone's very friendly. That's where my best, uh, say those community, the life is the worst. It's probably the humidity. Yeah. What? What? Campus buzzing. It's fucking going, Yes. A lovely canvas buzzing people at the right barn. Fucking The other route is the best place on any college campus across the entire country. Was a far right on the lake. Burn on campus. Eight dollars happy our pictures port for What is up, everyone? We're back here at the farmer's market. I got my little Sybil and just wanted to do my little closing statement and say that I had an amazing time working with campus. Real. I love showing you guys campus. It's It's amazing. I love this school. I couldn't have made a better choice. And it really wasn't my first option. Crazy how life works And Ianto appeared. I had best college experience ever and just a senior giving you guys a little pointers. Enjoy college. Yes. You're here to study. Uh, my parents and my family has helped me so much to be here in this private university. And I'm so grateful. And I have put a lot of work and effort, um, into my studies, But, um, I also took all of college and I enjoyed everything. I met so many people. I tried so many different things. For what out I tried to go to, like, as many events I could go and just enjoyed every moment of it. And I don't know, um, some of my favorite college memories have been in the freshman dorms. Just meeting all of my girlfriends that were still breast friends today, which is crazy. But, yeah, I'm a bit my best friends are from freshman year, and then I'm just going to all the events school puts on, like, the pancakes way random. They had Hyundai for free. Me and my friend just came and, like, hung out and the farmer's market the other day, Drake came to campus like it was crazy. Just random things. Um, yeah. Enjoy college study a lot, but have a good time again. I think you m is one of the best options we have. Such a diverse group of people here on campus. Uh, just make friends wherever you can. It's amazing experience. And I hope you guys had a great time coming on this tour with me. I hope you learned a lot. I hope Miami becomes one of your options. So this I just wanted to show you guys to set the rusty pelican. But this is kind of what it looks like at night, Miami and the skyline. Next, we're gonna talk about place on campus to eat and kind of price range is on that. So the what I'm going to show you is Farmer's market, which happens every Wednesday. It's a really nice thing that the student body actually created and where a bunch of consumers from all around the area kind of just all come on Wednesdays from. I think it's tended to yeah, tended Teo. And you can get anything from fruit Hibachi Tio aside, rebels like you can get literally any type of food that you want. They're also there's the route, which is everyone talks about it, but it's the place where you can drink on campus. It has outside gliders that are super nice. Everyone hangs out, and every Friday the band comes and plays. But if you're not twenty one, you shouldn't go there and drink because you will get in so much trouble on DH. Then, also the other place I'm showing you is line, which is the Mexican restaurant on campus. It is right next to the pool and has a bunch of really good food. I just want to touch on to other things. So I'm a sophomore, so I don't have access to the dining hall. But I'm gonna have I'm going to go to the dining hall and actually take a video. But I guess the stats on that there's different meal plans based on how much you anywhere from, I think a meal a day, two three meals, toe unlimited so you can come in as many times as you want. It's a buff, a super good food. It's around. I think it's twelve dollars. If you don't have you know, swipes on your card to go, you can pay twelve dollars and still get the unlimited buffet. It has breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night dining. So breakfast they have an omelet bar. They have, you know, whole fruit tray. They have a parfait place. You can make waffles lunch. They have normally hot dogs, burgers and that kind of food, always. And then the hot, especially specialty food that switches out based on the day. But they'll have, like an Asian cuisine. They'll have a pasta or something like that. They always have raps, and they have dessert as well. And I love this Bert. And then, uh, they also then, for dinner have different types of food. Again, though, stitch it up, they'll have a different type of pasta tacos, a different Asian cuisine. Salad bar, pasta salad. There's so many different things that you could eat at the freshmen dining halls, but just some of the other place on campus that you kanae are the rat food market lime. There's also out takes, which is a convenience store that's open twenty four seven on campus has, you know, anywhere from Gatorade Toe Advil tio ice cream? Teo. Ice is anything that you could imagine, and then also the Hurricane Food Court, which I could not get a video because it deleted, sadly. But they have Subway, Panda Express poi Oh, tropical. What's it called? Fresh on DH that toss not fresh toss. And it has fresh food like salads and stuff like that. And they also have sushi maki in the back. So if you're craving no sushi, so any of that type of stuff you confronted the Hurricane food court and then these air the videos to show you all about it. So this is the market right now that I'm showing you. Like I said, there's kiosk set up. This is me getting my food. I always get the same thing on the bull Gogi bim bop and it's amazing. You have no idea. And then these air just kind of the rest of little places you can go. Like I said, it's our wide, a rage of stuff. You literally could get something from every culture. And you would never get the same thing twice. Well, yeah, I don't think you'd actually get the same thing twice, Ever. And then this next video is lime. You know, they have nachos, all that type of Mexican cuisine, and it's right next to the pool. And then this is the rat. Like I was saying outside is where all the gliders are and where people, you know hang out. But this is the inside has a sports, you know, Sports bar vibe has a bunch of TVs. You can watch the game if you don't actually plan on going. Or if you just want to relax and kind of have, you know, bar food, then that's really good because it has chicken tenders and so many different specials and milkshakes. Okay, so this is an example of the freshmen dining hall. This is right next to Stanford and Hecht. Right at the front. You swipe your cane card. Then over here is where you get most of your breakfast foods. There's a bunch of drinks. You could make waffles here, cereal bar and then, you know, dinnertime. You can also get cereal to the left, which I'm about to show you is where you make your omelets and have the buffet in the middle is where salad and fruits go and some soup on the end. They also have soft serve, and this is the cane zone. Where is where all the athletes get a sit on DH. Then just over there you can see hot dogs, burgers. That's where the desert normally goes.