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Hey, all sweet Sandra. I'm right outside of the library. We call it Club Hendy, but its official name is the Henderson Library. I'm here with my friend Matthew's going to kind of tell you guys a little bit about what he likes about the library and how it's helped him with this study. Really love Henderson Library because, like it has four different levels. There's only three that are visible outside, but four different levels. You know, first level. We have a lot of computers and different study spaces. It's also fairly quiet, but on the second floor, that's where there's a lot of kind of interactive stuff. The checkout desk is there. There's also computers there have apple specific computers for Apple specific programs. They have Zac's brew, which brews coffee. I forget exactly the hours, but they're fairly open most of time. And then on the third and fourth floors. That's where it's mostly quiet. I know for sure. On the fourth war, it's like you have to be quiet. You know you can't have your phone ringing or anything, So it's a really good space to like go and study. And and sometimes, if you need to even just relax in between classes. It's a very quiet place, so I know it's definitely helped me all four years and I have been here. If he is Henderson Library a lot. There's also twenty four hours. I've stayed there till two O'Clock in the morning, sometimes just a really cool resource to have on campus. Hey, also, right now, I'm on the third for the library, obviously speaking wake wire than I usually would. He has four words home. This's the silent have library for silent half of the floor. And then we also have, um, four. Forward is completely silent. And then the second floor with tassels are computer is nothing that's like, you know, took a low voice. I mean, I'm sure you guys have been the library before, and there's a lot of books. So, like Matthew sped earlier. Our libraries open twenty four hours Sunday through Thursday and closes at nine on Fridays and ten o'clock on Saturdays. But I like going in there just like it work done. That's where a lot of the programs that I use in my department are at their the library's computers. So I'm going there to like other projects, like editing all these videos for you guys and doing other documentaries and other things that I'm doing for my classes. So I really enjoyed the library you would definitely be in It doesn't matter what degree have or what made her you have or anything like that. You will definitely be in the library at some point. And I love it. So right behind me. Great library. Great staff, Very informational. Um, yeah, it's just it's just a really great place to like, get some studying done hanging out with your friends, get lost so you can check out like a Hey, guys, this promise I'm gonna be doing a college movement video. I'm so excited, but also really nervous. And I hope you guys like it. I'll be attending Georgia Southern this fall into stated I'm filming this for a date or we just because we're gonna be packing all this stuff into the car tonight. But here is the power of all the stuff they have. Three. This is probably my worst moving blob just because everything was so crazy. And I'm liking a lot of bombs to one posted this thatwas um, but once I get settled, I'll make sure to make more videos. I'm just gonna get used to being on campus, and I will need to find all my classes because classes are in two days and I don't know where anything Hey, also, it's me again, Sandra. Um, so technically, this next video is kind of supposed to be like a shot of the quad or whatever, but I'm at Southern. We really don't have a quiet. But we do have this thing called are pedestrian, which is basically the main pathway between all of our campuses or all of our buildings on campus. So gonna kind of take you guys on a tour of that instead, right behind me is where the, like, um, exercise science majors. Now that that's where they tend their classes. I'm right there. That little house is the honors house, not on a student, but I'm pretty sure, um, the honor students could go there and hang out. Typically need like three five, three eight to get into the honors. I'm college. I have neither of those. So here is the math and physics building. If you have to take any any kind of math class, this is the building you will be in. We also have a planetary want on campus, which is like super super cool, like our shows are free, and I have to do is really just like, Come on day really want to see a show. This building right here is the Natural sciences building, which can kind of get a little confusing because we also have a biological sciences building, which is on the other side of campus. But the natural sciences building. That's where we have one of our largest classrooms. It's usually where you take, like general biology to general geology and Susie like three hundred people in there. Had a class in there was like it really was three hundred people, and it honestly, really slugged so right behind me is the nice part of the William Centre. Um, we have a multipurpose room in there, and it's had everything from like skating like roller skating. Tio have a step. Shows have performances, fashion shows in there. This is the other end of the Williams Center. I should go up. You can actually see This is our signal to our on campus radio station V Gs. I worked there two semesters ago and just honestly, the funders experience I ever had. I don't know if that's because I really, really like doing news things or just because of working for the radio stations. Really, really cool. On this end. This is where you can go into the office work floor, clear services specially to see we have signs advertising our upcoming stem fair. So I hear it's just a gazebo now, but back in the day, this used to be a fountain, and the reason they sealed off the fountain was because around every finals week, people would pour bubbles into the fountain and it would explode, like all down the pedestrian. So they got tired of cleaning it up, and they decided to just seal it off, which, you know, kind of sucks. I'm not sure what year this happened. That was something I was told on my campus tour, but thanks to really, really kind of fun Hey, also meet Sandra just got out of my really, really, really, really, really late class. But I decided to come to show you guys, um the rotunda. It's a very important landmark on campus. It's where ah, lot of student organizations set up to like a table for a different things. So, um, tell you guys all about it. And with three on the lookout for so right here is the rotunda. Obviously a ghost town. Now that it's, you know, nighttime. But the rotunda is in the shape of a circle, and basically all around the different, like pathways and entrances is where Stian organizations colleges will come and set up tto give away free things trying so things try and get people to come to their try to come to their events and what not. But, I mean, I always, like coming here, always find out things that are going on on campus. Sometimes I buy things I very really do. But sometimes I do belive occasional, um, chocolate covered strawberry or deep fried Oreos. There are two big things that usually happen around campus. Why guess three. Three big things that happened at the Rotunda. So one thing is our student organization fair It It happens at the beginning of every semester and basically student organizations from anime club toe like K pop club to, um, step team. Whatever. They all come out, all those organization come out. All of those organizations come out and you can see basically, like different things. Toe join us out of this thing called burrow brows were local Statesboro businesses. Now that housing units they will come out and you guys will basically be able to see everything that states where has offer. And finally, the rotunda is a really big, um, place to me that during homecoming week sororities, fraternities, other on campus organizations, they come out and they're passing out free candy trying to get you to vote for their candidates. Hey, all its Sandra. I'm back on the far end of campus. Um, I walked by the building in the previous video, but I realized I didn't show you guys the building it off. I'm going to show you guys what makes the building. So there are two places to eat in the I T building market Street deli and a small Gus smart, which is like our convenience store in campus. But they added the gusts mar few semesters ago for people on the side of campus who didn't want to walk all the way back up to the union to like by, like, things they might want to eat. So we'll take you guys inside the building and let you know what it's all about. Here's what the building looks like at night. It is three floors with a whole bunch of computer labs. And, honestly, I think it looks prettier a night than it does during the day. So this is the atrium of the I T building, obviously super quiet now. But in the middle of the day, it's bustling with activity. People sitting down trying to grab a bite at Market Street over there or coming in and out of Gus Smart, which is like a convenience store, has everything from sushi, too. Deli meats and cheeses. Marcus trees where you can get a proper sandwich left happen. Go and get your food fast. Or most of the time we're on the second floor of the building right now. But here is a typical it like classroom. Unlike the buildings that are like the like the rooms that would be in like a place. I like Koba. They're actually outlets for like students, laptops and their phones here, obviously very tech focused. So the building is filled with classrooms that all they have inside of there are computers now. Obviously, a lot of them were for like the programming classes for the student, but they're also available for students to use any time between when the building opens at about six or seven AM until midnight. So I'm back outside of the building. The building's home. Tio. Yeah, major. So information technology, computer systems, computer science, all that good stuff. The all take classes right in there have a lot of respect Fried T majors because it's basically like Maur math like his way more math in numbers and data that I'm accustomed to, which is why I've been Sanford Hall. So it's just really great ability ng really great people, the labs. Like I said earlier, my favorite part of the whole building open till midnight. Sometimes I come here over the library. We just depends on how far I wanna walk. But it's building definitely one of the three important academic two guys. So here were entering the George Southern soccer field. Um, it's home toe, also determined to have see for now as they build their stadium. So here we are. We're at the George Southern Girls soccer game. They're playing Mercer University. This field is also played on by the men's soccer team, and it's actually a pretty big field. Has stands all over the pitch. And if it's around three thousand students, I like this pitch more than, Ah, other schools pitch because the grass is just amazing. Soccer's a popular sport here, but not as popular as football is. There's a huge football school, and I couldn't show you other football stadium because it's not for bosses in your so it's not open. But I'm a show you some clips that I have from the football season, so let's get into that. So this is the football stadium. It's a turf grass on DH Stadium fits about thirty thousand people, and game days are usually the best days on the weekend because the atmosphere here adore Southern is crazy. They're crazy for football. A lot of times they have tell Gates outside of the stadium on the parking lot. I usually go to like, the international students tell Gate because they're fun. That music, they dance. So, Yeah. So your son has bleachers. They also have, like, that grassy area CD. So, Yeah, this was a national Guard day, so Yeah, they brought cannons and the Buchanans was pretty cool. I want fireworks and stuff, so yeah, I hope this gives you an idea of how game days like, Here's your son. It's a fun time. It's like the best part of the fall semester. So, yeah, if you come here, please go to the game. These? I can't stress that enough. Found this part of the floor. Yeah, well, that's it for this video. Stayed too, from my next video. So right now, I am on my way to work, actually, but I decided to, like, kind of tough guys a little bit more about the Parker college business. Don't know. This cobra recently just kind of wanna show your kind of important buildings on campus. So this is Cobra. Basically, um, this is we're fine, innit? Marketing, Um, economics. This is kind of, like, really reside at a class here. My wife is calling your first year experience class, but basically class all freshmen have take. So this is actually where I had ik kon like, um, about two semesters ago. As you can see, just a basic room. Basic desk is not a class in here right now, but next door, there's a classroom full of students and you'll take, like, your freshman ik kon class or any other like finance glasses. Or you have right now. Class was full. I was always late to class, so So this is Cobra, the first floor down there. There's the elevator for this building. Most of the time, when you're going from class class, it's obviously just easier to take the stairs. Elevators are available, and and most if not all, of holdings look really big on technology here. Like you actually go up to this tap shows you, Teo. I kind of screwed too. Really? Super. Super interactive. I think this will cool. You have like things for, like, the business students like want to register and all that. Yeah, you can come over here picky that whole bunch of, like, event show up. Yeah. I mean, that's pretty much like the Copa building. Like the next video. You'll see you with my boating with Sandra home. Which, I mean, I feel like you're gonna find that much more interesting than this building because I don't do anything with this, so just stay tuned. Hey, y'all, it's me Tan drove. Right now we're outside of sweethearts circle, which can kind of cows are quiet. But this is definitely like the first place when you come on a campus tour. This the first place you encounter. So I'm warmer days on Sweetheart Circle. This is where people come and, like, hang out, do homework. Um, hang up a hand making just like, swing around whatever. There's some people behind me hand making today. It's actually like in the like upper forties right now. So, like more power to the Who this historical marker here talking about the first African Americans to attend Georgia Southern. Um, it's just It's just like a really, really like place like come out and chill be a sweetheart circle is really, really awesome, especially during the warmer months. You can just like lad hangout. I come out here when I have time, which is never. But when I do have time, I do come out here and I like I just love. Hey, all it's me, Sandra. So, in this video today, I'm gonna show you guys. Um, both hands, full house and our baseball stadium. Um, uh, Georgia Southern's pretty big on sports. Obviously, our most popular sport is, um, football. We recently won our second bowl game, Parents. So turn up, go Southern. It's not football season, Unfortunately, So this video is going to be about baseball and basketball, both of which are in season right now. So behind me, um, is the stadium. I've actually never made out to a game, like, Yeah, I know it's seen you have never been kind of sad, but especially on warmer days and during the warmer months, like baseball games and place to be. So I'm walking to the hand or field house. I'll tell you guys a little bit more about football culture. So I'm game day like the entire city shuts down. Basically, everybody's that Paulson Stadium, which is the name of our football stadium. Everybody is there, and we're all cheering on the Eagles. I mean, we start pre gaming as early as honestly, like nine a. M. Especially when it's like when PM games like where we're getting lit, you know. This is where the tennis matches are held for both men and women. As you can see, the bleachers are more prominent. These are actually the tennis players practicing right now, so I've also never been to a tennis game only because, like the games, I never in my schedule, you can see they're really hard at work. So right behind me is handed filled house. This is where our volleyball games as well as our basketball games or hell. I like the other two sports. I've actually been to basketball games, and they're always, like, pretty packed. And there's always game going on. There are there are two games like this weekend, I kind of weird times, but wonderful houses also were. Graduations are held, But if you're not into, like basketball or tennis or baseball or football, we also have eh track and field team. We also have, um, a rifle team also have golf like we obviously have a lot of sports that you've gotten cover. Really. I think everybody should make it to at least one game. That's not basketball or football before they graduate. And we also have Inter Merrill Sports, which takes place at the rack, which you guys will see in a later video. But we really like sports here. We were like academics here, like we're just all about Hey, also, I'm about to head inside our rack, also known as the Recreation Activity Center. Ignore the group like nobody says that our rack is open pretty early and pretty late. I'll take you guys inside. It's really active this time of night. Everybody's going after all of their classes, so get to see a lot of both the first and the second floor of the rack. So I hear you have a few racquetball court. Basically, if you want to do things like racquetball, like volleyball, now that you signed up with the front desk to get like, whatever you claim equipment you need to like, I wear balls, nets and all that. And over. Here's one of the three big Jim's we have right now. They're playing basketball, but soccer classes are in. Their basketball classes are in there. You also have volleyball is well, so right behind me is another gym that sometimes people are playing basketball in. Right now, they're playing in Amiel basketball, actually. So there are playing best glory now, but they're playing intramural basketball tonight. Um, Georgia. Sudden has a lot of inter meals, everything from wheelchair basketball to basketball back there to soccer, like archery. Just whatever you think. You're interested in sports wise, like you probably have it here at Southern, you take place either in the rack outside Iraq or locations around the back. Right here. Same thing. Apparently, tonight is in Merrill basketball night, even see both. That's him over there. And just this gym overhears obviously packed with people like playing basketball. So this is the second floor of the rack. But where we have stair steppers all over kind of machines I don't even know how to name you have treadmills over here. When I come to the rack to see usually the floor, I'm on just because I can't do any of you like heavyweight stuff that's on the first floor, but, yeah, really, really chill environment. Right here is one of the two pools that we have at the rack. They use this pool right here for swimming and diving competition. But you're also welcome that, just like swimming air, if you cancel him. So in addition to the inside pool we have, you also have an outdoor pool during the warmer months. They have, like dive in movies, withers like inner tubes, and they're casting like a movie like up on the screen. Um, I honestly really loved the rack. It's open, um, pretty much every day from six AM and close at eleven PM So whether you have early morning classes or late classes, you can really, like, come in and drop it and do whatever you want. We also have these things called group fit classes where there's anything from zoom but a kickboxing, and they're like all free offered throughout the day and night. So it really just depend upon, like, your mood and two guys. So in this video to show you my favorite part of campus, which has to be the union, the Russell union, which is like the student center on campus, it has good smart, which is like a little convenient store that has, I don't know, it's chips, uh, sandwiches. Sushi. It is more expensive than your usual convenience store. They had, like another dollar other than food places at the union. There's places to sit at, and you could do homework there. Or there's also like a mini computer lab with the print station. Printing is free. You could print upto like Thing goes, seven thousand copies off whatever you need. We also have a Chick fil E, which is where I tend to go. It'll up. Other than the dining hall, The cool thing, Which is, If you have a meal plan, which all freshman's have tohave. You have one hundred dollars, which are called dining dollars that can be spent. A Chick fil A Go Smart and Star books. Two guys. So there's the theater. There's, like about four hundred five hundred seats. Um, I've had a class in here. I've had sociology, American government and the class is usually are based on, uh, they're like lecture heavy classes and most of them contained, like two hundred three hundred students. And every Friday they show movies in here, uh, usually new movies, so that's pretty cool. Overall is my favorite place because you can relax outside DEA, Homeric. Just enjoy the time you have outside because there's a lot of beautiful days that Georgia Sothern, which is another reason why I chose it. I like the weather here is very humid, but so is all of Georgia. So that's not really a problem since I've lived here most of my life. There's a lot of escape borders here. So sometimes I would just like walked a dining hall or when I'm going home, just like look at them for a little while doing their tricks and stuff. Stay tuned to the next video. We'LL take you inside my favorite academic building and show you what a typical classroom, lecture hall and lab looks He also I'm right outside of my favorite building on campus. Sanford Hall. It's home to the communication arts department, which as a multimedia journalism major, this is where I take all my classes. Like, I swear to God, I pay like rent in this building today. I'm going to show you guys, like kind of the cool things about my building and also interview one of my friends who is also in the communication arts department. Great. Hey, also we're on our way to our radio station. Is my friend right here? I'm Brendan, Right? So kind of You know what? This way. We're radio station. Can't read you. Yes, and basically ever so much that you can, like, sign up and show right here is our kept radio station. When shows air live, the on air sign will actually be on. But like I said earlier, Khun Sign at the beginning of every sin must have your own show. And whatever time really is just like the Pentagon. I am Emma Smith. I'm a journalism senior at Georgia Southern University. Last semester, I took the conversion use production class with Deven Cummings. Lots ofwork, but lots of preparation for the real world of every Monday, Wednesday at nine, we had ninety nine nine over the studio. It's completely student run. We usually have two producers, but sometimes if you got bad luck, you gotta produce it all by yourself. We write the script we put all together, we find a guest and we it all takes place in the studio. All right. Rebecca, outside of Sanford Hall kind of showed you guys everything inside. Um, I've never changed my major. I don't know about my friend Brendan here, but I've never changed my major. I've been in Sanford Hall since, um, sophomore year, and like, I can't imagine really being it in any other place. Sophomore years when I came in and there's just a lot to do. You have the radio station. If you're interested in that, we have the TV station. If you're more into doing like broadcast news, that's also for like, film production majors, tons of different things you can do so you can try all different facets for journalism and calm studies. Eircom Arts in general, I would say, Yeah, NPR, too. I don't know a lot about P R, but I know they plan, they plan like different events going on around campus. And I believe there's there. There's a PR agency are firmer, something that you take part. And if you're like in a certain PR classes here. But like our, our building is like one of the newer buildings on campus. We didn't get until, like, twenty, forty, twenty fifteen. So really like the building's been here as long is we've been here. I can't really imagine being anywhere else that I'm sure like Brennan can. It's weird. Yeah. I mean, I've heard stories of, like, uh, temporary buildings and toilets falling through, like the floor and crazy stuff like that. So I'm really like glad that we have