Georgia Southern University Dining & Food

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Hey, guys, it's tan dra. I'm here to talk to you guys a little bit about how the dining plan works and a little bit about our, um to on campus dining halls, which are called Lakeside Inn Landrum. But it's official. They missed the dining comments, the meal plan required for all freshmen. So don't even try and get out of it because you can't. Everybody who's a freshman living on campus has to have a dining plan. But the great thing about a dining plan is unlike other schools, it's unlimited. So if you want to go in the dining hall twenty times a day, you can. There's no rule against that. There's no amount of sweat. Do you have we actually have these ice scanners? It's a really cool technology. We have one of these. Ice cannon is where it scanned your retinas and let you go in. But you could also just give your eagle eyed to whoever is working up at the front. We have two dining halls, Lakeside and Landrum. Landrum is the main dining hall that we have. It's right next to a bookstore and the union, and it's closest to most of the on campus resident holes. Landrum has a coffee station, a salad bar salad, slash fruit bar, all day breakfast bar and then, like, you know, pizza and chicken and all of that. So if you are a vegan or vegetarian over, you're like you have like a lot of things that you're allergic to. Landrum is the place to go because there is a station for you. The reason we call it Landrum and not the dining commons most of time is because a few years back, four years for five years ago it used to be called the Landrum Dining Commons. And then when they renovated the dining hall, they took out the name Landrum. But everybody still calls. Landrum is just a thing we do here are second dining facilities caught lake side. He saw that in a previous videos. Some people love it. Some people hated that Dining hall is only open Monday through Friday. We're not open on the weekends, and they don't have an all day breakfast to stop serving breakfast at ten thirty, I believe. But the thing I really like about Lake Side, besides the awesome views, is that Lakeside has an Asian bar and have a place where you can make case ideas and taco bowls and all of that. When I had a meal plan, I went toe lakeside way more than I did. Landrum. The Dan plan does come with dining dollars of the Gold Plan and the Blue Plan. The only differences between the two plans is how many dining dollars you get, So dying dollars is a currency that's only accepted on campus, and you think he's dying dollars, just like cash. You can use them at Chick fil A Star books and the other dining facilities that we have on campus, and you can only use it on campus, but it's just like spending cash. You know, it's if you want to buy something that you can't get at the dining hall. Yeah, so like I said, we have a Starbucks on campus. Chick fillet on campus. A Chick fil A and Starbuck are on ly Open Monday through Friday, except for select Saturdays, like during open houses and all of that. But that's pretty much it. My favorite place to eat on campus besides Chick fil A, where I eat because that's where I work I really loved this place called Market Street Deli. It's in the I T building, and they have the best sandwiches. Um, I have this one sandwich called the Rosa's kicking the world's a spicy kick in chicken sandwich and, like chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce, would like cheese and let us on that type of stuff. Um, the only downfall is that it's all the way on the other side of campus. If you remember in the pedestrian tour, you saw how far like the union was from the building, but it's, in my opinion, totally worth the walk.