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this's be sure to fifty five eighties and jinx our library and have lots of great digs on. They have hot food, some grab and go food on, and it's a really great option. This is Chester's. It's like our little cafe on inland, and there are also some snacks and food. So Chester's eyes a great place to grab drinks. And also it's pretty much the most popular study spot. If you're not near the library, there's always people study, and they're even until, like, really late when they're, um even when, like the cafe part is closed. They just recently started getting some like grab and go foods. But for the most part, people normally go there to just get some drinks, or sometimes will have like granola bars. But, yeah, it's mostly a drinks and study spot on DH. Then the bistro is probably the most popular place to grab food after. If you're not in your lane because it's in the library, obviously sleep, tons of things they've grabbing, go food, they have hot food, they have tons of bakery items, and they have drinks, too. So it's kind of like Chester's and food. They even have gelato, which is pretty good. So if you want ice cream and you're in the library, go there. Um but yeah, both of them are really great places to grab something to eat or drink, but definitely Chester's is more about drinks and studying. And the bistro is more for food if you're not s. So this is a typical evening in my room sitting my bed, doing homework, listening to music. Uh, enjoyment. Does any stuffed animals right there? It's a good time in here because you can see we're having a lot of fun doing homework. When? So nothing. I air baking cookies right now. It is currently ten o'Clock. This's what we just like to do. Sometimes instead of doing homework. I guess it's a good time. Yeah, eso are. Cookies are in the oven right now. We we didn't have time to, like, actually make real cookies, so we just got the, like, ready to bake one. So they are, as you can see, uh, we didn't have any cookie sheets, so put them in a one pie pan and one cake tin. You know, so Christian was trying a three sided I said form. And, you know, you told me three side of things. So as you can see, Christian tried to make us all human cookie, which it's not gonna cook like that. I was that attitude. Okay, guys, the moment of truth. Let's see this pyramid. But he turned off. Oh, just a zai expected. It is a blob while guys. Good move. I told you, it's a lot of So the Mu Planet Gorn is a little different. We have swipes and points. So basically the points correspondent dollar values. So in Chester's in the Bistro in Gilley's, which are kind of our cafe style grab and go places if they just the dollar values of the same as Point. So something's five dollars. It'LL be five points. Um, so it was our points. Swipes are all you can eat, and they work in Lane, which is our main dining hall. So you swipe in, you can get your food, and you can go back as many times as you want. Get more food on those air swipes. Um, if you are, you have extra swipes or you're running out of points. You can also use wipes in Gilley's or the Bistro if you want. So basically, with the grab and go things like sandwiches and Stax and all that, it'LL basically be labeled as to whether it's aside or an entree. And with the pick for you can use a swipe, and you can get one entree, two sides and a drink so that'LL count is a swipe. If you don't want use your points. Um, and we have three meal plans, so we have two that are the same price. And those are either more swipes in less points or less life, some more points. So one of them is two hundred forty swipes and one hundred new points, and then the other one is one hundred ninety swipes and three hundred mil points. And then you have a third plan, which is a little more expensive than those two, and it's unlimited swipes and one hundred new points. And then all three of those plans come with eight guests. Wipes, too, in case you have a friend who comes to visit your family. Um, and that's how that works. Um, and then also, if you live in apartment housing or like upperclassmen housing, you have the option to other. Opt out of a meal plan, since their kitchen's usually in your apartment or really close by, um, or you can get a half meal plan, um, by default. Uh, and basically it just has, I think, eighty swipes and two hundred fifty dining points, or you can get if you don't want to do any swipes, you can also do. I think it's about a thousand dining points. Um, so, yeah, that's how our meal plan works here. Hey, guys, be hard. Just leaving Boston. We just came from church and now we're going to bake shop. It's literally called the big Shot. It's one of our favorite places to get Gordon, and she's checking out. Just got to the bagel shop. It's two and a half miles from campus. Super close. It's like right by the train station right here. Um, it's really good. We love it there. Great coffee, great bagels. And right there they have. It's like a doggy day care, and the dogs are usually all over there. They're not there today, but I highly suggest coming for a bagel shop. Um, like during finals, because get some bagels, it's delicious and you get tau washing dogs. It's a great stress reliever. It's amazing. Yeah, uh, just bagels. Also, the coffee here is really good. They have really good flavours that, like you can get but honestly end because I don't like my face and but it's still slavery. So if you want But