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So Harvard has a lot of different kinds of How come you, like Harvard isn't simply a college town. It has like communities in here and stuff. So this we just posturing the entire neighborhood to get to directly quadrangle, which is also just a quad. This is where they're four houses here Wei have party, we have the cava has boho courier and hills and we're back at on Harvard property. We also have something called a social here on the soon organization center or to saw or Well, whatever. It depends on who you talk, Teo, whatever they call it. But basically it's this building right here. It has its, like this hub of all suing organizations. Everyone has a different bit in here. Also, the international relations Counsel is also primarily here. There are some people do like skateboard tricks right there. Yeah. You're also like parties in here and stuff. And they're like big events in here because we have, like, an entire like, we have three floors and the top floor. It's like open space that you can really use it for anything you want. What happened. What's happening right now? It's Harvard Law School's two hundred year anniversary and because of it, having all the celebrations and stuff, that's a hundred marching band playing right now. And apparently there are also five Supreme Court So the event that we saw earlier it's happening now. People. We're dickering your pumpkins playing like a very PT version of Palm, huh? There. There's like a phone booth there to bond fires. And yeah, it seems your other funds. It looks like it just rmp very coming in I just wanted to talk to you guys briefly about freshman dorm ing and distort me in general at Harvard. So what happens is freshman year everyone gets put into a freshman dormitory in a random lottery. So your roommates or random, you're where you live, is random, and everything is just random. But they do take into, like your opinion, just a little. You fill out like you housing, housing, opinion survey or something in this summer, and then they match you up and you find out in August, like, three weeks before school starts to your room. It's going to be it worked out particularly well for me. I mean, my roommate and I, we get along so well, we have, like, this same sleep habits. You have the same sense of humor. So it's really chill. Might some room? Um, sometimes you're roommates and you don't like you don't really get along with your roommates. In that case, you're always talked with your proctor and sell out and move out of the, uh, out of the room and move into a different room. It really depends on your situation. And then, after freshman year, you get put into something called houses, houses, air, upperclassmen, dorms. They have each house has a library, a dining hall, a gem, work spaces and everything is just amazing. It's like little dormitories with, like, little like housing systems, which is why it's called the house, and yet they're a bunch of them here. It's like Leverett, Quincy, Lowell, Dunster Mather and Cab It foa ho. It's we have about, like, nine different ones, I believe so you find out what around February which house you're going to be in, and you find out with your blocking troops. So blocking is something that's done in like January February, and you and up to seven other people can form a block, and you guys are guaranteed to be in the same house together. It doesn't mean you guys have to room together. It just means that you guys will be in the same houses together, which is pretty nice. It's like you and seven of your closest friends. But it can be a little stressful because you coming realizing you only have, like, five months to form a blocking group, your closest friends, and that could be a little stressful. So we're walking to this person, Terry Fear and they'll show you guys a little bit more in So another thing I wanted to talk to you guys. About what? Security. I mentioned a little earlier today about, like, the key skinny and everything I talk to you about Humpty, the Harvard University police Department. But you all face a lot of, like, different services, like walking service when they walk into your dorm at night. He also are the ones that come to your door when you get locked out. I said, That's rather useful. There is what? This one time it was two a. M. I went out to Holly about it, too shower and my roommate came out to brush his teeth. We realized we've both regard. Tease. That was not a good moment. It was rather walk around like in my towel when you called Humpty and the security guard came and it was an awkward situation. But they don't mind. They're there for you to help you. We also have different services from like, yard obsolete. You call if there's something wrong with your dorm. Mom, Thank your sheets are broken. Your shutters don't work. Stuff like that. But, yeah, so that security and like different services offered So right now I'm going to my home ten Seminar on DH Hump pen is a freshman class, and it's very reading intensive and that you have to read a new book or in your reading every one every week. This week we're talking about meditations on Clark, and we're going to be This is discussing what are different questions so that we had on it. So basically every class you have here typically has a section, and so you have a lecture and then you have this section, which is like smaller groups of memories made up from your lecture and then some classes. I come another section and I have something called Bringing Lab I had at this past Tuesday, and it's just like you improved your writing skills and I'm about to introduce classroom, so I'll see you soon. One cool thing about the yard is that they have, like, all these chairs out on DH, this trees provide, like, really coarse like shades. So a lot of people like to study outside sometimes or have, like meeting some side. I've seen professors like Just take your seminar classes outside and things like that. We also have been benched. But I was telling you about earlier is in full blast now, further down and yeah, I'll talk to you So right now we're walking to the Carpenter center. The Carpenter Center isn't a very used building. However, it is architecturally significant I've been learning all about during. During on My Architecture seminar, my freshman seminar. So freshman there a lot to take. Something called freshman seminar is only freshmen. They're allowed to take it. And it's like a small group of, like up to twelve people who take it, and you have studied different topics. This is the carpenter. Century recently studied it. It was designed by this really famous French architect, and this was his first building ever to be designed in the North, in North America. I believe so. I'm I'm going to show you guys my favorite study spot. It's a bit of a walk, but no is the architectural design. It may seem insignificant, but all of this, like window like the creases in the window, like how the windows aren't fully facing. It's because how the sun sets and the sun rises. This idea of being able to go through the building was something that on the architect really emphasized. And now we are here at my favorite study spot. It's a little platform, but it has a lavender garden. This is all lavender plants and comes spring and summer. It smells wonderful. Bees are buzzing. Do you have little desks and chairs for you to study. I'm right. Next door is a little like book story associate with the Carpenter Center. And, yeah, the carbon con center is primarily used for visual and environmental studies like concentrators, which is basically another word for like photography and stuff like film and that kind of areas. And also a lot of carpentry is done here, too. There's a wood shop down there you can see through the windows, and this is a store. It's quite small. They just started. And, yes, this actually leads straight to the art museum, So if you keep walking down right across the corner is the art Museum, the Harvard Art Museum. This is the back of it, however. You can still see, like little glimpses of the exhibitions. Yet if we look carefully enough, the Harvard Art Museum is one of them or underappreciated places. However, they do have an extraordinary cafe. It's slightly pricey, but it's very good. They have like freshly pressed juices and like different peace trees. Eso Some Harvard students like to work in the Itself. I just want to We're walking to Lamont Library right now while we're walking. I just wanted to let you guys know a little more about Harvard academics. So Harvard academics. So a lot of classes during two types of classes they're reading classes and your piece set or problem set classes so allowed to stem classes are problems that classes while ought to humanity's and stuff like that. It's reading base. You read a lot. You're right a lot on DSO. You want a diverse mix when you're taking out that makes here on Every class has a lecture, usually and from lecture. Use them off and do something called sections. Sections are where a little. It's like groups of ten to twenty people from your lecture who don't get paired with a TIA on which is a teaching fellow. A grad student who is supporting that class on DH US go either date. TF either read like teachers The entire lesson or yes, have discussions. For example, in psychology. What we do is we have readings for every section. We just talk about the readings to be about the psychological effects and stuff like that. I just want to show you guys wind your library again. The steps are actually quite famous. People go here, you know, out wine, your library house like the reputation of being like very quiet. You're not You don't really talk if you one of you when you go to like a whiner, it's like very much like individual studying, intent, working method and something really agree about Harvard is all the classes run on Harvard time. Harvard Time is, that is one you can be late to any class seven minutes. So it's not that you you're late. It's a class off classes always start seven minutes after. So for example, if you're on the sill of us, it's us. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from ten o'clock to love in a clock. It's really Tuesdays and Thursdays from ten o seven to eleven o'Clock. You're given that seven minute window period. Personally, that's very useful for me because I never wake up until, like, nine fifty a night rush and I get there by ten. No. Five and I'm still early and class hasn't started yet. Yeah, we're almost certain. Library. I'll show you gets more about Lamont and the So this is the end that so this is the end, and the end is used for swing housing. Swing housing is occurring is what swing housing is is it's like temporary houses that people can live in. So what Harvard is doing is they're going through like a like a remodeling process of all the upper Houseman upperclassmen door Ming's so one like house, a time to re modeling it, like keeping the outside. But like changing up the inside. And so during that time period, the houses live in the end or like different places, like up on these like business on the second or third floors. Those air actually residential areas. For Harvard students, the end has the dining hall and stuff. Right now, Alehouse is being under constructed. And so because of this full house, like people in the whole house have to live in the end, which is mostly sophomores. Living in the end. And, uh, sweet livings of in the business areas on Little House is famous for two Academy Award winning actors and actors on Natalie Portman and not Demon. So yeah, they also graduated Harvard in the Live in So everything about the cause. Like, you know, he said, that require people call like people who live in the river houses. Reverend rats. Similarly, a law people, Um, everyone who doesn't live in the crowd makes fun of everyone who lives in the clouds. I say, like, Oh, quad, where is that? Is that, like in Europe? And so there's a lot of, like, fun like cancer and stuff between, like people who live in the body in the river houses. Yeah, I'll tell you so regarding how you get selected and your brother, you go into a river house or Claude's house. What happens is, I mentioned this earlier, you and eight blocking block groups you and you and up to eight of your friends get together to form a blocking group. You submit a form, and the very next day there's kind. There is something called the dorm storm. I believe it's called were like on the house committees, which is like the student government's of each house. Ghost dog goes, knocking on your doors like tells you where your new houses so everything is randomized. They're like conspiracy theories about, like only like certain people get put in the quad as punishment, etcetera, etcetera. But none of that. It's really possible because on administration has about twelve hours to get there a thousand eight hundred kids. So I really don't think that's those theories hold true. Um, there are those theories, and that's how you get into Claude House or River House. You don't really choose. It's whatever random selection they put you in and regarding blocking groups, if you have more than some another friends, then there's something called linking groups, and you and another block can link together on this guarantee, so you guys are not in the same house, but guarantees us old people and close proximity to one another. So like at me. So then one of your group's isn't in the quiet one is in the river house. They'll both be in the River house ordeal. Both we know Claude and stuff like that. So if you have a bigger friend group, at least you guys will always be near each other, even if it's not in the same house. So I just finished cross section and we just had a discussion on meditations I day card. And now I am in the tercentenary theory, which is the New York. It's right next to the car. Um, this is where they're different buildings. This is severed hope. That's where I have one of my sections. I just came of hope beyond this. Trees. This is Memorial Church. Your services here every Sunday That's a freshman dormitory. That university hall diamonds, Really? Another freshman dormitory. And this is wine Earth. This is like the biggest private library questioning. I believe, um, in all the world, and they're fifty miles worth of books like bookshelves. So you could basically run. You could be sleeping on team marathon. So without having two go pi a book Marching band. They just put on the little performance. I just missed it. That's a huge base that they carry around. Be strong. The daycare around. Yeah, and they're known for their like crimson colored jacket, black pants. They go around sometimes in the middle of the day, just playing for us today. It was because we had the Dartmouth Harvard game, which brings me to football games. So football games are bigger. Any other college here at Harvard, we don't really football games. It's less about the football games. It's really no law. People go. That's unfortunate. But we do have something called the game, and the game happens every year between Harvard and Yale. This year it's at Yale, and basically it's this huge rivalry game. It's really big. I'll be going to Yale in the month to see the game. It's something that everyone goes through. So even though football isn't stopped, big on the game So behind me there's a church. So I thought briefly, going to like, really just life and stuff on campus. There are a bunch of religion groups. There's one for Muslims want for Christians, one for Catholics and stuff like that. There are multiple Christian organizations. I personally and see F, which is Harvard College. Faith in action and way just have DR, which is like Friday night worship. And then we have Bible study groups, which have been throughout every it's what your same age group or your seem great on the steam genders, which is really nice because it can be really honest and candid about, like the individual problems that you're going through. A lot of like Bible study groups tend to block with each other because they become so close during Bible study. Um, and regarding like warships, there's different types of worships. We have something called Hillel for people who are Jewish. Um, hello. Has her own dining service so that they serve only kosher food. And they also have a Friday night sap sap. I believe it's called worship and stuff like that, where it's like community donors and onstar days. They have their worship as well. On Sundays, there's a bunch of different churches that you can go, too, if you're Christian. I can't really speak about other religions because I'm not sure about the resources there are for them. But I can tell you for Christian, for Christians, we have a whole bunch of different churches. We have Aly Theo. We have Christ King. We have different. Churches were different groups. So, like, if you're looking for like an Asian American church, those exist. If you're looking for more of a community church, those exist that we're looking more for, like a college oriented church. Those is that exists as also very different part very different, like really, just like churches and stuff that you can go to. Andi, if you ever need help, all right. People specifically doesn't need it on to be to give you advice on religion and stuff. They're affiliated with the school, so you can always visit them and talk to them about churches or synagogues or So, guys, this is my friend Kevin. He's in UC under construction with Mito Acapella Group on DH. He volunteered to answer some questions. So coming Can you just, like, introduce yourself and explain why you chose Harvard? I've been in this company, you say? My name is Kevin, you say, And the reason why I chose Farber was because I want it. I wanted to top into the resources and the opportunities that campus had, and also to I like the community here, both the faith based community and also like a black community here. Great. So described this community that you're talking about what's like this doing body like at the school. So I went to the third most diverse public school in Massachusetts, and yet still, Harvard is extremely even more diverse than that school. So I really like the student body here. Everybody's really supportive and open until, like understanding each other's backgrounds and diverse perspectives. I actually very shocked by that when I came to One thing I forgot to mention about the causes because it's so isolated. A lot of the heart Bob parties happen here. And luckily because the distances are so long, Harvard provides the shell service where there's a show that runs like every three minutes or so picks people up from the plot takes them to you. Our thanks people up from the yard that brings them back to plot and stuff like that so that you're not completely isolated from Harvard and you don't have to walk every time you want to go back to the mean, like your area. But that being said every weekend, dickwad is full and bustling of people because of the great parties that we have here. This is Little House. When the house is that, um I was talking to you about earlier. It's going on their construction. As you can see, because of this no one's living in here. They do have a bell tower. That race. Um, every morning, I believe I know you like different songs there and stuff. It's really cool. I'll show you guys more about upperclassmen, So before I end this virtual tour, I wanted to give you guys some final words of advice. One Don't be stressed. I know college application process is stressful, and you feel like you have to prove yourself, but you really don't You just have to be yourself. And if the college doesn't accept, you just know that it's because the admissions officer simply things that you wouldn't arrive at college at the college. It doesn't mean that you're not good enough. It doesn't mean that you're not worthy or anything like that. It just means that you're not going to be in the best like campus for you. And the admissions officers have been doing this for years and didn't know what type of students really do. What colleges. Different campuses have different personalities, right? Just think about, like the East Coast West coast of different personalities. So naturally, six colleges on the East Coast college is on the West Coast or they have different personalities. North versus South, Things like that and also number two really re surgery all colleges for me. I just do it on the fly. I personally apply Q three three colleges that's not normal you should aim for, like eighteen twelve. That's like the normal never colleges you applied to and applied to your most ethical, and you're moved the school that you want to get to those early. This shows that you have some interest in that school, whether it's Harvard or any other school, though, I must admit, Harvard is the best school objectively, huh? And yet in number three, once you send out your applications, stop worrying about there's nothing I can do. There's no that you worked so hard for the past four years, and you deserve to have the last drop of your senior year and the more relaxed. But that doesn't mean get forcing your itis. That's not healthy. Um, try still try your best, but relax. And once you get to call it congratulations. You're about to enter the next best four years of your life. So I wish you guys the best of luck. I hope you guys learned a lot from this story and hopefully I'll see somebody guys on campus next I'm walking to the quad right now, but on the way I saw this. This is a bicycle repairs thought station. Um, so, like I mentioned earlier law, people ride bikes here. Um, and so they have this periodically so that if you ever need to, like, pump your bike on the branches like, make tightness through something, they all have, like, the necessary equipment right there. And there's all these, like, throughout campus, just in case So I wanted to talk to you guys about two other services that are open to students. There first is the IT department. The department is extraordinary to get a lot like, I don't know, People don't really like them because they think they're slow. What your services. And there's not a bus. But for me I only have great experiences with them. I literally spent four hours with one guy. You help me update like myself where he helped me fix, like, all these technical problems. Let me, like, help me with my username and password thing where I could walk in to, like, different websites with Harvard and yes, oh, they are really useful on there, Really patient when he just had to be a piece of what? The second thing is the meal room. Every single suit has a specific meal room assigned to them. The freshman field room isn't a science that your basement. And so, yeah, you can get packages, get letters and stuff. Meeting also sent letters after meal room, which I found very convenient. You don't have to, like, find a post office like s treated and just walk all the way here. Which is quite a walk. Also, another thing I want to tell you guys about was Harvard has this extraordinary your service where they a lot they give you free to train, but it's not free, but very cheap. Jury. At seven dollars, it's offered by the study of Bureau Council, and it's an upperclassman who went through that same car, of course, as you and got like a So they know this subject, and they can give you advice on how to really understand it, instructor in his or her way of teaching and how to study for the tests and stuff like that. So bikes are rather common in Cambridge. So we have something called Hub way and hopefully is like a biking thing up subscription that you can do. They have a subway. Stations all around the country are all around campus on so people can I just subscribed for something like sixty dollars a year, too? Actually, like, be able to rent out these bikes whenever they are, uh, no need of them people owned by. I just bought a bike because I have a class in the quad, which is a twenty minute walk from where And so we're now entering the yard again. This is behind Matthews. I showed you earlier this morning on DH. This is another freshman dormitory behind. This is very like this area because it's quite towards Don't really come in here a bunch of bikes again. And yet something about. So I'll go quickly into Mom freshman dorm ing again. So most dorms have like, different sort of amenities. Common rooms Most storms have actually, by common. My dorm doesn't have a common room, but we share a common. You're at the dorm right next door. Move a lot, but not all have laundry rooms. Once again, My dorm doesn't have a laundry room, so I have to walk. Theodore, I'm dorm. Next over, Teo, do my laundry. We also have some on some have printers. Others have like kitchens Really depends where you get placed. Um, and so regarding freshman dorm Either be placed in a suite, a double or a single. Um, if you're in a single, you most likely have, like, a hall bathroom. But if you're in Apsley court, which is one of the freshmen dorms you actually get and then used, be a hotel. So yet singles and a bathroom to yourself for me, I prefer holly bathrooms because it gets cleaned every day and you don't have to replenish the soap yourself or anything like that. But sweets and singles who have like they're single use bathrooms will have to, like, bring their own soap, clean their own bathrooms and things like that. Which I'm not really. I don't really have time to do that. Right behind me is Massachusetts. All We looked out briefly. This is where President Drew Fosse's offices are. And yeah, I'll see you guys soon. So living in Harvard means that you always surround me construction. As a big research university, they're trying to constantly upgrade and make byproducts. And, like just half like Barry Technologies, they're also very green when they build. So most of the buildings are green, so refined right here is Farkas Hall. This is Farkas Hall home, too. The Hasty Pudding Theatricals. You may have four of them on the Hasty pudding. Theatricals are. It's basically a huge draft show. There's it's completely student runs, student produced, student written and soon actors during twelve guys in the show. Um, and six of them are Guys play Kai Rules, and six of them play female rules. And so they put on all this things they spent all most that you're producing it. Then come like spring. They perform it. And one of the most famous, like parts of this like show, is when they're all twelve guys. They glint, lined up on stage like form a kick line and they do it in six inch eels. And you're doing all this. So if you everyone is doing the hazy up of the theatrical society, you buyers start learning how to wear heels and yeah, so this is what you saw. But we also have the Harvard box office right through the window. You might see it right there, and we also have a bunch of other shows here. We have a bunch of plays musicals that happened here. Says to Tycho, Talk a little more about the bike repair stations. I forgot to mention that I actually used one last night. My tire went, my bike tire went completely flat and I had to quickly, like, fill it up. So I just like, Ah, walk my bike ride to the station. It was really easy to use. He just it's like any pump and then, just like, use that pumped it. Andi, it was really quick, really easy, and you always see people using it as well. So yeah, it's really convenient and easy to use. So this is the markings off like center. This is the gym that all undergrads have access to. You can also, if you're a public like says, and you can also buy membership to this gym. It's a typical gym. It has your workout equipment that has a swimming pool. It has different things, like courts, so that anyone can use it. And I feel like this is a perfect time to talk about Harvard legs. So Harvard has actually the most number of Division one bar say cheese in the country, So we actually afford to it. And tall on. So despite like the stereotype of all Harvard people be, like, just really nerdy. We actually have athletic talent on campus. We hit. So not that the games aren't particularly popular. Um, like watching the games, the football genes or rather, lack lustre. Not many people go. We have tailgates, but they're not the typical tailgates that you see. I'm at like any other, like big football schools. But, yeah, Harvard does have agree athletic program. And if you're thinking about joining, I'm getting recruited. Definitely think about because Harvard is known for their athletic So I'm back in the yard, and it looks like the college event sport is putting on a low ah yard event recently to college events, board planes, different events for the entire school. So, like, for example, to kick off the fall semester, we hade a new, entire event that just filled up the entire tercentenary theory. They had a barbecue going on games, three giveaways. I think they're going to do like, pumpkin decorations. There seems to be a bunch of, like your games and stuff. And, yeah, I'm going to show us more So we so we have now entered a quad. Right now, there's something called the quad best going on because they're so nicely and you have all this space. There's a lot of events that happened here. Thie activities here happens here right now, there's a performance going on. You were on blankets and stuff that is Elliott and go home in that building right there. Ellie has their dining hall underneath a roadless. Above on all of our eggs are Cabot Hazard, Danny called Underneath Cap. It's buildings are that one. And that one and that one and that one and blouse, too, and everything. But those two buildings are connected underground by a tunnel, which is really nice. One benefit of plot is that there is such a good community here because you guys are so isolated. So it's really a debate of like which passed there, Barry Quad or the River houses. The plot is preferred for people who like the isolation and that inter community within the community at Harvard, feeling versus the river houses with your closer and more convenient, I'm out. All the houses have already been renovated, which is also plus, so regarding one houses. You either have singles. Know you. What I know is specifically for Cabot. You all have singles, so this could be within a suite where you have a common room. And then singles were just a single room where you sure, like a bathroom in the hallway. And right now they have a future at this quad. First that's upon me and a Belgian waffle truck. Bonnie is a really popular food truck. It's like it's American now. American. Nice Asian food on DH. We have division Waffle Place. I have a food truck here. It's really good food. Typically, you pay a lot of money to get the speed trust like, but the quad like houses got together and they're paying for everyone's meal, which is really nice there. So, so little barbecue going on right now over there. Um, and, yeah, so quick thing about food trucks. There's a lot of food trucks at just in front of the Science center. But because the Harvard law I was having their celebrations with Big Ten trucks couldn't get in so I could show you them and then their usual spots, but you're getting a glimpse of them. Right now. So I want to talk to you guys about upperclassmen housing. This is winter possum, one that was most recently renovated. Every upperclassmen, housing has a dining hall, a gym and different study rooms regarding upper class in house, injuring two different kinds of rooms that you could live in other sweets or singles. Some houses are exclusively single summer exclusively suite and stuff like that and some really cool. We're like they have, like a suite where the first floor is a common room, and then you go up to a second for which has your bedrooms, and that's just one sweet that you can live in. So there are also different upper Hausmann class upper Houseman houses, uh, very classified in two different ways. Bigger houses and the quad. So we are currently at one of the river houses, and that is because we're right by the river. This is, uh, Charles River, and there's a street rate going by, and because of this, it's Quantum River Houses of Quad is actually what used to be known as rack. But college. It was the woman's like sister College of Harvard on Before Harvard let woman into school. We're gonna be visiting there in a little bit. I heard there's, like a festival going on, so I'm excited for that. So we have, like, different bridges going across across the river. We have Mohr Harvard schools, but those are all Harvard grad schools. They have the business school across there and stuff like that. We also have the long with center, which is the Harvard Medical School. But you actually need to take a bus there. Get there? Yeah. This is the outside view of went there, pass. And this is where he could possibly live in. But one Claassen Eri advice. I heard that river houses. I have a lot of rap, So people who live in the quad say not everyone who lives in river houses are known as rats. There is a bit of both a little contentious like relationship between people who live in the river house and dickwad, but it's all in like a good, like, manner, like friendly manner. So this is Annenberg. Annenberg is a freshmen dining hall almond. Underneath it. There's a Cambridge Cambridge Queen's head pub, and you're a lot like chilling. There have drinks. If you're over twenty one self like that, it's really cool. But Annenberg itself is the freshmen dining hall. We have about one thousand eight hundred kids in my grade on Devran cuts in here to eat. No one's allowed in here. It's a freshman, and their proctors. Proctors are people who live in the dormitories with you. They could be drafted, and they could be teaching those stuff like that, and they're really swell there on the They're there to, like, resolve any of issues that you might have and stuff like that. This is all of and number. So if you want to take a look inside, imagine in your head um, that you are in the Great Hall of Harry Potter Way, actually have most of what Harry part has. We have the long tables where the high ceilings and knows the stained glass. When those you have a lot of like paintings and nearing stuff, it's really cool. We don't have blowing candles yet, but it's okay um, and this is because Harry Party Degree Hall, Perry Park and Annenberg we're both, like, modelled after Christ church in England. Yep, attached to this is Memorial Hall. A lot of people think it's a church, but it's actually there's a feature in there. Sanders Theater and a lot of events, orchestra concerts and stuff like that happened there. We had our Ted Mike's in there. It's really cool. It's a neat spot. And I believe if you do go in the admissions office information session and this is where Sanders Hall, that's where you would be going and yet I'll show you Hey, guys. And now it's twelve a. M. And you got kicked out Star Plus because because of twelve a. M. I was reading on, I was working on, like, transcribing these videos. And since, like, I'm not done yet, I figured out another video and show you guys how the scanning thing works. I talk to you guys earlier about other security rearrangement of World Hall. And basically what you do is you just scan your ID card topic turns green, the door unlocks and you're in number one security. So you might know is the weather is absolutely gorgeous today. This is kind of really I just want to talk to you guys about Cambridge weather. Although it's like, really nice sometimes. Like now, about one or two times a week. It's absolutely gloomy. It's just raining and stuff like that. We've had that the past two days, which is why I'm filming today of And yet now we're approaching the science building. The science building is a huge building, with the dome on top, where we have to telescopes on DH. You may have noticed the stooge ten. This is because we actually the Harvard Law School, a soul baring their two hundredth anniversary. So they had a bunch of events of past couple of days. We had five. Supreme Court justice has come. It was actually kind of insane. This security was Max here. Now we're approaching the science on through The Science Center is a very useful building. It was built in the nineteen seventies. I think on DH we have a lot of our science classes there. We have a lot of complex equipment their way. Have a cabin library. I'm in there as well. Cabot Library is wanting to move high type like innovation. Ask kind of library goes off like really nice lives. I wish I could take you guys inside, but I'm now off to bed You inside. So just show us street windows is entirely all this with no area. Is tablet library right here. It's like you can study at one of the dust facing outwards. I love doing that. Let your friend go free. You don't feel confined like you do in the technical library like wine. Your library, I just showed you And yeah. So this is the science center. Does love let your halls in here? I take my psych class in here because we have about four hundred kids. Uh, no one. So the bigger lectures, Aaron here on DH there. Different seminar room, other things in this building at home. So you'll find yourself in here a lot, whether it's because of habit library or because, uh, process also, we have a couple billion. They're called clover. Clover is a really like one restaurant. I guess. Like it's like a fast food restaurant, but it's, like, healthy vegan and stuff like that. And, yeah, I'm gonna be showing us Annenberg sandwiches, the So throughout campus, there's a lot like security late season called Blue Lights, and you'll see them dis around campus A lot on these blue lights are lending attached to, like emergency assistance. So at night time don't like to really break on. Basically, this connects directly to Humpty. Humpty is Harvard University Police Department. Come on. Harvard likes to make a lot of abbreviations. You'll notice that the H u. S. And stuff like that, but Humpty is Harvard's own police department on DSO D respond directly to Harvard, and they are not there a private, like police organization. And so if you ever feel unsafe walking at night time from, like, this long stretch of LeMond way back to your dorm, you can always like, uh, call Humpty. Um, and they have an escort service. We're at night time. Um, they will escort you. And if you're far away and you're like summer in the upperclassmen dorms, you actually bring one into police up police patrol cars, pick you up and drive you back. So that's really nice. Um, and if you ever feel like you're being threatened or anything, just press emergency call on DH. Talk to them, or if you're being followed, you can like press one and impress the next one, and you'll just track where you're going and then pick you up at one point. Yeah. So security is really tight here. We also have swiped. Access is for most buildings where you have to top your ID card. Um, before you can enter the building and just to show you guys like the beautiful foliage I love autumn So he didn't miss the show. But it's OK. It's only about like a ten thirty minute walk on our brisk pace. You can get there in, like, ten minutes, but, yeah. Hey, guys, I'm working right now on this kind of food is not the best. It's like killing said it. Really. It's an acquired taste. You saw it. Since you have Teo or us, you will run out of money. But luckily, Harvard got something called Board plus which is like sixty five dollars that you get per semester on your idea, and you can use that and you like cafe or stuff like that, that's run by heart, which is really nice. This coffee tend to be a little better, So I'm walking to class right now. It's approximately one note, too, but that's my class starts at one of, But that's okay because I am running on Farber time, which means, uh, I harvest time made illegally crossing the street Harvard time Ease that I can be seven minutes late to anything. Plus. And so it's because sometimes someone has like a one of a two o'clock. Then they have something from, like two o'clock to three pop. So classes start at like two seventy. You could get from your one o'clock two o'clock without having your Lakers lead on. Some professors air extra kind and they do fifty extra three minutes, so it's like it's all too. But you know, my professor, he's nice. So I have, like, a bound to like one, the seven. But he's pretty. Lots about. You see these constructions? Because horror is constantly under construction. One cool thing about it is because he is a research university has the funds to continuously like, agree. It's like facilities, but it's actually sometimes alone. Oi! Because when construction happens, they like block of entire streets, sometimes on its because you had to restructure your entire wall while we're walking by just one point out, this lovely building. This is the Harvard Art museum, um, and the Harvard Art Museum. Is that under appreciated? I feel like on campus, it's really awesome. You get free access to it if you're a student, Um and we are going to go into that. So, you guys what looks like on the inside this So this is another view of Cabot House, but from the outside of the cod area, this is another view of this saw for the social. Yeah, and there's this little alleyway erode. And then this is where the shell picks you up. So we're just waiting for the show. So we're now in a trice interior theory, which is also called the New Yard. It's not actual theater. Um, but it does have some really prominent buildings that sever hall. Um, foreign language department and government classes happened there. Um, this is why no memorial library. It's the biggest live private library collection in the world. We actually have fifty miles of bookshelves so you could run two marathons and that that's the back of University Hall in the different buildings that we just saw New York and the yard is connected directly with each other. This is Memorial Church. We started off with this church s O. This church is primarily the reason why it's called the tercentenary theory. If you see, like that group of people walking on top of it, it's almost like so it's an entire stage. And in this entire yard there's about twenty thousand folding chairs that get put out here for commencement of our commencement. Commencement is basically Harvard speak for graduation and every spring like they bring in like famous people and like, there's just graduation ceremonies. Last year, they had Mark Zuckerberg and Joe Biden. I actually got to see them. My sister graduated last year, so it was really sweet. He literally said right there where that man in the white shirt is standing. And I was like, right there. So I was so close to him. It was amazing. I'll show you. So the city of Cambridge is full of these wild turkeys. Um, and sometimes they like to pay us a visit. This is too wild turkeys right now. They're just enjoying there. Meal, I guess, when they're just chilling here. And this happened some times. One night I was coming out the Enda little house after rehearsal, and there's this wild turkey that's like right in front of door, just staring at my face like they're reckless. They're fearless here, truly wild. And speaking of animals, our campus has a lot of squirrels on, and they too, are fearless. And we also have a lot of rats. So Harvard students like you say that squirrels rule the campus by day and write by night. Yeah, losers are animals on campus. There's also a random tot that likes to stroll around campus. If I ever see him, I'll make sure to