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So there's a lot of construction going on, Simon me seemingly shouting at you guys. But I don't mean Tio. This is HSCEI Cleaners. HS A is a Harvard Student association. It's like the biggest idiot run company in the world. They have you make about like a billion dollars in profit or something. Every year they have a lot of services that says one of them doing laundry day our wood. There's a service were like, You get a bad every week and what they do is you, Phillip Logic back with all your life What all your laundry? And then it comes back in the week, folded and clean. He also have a dry service, uh, dry cleaning service. They also have a watcher service. We do look to you deliver war balls or like the big water like jugs to your room. Um, and right past that, we have insomnia, cookie, insomnia, cookie because it's open until two or three a. M. It's really big. I heard, though. If you come in right before it closes and buy a cookie, you'll get the rest of the cookies idea. Leftover for free. I don't know. It's a rumor I'm not sure if it's true. This is also another house of Lowell because, like I mentioned earlier, um and here this is the Harvard shop. The Harvard shop is also run by HS A. On because of that, they're all, like, just associate with each other. They are cheaper. H, Harvard chop donate most of its profits. We'll know part of the Harvard chop chief's most of its profits, but don't needs all royalties that they get to Harvard Financial aid to support the students. Right here. We have. D Lampoon Castle. The Lampoon is a satirical magazine. It's direct rivalry with the Crimson, which is a school newspaper. So the leg pulling projects on pranks on each other and stuff. Um, and yeah. So this is the perfect time to talk about the cop process. And the com process is basically stands or come competency. But sometimes you refer to it us a competition process. Basically, before you can join a club, you have to go through the process. Which is, you basically work for the club. Uh, you write articles were thick friends in and stuff like that. You write articles for the land food, and if he likes your work there, they let you into the pub at the end of the semester's. If not, then you're not party club. Some of them have a noncompetitive caught process such as word, which is a seed s o off student radio here on campus. Word aloud and you want to finish? Is their clock process to become a part of the club. This's include like that the bosses like, included and diversity. And it's not exclusive. Which Harvard's No. Four. And speaking of exclusivity right here we have a flag. This flag is actually the flag of a final club. Final clubs are basically the pub of social life, I guess, depending on how you look at so to life on campus. Final closer. Basically, a more elite version of, um, fraternities and sororities. There's another one right there. This plaque that you see on this parent holding all final owned buildings on campus and day have a punch process, which is basically rushing process of fraternity or sorority. Sophomore year. You get notes slipped under your door. And if it says you're invited to this cocktail or something, then you go through punching process with them. And no by November um, beginning of November, people find out whether or not they're in that final club way. Have famous Final close. Teddy Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt. We had JFK and just a lot of the president's We're in the finals clubs, so right now we are Hi, guys. So I'm actually a tour guide on campus, so I just finished my tour and we end up at Harvard Square. Um, this is like the business district of Harvard Square. We have a bunch of things. This is the garage. There's a lot of food here. We have tasty burger. We have lease, which is like a fall. Please. You have Mexican food here. We have a bunch of different types of food here. Way have But the stables way have a stable's right there. We have Pizza Cafe, coffee party, shake, Shock way. Have different like, buffet options up there. There's this really good chicken police sound serious of stables. You should definitely check out Warby Parker Kaplan hundred. Typical. But, yeah, this is Harvard Square and now show you guys more in a bit. So, Kevin, what So, Kevin, what's like your typical Friday night like Greek life is out. They party culture. Do you do that? I mean, the party, the party culture here. I know it tries. But for me, parties aren't really a big thing. Even though I'm an eccentric person. Enjoy more, like just chilling with people. If you go to a restaurant, we're just like talking with friends, watching movies. Thus, like my typical Friday night, very spontaneous chillin with people calling people and then just go. Gotcha. And what's the food options like on campus? You know, honestly, Adam Banks pretty good way. Give him way. Give him a lot of heat. You got to make you have to mass produce food for a thousand kids like you don't have high expectations. No, no, no. But the breakfast is live all the time. Lunch? Yeah. Fire. Certain days. Don't have any invitation for lunch. But the food. Other than that, though, now it's just pretty good. It's alright. God. Yet So what's your favor and least favorite part of your Harvard? Um, okay. Favorite part. The fact that I get to live with my friends like I could just get up and walk to my friend's house were to school. I wasn't able to do that in high school. I just least favorite part, um, is the work load. But like, I find my classes personally, I took classes I was actually interested in. So even though the workload is like my least favorite, I'm even still enjoying that. Yeah, Speaking of classes, which one's your favorite? Um, I'm digging this class called, So it's us W twenty for us. World twenty four. And it's called reinvented re Imagine in Boston about urban plan in urban development like sort of like city life. Different like racial things and social economic issues in city. So I love Kata. And speaking of Boston and Cambridge. Like what? What's the towns like? Cambridge is expensive, but you can find some cheap options. L half a CZ is lit a lot of time. Yeah, Cambridge is expensive, but if you go into the city of Boston, um, you don't really have to spend much money to enjoy yourself. And there's like it, especially if you haven't been to the city before. Oh, yeah, You're just looking up the whole time I had also seen because Boston's Boston is a beautiful city. And so what's like academics like? Is it tough? Just garlic, your concentration like what you're thinking about? So I have a really, I think I have a pretty well rounded first on semester, first fall semester. It's a foreign language class French, a math class, which is a piece that class us W twenty four and then expose, which is writing class. So right? I mean, the work intensity is so much different from high school, like the things I would have been able to do in high school like doing assignment the night before, could not do that here at all. Even though I try, I can't do that here. But the workload, Honestly, I think the biggest thing with that is if your work with other people, and if you use the resources that are offered on the campus, which is like a bunch of resources to help you, if you use those, you'll be able to make it. If you don't, you will definitely crashing. Burn. Very nice, Cool. So it sounds like you're instigating some advice, but what's one solid piece of provides a gift like perspective. Like seniors and stuff apply. Like apply. Like if you don't. I mean, it's obviously rejections, but if you shoot you all right. Yes. But you shoot your shot and you make it. Yeah. If you don't talk like you're stuck for life. But you will be able to move on. I say shoot your shot. And then also, if you do get in, though I said just mentally. Prepare yourself for college because it is a change. It is. Just get yourself mentally prepared for it. You may struggle. You may stumble, but that's all part of the process. Thanks so much. So right now we are on Massachusetts Avenue in Massachusetts Avenue has a lot of the small businesses on Harvard Square. This's a Santa CA is a really nice ramen shop. It's a little pricey, but they do give really good portions. One Bullet Street is where we have the rain center on the rain Century helps you a season stuff like that. Furthermore, this is Grafton Street. Grafting Street is a little pricier, but it's really nice offer. Like birthday dinners and things like that. You'll see Hong Kong for their long. Hong Kong is the oldest restaurant and, oh, this business, I believe in Harvard Square. It was forming Earth early nineteen hundreds and they are still here. This is the one cheap Chinese place, so you can eat Chinese. Who? This is where a lot of people like order for they're like parties or anything. Great by Hong Kong is another famous place. This is Mr Partly score. May Berger. Mr. Bartley's has amazing burgers. They have funky menu items. We'll take a look at their menu right now, for example, they have the mic peds. Tom Brady. They have Caitlyn Jenner, the Beyonce legalized by Agra like you have the name their burgers over really fucking days giving, like really cool things and stuff like that. And the burgers, They're actually amazing. Besides a name, this is the new and used book. This is the Harvard Book Shop. Harvard Bookshop is very old. In fact, it was a sockless in nineteen thirty two, and this was before Harvard put like a copyright or a trademark on the Harvard game. And because of this, UH, Harvard book shops a lot to use Harvard without having to pay a new royalties, which is a really interesting fact. In fact, if you go to harvard dot com actually leads to this site, the site for this bookshop and not, um, harvard dot edu Web site going along. I mentioned earlier we have a bunch of banks on campus because people are from all over the country. Are here way, have TD Bank, which is what I used way, have a different way of like Irish shops and stuff. But more importantly, past that you might start seeing assigned it's Tateh. Todd is a really cool bakery. It's like I run loves it. It's it's very pricey, but their cristante they do something with your crystal? It's not making amazing and simply have exquisite coffees and stuff, right? Possibly have, like the typical Kajoba, where you can, like, grab a quick meal if you want. And one more famous like, please for, like Harvard's doings, is J. P. Like it's coming up right around right? Three ahead. GP Lakes is one of the ice cream stores on campus, Um, but is very popular with students because it's open. It's open until twelve a. M. And because of this, kids will, like, hang out here at like ten PM like Paul does, like grabbing ice cream and things. And right here, this is Fairfax. This is also one of the swing houses I mentioned earlier. Um, with like this and one final story, I want to point out it's a little further along. We're almost there. It's called clover. Clover is like a fast with vegan place. Do you have like fries? But like it's fried red rosemary. They have really good like sandwiches. He just create a meatball. Um, but yeah, this is amazing food. If you're ever feeling like more vegan like vegetarian things. Clover was actually featured in a movie, Africa. Which ones, but they're featured in the movie, and because of that, they were really famous. Now we're going to go to Uppercross penthouses, and I'm going to tell us more about upperclassmen, dorms and stuff. So this is Annenberg. Annenberg is a freshmen dining hall almond. Underneath it. There's a Cambridge Cambridge Queen's head pub, and you're a lot like chilling. There have drinks. If you're over twenty one self like that, it's really cool. But Annenberg itself is the freshmen dining hall. We have about one thousand eight hundred kids in my grade on Devran cuts in here to eat. No one's allowed in here. It's a freshman, and their proctors. Proctors are people who live in the dormitories with you. They could be drafted, and they could be teaching those stuff like that, and they're really swell there on the They're there to, like, resolve any of issues that you might have and stuff like that. This is all of and number. So if you want to take a look inside, imagine in your head um, that you are in the Great Hall of Harry Potter Way, actually have most of what Harry part has. We have the long tables where the high ceilings and knows the stained glass. When those you have a lot of like paintings and nearing stuff, it's really cool. We don't have blowing candles yet, but it's okay um, and this is because Harry Party Degree Hall, Perry Park and Annenberg we're both, like, modelled after Christ church in England. Yep, attached to this is Memorial Hall. A lot of people think it's a church, but it's actually there's a feature in there. Sanders Theater and a lot of events, orchestra concerts and stuff like that happened there. We had our Ted Mike's in there. It's really cool. It's a neat spot. And I believe if you do go in the admissions office information session and this is where Sanders Hall, that's where you would be going and yet I'll show you Hey, guys, I'm working right now on this kind of food is not the best. It's like killing said it. Really. It's an acquired taste. You saw it. Since you have Teo or us, you will run out of money. But luckily, Harvard got something called Board plus which is like sixty five dollars that you get per semester on your idea, and you can use that and you like cafe or stuff like that, that's run by heart, which is really nice. This coffee tend to be a little better, So I'm walking to class right now. It's approximately one note, too, but that's my class starts at one of, But that's okay because I am running on Farber time, which means, uh, I harvest time made illegally crossing the street Harvard time Ease that I can be seven minutes late to anything. Plus. And so it's because sometimes someone has like a one of a two o'clock. Then they have something from, like two o'clock to three pop. So classes start at like two seventy. You could get from your one o'clock two o'clock without having your Lakers lead on. Some professors air extra kind and they do fifty extra three minutes, so it's like it's all too. But you know, my professor, he's nice. So I have, like, a bound to like one, the seven. But he's pretty. Lots about. You see these constructions? Because horror is constantly under construction. One cool thing about it is because he is a research university has the funds to continuously like, agree. It's like facilities, but it's actually sometimes alone. Oi! Because when construction happens, they like block of entire streets, sometimes on its because you had to restructure your entire wall while we're walking by just one point out, this lovely building. This is the Harvard Art museum, um, and the Harvard Art Museum. Is that under appreciated? I feel like on campus, it's really awesome. You get free access to it if you're a student, Um and we are going to go into that. So, you guys what looks like on the inside this