All right, so we're here, Uh, Taco, and it's very nice is like an inside portion. Out there is the outside portion for days. It's really nice out. They also have heaters for what? It's cold. So it's still, you know, open and nice when even when it's cold out. Yeah, it's one of my favorite places. They come right next door is so long, saloon. So normally they're both really, really busy. And so normally I like Kyoto Goto once see what the line is like, go to the other because they're literally right next door. They probably share a wall. Uh, yeah, there's a lot of, like, nice little, you know, a place like this. There's kites, which has like a really long K state history on. Then there was, like more chain type restaurants like Applebee's on, uh, Buffalo Wild wings. So there's really anything you guys want when it comes, like going out type food. So maybe you guys should definitely come down here. I highly recommend Taco Lucia. You are Mexican and then so long. Salute if you want, like bar girl food.