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I want my name. I won't wait. Very. And I also work for admission. So if I found a little to one's like a torrent God. Sorry. It's my job. It's what I think you know about wearing a badge. You are a college, and they are at work right now. That is a little different. So my favorite academic building is you guessed at the conservatory right here. And the conservatory is my favorite building. Basically, because I'm here all the time. I'm always taking classes here and having my lessons as well as practicing for hours a day. Um, so I've really grown attached to this place. Um, and I'm definitely gonna go inside and show you guys what the conservatory has to offer. Oh, one of the biggest components about the conservatory. Hear it, Lawrence is the chapel on the chapel's behind me right here. The chapel is basically the biggest performance hall that Lawrence has to offer and usually houses the biggest, um, ensemble performances such as the orchestra concert and the band concert. But it also does host smaller chamber ensemble recitals and solo recitals as well. So I'm about to head into the chapel right now and show you guys what it looks like around there. But I do need to be quiet because there's somebody in there practising the organ. Yes. No. Hey. So the other big performance area for music is Harper Hall here, and Harper Hall is usually for the smaller ensemble performances as well as the solo on some performances. Right now, there is a composition recital going on. So I'm gonna go in and show you guys a little bit of what the hell looks like and what performances are like inside there. The composition recital is actually part of the composition studio where they have students, right? Piece of music. And they get their music performed by students here at the conservatory. No. Yeah. So the conservatory here also has an auditorium known as the Stansbury Theatre. The Stansbury Theatre houses many plays, musicals and other drama performances, as well as shows put on by students from the college. They're also very large lectures, but take place here, such as freshman studies, lectures. Um, I'm gonna go in and show you guys around a bit. It is going very dark so you won't be able to see much. Uh, that's because there is a rehearsal going on for the plays that are going to be this weekend. I do need to be a little quiet to was well, resigning. Blessing. The bride is you know, you promise freedom from his phone. It's a deal. Proof? No edible. So, um, one part about being in the conservatory's that there's lots of extracurricular stuff that you could be part of, such as a small chamber groups, Um, where you, Khun get together with friends and playing music that you want to play in the much smaller group setting. There's also the largest samba LS such as the band of the orchestra and the choir's. I'm actually going to show you what a typical orchestra