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So I'm from Bridgeton Made, which is a southern Maine by the border of New Hampshire over on the East Coast. But I'm involved with quite a bit on campus. I am one of the board members of our happy chapter, which is the National Association for Music Education. I am also in Delta Gamma, which is our women's fraternity on campus in Sigma Alpha Iota, which is our music majority are, well, also involved with quite a bit of ensembles. And before. So I went ensemble. I'm the Symphony Orchestra here at Lawrence, and I'm also involved with various chamber groups. I just had a tree recital with Viola. Clarence and Piano Trio are over in the campus center, and that was really, really great. The biggest adjust. I had two coming to Lawrence University, Wass definitely having a room for the first couple of weeks because I I missed only child. So I used to living by myself for all of my life and living with roommates, which is a different environment. I was, yeah, but I adjusted pretty quickly, and my roommate last year was really, really great and my roommate, this year's also really great. My favorite secret spot on campus is actually the dam's room in the conservatory because I go in there when I'm really, really nervous for performance, and I find it to be very calming on DH. So I spent a lot of time in there before, like competitions before recitals, things like that. My least everything about Laurence is something that we call the Lawrence busy and also rewards bubble. So the Lawrence busy is the idea that you need to be involved kind of twenty four seven on campus, and you need to be constantly doing work and the idea that if you're not doing work, when you'd just see which a lot of people have mind set. And it's something that we're trying to fix here on DH Lawrence Bubble is kind of this closed space that is Lawrence University, and we sometimes forget there's an outside world. And then once we actually get out of words, you were like, Oh, there's like an actual town here, and we kind of realize that way are not going to be here forever. My most everything about Lawrence is hands down the community here, so because wear so small were about fifteen hundred students. We know each other super, super well, and we see each other pretty much every day. And everybody is super friendly and really supportive here, regardless of the conservatory College. If your science major or you're humanities major, everybody is kind of just part of this huge community here on DH, especially coming in as a freshman. A lot of upperclassmen welcome you with open arms, which is really, really great, and we don't get that in a lot of colleges. I want my name. I won't wait. Very. And I also work for admission. So if I found a little to one's like a torrent God. Sorry. It's my job. It's what I think you know about wearing a badge. You are a college, and they are at work right now. That is a little different.