Loyola Marymount University Dining & Food

Guys, we're on our way to seventeen eighty slash Pizza Hut, which is get in the fresh. We're going to get some dinner and I'll show you the inside. Let's. All right, Really? Let's go inside the side of the building in seventeen. Eighty eight and then over there. As you can see, there are many. Right here in front of you. On the pizza outside. Bill's here. The same going in seventeen. Eighty eight. Is this? All of you and so. What? Help. As you can see, it's pretty popular place. It's a popular right now, but you just tonight. Really? That's great, so love that. It's right behind me of the Layer marketplace, which is one of the main common food areas on the campus, and you get a lot of different things to eat here, including, uh, Burrito Bowl place, Sandwich Shop, Burger's Grill and a pasta bar. That's pretty nice, and it's pretty dope, which is all really good. And they're really a lot of pressure having meal plan here on campus, A lot of upperclassmen temple don't have kitchens where they live. My freshmen and sophomores typically have one because they're relying on their on the further they could get around campus food. You're also very accessible. Opened until pretty late at night, with the last place closing at two in the morning and being ableto and food being available around six AM for everyone. The layer itself is one of the main place in the campus because of all of our dining options. Because it's open toe lion dollars line dies. Are you meal plan, where you select one of four options. The beating of the year? L being the highest. I being the next Oh being the next and and being the last to me and how much you depending on how much you want go through in college, you'll be You'll be able to find your perfect plan for you and I'll be very interactive, helping you choose. All right. This is called layer like Clark, are you buildings? Wait. Fine. So depending on to choose how much money Yeah, but this is about your friend. I would have just breathe place like it's.