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Sean Shares What a Quad in Campion is Like

While most dorms in Campion are doubles, there are a few quad options that you can choose if interested. Rather than just being four beds crammed into one room, quads structure themselves as if they were two doubles. The only significant differences is that a quad has their own personal bathroom and that two roommates share one closet door, though no closet space inside is lost compared to a double.

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Sean Anderson
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They're mostly is on the corners, the building. The building is shaped like a backwards E, for the most part. So where you get like the corners of the building, that's where you'll find The quads is not just for beds. Quad. They it's basically split of almost intellect to doubles so that you'd have a bunk bed and then the same amenities that you would get in just a normal double. Like they each have their own deaths, their own chair and their own dresser. They also have their own closet, but it is just one closet is structured into two different layers. So once do one person have one like the front ro and insect first can have the back row. It basically set up like a double, but you have a door that separates the other section of the quad saying come through. Next section structured more or less the same way, like you and have a bunk bed deaths and then your own dressers and the closet. To get to the second section of the quad, you do have to walk through the other door. So if you are living in the second part of the quad, you will go through the original first part of the quad. But when you are living in space together like this, you get along real well. If your roommate so it doesn't affect you that much, we walking through somebody else's room. Quad comes with its own bathroom, so you have your own toilet shower sink in there that you can use without having used to community after him. Since I am in a double, I just use the communal bathroom. When you live in equality, have that option using your own bathroom as well. He's basically out of a bathroom quad, so you have your own twelve, your own sink. Like the bathroom in this squad is different than the bathroom. That's in the three north quad, because three South quad the usual time Wait a little bit differently. Whereas the clot up in three North, they had there been separated. Uh, but yeah, you have options like that when you live in a cloud that you can do with your room. So that's mentioned leaving your view that all four of my friends let me use their quad for that video. The one friend who left me and she had to take a phone call go quick. I'm so thankful for them for the room.