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Thinking about Loyola University Chicago and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Loyola University Chicago in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Loyola University Chicago’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Loyola University Chicago, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Loyola University Chicago experience. These Loyola University Chicago video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right, so this is kind of like a party to of last night. I gave a little bit to talk about like, Oh, how sports work, oil, how you get into that And at that game, it was just so packed that like, you couldn't hear a single word. Yeah, so we're going to take the time here to give you a little explanation of how way have gained and supports your loyal, all home sports games you get into for free with your oil, I'd have to scan in. It is a little bit different now with men's basketball, because they had there Final four appearance last season. So now there's a lot of hype for this season for the coming seasons, so they had to structure differently with, like, huge numbers. June's coming in. For example, our game last night was a rematch of the Sweet sixteen from one made that Final Four run, So there was a huge crowd. The game and start until seven o'Clock. There was a line starting, probably like three o'clock. The clip that's in this video. That wine was for thirty. They structured this year where they opened the doors about ninety minutes early and you get in and it's first come first served with the student section and that fills up. Then they'll give any unsold tickets to students that won the game for free, like you win after paying you extra. For that, you get in for free. You could get any concessions with your ramble bucks on your oil idea, and that's always so much fun on that. You can see feel of it from last night. So it was a no go your way. Yeah. Don't even mention you. Choose to accept it. Rock today. Is that fair? I can do that. What you mean? Come on. Ok, he's started my man Leo doing work right here. Looking from Dember, Colorado Martin's re claw thing going all state in high school this year. Reclassified Catch me cost 2019 senior Moderately high school California number one running back in the country. Look, Devante number one running back mixtapes robbing me rowing team. I'm going one day. Okay for this Pass me a cool to milk crisp. Do you know what I'm saying? Yeah, Yard pay for this. This is $8000. My brain's gonna start small, right? Right. I'll start even smaller. Where? The 25. Okay, look at those tries. That's a face of a winner. I'm trying to get rid of it. You get a look at my man, Brock Lesner. I understand. There like a vegetable. Do something. Look at this. It was like kept with that in the video, just in reaction. That's good. That's good. Been way I thank you with. I'm latching on bay. Now I know what I have, yes, young girls. Fantastic. That's it for today's video. Thanks for watching. Thanks for tuning into today's installment. If you like this video, be sure to give it a like If you're not subscribed, I'd say Subscribe more videos on the way with that being said, I'll catch you in the next one. Yeah, that's perfect. Bobby, you say thank you May be sorry Just left me What? What you tell us This city on the hotel is honestly Chicago's first time at Portella Way. That library and when we were studying was at the water tower campus downtown. That's Loyalist second campus. I don't have classes there this semester, but I've classes there next semester. I've a class there next semester, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so I'll be able to show the Water Tower campus because I don't think a lot of people know about it or seen it really on YouTube or anything. So I'll be able to show that next semester when we get back. Yeah, this video short haven't really been doing anything. There's really nothing to film currently editing this video. And after that I'm just gonna be studying. And with that being said that saw like up, You're not subscribed, I'd say. Subscribe more videos on the So we're out here in a quad in Campion. Quad is there's very few of these. They're mostly is on the corners, the building. The building is shaped like a backwards E, for the most part. So where you get like the corners of the building, that's where you'll find The quads is not just for beds. Cream in a one room. Each room has their own space. Someone show you around a little bit. So these are my friends. Quad. They it's basically split of almost intellect to doubles so that you'd have a bunk bed and then the same amenities that you would get in just a normal double. Like they each have their own deaths, their own chair and their own dresser. They also have their own closet, but it is just one closet is structured into two different layers. So once do one person have one like the front ro and insect first can have the back row. It basically set up like a double, but you have a door that separates the other section of the quad saying come through. And then here's the next section. Next section structured more or less the same way, like you and have a bunk bed deaths and then your own dressers and the closet. To get to the second section of the quad, you do have to walk through the other door. So if you are living in the second part of the quad, you will go through the original first part of the quad. But when you are living in space together like this, you get along real well. If your roommate so it doesn't affect you that much, we walking through somebody else's room. But it does build a little bit more community. Quad comes with its own bathroom, so you have your own toilet shower sink in there that you can use without having used to community after him. If you wanted that way out for yourself. Since I am in a double, I just use the communal bathroom. So is most people. But when you live in equality, have that option using your own bathroom as well. He's basically out of a bathroom quad, so you have your own twelve, your own sink. We also have your own shower, too. Each squad comes with their own bathroom. Like the bathroom in this squad is different than the bathroom. That's in the three north quad, because three South quad the usual time Wait a little bit differently. Like this quad have their bunk beds, funk. Whereas the clot up in three North, they had there been separated. Uh, but yeah, you have options like that when you live in a cloud that you can do with your room. So that's mentioned leaving your view that all four of my friends let me use their quad for that video. They were super nice, fat. I'm super thankful. But the one friend who left me and she had to take a phone call go quick. So she was outside. That's why I was myself most of the young. But yeah, I'm so thankful for them And so has I've said multiple times overall is that our school is literally right on the lake. And so, to prove my point, I have brought you to the side of the lake. Here we are. It's a little frozen over, but in a little windy, but it sorry. It's really, really nice when it's former to believe what? Like it's really nice to. Just like walk by a big old body of water such as this. Uh huh. Whether people have been hiding period. Siberia, uh, like twenty degrees sometimes. So our room is pretty minimalist when it comes to the decorations. But I'm going to show you on my friend's lives over in Campion and show you kind of have to make the most of decorating your room. Hello. Okay, so here we are in Lindsay and Fury's room. Their room. This room. I'd say it's more than, like best decorated. I've seen they've got so many lives. If he's hanging up artwork, they make it feel very much at home. Like we've got a little Christmas treats Who for the holidays? Um, and yeah. Oh, my God. But, uh, yeah, but I really liked about their rooms. They each made, like, under their beds because they got theirs. Junior lofted. They each meet under the best, have a little so like nook to study and just hang out at all. Oh, my God. Yeah. I mean, my mom was great, like all their desk Teo, foot of several, just time. Things about like, what they like about each other about their personalities. And it feels very much like home rather than a dorm, you might say. All right, We're out here across the street raising Kane's way. Just got back from the basketball game Way did lose a lot of fun, even though the other team, we're not going to be rude. But it was literally just these two twins on. Basically, they're on Cerise, that's all Wass. But it was so good. Uh, yeah, raising Kane. There's a lot of restaurants like you where your little, just across the street from camping because it's North campus like there's ID off there's chains. Our duty is to plays pizza Tio. There's a lot of options to a lot of except, remember, books. So that's on your oil idea. Transfer money onto there, and you can use that places like these Nineteens because we found it out. We're a dying dog way rats, these grammar books. And then she was like, Oh, no, we accept them. But some places do Some places don't just hands on their business. Yeah, it is a nice because you're right across. It's easily accessible. And, yeah, it's always fine. You need. You need a little taller when you get a little bit taller. I'm trying. WeII, just left to nobly dining eso de nobly that is pretty somewhere to Damon, and Structures offers free somewhere stuff. It is unique in that it has a positive are, too, and you can make your own pizza or a house, a home. What else is there? There's always some kind of pasta every day. There's also a residence hall as nobly, so students could just well, I come from their dorm down to the dining hall like they only have to leave the building, which is cool. We don't get that. Campion nobly Dining hall also has late night dining, which Damon and Simpson don't. This truth sinks in that, eh? Options over, since it is much more care, toe vegan and vegetarian options. It is pretty empty and their most of time, which is weird. But, uh compares the other one. Prince, the other dining halls. It is a good place to go, especially if you're looking for more, especially thank you. Good morning, guys. Welcome to my get ready with me. I'm going to be filming a day in my life And I chose a Wednesday because my Mondays and Wednesdays are super busy My Manu What says I take five classes? Sometimes it consume a little busy Today I'll be taking you guys tio my history class by police plus a swell as my You see W R class, which is a first year writing seminar on DH. I'm also going to be going to the choirs are which is told a not normal. But since I have to catch up on being a music major, I'm requires help Fill in, build one credit that I missed last Mr. I also have a lot of downtime Been between classes so you'll get to see that as well So right now I'm walking to my eight fifteen. It's actually really early. I didn't got be leaving this early every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I walk into my fifteen, I take a picture of the lake and, like, I just watch the scenery from the lake just cause it's so nice and why not? My first classes. That crown center, which is right about there. Um, there's a different way of going like through the quads, but I really just like going through the lakefront just because so scenic and also just because, like, I don't know, it feels like a shorter walk to me, but I think it's just because I take a picture of, like, every morning I just got out of my eight fifteen. My next class isn't until twelve thirty five, but I go back to my dorm after by a fifteen and then I get brunch with my friends Rachel in Rosa. After breakfast. I usually Gautam underline and I practice my music. I do this for like an hour and then I go tio my poly psych class. And sometimes, if I don't feel like practicing all that often, I will mess around on the piano. Wait, I'm on my way to the library. But that's just for my use. E w Our class is yuk until I'm in the icy right now, I have, like, one more class period before my u. C W R class, and usually I come into the library early to work on my schoolwork and review what I have to look at for my writing class. I just got out of the C w. R. And now I'm onto going Teo higher classes. In the next video, I'll be showing you guys what it is like when you have a night in at So right now I'm heading to my honors. Like your hall. Uh, dissection is something every freshman does for their entire first year. Everyone in the Eyes program is in the same lecture hall, and then it branches out into different discussion areas. So that is a classroom more like thirty students, where you dive deeper into the topic, and the lecture hall is more based on. You have one teacher who specializes in that study, and they will talk about the work that you're reading about for us. We are our first. Mestre is focused on Western tradition through to the Renaissance, and they're taking Mr Focuses on the Western position after the sale. So even reading a lot of Socrates, Plato? No. Some of the gospel stuff like that. And, yeah, it's pretty interesting, but it can be a lot of work. But when you're in the community like that, when everyone that makes so much more special when you're all together like the same things when you're in the dorm. Thank you, Brent Technology rules in the lecture hall. It's I'll show you a little guns before class. I can't really show you a whole lot else. Because they don't really allow that you just be taken hand knows and used last. Especially you. Especially the way you're reaching out to your professor. And then they will keep it up a mission that