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So right now, I'm in front of the Loyola Notre Dom Library. What makes a good library? Is it being a good place to study? And here there's a lot of good places to study. Of course, there's a quiet floor, but there's also a couple of rooms that are really good to do. Group work really liked doing work here, especially that I'm gonna be working late because usually library closes at about two a. M. And I think during the exams it might even be open twenty four hours. This library is cool because there's a lot of resource is in here like you can borrow a sewing machine. There's a three D printer, There's a PR machine. There's a lot of like, cool, techie stuff in here. I really want to learn how to sew. And the only thing that's keeping me from doing so is my laziness. Because there's a sewing machine right there. There's also a three D printer. There's a couple classes that use it, and it's really fun because they show you how to use it and you can take a little tutorial. It's nice to know that I have access to these So down here in the basement of Maryland Tall, we have the riding center. This is clearly a really great space to work. It's pretty quiet. There's a lot of space down here to just do work. There is a lounge that has a lot of great resource is. Down here. We also got the writing center, which is a really great resource because you have student workers look over here, homework, your essays and help you out with whatever you're working on. We're now on the fourth floor of Maryland, tall in the language Learning center. As you can see, this spot is really colorful, and there's a lot of tech in here. I actually work up here in the Language Learning Center, so I know this place to really well. We have a ton of like foreign movies. We have a movie theatre. We have this computer lab we have, like kind of a lounge slash reading room across the hall in another classroom, which students have a lot of access to, and it's used for clubs. The Language Learning Center is a pretty popular spot to study because it's really great for studying on your own or working with a group because there's a ton of white boards in here and it's great for collaborating. Right now, Evan and I are walking to the flawed. All of the academic buildings are pretty much like surrounding the quad. It's like a pretty cute like area, very green. There's a lot of trees, In fact, um, Lula's A recognized our Meriem. And basically that means that there's a lot of variety of trees here, and in fact, they have. Sometimes they have little plaques on the little signs that tell you like their scientific name and just like they're normal name. And then you know a bit more about trees when it's nice, like people like to put up their hammocks. And sometimes they stack them and, like, really cool. And I sure it makes for great instagram post. Here at Loyola, we only really have one wa during this spring. We have something called Lula Appaloosa, which is a like. It's basically our version of a music festival. A couple years ago, all American rejects played, and Evan we played last year. Two years ago, we had Oh, yeah, so we don't know who's playing this year, but I'm pretty excited to Right now, I'm on my way to the gym. A k a the fact or fitness. An aquatic center. So it's a pretty big facility, and there's a lot going on in there. In fact, I'm going there now for an inter soccer game. So I think I'm just gonna let one of my teammates let you guys know more about it. Am I? Where are we right now? Here at the fact Fitness and Aquatics today way Intramural soccer, The Activity Centre Court. What else we have in here. So why would this be good for the volleyball? And then you have two courts over there that basketball intramural basketball games like Second Place. Like behind this wall, you have a bunch of equipments and like, treadmills and stuff like that, and upstairs there's a trap. They're a bunch of workout areas. And then, like four five racquetball courts, fellas like pink tables and something to play with you. What's your favorite thing to do in here? Playing intramural Okay, So now we are in the college center. There's a lot of stuff that goes on in this building were right next to the on campus gallery. This is where a lot of local artists come and show their art, and it's a pretty cool spot. Now we're gonna head over to the rest of the building and check out the Starbucks. Down that way is the Starbucks. This is a really great space to do homework and meet with people are just chill before class. There's a lot of seating up here, but then further down behind the Starbucks, there's a lot more space. Over here at the other end of the student center, we have a lot of our dining options. There's talk Correa or Mexican food Option Green Peel, which essentially is a juice bar smoothie bar and then our main dining hall, Boulder. And above that folder two point, Oh, up on the third floor, there's a centre for intercultural engagement, which essentially is the home of student activities, student government, a lot of services, which is in charge of a lot of like the cultural clubs. There is also just a lot of room to study, and there's a couple like private rooms. So yeah, it's a course for and then this building is also home to Ritz Arena, which is where our So one of my favorite places at Loyola is, um, this memorial. I will flip the camera this memorial for the lives that were lost in nine eleven. So here you can see Thea Bible quote sums. Twenty seven. Wait for the Lord, Be strong and let your heart take courage. This is really relevant just because it's a Jesuit institution and as, ah, school and university with really a big business program. We had a lot of men and women who are lost in the September eleventh attack is also just a cool place to hang out. There's a lot of benches when this is what it's warm out. There's a little fountain here. A lot of students spend time here. It's also conveniently placed next Donley Science Center Um, and it's often pretty quiet around here so students up to one of my personal favorite spot on campus that is a hidden little gem, and it is the nine eleven Memorial. I spent a lot of time here my freshman year. So, as you can see, there's this cute little fountain here, and this is a little hidden corner of campus, right next to the Donnelly Science Center and the chapel. It is hidden away. I had some bushes and trees surrounding it, and as you can see, I walked up there, a little path to get here. So it is kind of after Wei of the main campus, and the reason I love this space is just kind of water. You get a nice breeze sitting here. It's not too much in the sun, but you get enough sunlight on you, and it's a great place to stop and think. My freshman year, whenever I was anxious or was having a rough day or needed to talk to a friend, I would always come sit. Here are my friends, and I would come sit here at night and just have nice tops. Our campus is really safe, so it's a safe place to sit on. Also just again really relaxing with water benches. It kind of gives you a break from the academic life. I usually don't work here. It's really just a great place for conversation, sitting in reflecting, kind of getting away from the hustle and bustle you wear now at one of my hidden gems of Layla. I am all about good study space, and this is definitely good study space. We're at the entrance to a C Z S J this under community service and justice, and they have this little courtyard right here. You're just around the corner from Starbucks, and the great thing about this, it's tucked away. You cannot see the Starbucks in the hustle and bustle from here. Um, and it's really quite there's only two tables and there's umbrellas and honestly get some really, really nice shade during the day. So if you're like me and you're prone to getting some Marines, it's also a great place to sit and still be outside. But not kind of be in the crazy hectic this. If you need a quieter place to study, and while you're at it, you might as well check out CCS J, which is our Center for Community Service injustice. And they do a lot of great work. They will send you out to different service sites and have a lot of community partnerships that you can get Where we going? So here we are at loyal is one in on ly quad. It's a pretty small campus, so we only have one real central area. And this is exactly where most classes are. This is where most academic buildings are. Here is a, um, a statue of St Ignatius of Loyola. Um So here is another statue of the Virgin Mary. Behind that is the humanities building. Um, it's very big and one of the most photographed things on this campus, for sure, because it's beautiful any time of the day. Um, you can see people hanging out there a lot of times in the really warm days, people hang out just on the porch and, um, just soak in the sun. So right now, I'm just walking through the quad cutting out those angles, right? Yeah. So I'm just walking through the kwan right now. Some people like I walked over here with my friends who were going to class. I don't have class for the rest of the day, so new things are coming. Wait for the sirens to pass. That happens a lot, but, you know, it's part of living in a city. So now I'm over here by the church. This is the front door two on the Lola Alumni Chapel. Can't get this in one. So it's very, very beautiful. There's a lot of times that you will see people getting married. A lot of alumni get married here. There's often events, especially since it's in such close proximity to the quad. There's a bird, so there's a lot of events held here. They also have mass, which is easily accessible, and it's all centered around students. The architecture er on this building is just very, very beautiful. As you can see, there's another set of stairs right there, which also connect to another to the Salinger School of Business. Another beautiful doorway. The's plants look a little bit tired, but that is entirely due, tio, just the fact that we're coming into spring because they always keep the entire campus very manicured. So a lot of people I know comments of the masses here. Additional list is also the home of campus welcome to humanity's my favorite building and where I have a lot of fun. They are now in the philosophy department and the basement of humanity's. If you watched my day my life out like a love lock, then you would have seen this classroom in this type of area. Because this is where my philosophy class, which my first class of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays is think about communities that not many people know about is this courtyard that's located in the center. So they're just kind of tucked away spot that you could go Teo, because of this building is kind of maze, so there are a lot of little hidden jumps that you will find. I'm sure I have not even discovered yet give you a sense of how much of maize this building is that this is the emergency exit plan and all those little rooms, our classrooms and lounges, and it is honestly so confusing in here. So if you have a class in here, especially your first year, make sure you get there early and figure out where it is because you were going to get lost. Everybody does. It's kind of a rite of passage. Every department in the humanities building has their own lounge, so this is the poly side apartment, and it is decorated like a poly side apartment. You can see that they have world clocks on the walls, and it's very sleek. Clean, organized kind of fits the political science. When you come to the English Lounge, it is a whole different way. Have warm, comfy seating, lots left bookshelves, and there is a giant victor dictionary over there. All the professors have stopped. There is T. Williams Humpy seeds, and it's just like a cozy little library type space. And this is right down the hall, like literally two steps over from political science. As you can see, every department has a feel. One of the things I love about English department is that they're all about like, soon achievements, so they have pictures of students and different events that they have hang on the wall here, and it's just so cute. Humanity's also has kind of great study space in these comfy babe window areas. Maybe this is just the English major in me, but I love sitting in his little spots, getting good light and being tucked away in this quiet little area staircase. It's super nice. Um, it really looks like something out of a movie. This little window area on the staircase is where I did all of my reading freshman year. I loved it and it said Snapchats, my friends would be like my school is I know I'm a nerd. Thiss little space is Hug. Lounge is just a nice, cozy little study space in here. If you're waiting for any of the oppressors, have some time to kill and want to cozy up but don't want to go back to your apartment. This place right next to hug lands is there a factory? This is where professors need and formal events will happen. There's a chance that you'LL be in here at some point, but it's not most commonplace. It's usually just professors for business meetings. Honestly, for me to show you all of this building, we would be here forever. But those are just a few snippets. I should give you a field what this building is like, and it really is my favorite building on campus. They put a lot of work into the architecture of this building and is a beautiful. And I have some great clothes and some great professors in here, so I hope you get to spend time Hi, guys. So since I'm staying here for Easter weekend, I thought I would take you through kind of what my weekend looks like. I, you know, went around Johns Hopkins with some friends and got a massage. And now I am just chilling out. So just kind of gives you a good idea of what you do in Baltimore all with really close distance to have this on just today when you have some free time and excited Come here logging your hand. And I just wrapped up getting massaged. It was life changing. ***, it's pouring out. Just one came to my apartment building, and I am so But it was so weird that it was so nice and said, Let me stay. Please bring Thio. Relax, my friend. Hell, it's up. My name is Marie and I'm from Silver Spring, Maryland. Thanks for deciding to check out Loyola. I'ma seeing you're here. So I'm pretty familiar with this school, and I'm excited to show you guys around. Lola is a medium size school located in Baltimore, meaning there's a lot to do both on campus and off of campus. Our school is pretty involved in the community, so there's a lot of volunteer opportunities. Baltimore is a really culturally rich city, so there's a lot to do in town. A lot of museums. There's a zoo, the aquarium. And because Baltimore is so old, there's a lot of historic sites and a lot to learn about in this town. On this tour, I'm going to show you guys the different dorms on campus. You guys know what life is like here, what academic life is like here, the clubs, sports night life and, honestly, everything you need to know about this school. So let's just keep this intro short and sweet and get to it. Here we are. And there the lights. So right now, I think this is the girl's lacrosse team. Practice with your culture. But this is where all the cross and soccer games were held. This is also where we hold the battle of Charles Street every other year, and that is our game against up Johns Hopkins, our biggest rival. And everyone always goes all out. And then on game days. A lot of times, Loyola's concession stand sells chick polite so you could get Chick fil A sandwiches and fries and a bunch of other sort of snacks. But that's just a really cool thing that's offered out. This is where I'm loyal. Holes it tailgates here they'LL provide snacks and drinks before the game for the people who've gone before. is a res arena, and that is where any basketball people games help. Sometimes other events like the yes, A show is also helping there. Also, if you're like me, you don't do sports, he stares. Are perfect place to sit on sunny days and get some sun. Crete's is located right next to our practice field, which, if you go up here, is just located right off of the Claude. And if you are involved in sports, they have practice games here all the time. Sometimes there are real games, but usually it is clumps towards the plane. This field. Usually it's club sports, but sometimes there are other D one team's playing on here. We are a D one school in the Patriot League, so especially for sports like lacrosse, it is a great school, and this is some great space more than welcome to come use this field and just have fun. There's a lot of people usually playing soccer and Frisbee here at the end of the day on warm days, and we do have an ultimate Frisbee team. Okay, so I'm sitting here on the quad. It is a beautiful day out on I'm sitting in front of the Statue of St Ignatius, which is one of the most iconic loyal of marketing pictures. So I figured I'd give you guys a CEO of where I am Claude. And also it's beautiful with the cherry blossoms right now while they're in bloom. So yeah, just kind of enjoying sitting outside and enjoying the day in the beautiful weather. Right now, it's the day that everybody is leaving for Easter break. I'm staying on campus, so it's a really peaceful, really nice and just a great time to relax and get some work done. Quad it. Leah was really the centre of academic life. All of their buildings that have classes are located on the quad, and this is like one of the things that makes little agree, even though it is a medium sized school. All of your classes are centrally located, and it just is a beautiful, well kept nice area, and it's really easy to run in between classes and passing times for classes. During the day, this will be bustling and on early warm days this will be filled with people in hammocks on link. It's and just really enjoying It's a little windy up here. Um, but I want to show you guys one of my favorite places on campus. Um, this is a balcony over Boulder to point out so a lot of people can come up here and eat lunch or eat dinner on a nice day. I've seen a lot of people actually tanning up here. It's close to the sun, but let me give you so there's plenty of space and obviously, today is windy. Not the best day to be up here, but, um, either way, so there's a lot of a lot of tables, and we have this perfect view of the fields. So I was going to do my food review up here at the Balcony of Boulder two point. Oh, because this is where I eat. Um, pretty often when it's nice out, but it's a little bit windy, so I think I'm going to take, um, my box to go. Um, they will give you boxes. Um, if you say that you want to take your food to go at, um, Boulder or Iggy's, So let's go back to my room, and I think I'll give you guys a little orating. Where are we? Ten. You have the fact, which is the fitness and aquatic center. You will place your full workout facility. You have an Olympic sized pool. Actually, every now and then you may see Michael Phelps here swimming. All right. You ready to get a workout in? So the fact has to force. Right now, I'm on the bottom for you can see we have three on basketball courts. So these courts down here can be scheduled out. Two different teams that want to play. So if you and your friends would come and play and, uh, compete with another team and maybe a basketball game, pick up basketball game and you're welcome to as long as you sign up on the schedule or the court is open. Here is the basketball courts from above. Uh, right now I'm walking on the tracks in my birds. So right next to the track boil a ce fac has thes rooms, um, over to this side over here, and they are used for the exercise schedule. So Boyle has planned defends with instructors, which give me students or teachers that you can come here and take uh So here are some of the options and my roommate has been some of these I actually happen, but she says that they're really fun, and it's a really fun community to be involved in. They also have group exercise surveys, great here for any input. So another cool thing about these rooms is that when they aren't being used for classes, you can use them to work out. And so I have come in here with my friends and just put down mats and worked out in here because you get a little bit more privacy. So this is a really big Jim. So there's a lot of places to work out if you are like, there's a lot of places to work out. If you're used to working out on your own cool thing about these group exercise classes that you, Khun signed up with, um, I'm right through this up, Um, and by scanning that code, there's a little information palate thing right here. And so it's just really easy. Tio, sign up with it. Additionally, on they have an instagram, or you could follow them to get all your Huh? So right now I'm at a coffee shop in hand him that is one of Baltimore's super trendy, supercool neighborhoods, and it's great because it's right near my school. It was maybe like a twenty minute walk to get here today, and we walked through like it's a really cute neighborhood, and I just love exploring this city. It's really cute. You get it. Waded art today I just got done working on a group project with a couple of friends, and now I'm just chilling on the trail before I go back home. Um, I just wanted let you guys know a bit about what night life is like here at Loyola. Um, what's nice is that our school is pretty essentially located, and there's a lot of stuff going on around us were pretty close to a lot of universities to the North. Thirst House in a little bit like a fifteen minute walk away from us, is John Hopkins. And just Baltimore is home to a lot of schools. So our location is pretty nice because Towson has a lot of bars and like places like Applebee's and green turtles. And there's also like a pretty big mall over there pretty close to campus. There's Alonzo's, which I guess would count as our local bar. There's also Zen. There's a lot of different venues in the city, and pretty much like whatever you're interested in that you can probably find here. So what? That said, our school is pretty much a bar school, so if you're not twenty one, you really need a fake to participate in our lot. A lot of our big traditions, we don't have Greek life, but a popular place ago is power plant. And a couple of times a year they have this thing called Rally, which is a huge day drinking event. Um, I guess that replaces tailgating for us because we don't We don't tailgate here. But if you're not into going out and drinking, there's a lot of great cultural activities do around here. Maybe a twenty minute walk away is the Baltimore Museum of Art, which is free to go to, which is awesome. Um, there's a lot of other museums and cultural places here because Baltimore is a pretty historic city. And, um, like the guy who invented the weedy board, is buried in a grave yard. Near here, Ed, you're Alan. Poem. Um he used to live down town, and his grave is down there, too. Um, there's the Maryland Zoo. There's the Maryland Aquarium and Baltimore also has a lot of historic arts district. There's a lot of mural and art just all over the place in the city, so One little known fact about Loyola is its proximity to a ton of green spaces, I guess was pretty nice is that Manolo Yola is in Baltimore, a pretty big city. This city is pretty great because there's a lot of trails and green spaces. So if you like to jog or run and like you don't want to spend your whole life inside a gym, their trails like this that, like, allow you to forget that you're in the city right now, I am on the Stony run trail. It literally runs right buyer school. If you look at a map, it goes by Newman Towers, which is a largest residential hall. If you end up living on the west side of campus, you super close to this trail. I really like this trail because there's a lot of cool stuff to do along it. There's a stream. There's a couple of parks. In fact, this trail connects to another trail called Jones Fall, and over there there's a really cool waterfall. And just everywhere there's a lot of opportunities to learn about the city On a lot of trails, there are plaques, so there's just a ton of like fun facts packed into like this city and on random street corners, about a forty five minute walk from school may be a little bit longer. There's this really huge part called Trude Druid Hill Park, and that spot is really cool because I have like, a really nice view of the city. There's an artificial lake there that is surrounded by a track you could walk on. And personally, I escape word on there's tennis courts, and the Maryland Zoo is actually in that part. Another thing I think isn't advertised enough is how easy it is to get to the sea from here from school, you can take a fifty one buzz to Penn Station and from Penn Station you take an eight dollar Marc train, too. Union Station in D C, which is the heart of D. C. And from there you can go anywhere in D C because Union Station is, of All right, guys, let's go in. So this is the first floor of the humanities building. Um, loyal about this in nineteen. Twenty eight. It was originally built to be a summer home and universe on wedding present for Alice Garrett son. Although he did not survive Teo live in it. Eventually she lent the building to the Red Cross. Teo, help aid men who were blinded in World War Two. This is just absolutely one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. Loyal has just done so many. I'm renovations on this building that it is enormous. When Steve ought, it was little about it. We renovated it even more. And now it fully loops around almost enough of a circle, leaving a little quad down there. So this is the political science department. Before I switched my majors, I was a political science major, and this's where I would spend a lot of my time. So this is the quad that I was talking about before. I think I was up in one of those windows. Pretty. So I'll probably that one. Yeah, um, but I don't see a lot of kids hanging out down here, but it's just really beautiful. This is also where a lot of teachers offices are, um, in that door and then around the corner, we're there. You could see people up there during homework and so that I think this is just a really pretty place to look out onto. If you're spending time in the humanities building, this is where I've had some of my classes at Loyola because humanity's is so big and it's so hard to find classes. Sometimes this is the most convenient bathroom because it's directly flanked outside and close to the student center. This is the humanities porch. It's just a beautiful look out onto the quad. As you can see, people are today. I'm gonna be taking through my Tuesday Thursday scandal. It's my busiest day and, well, give you a good idea of what life is like at little open. You're going between classes, meetings way cool. No, wait. I'm here outside of humanity's about. How's my English class campus? But I can't. I'm getting questions. Like why? Wait? Right. Wait, everybody. Thank you. Wait, He's actually Morning, Professor. You great start. No. Yeah. Okay, So it's about done with my last class to say these days, right? Busy days. So I'm in classes from nine. Twenty five, Tio five. Forty. Only a couple of breaks change. The weather is gorgeous. Way done. There's a way here in the first annual on fire photography. Enjoy. So I just finished up working the gospel choir concert, and it was amazing. I hope you guys enjoyed the clips that I included. And now I'm probably just gonna head home for the night, get some homework done and go to bed. Right now, we're in the Salinger Business School on the home of our university's business department. Loyola has a really great is a school, and this wager, like business, marketing, finance and accounting, are very popular majors at our school. Salinger Business School Loyalists Prize Job. I'd say it's actually the newest building, and it is designed after Noah's bar something out if you could take a look. Actually connected to Marylandhall on all the floors, so it's a reason to get to other classes that you might have a different buildings. And right behind me is this handy little selinger market recon grafting. So here we are at the communications department at Loyola, which is in the college center. Actually write under Starbucks, which is super convenient, but so here we have a serious of studios go into access from the class. This is a communications lab. As you can see, with all the max and monitors across the room, they all have actually have the Adobe creative cloud downloaded, which is great for the communications major. Personally, I double specialize in digital media in journalism, but there are two other specializations advertising and public relations you can choose between. There's plenty of communications opportunities here. So this is our Olympic size. Uh, like Tyneside before this is where micro cells trained. So students have seen him here time to time. So we have to meet here means and it's cool because it's a small school. You know, a lot of the Athens. So I've been here with me to see some of my friends on the swim team. Here is a close up image of the hot tub. Hi. So I'm sitting in the photography department in the critique room at Loyola, located in the second floor of the student center. Kind of tucked away, But is a department where I spend most of my time as a photo minor and also where all of my friends usually hang out. We have some really cool stuff that I'm going to show you guys. So this is the critique room. A lot of classes happen here, and on a critique day, you'LL see stuff posted all over the walls and students walk around. Photo classes are usually pretty small. Um so the most people he ever have a class is usually fifteen, which is really nice because you get to see everybody's work the way you see all students work posted. This stuff is always changing. You'LL see what's up and coming. That's one of my most recent projects, and this is really cool to see what your appears they're doing. Get an idea for different projects and different professors. And what's like Here's my beautiful photographic partner planning away her next project for studio time. Yes, and she also lives in this department with me. We spend way too much time here. But it's fun. A bunch of cool stuff in here. As a student, you get access to a bunch of different materials, lights, um, soft boxes, stools. And then we have this gray area that you can really turn into. What everyone? If you come in here, we have one of our photo labs. This is for digital photography. So we have Max equipped with all of the editing materials you could ever need. And we have twenty four hours swipe access into this room. If you are a photo student, you'll have class in here, and then we have these great printers. You pay twenty dollars a semester to print and you get access as much paper eight by ten prints that you need, which is really great. Even test out your principal projects, learn how to edit. And usually there's someone in here to help and a lot of music going on a lot of fun. Welcome to the dark Room. If you are a photography minor, you take photo crap. And in that class, you like to do darkroom photography. I loved it's personally my favorite class that I've taken, and it's really coming. There's lockers in here. You start your film and larger is at all chemicals and dryer timers and my favorite, a CD player, because you can't have any lights on in this room when you're working or over when all your prints. This is the part of the darkroom where you develop your film, so they're sinks. Have to be at certain temperatures, and all the chemicals were mixed for you and then a dryer for your film. It's really cool. We're really lucky to have this here and all these great materials. And it's something that you don't get out. A lot of other universities, that's about it. Class is about to begin, and I hope you guys Right now, I'm on the west side of campus. Here's where a lot of the student housing is. Over here. There's Newman Towers, Campion We have gardens, which is right next to me, which is composed of four buildings. There's also seating court laying. The only non apartment south housing over here on West Side is Hopkins Court and those air dorms that are reserved for freshmen. The only freshmen housing on Westside is Campion and Hopkins Court, but most of the freshman live on East Side. Over there, there's Flannery, Hammerman and Butler. Flannery is definitely the nicest of the freshmen dorms, and it's also the U. S. The other ones are a little bit small and a little bit old. Flannery's nice because you're only sharing a bathroom with three other people. But in Hammerman and Butler you are sharing four bathrooms between you and the other people on your floor. In your room, you're gonna be living with people of the same sex. But, um, on your floor, that's going to be a mix unless you live in Hammerman or Butler, and they're like the floors are separated by gender. If you do decide to go here, and live on campus. They try to make sure that you are living with someone who's pretty compatible with you. There's an online survey that you take where you state your preferences and kind of like your living style, and they try to match you with the person you're most compatible with. I really got along with my roommate from freshman year, and in fact, we're still friends today, and we lived together for two more years after freshman year. But of course, these sorts of things air hit or miss. So if you don't like your roommates, there are moving days and you can move into another apartment then.