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I wanted Thio have a little chit Terrel Fast to answer. You're all of you guys has questions in terms of grocery shopping, how I pay for all my groceries. There was a little crystal right here. How I pay for my groceries. Um, how I shop a smarter way. Um, and how I'm not why? I don't use any of like, I don't go to the cafeteria or eat any food on cats. Even ask these questions so much for since freshman year. And now that I was avoiding it or anything, I just like I just never really got around to it, I guess. I don't know. I just did it like I It wasn't It wasn't a priority that you guys were just asking more about it. So now I just making an effort to talk about it. So I hope that makes sense. One thing that I need you guys to know real fast, I don't have a common mule plan like most people do at my school. Oil at university in New Orleans. You have to have a meal in your fresh prints off a year. I don't even know if you I don't know if you have to have one junior and see, I don't know. I think maybe, but I'm not too sure. But I know for sure you do it for a freshman and sophomore and I never used it. I never I never went in the cafeteria wars that we call it we can use to working on Tulane's campus. But I didn't have any classes there, like I never really just wasn't necessary. I don't know. I just want an important. And also I felt more comfortable making my own food for other personal reasons that you guys probably know about. If you have been described to me for a while, not even if you haven't you just know, um, so I just really feel comfortable making my own food to begin with. And then also, there's just that's really because there are vegan options. I just a mind thing. I just did it well, so I knew it was a waste of money, and so I worked hard this year to not have any of meal plans. But I do use the wolf books, which is what we call like if you want it Starbucks. They're like sushi here subway or whatever here because I get Starbucks miles every day. Um and then I also eat the sushi, sometimes for lunch. So I do use it here and there. And I also use it for a little C store that we have, like, little things. And then, um, sometimes I coated the two lanes, like not their cafeteria, But they also have, like, little restaurant things. So I go there sometimes get salads and stuff. So I do use those. So essentially, I'm paying a lot less for just with bucks for a certain amount each semester, and that's all. So the money that I would use going towards like a regular meal plan I used towards my groceries are like, That's kind of like how that would work out and why, You know, whatever sets that So I don't have any lines. I'm not really wasting any of that. Um, yeah, I've also learned, and I'm still learning how to shop smarter and not harder. And this comes with a lot of like I was the practice. But like, in a sense, like I just now every Sunday plan out what I'm gonna eat for my meals and stuff. I get just what I need. So, like, I don't get any random stacks. Really, Like I get bars on, Don't get like some apples, like a fruit like fruits, Whatever. If I don't want a bar that day, it's like a snack of a hungry whatever. But I don't just get like random snacks and stuff, and I don't just get like stuff that may look like, Oh, I might get out of this to this meal and it would make it better like, No, I just really stick to the necessities and I try and do this thing we're like and I don't even get 10 pair tofu that much anymore. We're going to do every now and then. I don't think it 10 days don't get like, very like extravagant proteins that are a little bit more so It looks like beans, or I'll get like chickpea pasta instead of just like brown eyes process. That would be like protein. And it's what, like two in one day, it's just really thinking about it that way. Um, and I think about leftovers and what I can do for that and and then I think where I can get the cheapest things. So outer school. It's because the first Thursday of every month we have a farmer's market and so I'll get a lot of my produce, um, and fruits, you know, stuff. All that. They're, um and I use my with Fox for that which helps. And then whole foods. I'll get, like my bread. I'd because Trader Joe's doesn't have a kind of bread I like, and then they don't have a kind of bar they like, so I'll get a lot of those things there, and then along with the bars, I will get the ones that are on sale or just have a deal going on. So I just look out for empathy and, um and then I'll go. I've been going to Trader Joe's more. It's just kind of a 15 minute drive, so it's a little bit further way. But things were obviously what's cheaper there, so I'll get everything else that I I need that was also hoping there's because it's a lot. She's got a lot of plastic that, like away, like so much more than old. It's just because everything is wrapped in plastic. Just a few can number. Things are that are like the vegetables, but even most so that's a bummer. I try to be really mindful, unconscionable that but anyway, so that's how I do that. As for meals, I mean like, I just stick to the things that are easy and fast and basic because what if I go over breaks? I could make my extravagant, high end Vian meals, but I hear it's college, you know, like I don't put pressure on making the greatest thing. I will just kind of like I have a car, usually, which will be like sweet potato brown eyes or like GP Basta. That's usually how it goes for, like so Sometimes I have toast for dinner or something, but isn't going dinner because usually it's like whatever, um and then vegetables and or proteins. And I was both part of the last couple nights. Seven home really late. So just like vegetables and tofu, and that's it takes time to learn. Like what? You have time to make rice cookers change my life. Just saying a toaster for my own room instead of going up to the 12th floor has been such a time savers so things like that. Things that are a little bit more investing in but worthwhile farmer like mean farmers market. Former Margetts farmers markets those Sundays or little call it like, I guess it's like from, like, fresh like a little. What do you call those white lady? I guess they are kind of like farmers markets, but they're not vegetables just cheaper. 29 cents like a cucumber. Why my liking encircled with also those if you can, like, get to one and they're like it's accessible to, like, you know, get their transportation. Whatever. Um, those you know, it's two ticket things here, but I think a lot of schools are good about having like a little pop up. Former market farmers markets produce produce stores what you guys are talking about. But anyway, so things like that. So I just really think like what you have around you and where you can get like, the cheapest things. And they're also playing at your meals and making sure you stick to those meals and you don't like, go out to what? Sharing the weeks. You just save your money. First reason So anyway, it's a lot of bouncing. Is a lot of just personal, like picking and choosing and all that. So that's how I do it. So I've learned to do it, and it's working out great. So I'm not mad about it. But you guys have it asking me about it. Yeah. So that's that. I just want to include this in here because because we're asking a lot. And I needed to talk about Yeah, fellow made these. She's been making so many of them, so she left it in my room. You were gonna make a sander little grocery list that I kind of go by, um, generally and the description for you guys to help you out a little bit and yeah. All right, let's continue on people. you e since you. I agree. Yeah. I don't think you got just my name's Hailey Rains. And today what are we making here? You go water in a rice today. The video's gonna be what Haley eats in a day. Haley reigns if chickpea noodles, vegetables, avocado and common ceilings needing ready but no. Hi. Good morning. Good morning. Higher. You said I gotta give a point since that grow. So way asking what I get coffee or whatever. Like order. They usually just get iced coffee with almond milk. So very boring. But that's that's that. All right, enjoy the next dinner time here, having a sweet potato with brussels sprouts for dinner tonight because this baby was 89 cents. No banging on the budget. I don't think I was you. I'd be at home of what I eat in a week, banging on the budget on in college. And right now I'm just really being on a budget. So it works. I thought the bar had the lar bars. Chief. This one feels like a dollar in something Mr Just I'm Your Baby Now is broken trying. I'll say, like to morning. They never left. Wait, um like like so like in the student, You said that it was like, bro, I don't like you mean it was just like I see that. No. All right. Oh, yeah. Yes, it sounds times people. So not sure what that means for this video. Exactly. But I thought I thought out there, give us a little time for him. So I want to see you today. I have little in ice on. What about a free bread with Thomas? It is. This is the bar of the day Nuts. But so what's the plan way if we missed what I'm gonna have is well, well, the microwave. I just have a vegetable soup that put like white beans in it because it had, like, no protein at all. Was these hundreds things so beautiful? Oh, my gosh. I had a square bar earlier. I was out in about, but it was a peanut butter one. I think I had that one. Thats week to get those greens in nice beans. The ones I didn't. More more greens. The better is what I say. Susan called father Nice to meet a little bit. No, no, no, no. I know you can't buy food isn't right. I got to say, Hershel, I know you are a nice Friday night meal on. It's like the last thing I will consume for the night. Why don't we get some, Like, nice lighting is, uh I wanted to get hello about to eat this square bar. Um, I'm having a coffee lottery. I'm going to a ball, so all right, here we go. Place from the waffle and split the sausage. I mean, this guy, your stand. I'm feeling free fitting to do a nice little grocery. Random stuff. So there was a force of a pack of thes shows. Victoria Vegan, Alfredo's and Blue, This gluten free food for life. Rice, vegan breath Had not trying ground scenes because I'm going out. Si, si. I missed it. I had some policies. Patricia Lee. And then I got who soups One beings Caribbean black bean and tomato basil governors. He'd be like So gosh, today, I swear. Could you go not see so many? And then this cure was more chocolate casting Jenna Toothbrush hubbard and then five amazing avocados. I am every day.