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no. What? All right, so now I am waiting at the bus stop. I'm gonna need my friend Danielle, and she's gonna give me or give you guys a tour of Dorm 10 which is up on the mountain. So international students also lived there if they can't get in tow house or some people choose to live there because it's a little bit cheaper. So to get up to Durham 10 you could either walk or take the bus, taking the bus, reprise less energy, and it's quicker, and it costs one Taiwanese dollars. Yeah, is, like, first what time here. And so it kind of took me a little bit to get up here, but it's really pretty. I should take you up to the booth. It's not gonna look really nice to your dorm. Please drop to sign in. Yeah. Yeah, there is certainly missing 10 p.m. Wait. The last time I visit my body activewear. Yeah, like any coming around area. So nice. Keep. I'm here because there's something told us that you steal food like they don't have anything else to tell you. But I haven't had a dark in here. But then there's life. I recorded E Jesse shower. You showers right behind that door. Okay, cool. It looks so clean. It's e very one Internet. Somewhere light yet Turn it on things. Thanks. So you guys don't need to put your card somewhere way Haven't a c card? Uh, beginning of the semester, I think our programs the sea program gave us an A C come. But I don't think all programs No, we know what you have to buy it. Yeah. So we get 15 100 valued, $500 a card, each person on def. You run out on you something so running out a little bit way. Have the a c on a lot way. Yes. Yeah. The beds are low to the ground. They are low on DH. They actually don't come with any like mattress. So because he's just like a wooden board, see? Probably would have to buy your own. I don't see. I have, like, two of them. Because what, like, wasn't enough on? We're looking at a program. Yeah. Program gave us those mother. So it doesn't come with anything. It just is like the best. Yes, but first I want to know that? What about the sheets? The shoes are also from this city people. So you can live here who doubts about not just your pillows, but I think it has so much everything. It's so cute in here like that. Little like, Sorry. I'm just gonna get first. E Q. Look, another deaths go here and then you have soared. Spades overhears closet. Yeah. Nice to have a little things if you don't trust her roommate, which I don't have any trust in you. But now you can, like, put a lot here and opens up, and it's pretty big. George Place has come. Pull out your here. Yeah, Cute. All right. Any time. It's kind of hard to film right now because it's raining. But I just started my morning off with coffee right near campus, and I'm back on the main street in a wreck. So this is where I get my breakfast every morning. Has to feel something. No. So the other day I talked about how most people I think most people here and to see you. At least exchange students don't eat in the cafeteria here on campus, and Tian is going to give you a little bit more insights about the cafeteria food, I guess. What do you think of the dining hall food on campus like you? NCCU since think it's good. I think most of them things they're good, like my roommate. She likes the food in the cafeteria, but actually I think that because like Coventry was supposed to be cheaper than the outside. But actually the cafeteria is like the same price. Yeah, so it's not attractive to the students. I would say that It's like what 70 Japanese was like 85 for okay, Yeah, so that's about like the same price that you get on the main street and the main street just has more like Donny options, right? Yeah. So we're gonna walk there now, and I'll show you what it looks like. All right, We're heading to the cafeteria, which is that building right there. What is that capture called Ci Shan. Long seasons rest on. Maybe a little bit of entertainment, but entire and late as usual. And we called his Shanti Low like this eyes, despite the spice. Oh, Chinese, Titian. And since he's just murmurs Oh, that's funny. Looks crowded today. Yeah, I'm not What type of women in here? What? That's all? No. The last time we ate here, which was about few weeks ago, there was an earthquake in here. So wait, Tianna, Will other food do they have in here? Yeah. What type of food do they have in here? Way in style, huh, Stan? To, like, style on the gun discount after six o'clock. So get all you can eat, like, $65 a night way. Got a drink shop on. There's a repair off yourself. Do you know when it closed that night? Seven. I think seven. So we're not eating the cafeteria, but we're going to this place right here. What? Yeah. Hello, everyone. I'm here. Uh, with my final goodbye video. It's been a long day, so I'm pretty tired. But that would just mean that it's will be more of a sentimental and emotional goodbye. And within my last month left of exchange here in Taiwan. Um, so there's a lot of emotions with that, um, missing friends, missing this country, dismissing all my experiences and just missing the new like a breath of perspective and life that I've been able to get from my exchange period here, Um, I would say that I definitely had a really busy semester that was really emotionally and physically exhausting and draining. And so, being able to come here to Taiwan in tow CCU, um really helped me kind of reposition myself and just really reflect on a lot of the things that I was so used. Teo tiring me out last semester. Want think campus rials for allowing me to document and show you all my exchange here and CCU and being able to show you all this campus even though I'm just an international and exchange student for one semester, I really feel like this campus and NCCU has really shaped me. Um, but just the people that I've met here have been unforgettable. Um, and it's truly just going to be an experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life. It's been an honor to show you all and cc you on behalf of campus Rials. I would say that my biggest challenge here and CC you has been hasn't even been at NCCU. But it was actually, um, leaving home and flight to Taiwan and just all the anxieties that come with just the unexpected of being abroad and starting, you know, a new semester on an unknown campus in a new country, um, completely alone. And I think that how comfortable I was able to feel and how at home, I was able to feel immediately here and see, you see, you just really attest to the type of people that attend the school, the type of fuel in Taiwan and the type of people that have entered into my life because of exchange here. Those are just really the moments that I'm, uh, going to remember for a really long time. Um, a final piece of advice to any person perspective. Um, students from the U. S who plan to come to see you for exchange really be proactive with getting involved on campus. Everyone on campus here is so eager to meet you and it's so willing to help you out and to just be a part of your life. Definitely take in everything from the nature and all the trails are on campus. Too easy access to the city downtown. Just take it all in, I would say definitely Try not to get stuck in the exchange in a bubble if possible. Of course, you will definitely meet some lifelong friends who are also here on exchange with you because you're all going through a very similar experience together. But you're also going to meet ah, lot of unforgettable people who where Taiwan in Taipei is their home. And I think that just makes this experience so much more, um, magical. I think that it's been really rewarding being able to film this campus riel tour for you all within my with it being my last a couple weeks here because I was really able to, you know, reflect back on the videos I've taken during during my time here abroad and also create these informational videos for you all and always so Just is reflected my time here and how it could, you know, potentially influence. One of your lives are being experienced. One of you all could have in the future. Okay, I think that's it. Hi. All right. So I am here with Jesse and Danielle. They're also international students, exchange students from the U. S. But they're on a different programme for me. It's called C i. E. And I and I thought it would be helpful for them to explain a little bit about the program. And you could see how it differs from the direct exchange program that I'm here on. So what does the I e. Stand for e O K E stands for educational exchange on actually have, like hundreds of different locations. Countries Andre had to friend focuses so you could go and focus on language and cultural intensity, which is what Jesse is in for Taiwan. And then you could also go to another program, my specific programs called the Communication Business and Political economy. And essentially, what that means is that if you have a focus of those areas, if your majors in one of those areas you're allowed to come to the university and technically be like an exchange student for semester, so you get full access to everything full access to classes as much of the English ones. If you pass a test that pass the Chinese test on your into one of the intermediate Chinese levels, You were able to actually take classes in Chinese, which I think is really, really cool. Yeah, I did not, but NCCU has a lot of weight. Did you take the test? Yeah, not even close. But you likely has a lot of really good English courses to choose from, which actually have a lot of international students, Which gives you a very interesting perspective. Yeah, I'm more about the program. Yeah. So the I c l c. Is the intensive? Yeah, Chinese language and culture program. And so we actually aren't a normal jungle student. We have what is called the Chinese Language Center, and we take three hours of language crossed the day there, and it's pretty great, actually. I love the training's like we're center teachers are all really great. And, yeah, I think three hours a day is really making me approved your house of intensive way. Have another CIA organized class and I think that is a normal class, but it's very small because it's a little Yeah, yeah. Really? Yeah. I was there the day that class is open. Teo thie everyday. Jon Jon Stewart and but most of our international cause. It's taught in English and are in Taiwan, goes to cross it together. I have four hours of classes on Friday from three hours of classes the rest of days, and it's pretty great. It's 100% Chinese language oriented, which I love personally because I'm trying to major. So it's very specific. But yeah, if your major Chinese air I just really want to get good at Chinese short like condensed period of time. Really good. So it see I, like organized through your home university in the US Or did you sign up like on a website and then organize it through school? I know that you can do that can be separate from my school has kind of a partnership with CIA, right? My school. I went to the study of Rafa's. There's like, Hey, I want to go to Taiwan. When do you have and then So it's not like a partnership for say, but they just have it on there like your credits will transfer What reason will be approved of this program? So I guess you could call it a partition, but yeah, on DSO This question, I guess, is more for a jest, because Danielle is in the classes that are offered to, like all students here. Do you ever feel isolated by the CIA program because you're not ableto have classes with, like, other exchange or international or local students on campus? So for sure, because we live in Door 10 and the Chinese language center is one flight of stairs away. So I could live my entire life within, like on the eighth of a mile if I wanted to yet, and so that's kind of on the art train across is the building next door to the Chinese language center, so literally, very contained. So that's a really good like point to bring up. So it's kind of personal responsibility, branch out and find people. But there, all international students in the Chinese language center classes, so that's kind of nice. I've met a lot of interaction changes, and then CIA e helps Taipei in particular. I think this is not a universal thing. Ziya Taipei has ambassadors, which our local Tony students who sign up and want to meet international kids who could speak both English and Chinese and we'll help you with your Chinese. They're worried about that, and they're kind of like a sign time of these friends went through. Then you can meet a lot of more a lot more time students, and I think that's the best part. I sound like I'm doing I like Honestly, I didn't know they have that here. Well, that's really great because they don't have anything on the Web site about that because it's not mandatory CIA anything, Okay? I mean, it's a really unique opportunity that not everyone gets. I think it definitely helps a lot if you're someone who is really nervous about studying abroad on kind of want, like a little like up to come Teo your study by location and at least seven. That's specifically, say, Taipei. Uh, you just gained like, 20 friends immediately. They all adieu on line like messaging that they use, and they're so welcome welcoming and so willing to help you and say, Hey, get lynched the Or, if you want to ask them, uh, they're really, really, really nice on. So this has been a very It's been a difficult transition, obviously, because setting friends always difficult transition. But I think it's helped a lot Being able to be end program. And then one night Sergei wants about gender as a whole is that it's super welcoming. For instance, there are a lot, and also it's just very welcoming. Tow any a demographic person I have personally it was like, I guess, like the generalization are starting type of NCC students leg. When you talk about TCU students, if you generalize like and see students as one personality, then people would usually say that like in Chinese, it's called yet, which means, like everyone here, like, has a really like stinky face. And they hate the world. And it's all because of two reasons. One is because we're like, super isolated from the Taipei city like the downtown. So it's like more like we're surrounded by mountains. So the people here usually don't have time to go out and, you know, go shopping or go to fancy places between classes. So we're, like, stuck here. And the other thing is because, of course, everyone here originally wanted to go Tonto you so after they're they got here, they're like, Oh, I'm not I don't belong here. I belong Tonto You. That's why everyone's like that. But most of us, like after we graduated, we become like we will be thankful that we we graduated from here. So it's it's a transition stage. Yeah, this one is funny because I think everyone here is like, super friendly. You looked really happy all the time. I think it's because they, when they're talking Teo exchange students there are more proud of like who they are and their school. But like if it's between us and on our D card, which is the reading in Taiwan like everyone's talking shit, our school, I know it is true because I guess, and generally in Taipei, there's just like a lot more options to go shopping in like an e and just a lot of more things to do outside of where we are. But as an exchange student, I really love where campus located because I really love you near the mountains and having the option to just, like, go on a hike calm which is the mountain behind our school on also the air's low pressure. You are, Yeah, like there's days are like Cho from here into downtown and I just like to suddenly just, like, feel suffocated, just like Oh my God, they come back here like yes, way have for us. We have 166 schools around the world to go exchange to that means like R exchange students, community is super huge as well, so many people around, like globe come to see you. So I think, like if you are someone who's trying to find the school, you want to learn Chinese or, like know about like Chinese or Taiwanese culture than NCC would be a great choice. all right. So far apart. Two of my nightlife video. I'm going to be talking about night market culture here in Taiwan Most night market stay open until around midnight. So it's a really great option if you don't. You don't feel like drinking or clubbing. It's a really fun way to spend your night. I would definitely say if you're traveling to Taiwan or to Taipei to definitely definitely check out the night markets here. They're so unbelievable. Like my first month here, I was just going to night markets every single weekend, maybe like twice a week just because in the US, we don't have anything like it. Fouty heaven if you're a foodie, first of all, you're surrounded by such amazing food. Cheap food like local food, desert drinks, games shopping like amazing shopping. Ah, home. Like I shop so much here in Taiwan. I don't usually shopped this much at home, but it just like it's just so easy to shop here like they're just kind of everywhere. Uh, Marcus, I really fun to just go with, uh, you know, a group of your friends, because you're all able to just buy a bunch of different types of food. And then you just all try. You're able to try pretty much like not everything, but you tried like a lot of different things. They're some of my favourites have any street foods are so potato balls, Tony sausage. It's kind of hard also to like list off, but she foods because each night market has its own, like specialty food. I guess I would say that for a night markets in Taipei that you should definitely visit would be a total lie night market, which is near Taipei 11 Raoul Hood Night Market Shi Lin is a popular one. It's really big, and I haven't even been there yet. You probably like the only negative side about night markets is that they can get really crowded. So if you're someone that doesn't like crowds, it can be a little bit overwhelming at first, and everything is like decently cheap. So you end up just like spending so much money because you're just buying like everything you see. Yes, everything is just so good. Another thing with night markets is that there's just, like, really, really fun games or kind of like I would release them to like Carnival games on Deacon. Like when different prize is, for example, my friend will meet this. We played like a a dart balloon game, and I picked this guy because I needed a pillow and he's so soft and so Q. On DH, it's really fun just being you play different games that your friends. In addition, I already mentioned the shopping, but just a lot of, like shoot where just, you know, Q. Things that you'll need, like, but, yeah, I I think my number one piece of advice for night markets is just to be super open. Try everything If it's within your budget on DH, just have a really good time. Brings a friend's place in games. Do a little bit of shopping. Um, you're definitely going to gain weight if you come to Taiwan, are maybe not. Maybe it's just me, but, like food is so amazing here, and I would definitely recommend if you're traveling Taiwan to go into the different night markets in the new county. The new city you're in because the night markets also have a lot of localised food. So if you're going somewhere like along the coast, they're definitely gonna have really amazing seafood for you to try. And it's always just, you know, like food is a big part of culture, so I would definitely recommend trying, So this road straight ahead is still on campus and actually takes us up to all of the hiking trails that start from our campus and continue up in Tamal Kong moment. So this is I have some video footage from the hike I did during my like, second week of school here, Um NCCU. So I'm gonna show you a little bit of these campus trails and what they look like. So to get to the trails, we continue walking up this road in this road is still on our campus and actually leads to our tennis courts. So one of my favorite things about NCCU is all the greenery and nature that we have right here on campus. So in order to get to the star of the trail, we have to take the stairs that go straight up from the tennis courts on campus. What? So after taking those stairs for maybe 10 to 15 minutes, we finally got to the start over trail on DH. It's funny that the Heike didn't even start yet because we were all already exhausted from taking the stairs all the way up. So even though we are on the hiking child. This is all still property owned by my school. NCCU here is like a sign that says holy Ginger battery, which is the name of our school. So this trail takes us from NCCU, Teo Junction Temple. And so this is the, uh, peak. This is when we finally arrived at the temple after hugging straight upstairs for maybe 30 minutes. We're 30 or 40 minutes, and from this temple you can see all of Taipei. You can even see some of our campus on DH. They have free hot tea for your drink as well. That's already what I found. All right, So now I'm gonna show you all some of my favorite spots on campus. My favorite spot on campus are actually up on the mountain way. Have two different campuses here. And you see, we have our lower campus, which is where I mostly stay, because that's where all my classes are. And that's where my house is on DH. Then there's er, campus up on the mountain, which also has the dorms that people live in. And, uh, my two academic building on campus school communication and the our cultural center. So if you don't feel like walking, you can take a bus on campus that goes up the mountain as well. And it costs one Taiwanese dollars. It is the art and cultural center, and specifically it's the patio that is outside. Um, so I'm gonna show you what it looks like during the day. I actually usually only come here at night. Um, and I talk about it a little bit more in my nightlife video so you can watch that to see why I love this spot at night. It's just an open patio, and you can see all the buildings here. So from here you have the whole park that you can see. It's so beautiful. So over here, this is our campus. This's the general building. There's someone fishing right there. Um, you have some mountains and these are actually some tunes over here. And then that is Taipei 101 you can see that all the way from here because it's not big, and we're pretty high up because we're up on campus by them. Out in This is a really cool, um, special thing about NCCU. It's an elevator that takes you down to the Riverside Park, and that's something that's special about the art and cultural center. So this is definitely one of my favorite spots here on campus because it's so beautiful across the river. Here you have Maja, and it's just a really beautiful place to just hang out. Nice to hang out with friends here at night because the city lights are just really beautiful. Look, get him right. So we are entering into the R and cultural built art and cultural center because from that has a play. He's in a theater performance. Yeah. So this is the view from the cultural arts center. So beautiful. You just see the mountains and all the city lights today. No, but And this is one of my favorite spots to do work because you could just sit right here at these tables here. And like, as you said, you could just look outside and you can see the one on one. Hey, guys. So today I'm going to bring you around campus a little Maxine way to group meeting at building where most of my classes are so Menschel you might walk from my house to there. So it's a really gloomy day. It's been thundering and raining all day, but I'm going to start off my tour at my house. Obviously, it's one of my favorite places on campus because it's where I live. It's actually not on our main campus. It's on, um, a street that's a little bit like it's about a five minute walk from campus. So it is this building right behind me right here. This is the front door, and it just extends up. But I'm just going to show you my walk to main campus. So here we're coming up to the main intersection. Turn this way. This is called the main Gay of you. Here. All the times all meet friends here for lunch would be like, Oh, meet at the main gate and this is the main street where all of our options are. See the captain's back. So funny story. My first day here, um, one of my friends brought me to this bar on campus where there's a fountain. Beautiful. Found him and palm trees and, uh, where I'm from in Rhode Island in D. C. Obviously, there's no palm trees on my campus, so I just, like, sat here and I was like, Wow, the palm trees. And I was like those birds like it was it was pretty embarrassing. Um, but Quick Sunday about the weather. Um, Taipei's is known for its rainy season, and we're in rainy season right now, but it's also known for his reign. So it does rain here, but also, the weather is really nice. Um, it's really a mix. Um, it does rain a lot here. Like today. It was thundering and lightning all morning. So you're on the main part of campus? Same, um, love academic buildings air here as well. You have some construction going on behind me over here. So coming up over here, we have the library, which I've never been to. I've been there once way, Tio, but I, like wasn't productive in there, so I left. And then here we have our college of commerce, which is where a lot of business bosses are by Chinese cost is also in this building. So I'm turning around and actually heading to the general Building, which is where my meeting is on DH. I have one class in this building. This is the information building. This building is where I am going. There is a north and a south wing, and it goes up to, I think, 16 floors. So down here is what we have. McDonald's gate. So sometimes Monique here for food as well. We called McDonald's skate because it's right in front of McDonald's. So this is where I'm heading. So right here we have one of my fierce sauce on campus. It's nicknamed Rome by local students. I forget why, but it's just a really pretty space where people can chill, hang out, eat lunch on the steps, Um, sometimes even have concerts at night. Like one time the guitar club held a concert here, and it was really, really beautiful. So we called this building the General building. Um, and it is actually the biggest building I've ever been in on the campus. My campus back home is pretty small, and we don't really have build big buildings like this. So for me, It is really, really big, especially because especially because it goes up to about 16 floors. So it's really weird for me to take an elevator to class, but that's what I do here. It's where left. Here. We have our gymnasium and track. Track is also currently under construction, so I haven't been able to use it at all. So right now I will be taking the stairs. Uh, try to get some exercise in. I'm going to the fourth floor to meet my group mates for a project like no. All right, So now let me show you my door, Like you said this year gets a card skin. So the first thing you have to do is put your card in this lot, which turns on all of your lives. Wei, have a nice mirror right at the door here. And this is the view of my dorm. So to our right here, we have our bathroom. So our bathroom has a shower here. A toilet. Thank you. Know all the essentials of the bathroom. It's really nice having our own bathroom so we don't have to share a communal. So across from the bathroom, we actually have a closet to share here, which is nice. There's some storage underneath. So this first that in dust is my roommate. So I'm just gonna jump past it and come to my side of the room. So over here we have another mirror here. Sorry. Me Room's a little messy, but I also wanted to keep it in its most natural state for this video. I keep some of my food up here. Andi, all I house rooms come with a mini fridge, so it's really nice to be able to have our own mini fridge and sleep. You know, our food there is well, so I have my own closet here. And so there's a lot of story. He loved it up there and all my clothes. So here I have my bed and then my desk over here. So with the bed, this bedspread actually came with my house, which is really, really nice because I didn't have to buy when I was here. So they gave us a comforter. They gave a sheet, they gave us a pillow and also this pillowcase, which is really communion. I sleep with my head on that side because I like waking up in being able to look out the window here. I hung up, you know, some pictures that remind me of home and just my friends and some pictures taken here. And then this is also like an indigo tapestry made on one of my trips here in Taiwan. So up here we have an a C. It's also a dehumidifier, which is really nice that we have our own made Rita talks about how the normal dorms on campus don't have unlimited athe. They actually have to pay for it, but we do not, which is very convenient Over here, I have my desk space. It's important to know that every eye how storm comes with the phone, you can call the front desk. They haven't used it yet. This is also a WiFi. Every room has its own WiFi on DH. Then here. I just have, you know, some things that are notes from friends also, like really awful calligraphy right here, like me running my name and just other things that we had during an event one today on DH. Then the storage up here is really nice and convenient again. Sorry. So, in addition to the desk, we have some jurors here which are great for storage S O. I keep a lot of my essentials in there. And then we also have a little nightstand next to the bed which comes with a jury as well. Men. For my favorite part, we have our own balcony. So that is a street down there. All balconies have a drying rack here that you can hang up, so you're able to air dry your clothes. I'm really, really lucky to live here in my house like I said there is a wait list to live here. I talk about, you know, pricing and everything in my house tour. So definitely watch that. I love being able to just hang out here. You know what? I'm feeling stressful. Just come out here from some fresh air from studying. So here is a room from me. I also want to know that our room gets cleaned once a month by I house like housekeeping, eh? So they'll come in and clean our floors, clean our bathroom, clean the floors in the bathroom, clean the sink, which is really, really nice and super sweet, inconvenient and thoughtful because I've never lived in a dorm where there's been housekeeping, like from the dorm that comes in and cleans. All right, so thanks for looking around my room. I will see you all in my next video.