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Nia H

Undecided, Class of 2021


Lindsey Tayne

New York, Civil Engineering, Class of 2020


Julia Rodriguez

Meixco, Undeclared, Class of 2022


Claire Blaufox

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2023


Rex Elardo

Industrial Engineering, Class of 2020


Hi. My name is Dr Davis, and I'm a professor here at Northeastern, Uh, teach Professor different than normal professors. Where instead of having research outside of class and research lab that we run, we focus entirely on our students. So here I teach to classes cornerstones of engineering one and two. And in order to make sure the best that I could be, all of my attention are focused on teaching those the best that I can see the way they work is cornerstone is that classroom. We teach the basic fundamentals, all engineers. So it doesn't matter what made you are, you're always going to take our stuff way teach to programming languages. People spots in that lab to cad languages, AutoCAD and salt works, engine design and entering ethics. But we got to tie the whole thing together with a theme. And so each each of my colleagues in the in the first year engineering program has different teams. They teach my things, escape, rose. So all of my students making escape room, if you don't know this paper missed, the basic idea is a cooperative activity where you are trapped in a room and you must solve all the puzzles In order to escape, my students will make all of those individual puzzles will stream to it. We'LL string it together with the narrative and with a flow so that you have to have some sort of design. What order? Resolving the puzzles, How hard they're gonna be easy. What are we actually gonna do with them? And then we build way have actual wood constructs you could see to my side. We have a number of wooden objects here, and these are all things that we will use in our escape rooms in the end of the year. We run event for basically an entire Saturday and have all all of our community members and very students and faculty all come and try to play through what my students made. What inspired you to take the leap and have students create escape rooms rather than some other project? So in my nonexistent free time, I run a core game design and publishing company, and through that, I got an eye for making products and crafting clay experiences that are really engaging user. When I turned my eyes towards engineering, I realized that I need to something that was more build heavy something where, as an engineer, you can really cut some wood and get some some experience working with there tens. And so we want to make something bigger and more complicated than a Borgia. And so when I was looking at what the different kinds of experiences they are that offer and engaging experience escape proof. There is a natural fit. And when we started looking at the different pieces of what it would take a bullet and put it together, I worked with another professor here, Mark, see back to craft the original theme and put together what the requirements would be. We're able to map it to our different course material by making the requirements required different pieces. So, for example, if we make our students laser cut something or three D print something, then we can use AutoCAD and solid retrospectively to accomplish those goals. If we use our doing the hardware, then we can make our students program and see in order to make their Drina run functional. And so, by mapping the different requirements of what their puzzles need to contain to the things that were teaching class, we can engage our students in a multiple different directions. What is your favorite thing about Northeastern Slash teaching your students here and what might make teaching at North Eastern different than taking out another university? So I love our collaborative environment. The fact that I'm going to any department, any faculty member and say, Hey, I had a really good idea. And this There's this machine, your lab that I'd love to use their test out. Can we work out some time to work on it? Being ableto works on something interdisciplinary nature. I'm a chemical engineer by training, and I get to work with material engineers with mechanical in tears with industrial engineers, and we all get to work together. Way have a beautiful maker space where we get to put our students to work in making all these wonderful things, as well as having access to a lot of tools and a lot of skilled technical personnel as well staff. It's extremely supportive, and so I think that it's very helpful to have your wonderful environment working in. I absolutely love my job, my colleagues, and that's entirely the community that we've built here in our Easter in terms of what makes it different. I think that every university will have different pockets that are going to make it really interesting and really fun to be out with Northeastern feeling that pocket is so much bigger. It's not just my immediate colleagues, but the whole Internet community, the whole college that I get to work with. That man Xperia Northeastern. Really funny, really. And finally, I would like to ask you to give a brief summary of your pH deep work. So when I was a phD student, I was a couple engineer. But I really loved polymers. In fact, that almost was a polymer engineer. And so when I was looking for different projects, I end up stumbling upon one that used, uh, treating to make polymer or gone. So the basic idea is if we take Tricky Dick and we put a black light on it, and then we shine a light on top of it, then the black line will absorb beating faster, and it'LL heat up faster. And then because the hot the top is getting hot fastening bottom, the top is gonna shrink. The bottom's not no calls to fold, and so you can imagine if you took a rubber band and put it on, you stretched it, You put it, freezer, he frozen. And then when you, during the unfreezing process, heated the top rather the bottom that it would also cause it to fall. My phD research expend this. So instead of just doing it, intricate and congestion in polystyrene were able to do a whole variety of different materials and on a lot of different scales. So this is a crane that I made as part of my phD research made out of a Thrilla, using a laser cutter toe changes into the side of it and then using rubber band in a fully sized oven to create the necessary heat and pressure ingredients to cause it to fold. And so coming up with these three dimensional objects was a really wonderful way for me to combine chemical engineering, polymer knowledge, material science and Mika and mechanical engineer all together to make a call. Easy project coming. Thank you. Thank you so much. so I couldn't really film in my room this morning because I I'm not very comfortable with building in public yet, especially since I'm new to the school and you two, you two being so I'm gonna try to make my clips concise if I'm in an area where someone's gonna walk in like someone just did. Okay, I've decided I don't care anymore. So basically, the plan for today is I have one class that starts at 9 15 and it's a little after nine now, So I don't think it would be able to get breakfast the way I wanted to. And then I have another class right after that. And there's an event happening at, like, noon or one. Since we are still technically you're doing are welcome with Great. Now and then I might go to library. I don't know. Let's see what happens. I just finished a class about 10 minutes early, so I'm, like, halfway done with the day. I'm about to pick up my package and head back to the door of the fridge. Yeah, it's going great so far, guys. So it's about 11 40 now. I went back to my dorm room just for a second so I could put away my breakfast sandwich and just chill for a second in about 10 minutes. I have to leave and go back all way to the other side of campus, where just waas for the designing your career thing. Like, I guess I'll get to talk to people from that department, and I think that's really helpful. After that, I probably won't be hungry. Eat a little bit of this and then put in the fridge. I'll probably end up going to the library until my next class. I'm also noticing that there's like, a lot of really places that you can just sit around and do work outside e back to my dorm have, like, half an hour now before my last class of the day starts. So I think I'm gonna just do some work in a little more casual setting until then, because I was getting a little tired of being in there, and I'm gonna make myself some tea. Wait, you look so yeah, today went pretty well. Actually, I think a lot of my classes were gonna be challenging and that maybe worse. Mito deeper thinking because I feel like I'm good at school. But, you know, they want you to do like that analysis, like, why aren't things the way they are? Oh, yeah, That's my eyes on you. How was your first day of school? Horrible. Into the wrong building. Doing college, right? I think all this Wait. I need to know we're gonna follow you. Where's the I honestly, I think it's another saying No today. You're ridiculous. E no hands. Unless the system here cat Meyer sitting back in front of the boy pond where I was before. And I have about 20 minutes now before my next endeavor, which is the fashion and Beauty magazine. First meeting. It's a six o'clock. It it's like right here. So we're just gonna chill here for a bit. All right? I gotta go. Oh, I love the colors over here. Like it looks so good on camera. Here's the thumbnail. My backpack a little. I'll do something with this. I'll figure it out. Gotta blast. I was making were like, Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now you're here, too. Yes, I am. So that avenue magazine meeting was only like, 15 minutes. And now we're heading to a different meeting that started at the same time. It's like 6 20 at this point, But better late than never, right? I am back in my dorm. After that second meeting at the African American Institute, it gave me pizza. Wait, Can you even see it? You definitely can. And afraid so. I definitely ate already. Why? Missing? Definitely a lot. That's what I already ate. And I d I'm probably just gonna put this away until tomorrow. Come and eat it, son. As the school year, starting off, having lots of, like, walk event. So I haven't even used, like, a lot of my meal plan meals. I may just start picking them up and then see if I need them in the next week. Like five things that aren't going to spoil for a couple days. Like maybe yogurts I can eat in the middle of the night or whatever. Yeah, I was gonna go to this other thing that was happening. What is it? I think it's like a cappella singing thing happening at the late night show area that they have, but I decided not to because I have a ton of reading to get done. Okay, So I just decided to take a shower and stay in my dorm to do my reading instead of going to the library. It was just too much. It was just too much. So I'm gonna start by reading here. I have one chapter to read from this, and I don't remember what else I have to do. I have three classes tomorrow, two of which I'm repeating from today. And another one is a new on its little social enterprise, which I've already been assigned like a bunch of homework for us. I got to get that done. Then I will maybe do a little bit of editing or do a little bit of work on my submissions for the magazine. I'm already so burnt out, and it's not even 8 30 I'm done with me. Now. I'm just gonna start editing this video for maybe half an hour and then head to bed. But I hope you guys enjoyed this video again. I'm saying this Let me know what kind of college videos you guys want to see. Because I'm still getting used to everything. But once I get into it, I might have some, like, tips and tricks that I can give you guys This is the view when you first walk into my room just bad. Straight ahead on the right. Here you have my closet, my roommate's closet than my bed on the right and then hers on the left. There, over here, you've got the mirror area. This is kind of a mess. I have this dish right here that I use Well, now you know what I use it for. Use it wash dishes and I have my bottle cleaner right here. I just used it this morning. That's why it's still sitting here and then dish. So some hand soap right there in pumpkin pie, Spice sent and then auto holder with cotton balls and Q tips. I've got a spray bottle, makeup remover, facemask, stuff like that. All of my toiletry is, as you guys can tell, this is my bed area. I have a bunch of pink, black and white pillows on my bed just to make it super comfy for me. Really like the colors I have going on. I like how I added this white like it here, which I basically just put on top so I can, like, cover myself without getting under the covers of like Put on My PJs at or whatever. If you look back here, I have three posters I have. How about your mother poster? Which is like one of my favorite sitcoms of all time and then friends? And this one's really huge says everything I know in life. I learned from friends, and then it has a bunch of different references to the show. Different quote lessons that they learned such as Never used. We were on a break as an excuse. If you guys get that reference, give this video of a thumbs up. And over here I have the breakfast club poster, and I actually just read Watch this movie. Yesterday, when Brian started talking about why he was in detention, I almost cried. And it just has the speech from the beginning of a movie on it. When I first watched that movie, I didn't really. I thought it was boring because it's just a bunch of people sitting around talking for, like, the whole movie there in detention. But I've got so much more out of it, like the more I watched it. So that's kind of cool reference to have on my wall over here. I have my desk area and I just moved my desk chair out of the way. So that you guys could see on the top shelf is kind of like a bunch of miscellaneous items. I have my in stacks camera sunglasses, My favorite perfume Girlfriend by Justin Bieber. I have a picture of my friend and I, and it's really cute because it's one of those cases where you shake it up. It has sparkles in it, and then an actual coffee model that is not microwavable as well. But it's really huge, it says, just a girl boss building her empire. And I thought that was really inspiring, especially when I first started doing exploring with different kinds of media like Blawg and I have this cute little succulent plan that I could just put, like little Polaroid pictures in on this little dish, that it's a well, there, this hardship dish that I got from, I believe the Greenmarket. If you guys want to see that log that I did like a couple months ago, I have a cute little mirror. I love how everything I have is a quote, cute little something, Um but I really like the Roussel frame, and then right here is kind of just where I put my dish is too dry. So I just It's laid out a rag and then just wash things and leave from here down here on the left hand side, I have some magazines, a textbook and then a combination of books that I purchased for school and books from the library that I plan on reading and then not right corner. I have my lamp. What I got for $6 a target. It is amazing. It works awesome for $6 and then three different journals that I have because, you know, as a journalism major, do a lot of reading, and I have to like by better ways to express himself. So I just have journals for, like, my different ideas and my thoughts and whatnot. This is, of course, my favorite corner, where we keep the food. So in this top basket right here, my roommate has for different meals and some sacks, and I have off t. She is 72. I have team multiple will tea or coffee, tea and or coffee like multiple times a day now that I'm here. So this is just a nice, cute little catty told everything. And then, of course, the microwave. We've got a freezer, which is already I kind of like piling up with some stuff, just in case we don't feel like going to the dining hall that day. Same goes for the fridge. We already have that stocked up. But this is where we keep our food. Oh, there's not much to see down here, but I've got Well, first of all, I have this adorable rug, if you can see any part of it. I tried not to make the freshman year mistake of, like, bringing your whole closet, and I think I brought light to a few items. So none of my drawers. Exactly full. But that's okay. I made it by so far. Have my laundry hamper. Um, actually got It's like this was included in a pack of a bunch of other things that I bought for my dorm. But I really wanted one that stood up so that I'd have more space and I could push it out of the way comfortably without worrying about tripping over it or whatever. So I just put all my dirty clothes down in this bag and then wash it as needed. And then why, like, clean and dry my clothes? I'll put them in this one and cool. Let's drink together and it just keeps like it makes sure that I don't put my dirty clothes clean. Clothes are, and I don't know. I think it's a really cool system. There's no like, convenient place to set my phone up in the front of the room. So sorry the angle. Super awkward, but basically just running through what I have up here. I've got some hangers, some hair, larger hair related items and that one scarf under here. I've got my summer clothes like Sure, it's crop tops all of that business. Jean's work shirts, and this is a and indeed, a sweatshirt to a phone Over here. I've got a five drawer organizer and the top three keep my makeup and then the bottom two. I just put my jewelry and I only really brought like, a few pairs of earrings and then a couple of necklaces, so no big deal a top. I have more hair accessories, but more like headbands in that kind of business. Ben and I have my purse, some so and other warder toiletry items. This has been of like miscellaneous toiletry items. I've got some brushes in here, some Bobby pain falsies which don't even wear, um, just stuff like that and then just a pile of different bags that I can use a really institute, five slightly. And then the way I set up my closet area here is I have my short sleeve shirt. Well, in this corner, bottoms that our genes. I only have four different scary. So that's just that five of them. And then I have my short sleeves, shirts and then my long sleeve shirts, and then it goes into jackets. Basically, somewhere in here are dresses, and I like to set them up based on Rainbow Order. Just so it's I don't know just what looks nicer, I guess, but a lot of them are patterned, so it's kind of hard to distinguish like, Oh, which pattern should I put first? It's kind of dumb, but I just think it makes it look like a little bit cleaner down at the bottom. I just have a few pairs of shoes. I just bought these boots in yesterday that my mom ordered for me. So that's really nice off their rain boots because it's been raining for a few days now, on and off. But, yeah, these aren't set up in any particular order. The only thing I really paid attention to is if it couldn't fit underneath or something. I just put it on top. So yeah, that's basically it for this. Video, as you can tell, are true. Dorm room isn't particularly big, but it's a comfortable space for two people and unfortunate enough to live in a sweet style dorm. Which means that my roommate and I share one bathroom with two other girls in the room next door, which is different than traditional style, where everyone on one floor or something similar to that would have to all share one bathroom with communal stalls, stuff like that. So, yeah, I feel very fortunate to be living here, and I will reveal which, um, dorm living in at the end of the school year and what not. Yeah. Thank you guys. So much for watching. Be sure. Like comment. Subscribe All that good stuff if you haven't already. And okay, she does. Welcome to Centennial Circle. Uh, this is one of the landmarks of Northeastern, As you can see that right there. Showman hall over there is where snow library and such are that right there behind this tree? Sorry is Struggle Station, which has our orange line in over which has Ivy and some other upper. The upperclassmen housing. Excuse me. Um, that right there is writer, which is actually home to Candy or our college of arts, media and design. However, I have my Chinese class and my engineering costs in that building. So it's like the academic buildings aren't necessarily just college specific carried it. There is Caracas, which houses the College of Health science. Um, and that is West Philip, where a lot of campus tours go through. Um, and near there. We also have a mural behind those trees. Um, West Village F is also connected to the John D. O'Bryant center, which is our African American center on campus. And right around the corner of the building with the mural, um, is our lot ex center, which houses students, student organizations of Hispanic descent Okay, So short correction. Apparently, my directions are pretty bad. This is actually the lot. Next center on DH. It's right next to the pathway to smell library. Azul Always. I forgot to mention this when I was first filming, but I just finished my freshman year at Northeastern University and I am a journalism major. Good morning, guys initially is here with another video, and I know it's loud outside. There are a lot of birds and noise, but I just thought it was so beautiful that I couldn't pass up the operation. They need to film out here and also risked my hair freezing up. But you know, it's fine. I know I haven't made a video in a while, but the end of the semester was absolutely insane, and I had something do every single day. But maybe next semester I'll film finals week log for you guys have got something you're interested in. I've been at my dad's house for a couple weeks now before I go on this big trip, and I will make another video about the trip today. I just wanted Thio kind of come on and recap my entire year. I made a semester recap video, and then I didn't upload it because I figured too much time had passed. But I think this is a nice way to kind of some of the entire year. My first semester, I took 18 credits I did off 44 credit courses and then to one credit, one WAAS and in true to the journalism program. And the other wasn't untrue to the honors program and three of my four credit courses where journalism related, like, not directly journalism related. But I had to do them for my major. And originally I was planning to pursue some kind of like a business minor or maybe something like marketing. But I tried this class called Global Social Enterprise, and it really was not for me. I don't think I'm very good at math, but I don't think looking at numbers again is something I'm in. Is it in? So it wasn't really worth it, but it's one class and it was worth trying out. Just not worth pursuing extracurricular wise last semester. And by last semester, I mean full 2018. I wrote for three publications I wrote for her campus wth e independent student newspaper, the Hunting two News and the Avenue, which was our fashion and beauty lifestyle type magazine on campus, and I wrote for her campus and newspaper pretty consistently, and two articles that I wrote for the Avenue were published in print, which was really awesome. It was my first time being published imprint of any kind. That is an experience that I am really glad I got to have. And then, of course, a couple articles for the newspaper were also put in friend. And it's funny because I kept them all up on my wall like I would cut them out of the newspaper and then keep an extra copy of the newspaper to bring home to my mom kind of cheesy. But it was It was a really cool thing for me. In addition to writing for those three, I also worked retail job three days a week Friday to Sunday for eight hours a day. So I had a lot of stuff going on first semester, but I think I managed it well. I was really trying to get my foot in the door in a bunch of different publications, and I think it really pulled through because I established myself. I'm gonna kind of skipped forward thio this past semester, spring 2019 and then kind of go back through it. So for spring 2019 I took 17 credits. The one credit course that I took was something required for journalism as well. And I also took bunch and gender and reproductive justice. I, uh I was missing one credit, like one more court fronted that I hadn't taken yet, which was a science class. And I didn't like the one that I got into, and I didn't like the honors class that I was taking, so I decided to take the honors science scores, and that left me the opportunity to take gender and reproductive justice, which I feel like I learned a lot from, because I really didn't know anything about the topic when I first heard General reproductive justice, like, I just thought, Oh, portion rights. But it was so much more than that and that I'm really glad that I took it, even though if I had known more going in, I would have been able to participate more, get more like insightful opinions. Yeah, I really got it with that. I took French, which I did like five years of Chinese between middle school and high school, so switching languages switching over to French from language that was not a similar, structurally, like Spanish or something like that. It was kind of difficult. I didn't expect that I would have so many problems with it, like learning the language. But I did. I'm taking the next one next semester because for a bachelor of arts at Northeastern, I have to take two years of a language and culture course. So I'm going to put a lot more effort into that next semester. What else? My classes were okay, I took journalism one. And in addition to all the other stuff that I did this semester, running around to get all my interviews done was a little bit tricky. But I think it worked out eso extracurricular wise for this past spring semester, I waas actually the lifestyle editor at the newspaper Beaver, which was really exciting for me. It was a ton of work because every week we have to come up with pitches, get people to pick things up, and we don't have enough things picked up for a section for that week that we would have to write something and then getting everyone stop staying up late Wednesday night to make sure everything's up online. or if it's a print night, we have to make sure everything looks great on our pages with designers. I think it was a really fun experience. It waas It's kind of challenging, working with other people to correct their writing and get it up. But I think all the writers did a really great job and that was a quality experience, I guess. Um, I also took over as president of our her campus tractor, which sounds more daunting than it is. I mean, it was still pretty daunting, but we have a small tractor, which means there is less to manage, but also more to manage because we still have to hit our requirements for the chapter like we've just published a certain number of things for weak on social media and on our website editorially. So there was a lot of lake filling in the gaps for that as well. Both of the presidents from full 2018 we're studying abroad or doing Coop last semester for the spring semester. So they asked me to take over for the semester, and I think I didn't Okay, job. Um, it was kind of frustrating at times with the amount of participation just because we have a small area chapter and I feel like it's such a great club to be a part of. But it worked out. There were a couple people that, like really pulled through and helped us meet our requirements. And those were the only two that I did this semester because I felt like it way too much for me to also do the avenue. And I worked two jobs This spring semester. I got a work study job for one of the colleges writing people's success stories. So it's very similar to what I do in journalism. Not exactly the same. But I really wanted the experience of being a paid writer. It wasn't for me. I'm just writing people's success stories. But I learned a lot about the college that I was writing for, and I met a lot of really cool people. So I think it worked out and I continue to work for my retail job two days a week because I did the work study job within the week and this was actually the first time that I flick felt overwhelmed as a finally physically could not do everything I had on my plate. And of course, I had already committed to everything that I was doing for the entire semester. So that was something that I kind of grappled with I would definitely recommend, like knowing your limits. Because when you get to college, there are endless opportunities and you're gonna want to do everything, and it's gonna get to a point where you realize you can, and that's okay. I like I like where I'm at now. Like if I went back, I would probably do it a little bit differently and make it more manageable for myself. But I like the fact that the first semester I wrote consistently for these publications and made a name for myself so that I was able to move into these other opportunities for spring. And I actually had the editor in Chief of the Avenue reach out to me and say, Hey, I know you did some great work for us last semester. Are you interested in maybe pitching something for this print issue and that really spoke volumes to me? I was really humbled by the fact that someone remembered my work and I wanted to see if I was still interested. A big part of journalism is connections. So of course, having people remember your name and making these connections with organizations is something that's really important moving on from the extracurricular academic side of things. I'm not too much of like a big group person, so I don't have too many friends. A lot of my friends are actually from the journalism school. Like maybe I had an Inter across with them last semester. Fall semester, something like that. But you guys seeing every my blog's and I actually met him during orientation. And when we got our schedules, I like, pulled his over and I looked at it and I was like, Oh, wow, we have four classes together next semester, we're gonna be best friends and he hasn't gotten rid of reasons. It's great that we're really good friends and we help each other out. It helps having knowing people better within your major that can help you. It's like that and use a great person. I met a couple of other people at orientation as well. My friend Cat isn't her campus with me. My really close for an alley. Um, cat, You're also my really close friend when you watch this. Okay, um, Ali was my deputy editor last semester, and now she's taking over for me, which is awesome, because I am no longer part of the editorial board for the newspaper. But I'm going to continue as co president of her campus next master. And, yeah, I think I had a really good support group because leaving, I didn't realize how hard it was going to be for me not being around my mom all the time, But I had a little bit of trouble with it, especially when the weather started getting a little colder, like way more than I was used. Thio. Yeah, The weather was a big issue for me, and it wasn't as bad during the fall semester. But once I went home for three weeks and it was sunny and I came back and it was cold in here for like the first half of the semester, it was just snowing all the time. Or maybe it didn't even know that much. It just seemed like it was snowing all the time. Honestly, this was a pretty mild winner, is what I've heard and that terrifies me, because if it gets worse than this, I really I don't know what to do with myself. As faras activities on campus, I didn't really have time to go out and do a lot. But towards the end of both semesters, I would go out like a little bit more, try to have fun. I went to a few house parties. I went to machine twice, which is the only 18 it up a club in Boston. And it's only on Friday nights. I'm pretty sure it's basically like a freshman tradition that you have to go. Not a lot of older people go, but that was really cool. Thio go into a club, I guess. I don't know. I like that. I went to the museum with Avery sometimes, and it's so convenient having a museum literally right down the street from us and having free admission because it's such a nice place, even if you're not going to look at the art and there's always heard that you haven't seen even if you've been in 1000 times. But it just has a really nice vibe. If you wanted to go in and just like walk around relax, and there are a lot of coffee shops near campus. There's Ta Ta witches on campus, but it's crazy, expensive. I went there a couple times but never ended up sitting down and studying like I wanted Thio. They also have a value on campus and entertainment venue called After Hours, which is attached to the Starbucks in the student center. So they have beds basically every week day, which is awesome. Sometimes groups will get musicians to come in and play or have like a stand up comedian, and that was really fun. I didn't get to go as much as I wanted Thio, and most of the time when I went, it was to cover a bet or something. But I still think that's a really cool opportunity. There's just so much stuff on campus that you could dio if you have free time or you're bored or whatever, and he's about to like, okay, turn out. But I feel like like there's no reason to not go to them. If you have time like a lot of them are really fun. For one of the last weeks of this spring semester, they had spring fest which a lot of schools have. And I got to see in a coal fire, which was so amazing. I really like stand up comedy. That's kind of one of my big things. That's what I do a lot. My free time. I'll watch Netflix specials, but I want to go out into the city more next semester. I'm really take time for myself and be able to go see a lot of fun things as faras taking care of myself. I feel like I could have done a way better job this semester of this entire year. Really, because, of course I got a lot accomplished. But like I said, I lost out on a couple other things. So I really dialing back on my extracurricular responsibilities. I really like the way my schedule is set up. It looks like I'll be able to get a lot of stuff done our next semester. There's just a lot of really great things ahead air and likes that. I would really encourage everyone to just know your limits and plan accordingly. Oh, I did not talk about food, so the dining whole situation I looked it to be on the 10 mil Week plan. Wage is a good thing in a bad thing. It was good because I don't eat too much like it's very rare that I'll eat breakfast as oppose to lake, maybe a Clif Bar, or like a yogurt on my way out or something. So I felt that it would be a waste of money for me to be on the standard 15 mil week plan. And don't call these numbers closely because I believe they're changing for next semester. But I don't know, because I'm not gonna be on a meal plan anymore. And, um, the bad thing. Well, the good thing is that you save money like, if you know you're not gonna eat those meals, then it doesn't make sense to spend that money. But then the bad thing is that each meal is worth more money. And as the semester goes on, I feel like the food gets worse and you aren't going to want to eat it all the time, which is an issue if you're paying all this money for the meals. So a lot of people go out takes to spend all of their extra meals where you conspire like packs of chips or, um, like cans of soda bottles of soda, whatever, but it's really not worth it. So if I were to do this over, I would definitely put more effort into making sure I get to the dining hall. Because being out on your own for the first time and not having your parents tell you. Hey, you have to eat now. It's kind of rough when you're super busy, so eating is obviously very important, and you'll save more money if you go to the dining hall issue like grabbing a snack somewhere. And even though it doesn't taste is great. You'll probably have more of a chance of eating a balanced meal if you go there and, like, go out of your way to make healthy decisions. Sleep was also a crazy thing for me. I started drinking coffee like every single day. I am not addicted to caffeine, which is great, but I do enjoy drinking coffee more now than I did last semester. I don't get like every few days now, but next semester I definitely intend to get more sleep and more self care in general. So this was just my experience in those videos, little scattered. But I hope you guys will be here with me if you have any more questions about, like what I did or my experience or the Northeastern experience in general, not saying that it's the same for everyone, because it it's definitely not the same for everyone. But if you guys have any questions, feel free. Thio message me on Instagram. A lot of people have been doing that, actually, and I want to start making like poles when I want to do videos. So it would be really awesome. You guys with follow me and then do my polls when I start them, probably next semester. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Be sure to like comment and subscribe, and I'll see So I'm about to show you a double n re. Melvin Hall. This is my friend Lisa's room. Again. It's not that big, but they have a bay window, so at least the view's nice. It's actually really pretty. The lake in the back way friends is really nice. Look at and over winter it becomes solid, at least the top layer and target is also over the park. So we're pretty good distance. This is my roommates in my room, but, uh, this is my friends desk. She has a lot of friends, as we like to call them. There's a bunch of little toys that we find to be really cute. She has a lot of panda friends on. Yep, and then that's her closet. It's really small. It's honestly probably half the size of mine, even though they are on ly two thirds of the people who are supposed to be living in our sky face. So not exactly equal distribution. But, you know, they make Dio, um, they don't I have, like, the wall cabinets or anything, but they still have, like the clothing cabinets and the death space. Um, and my friend's room. Wait actually has her own cabinet as well, and they have a lot of space underneath their beds to put any boxes if they want to. Ah, one advantage, I would say of this is that it's not loft in, so it's not as hot at night, and also it's easier to get on to your bed if you want to. So this is where you wait for the train and Ruggles station. Ruggles has orange line as well as a bunch of, uh, bus terminals. And I'm currently here waiting for the train so I can go meet my parents at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. These are some of the small stalls that Quincy market and these are This is a food court. Just quite a lot of options here. Mommy, can you explain that to me? Collapsible water bottle. It looks like an alien. I'm at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum Spence again. Yes, there is a student discount and an even bigger Northeastern Slash washing suit discount. So instead of having to pay fourteen dollars, you aunt basics pretty good. This is Boston Burger Company. It's one of those really most popular restaurants here in Austin, and there's always, always a huge line. They have a lot of really interesting burgers like these. morning, guys. Julie's here. I'm currently Charlotte Airport. I'm headed up to Boston for about 30 hours to go see Emerson College and Northeastern. Kind of. We just got to the hotel. It's me and both of my hands this time, not just the one that went to New York with me, and we're staying at the Doubletree. As you can see, we've just got to our hotel, but we don't even have enough time to enjoy it right now because it's like one now. And our toward Emerson starts in two lunchtime, trusting our average class size is 25 students. Ratio is 13 to 1, so the setup of Emerson is definitely on the unconventional side. We started the tour going through one of the dining areas, a couple doors down from the visitor center in the same building. The front of the building reminds me of a bunch of storefronts, almost, and we went through there and out on the side. I crossed into another building where the majority of the classes and studios are just on, like different floors. We passed by a bunch of different studios and theater. I even got to peek into the journalism studio, which was really cool. I loved how decorated everything Waas like Every hallway was covered with colorful posters and fliers for performances. We got to go into the main section of the library. They had a really pretty view from the window, but I didn't get to record it. My bad. We walked down a few more doors and entered the campus center, where they house doing life a couple floors down and then dorm rooms from the ground floor up. We got to look into an actual student dorm, and they had this friend's bulletin up, which I thought was super funny. Finally, we got to go into, like, a common room for a couple of the dorms, and it had the most amazing, although the setup was strange, like the school has so many resources for people interested in communication or art. So if you are into that, I would definitely check it out. There's no reason it should be. Hey, guys, I'm back. Um, basically, after the tour, we had a bunch of different plans that ended up falling through. We had wanted to go visit the Boston Public Library and go see the park right around the corner, but it was too cold. Got to remember, we are from Florida and we were feeling like death out there. So that's the thing. One plan we did still have was to go to this pop up art gallery happening about a mile from here. One thing I did notice about Boston is that even if something like a mile away because of traffic, it takes a good 15 minutes to get there, and especially with, like, one way traffic and all that stuff. So, yeah, we're headed there now, and I hope it's fun. I'm absolutely freezing, but I could use I got him, son. So cold. I just took my shower in this weird shower thing, but it just has a drain in the floor. I don't know if that's normal. Appear. Let me just say I've never been more happy to have hot water in my life. It is so cool up here. I don't know how people do it. I don't know how I'm going to live this lifestyle, but we're gonna make it work. It's time for sleep. I like my honey. All right, guys. So this is a look that I'm going with port today. Obviously, I'm gonna put another sweatshirt over this and then the same jacket I wore yesterday on a CZ. Well, it's about nine. No, it's not. It's not nine yet. It's like 8 45 now, and my tour of Northeastern starts at 9 45 So we're just gonna go eat and then head on over to Northeastern. Northeastern's campus was gorgeous, especially during this time of year. It's definitely an urban campus. The buildings are adjacent to a main street along easy access to the outside while still maintaining a central location. Ah, lot of the tour was, of course, spent on discussing the coop program, which is the program they're known for. It turns out they're partnered with a lot of really great companies. Overall, the campus was really beautiful and just bubbling with opportunities. I like my coach just like my honey sweet wait across the street with Mexicans. Wait right across from a lot of action happening. We're at the part taking artsy pictures, and my phone is dying. So we're nearing the end. Guys, I'm definitely harassing this abuse right now. Okay, Bye. Thanks for watching guys. Be sure to hit that thumbs up. If you like this video and common and subscribe also check out my blah. Get the issue least dot com. Uh, we're at Rebecca's, which is not technically a dining hall. Um, but they do take male slaves, and so they have, like a huge That's like the huge ready made sandwich lines. So you get it and they make it fresh. They also have other, like hot dishes or pizza or a grill as well, a cz like sandwiches that I've been pre made. Um, and this is a campus favorite to go to a lot of people like the Nicole, which has, like, I think it's chicken bacon there to put my mail. Yeah, Granny Smith. Yeah, it's pretty good, but it's very crowded all the time. So this right here ceased, which is short for stunts in East. Do not get it confused steps in West because peace is by far superior. I'm just showing some sitting stations where you can sit with your friends. There's actually quite a few seats on. Here are just some of the food stations coming up is the avoiding gluten station. We just passed the superstation. As you can see, they're also more seats around the station. There's even a waffle making station. Um, there's a compost band. There's the pizza place, So usually the avoiding gluten station has the best quality meat because it's not dry or anything. But today we went to the Comfort food station. They said there are three Korean spinach, but instead there is Mac and cheese and something that we almost always get. Is this orange guava passion for juice? It's really good, my friend is nodding, but I can't show her face on camera because she doesn't want to be showing Time. Hi. I'm Alice of a first year student at Northeastern. I'm a health science major on the premed shock. I just Northeast I should go with Eastern because I would like the location. And I really enjoyed looking at the benefits of the program because I thought it would be a great way to earn some money while I was in college and also be an experience for the future. You can also be brutally honest if you want. Oh, I'd rather not. Okay, e will of steam. What is the student climate like? I think it depends on which groups who decided to associate yourself. I think in general, Northeastern is very strong in academic. So a lot of people care a lot about their academic life. But also, I feel like in my personal experience, the Asian American community is a big part of it. Uh, yeah, because there's a lot of Asian American clubs were here right now in the Asian American Center present Yeah, and I feel like, um, it's a generally pretty positive environment. There's always like since you, since it's such a lot you have since the specialized school, Um, there's a lot of people that you could me and, um, school student body is really very diverse. What are some stereotypes about Northeastern students, and how true are they? Qo off. What is the academic climate like, really, I think, like, uh, compared to high school at least, like it's much is a much better climate for me personally, because, like teachers are much more understanding and like, they're more likely to give you. If you have a good reason to, they will give you an extension on your assignments. If they got, it's just more flexible on you can, um, have more authority over your own schedule. What air? Some pros and cons of Northeastern. Some pros and cons, I would say definitely a pro is that it's in the city. Uh, I really enjoyed that coming from the sub groups. Uh, because like here, there's like a lot of opportunities. There's always, like, a lot of things to do. Uh, if you want to get involved in things off of campus or on campus all the same like there's always plenty of, um, different, like volunteer activities for different, like cultural events that you could involve yourself in housing. Housing is definitely all my gosh housing. So, uh, Northeastern does like a lottery system for housing, which is understandable because you want everyone to have an even chance. Uh, but the way it's hard to explain if you haven't gone through the system. But the way in which hasn't selection for second uses set up is really stressful on DH. Inefficient? Yes, she's not. She's not feeding me any lines right now. Totally not. Uh, yeah, but, uh, like the housing, I would say, like, basically, there's different, like price structures. And there's different types of living arrangements so you can have, like, apartments. You can have studios, or you could just have, like, a ah, sweet or like a traditional living style, A temp of college accommodation. Uh, we try to go for, um, uh, living space with a kitchen. But that was quite difficult because those air, like, obviously really high demand as if you have a kitchen, you don't need to go on a meal plan and you can make your own. You can make your own food wish everyone loves what makes Northeastern different from others. I see. Well, I mean, I could see the carpark program, but like I said that many times already, Um, I think, uh, it's really interesting campus because it's kind of like embedded in the city and, like, not kind of secluded. So it's like, wherever you go is like you are in Boston. Um, that's it. Uh, I definitely tries to emphasize their experiential learning opportunities. In general, I'm not just the core program. They have, uh, dialogues abroad. Uh, over the summer. So there's a code like dialogue, civilizations, uh, various countries. And they also have, like, study abroad masters. Or you could go to different countries and, like, you know, absorb the culture. You Khun, learn stuff. What advice would you give your seeing yourself? My series goes up. Yes, of course. E. I mean, this is going to sound really pessimistic. But as they told some senior friends that I have in high school, um, there's nothing you could do. Thiss why There's nothing you can really do s o instead of trying to, like, freak out, just like enjoy your senior year as it is. Um, And like, don't don't like freak out over the decisions that you could have made about your high school life because I mean, like, it won't really change anything. And it'LL just make you more stress by worrying about it. Yeah. So, like, give yourself a break by doing