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Hi. My name is Dr Davis, and I'm a professor here at Northeastern, Uh, teach Professor different than normal professors. Where instead of having research outside of class and research lab that we run, we focus entirely on our students. So here I teach to classes cornerstones of engineering one and two. And in order to make sure the best that I could be, all of my attention are focused on teaching those the best that I can see the way they work is cornerstone is that classroom. We teach the basic fundamentals, all engineers. So it doesn't matter what made you are, you're always going to take our stuff way teach to programming languages. People spots in that lab to cad languages, AutoCAD and salt works, engine design and entering ethics. But we got to tie the whole thing together with a theme. And so each each of my colleagues in the in the first year engineering program has different teams. They teach my things, escape, rose. So all of my students making escape room, if you don't know this paper missed, the basic idea is a cooperative activity where you are trapped in a room and you must solve all the puzzles In order to escape, my students will make all of those individual puzzles will stream to it. We'LL string it together with the narrative and with a flow so that you have to have some sort of design. What order? Resolving the puzzles, How hard they're gonna be easy. What are we actually gonna do with them? And then we build way have actual wood constructs you could see to my side. We have a number of wooden objects here, and these are all things that we will use in our escape rooms in the end of the year. We run event for basically an entire Saturday and have all all of our community members and very students and faculty all come and try to play through what my students made. What inspired you to take the leap and have students create escape rooms rather than some other project? So in my nonexistent free time, I run a core game design and publishing company, and through that, I got an eye for making products and crafting clay experiences that are really engaging user. When I turned my eyes towards engineering, I realized that I need to something that was more build heavy something where, as an engineer, you can really cut some wood and get some some experience working with there tens. And so we want to make something bigger and more complicated than a Borgia. And so when I was looking at what the different kinds of experiences they are that offer and engaging experience escape proof. There is a natural fit. And when we started looking at the different pieces of what it would take a bullet and put it together, I worked with another professor here, Mark, see back to craft the original theme and put together what the requirements would be. We're able to map it to our different course material by making the requirements required different pieces. So, for example, if we make our students laser cut something or three D print something, then we can use AutoCAD and solid retrospectively to accomplish those goals. If we use our doing the hardware, then we can make our students program and see in order to make their Drina run functional. And so, by mapping the different requirements of what their puzzles need to contain to the things that were teaching class, we can engage our students in a multiple different directions. What is your favorite thing about Northeastern Slash teaching your students here and what might make teaching at North Eastern different than taking out another university? So I love our collaborative environment. The fact that I'm going to any department, any faculty member and say, Hey, I had a really good idea. And this There's this machine, your lab that I'd love to use their test out. Can we work out some time to work on it? Being ableto works on something interdisciplinary nature. I'm a chemical engineer by training, and I get to work with material engineers with mechanical in tears with industrial engineers, and we all get to work together. Way have a beautiful maker space where we get to put our students to work in making all these wonderful things, as well as having access to a lot of tools and a lot of skilled technical personnel as well staff. It's extremely supportive, and so I think that it's very helpful to have your wonderful environment working in. I absolutely love my job, my colleagues, and that's entirely the community that we've built here in our Easter in terms of what makes it different. I think that every university will have different pockets that are going to make it really interesting and really fun to be out with Northeastern feeling that pocket is so much bigger. It's not just my immediate colleagues, but the whole Internet community, the whole college that I get to work with. That man Xperia Northeastern. Really funny, really. And finally, I would like to ask you to give a brief summary of your pH deep work. So when I was a phD student, I was a couple engineer. But I really loved polymers. In fact, that almost was a polymer engineer. And so when I was looking for different projects, I end up stumbling upon one that used, uh, treating to make polymer or gone. So the basic idea is if we take Tricky Dick and we put a black light on it, and then we shine a light on top of it, then the black line will absorb beating faster, and it'LL heat up faster. And then because the hot the top is getting hot fastening bottom, the top is gonna shrink. The bottom's not no calls to fold, and so you can imagine if you took a rubber band and put it on, you stretched it, You put it, freezer, he frozen. And then when you, during the unfreezing process, heated the top rather the bottom that it would also cause it to fall. My phD research expend this. So instead of just doing it, intricate and congestion in polystyrene were able to do a whole variety of different materials and on a lot of different scales. So this is a crane that I made as part of my phD research made out of a Thrilla, using a laser cutter toe changes into the side of it and then using rubber band in a fully sized oven to create the necessary heat and pressure ingredients to cause it to fold. And so coming up with these three dimensional objects was a really wonderful way for me to combine chemical engineering, polymer knowledge, material science and Mika and mechanical engineer all together to make a call. Easy project coming. Thank you. Thank you so much. So this is one landmark on campus. It's called Crissman, and if you see over there is the Green Line and beyond. That is a lot of freshmen housing, including a spear. Which is that really this one right there, which holds all of the university's, uh, mailing for all of the housing on the academic building beside of Struggles, which is our Orange Line train station that's Huntington Avenue. Yeah, so that there is actually L Hall, which houses Blackmon Auditorium, which is a place where they have a lot of performances or a lot of important, like meetings and stuff. For example, I had my pre dialogue, which is basically a short summer study abroad Uh, we're at Rebecca's, which is not technically a dining hall. Um, but they do take male slaves, and so they have, like a huge That's like the huge ready made sandwich lines. So you get it and they make it fresh. They also have other, like hot dishes or pizza or a grill as well, a cz like sandwiches that I've been pre made. Um, and this is a campus favorite to go to a lot of people like the Nicole, which has, like, I think it's chicken bacon there to put my mail. Yeah, Granny Smith. Yeah, it's pretty good, but it's very crowded all the time. So this right here ceased, which is short for stunts in East. Do not get it confused steps in West because peace is by far superior. I'm just showing some sitting stations where you can sit with your friends. There's actually quite a few seats on. Here are just some of the food stations coming up is the avoiding gluten station. We just passed the superstation. As you can see, they're also more seats around the station. There's even a waffle making station. Um, there's a compost band. There's the pizza place, So usually the avoiding gluten station has the best quality meat because it's not dry or anything. But today we went to the Comfort food station. They said there are three Korean spinach, but instead there is Mac and cheese and something that we almost always get. Is this orange guava passion for juice? It's really good, my friend is nodding, but I can't show her face on camera because she doesn't want to be showing So I'm about to show you a double n re. Melvin Hall. This is my friend Lisa's room. Again. It's not that big, but they have a bay window, so at least the view's nice. It's actually really pretty. The lake in the back way friends is really nice. Look at and over winter it becomes solid, at least the top layer and target is also over the park. So we're pretty good distance. This is my roommates in my room, but, uh, this is my friends desk. She has a lot of friends, as we like to call them. There's a bunch of little toys that we find to be really cute. She has a lot of panda friends on. Yep, and then that's her closet. It's really small. It's honestly probably half the size of mine, even though they are on ly two thirds of the people who are supposed to be living in our sky face. So not exactly equal distribution. But, you know, they make Dio, um, they don't I have, like, the wall cabinets or anything, but they still have, like the clothing cabinets and the death space. Um, and my friend's room. Wait actually has her own cabinet as well, and they have a lot of space underneath their beds to put any boxes if they want to. Ah, one advantage, I would say of this is that it's not loft in, so it's not as hot at night, and also it's easier to get on to your bed if you want to. Okay, so I have Milton with me right now. He is currently PR ze board on DH. He is involved in Greek life here, and I was just wondering, how do you think we speak like is on campus? And how has it affected you personally? See, six is kind of strong. It feels kind of big because what you're like, you know, it's much more people like you from another school is a cross country. So in that sense, it's kind of guess, how has it affected me? I know the way people now like change easily, junior, because like, there's always something, you know, And like, I feel like in college, that's easy to like. Start making get bored of going class is way, way like about this, except to do like in every single way. It was different in that sense. So this is where you wait for the train and Ruggles station. Ruggles has orange line as well as a bunch of, uh, bus terminals. And I'm currently here waiting for the train so I can go meet my parents at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. These are some of the small stalls that Quincy market and these are This is a food court. Just quite a lot of options here. Mommy, can you explain that to me? Collapsible water bottle. It looks like an alien. I'm at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum Spence again. Yes, there is a student discount and an even bigger Northeastern Slash washing suit discount. So instead of having to pay fourteen dollars, you aunt basics pretty good. This is Boston Burger Company. It's one of those really most popular restaurants here in Austin, and there's always, always a huge line. They have a lot of really interesting burgers like these. Welcome to Centennial Circle. Uh, this is one of the landmarks of Northeastern, As you can see that right there. Showman hall over there is where snow library and such are that right there behind this tree? Sorry is Struggle Station, which has our orange line in over which has Ivy and some other upper. The upperclassmen housing. Excuse me. Um, that right there is writer, which is actually home to Candy or our college of arts, media and design. However, I have my Chinese class and my engineering costs in that building. So it's like the academic buildings aren't necessarily just college specific carried it. There is Caracas, which houses the College of Health science. Um, and that is West Philip, where a lot of campus tours go through. Um, and near there. We also have a mural behind those trees. Um, West Village F is also connected to the John D. O'Bryant center, which is our African American center on campus. And right around the corner of the building with the mural, um, is our lot ex center, which houses students, student organizations of Hispanic descent Okay, So short correction. Apparently, my directions are pretty bad. This is actually the lot. Next center on DH. It's right next to the pathway to smell library. Hi. Welcome to my room. I'm in a standard triple in Melvin Hall, which is on the Fenway, and we are based in the Cultural Inclusion LLC or living Learning Community. So let me start off by showing you the door. This is the back of the door. Um, it has three towel racks where you can hang your towels. Uh, we also hang washcloths or bathrobes, and then we have our welcome mat just under that. I think as a rack like that is really useful when it's slightly damp, because then it just kind of evaporates. Next up is the closet. So, like I said, um, we are currently in a standard triple, which is my room, Um, and there's actually quite a bit of storage space within the closet, especially when you take in consideration that above all of the hangers and stuff, there are several shelves. They put boxes right or other things. There is a nice ah window and here, which brings in some light. And there's also quite a bit of space, hover like it looks like a lot of space, But you have to take into consideration that we used to have a third roommate, so it actually was pretty crowded when there were three of us in here. She unfortunately had to leave due to medical issues on DH. We resorted to see her go. But this is our living situation now. So, yeah, there's light in the closet. Turn it off when we don't need it. It's really useful when you're trying to get changed in the winter because when you're trying to get changes, probably dark outside. This is our mini fridge and our microwave as well as the latter we had, um my bed letter was also originally there because the thing about the actual living space is that it's not very big. So like, I think if I lay down there and I stuck my arms up, I would probably be able to touch the other side. And I'm about five foot three, so it's pretty narrow. However, we do have quite a bit of storage space for other stuff. So, like, this is our food. Um, we don't actually use those shores, but we do use our, ah, our clothing doors, this sweet, mostly used for actual school supplies. This is a keeper tour, which you can just put a keyboard in. I personally put my laptop case in there because I find it really convenient for me, and something else I found that is really helpful is my extension cord, as well as some small bins to help me store things. Other things that I found helpful. Just having some carabiners. I stuck one through my hair bands and stuck it through the bottom. Ah, wiring of my bed and also a ton of command hooks. If you can get yourself to Costco, get a bunch of command hooks. I use it for my hats. I use more heavy duty ones for my jackets. Um, and I need quite a few jackets because I'm like, very cold all the time. But you're pretty poor circulation, to be honest, so really, having a lot of command hooks will really optimize your storage space. That's just one of my engineering projects. Something else we did. We got a stackable she rack. So if I tried, I could actually lift the top three off and make a second separates True AC. But I don't want to do that cause I don't I'm here with Jonah, and we're eating breakfast and we're going to interview him to ask him about life and stuff like that. So just introduce yourself. Hi. My name is Jonah. I'm a second year combined major in mathematics and finance, and I'm from Waterville, Maine. Okay, so explain WhyYou shows the school. So for me, I chose Northeastern after taking a gap year and it came down. Teo bur Northeastern on DH. I wanted to be in Boston. Eyes kind of close to home. Kind of far from home. It's a nice mix, really. Northeastern's coop program, the experiential learning and the connections they have in the business world. I know that spending tuition money here is an investment that's gonna pay off with a really nice job. A lot quicker than a lot of other schools. Okay. Describe, like the student body in the academic climate. It's funny because that kind of goes hand in hand with the last question. But truthfully, with our with our experiential style of learning and all the hands on work we do here, it's really hardworking, really ambitious students here soon, sir. Here Because they're ready to learn. I'm ready to apply it, and it makes for really encouraging campus. So what's your favorite and least favorite thing about Earth? Um, my favorite part about Northeastern that we're like, It's a big campus, but it doesn't feel big because, you know, I'm pretty involved in the school, and it allows me to really see people I know on a daily basis. And even though there's thousands of students here season when I know everywhere I'm going, whether it's lunch or anything or the library, some like that's pretty awesome. My least favorite would probably be a thing called the Northeastern Shuffle, where if you want to get something done, sometimes you have to like be on the phone with one person and director to another to another. You know, you get shuffled all around that you sometimes be a burden, but at the same time, it really makes you have to work for what you're passionate about. Time. Hi. I'm Alice of a first year student at Northeastern. I'm a health science major on the premed shock. I just Northeast I should go with Eastern because I would like the location. And I really enjoyed looking at the benefits of the program because I thought it would be a great way to earn some money while I was in college and also be an experience for the future. You can also be brutally honest if you want. Oh, I'd rather not. Okay, e will of steam. What is the student climate like? I think it depends on which groups who decided to associate yourself. I think in general, Northeastern is very strong in academic. So a lot of people care a lot about their academic life. But also, I feel like in my personal experience, the Asian American community is a big part of it. Uh, yeah, because there's a lot of Asian American clubs were here right now in the Asian American Center present Yeah, and I feel like, um, it's a generally pretty positive environment. There's always like since you, since it's such a lot you have since the specialized school, Um, there's a lot of people that you could me and, um, school student body is really very diverse. What are some stereotypes about Northeastern students, and how true are they? Qo off. What is the academic climate like, really, I think, like, uh, compared to high school at least, like it's much is a much better climate for me personally, because, like teachers are much more understanding and like, they're more likely to give you. If you have a good reason to, they will give you an extension on your assignments. If they got, it's just more flexible on you can, um, have more authority over your own schedule. What air? Some pros and cons of Northeastern. Some pros and cons, I would say definitely a pro is that it's in the city. Uh, I really enjoyed that coming from the sub groups. Uh, because like here, there's like a lot of opportunities. There's always, like, a lot of things to do. Uh, if you want to get involved in things off of campus or on campus all the same like there's always plenty of, um, different, like volunteer activities for different, like cultural events that you could involve yourself in housing. Housing is definitely all my gosh housing. So, uh, Northeastern does like a lottery system for housing, which is understandable because you want everyone to have an even chance. Uh, but the way it's hard to explain if you haven't gone through the system. But the way in which hasn't selection for second uses set up is really stressful on DH. Inefficient? Yes, she's not. She's not feeding me any lines right now. Totally not. Uh, yeah, but, uh, like the housing, I would say, like, basically, there's different, like price structures. And there's different types of living arrangements so you can have, like, apartments. You can have studios, or you could just have, like, a ah, sweet or like a traditional living style, A temp of college accommodation. Uh, we try to go for, um, uh, living space with a kitchen. But that was quite difficult because those air, like, obviously really high demand as if you have a kitchen, you don't need to go on a meal plan and you can make your own. You can make your own food wish everyone loves what makes Northeastern different from others. I see. Well, I mean, I could see the carpark program, but like I said that many times already, Um, I think, uh, it's really interesting campus because it's kind of like embedded in the city and, like, not kind of secluded. So it's like, wherever you go is like you are in Boston. Um, that's it. Uh, I definitely tries to emphasize their experiential learning opportunities. In general, I'm not just the core program. They have, uh, dialogues abroad. Uh, over the summer. So there's a code like dialogue, civilizations, uh, various countries. And they also have, like, study abroad masters. Or you could go to different countries and, like, you know, absorb the culture. You Khun, learn stuff. What advice would you give your seeing yourself? My series goes up. Yes, of course. E. I mean, this is going to sound really pessimistic. But as they told some senior friends that I have in high school, um, there's nothing you could do. Thiss why There's nothing you can really do s o instead of trying to, like, freak out, just like enjoy your senior year as it is. Um, And like, don't don't like freak out over the decisions that you could have made about your high school life because I mean, like, it won't really change anything. And it'LL just make you more stress by worrying about it. Yeah. So, like, give yourself a break by doing