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Thinking about Oklahoma Baptist University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Oklahoma Baptist University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Oklahoma Baptist University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Oklahoma Baptist University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Oklahoma Baptist University experience. These Oklahoma Baptist University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So there's a lot of different things you can eat here versus It's always like full of people during lunch. But there's also, like right here, pizza station on DH, then go down here. There's like a subway style sandwich station here and there's deserts. Also home cooks out there and you go around important form, just like waffles. Charlotte, that waffle cereal and drinks and stuff like that. There's also a burger and a fry station that has talked with stuff like that, too. But there's always a lot of people in here whether it's professors or students or groups that are visited campus. So it's always very exciting to see who's here. Which of your friends were here on? There's three different male plants. There's the two twenty meal plan one fifty meal plan and the two twenty meal plan comes with two hundred and twenty swipes upstairs on. Then it comes with money bison ducks down here, and then one hundred fifty swipes comes with a little bit less spice and bucks on that. If you know you're gonna be eating in the cafeteria a lot, you can get the unlimited plan. Which doesn't come. Doesn't come with bison bucks for like Starbucks. I showed you and stuff like that. But if you're gonna be in the caf a lot, Right? So right here, everyone. This's engaged week. So there's a lot of different tables. People talking about their clubs and organizations. What organization is this guys? So what else? Okay. What kind of competition? Every day. And you're you know also what I think about it. Mom, thank you so much. Weight brunch club, sports clubs, sports starting. We got seven sports just called Ultimate Frisbee. Males volleyball. What else is out there looking to shoot. So they have, like, sign ups over here. Just like straight up. Sign up, tennis, Whatever. Yes. Yeah. Very cool. Well, the table that I'm Manning is the view TV news table. And so we have, like, some stickers and some camera equipment to show you what we do but basically way have a weekly broadcast by students, and it goes live on YouTube, and then it goes on our channel. But so we use cool cameras like this and get to interview people and that kind of stuff. I was an anchor this past year night. I'm the producer, so it's very exciting. This is my friend Pole. Paul, you're gonna join over TV. Okay? Sounds great. All right. I'm here at another table. This is the campus activities board. So tell me a little about what you guys do. Well, basically, we put on all the really big shows that go on through out the year like Biggie freshman following spring affair. Big talent shows that everyone dresses up and they go to and it's kind of big. It's a tradition that you would say So what is it like to be in it? What do you do? So it's actually being in? It involves a lot of behind this Sean's work. So you do things like set design. We're gonna make the sets for the show's production career, where you film it, you can make the costumes. You could be involved in intermission. Lots of different animals. Awesome. Well, thank you so much. Yeah, it's worth a single time. One of the social clubs on camp. Here, hold this. Thanks. Social club. A social gathering on campus there, boys clubs and get together with the service office. These have social car ten. She's like, Yeah, party, that's me. I wear outside the wood science building? I don't know you. Well, it's raining today. Here we go. Uh, and he's gonna show us around and tell everyone a little bit about himself also. So the good thing about the science building? Because it has an amazing pendulum. It's currently not working right now, fixing on it. But what it does is that measures the gravitation, just the circulation. So every hour, what is? Yeah, every hour knocks of Pegged out. What? Science is great for everything. So what? Science is great for everything. I mean, we have fossil deceived into scrap fight. And what I heard the world has brought to us just animals. Skeletons from thousands of years ago. Science is crazy. Look, there's even these dumpling things that are found in the ocean like, well, blows my mind. Can we see a lab? A lot. Of course. Think about it. Would science is that make selling everything And that even includes Wait, love animals? Yes, we love animals. Let's check it out. What do we have here? They're adorable, Deborah. I mean, just even if you're stressed, you just need a good place to hang out. I was kind of your place to go and just watch these little suckers. Right. Well, welcome to the back place to get warm. It's just static. Tell me about this place. So this is the Green House overused Green House and it's located. And what science. Get back to you. Here. The thing is, there's two random head charms just roaming around. Tryingto it wasn't. It was in it. No. S o science majors. We literally are family usually get paired with a lot of people in your major, and you'll have every class with them. So you know their schedule and they know your schedule. And they become yeah, like these two people. They keep following me with their family, and we're all in this together. And I'm just so excited for the Hi, everyone. My name's Laviana. And I hope you're ready to learn more about over you Because I'm here to give you the inside scoop I'm in, junior, and I'm studying journalism with a minor in marketing. And, uh oh, here's the a bison here because overuse ascot is the bison. So I'm so excited to show you around campus are campus is absolutely beautiful. And I think you're absolutely gonna love it. So get ready for the inside scoop. This is W M u. The freshman girls dorm. There's actually two of them. Um, but this is the one you would, uh, probably get into. Both of them are really awesome. Um, and this is what it looks like from the outside. Right now we're in W mu, the freshman girls storm, and we have someone who's gonna show us. Thank you. Wow, This is pretty. This where you sleep? On the right. This is where I sleep. Yes. Okay. Well, tell me you're a freshman. Yeah, I am. What you studying? I'm saying Communications. My name is Lily, huh? And I have no money. Okay, cool. Cool. Tell me a little bit about what you have in your room. Okay? So I have this bed's friend. I don't have a lot of pillows because I find a little not necessary minimalist. So I've got a printer, God smacker, some snacks which was necessary. There's super healthy is you can tell. And then we got some pictures going on. Cute. My mugs that I like this little like station thing. I think that's super useful. And each room comes with, I think in a mirror. And then usually like one girl, take the cause. Like this is years, right? Right. And then her roommate takes the wardrobe and then there's like drawers for each girl stagy room, Teo Bossam. Okay. What all do you have in your room? Well, the new French It worked out really well for me because I got the TV on the guests like you get a cinematic masterpiece. Got a fridge, freezer happened. Have you feel like you really need that? I just had a freezer in my house, and I was like, Well, they stack so free. That's it Grille for in my ministry video on Thursdays. And I got jakes one wheel. That's a fun thing. This is my bed on. A friend of mine painted that for me like this. I'm not a woman. So tell me about Ira's An aging and what it's like to be on the same hall is, um yeah. So the reason Eiji are awesome. They're all really, really fine. The side with anyone for my whole I have he bitch. He's the best. Are he? Is a really is also the head ari. So that's really good. He's got a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge about. Oh, Pee Yew. Dar is an age you're really good at doing. Hello, Vince, too. Okay, so what kind of stuff would that be? Well, we go out to the like beatem! Zohra! Shaunie, Michael bowling. Just so you know, the guys in your whole pretty well, yes way. Definitely other guys in hall. Very well. Everyone knows each other really well. So nice. I know everyone's name on this hall. Hey, guys, I'm going to show you one of the buildings I'm in the most. This is Sarkies tell Communication Center. Um, and this is one of those buildings that you might not be in unless you're in journalism, major communications or theater. So there's I mean, there's some different things that are held in there, but if you want to take, like, photography or something like that, any digital media arts kind of classes, those are gonna be in here. So if you wanted to take that as an elective or something, this would be the building for you. So this is when you walk inside. There's these, um this whole leg section is the theatre section. So, uh, you know, people meet here and stuff, and, uh, this is kind of like the Theatre Hall of fame down here. So all the pictures from past productions and stuff like that, if you're a theater major, you'll be in here a lot. So this is our green room. Um, till the light, so fun and, uh, over here, I'm gonna show you the studio. Um, here's our green screen area. I used to keep my blazer in there for when I was an anchor on. And then this It's the studio abs and, well, you get to be on the show. Let's go. Here we go at the desk and there's different teleprompters. The lighting is not amazing here right now, but there's teleprompters where the anchors are going to read Photography class meets here to, like, do different projects and stuff. And this building is so cool and you think there's a little bit more this knowledge to climb That, um, there is This is the animation studio, and, um, like Photoshopped or anything like that, it's gonna be in here. People meet computer lobbyist to do that stuff, and I get it open. I actually work in this building to you. So I work checking out cameras, two students who are using them for class or for Obi UTV news. And, yeah, it's a lot of fun to work on campus. So I'm with one of the people in a view TV news. She's editing a package for our show, which is gonna be interviews, video and voice over. So it actually on the computer editing it. That's from the state fair. I get it. Yeah, I'm just during a package hanging out. She just doing beauty. You love her so much. This is Shawnee Hall, the oldest building on campus. It was built in nineteen, fifteen. And now any student that comes here no matter what Major, will have a classic, the biggest class size that Toby was going to be around sixty people, and that's only usually your freshman year. What? Kill. So, like I said earlier, Shawnee Hollis, one of the oldest buildings on campus, but it's also one of the most important buildings is located in the middle of the over. No matter what made you are. Like I said, you're gonna have a class in here because we have general education classes in here. Every student takes, like, all cast Mitt or New Testament or upset, which is mixing history and literature. So your education, you're gonna have a lot here. These cultures, these broken boards are made by early education Majors Elementary, and they have all right down here. The division chair of education is housing here as well as other faculty members in crime. Oh, things like that. Basically, there's theater here because this thing like disguises it. But there's a hero in there that, um, theater department. They performed there. And the shows are awesome. So if you ever get a chance to come, wash one thousand. But the student faculty ratio at O. B U is fifteen to one and class size gonna be anywhere from fifteen twenty five average. Sixty. Like in that class. I just showed you and the professor's office hours are very open and they never have, like, teach a class there. Oh, they're always there. They're always president. Most of the dresses that you have terminal degree, Zizzo. What would you say Are some dormer essentials. Some doorman essentials? Well, I would definitely have a purifier. Something I didn't think I need. Look, they have water fountains, but like something you don't leave your room. That's right. Keep it one hand, baby. Don't about days, Mississippi. Do you think that you shouldn't have a fridge or shoot me like you should probably text, choose who's gonna be a roommate? Yeah. Figured out. Is that what you did? I did, actually, cause my roommate had a fridge from her brother. I went to college, and so I just texted her, and she said, Hey, I'll bring the French and we just share that. Okay? I do know two girls, both brother on fridge, and they have plenty of space in the room, so Okay, cool. Did you do public? I did. Potluck. What is it? Potluck is where you pick a random roommate and, well, school picks for for you or Yes, there's next year. My door's I don't know you, by the way. It's girls dorms and storms, which is really nice because you can kind of like, you know, that's actually really accurate because in the showers and getting turned down the hallway. So it's really, really nice. My roommate is from Lone Grove, and I'm actually for Oklahoma City. So I met her on enrollment day and just text her a little bit and okay, back to the room Essentials. What else do you think you would add? I would add a few love. Well, like a certain, like if you love drinking tea. Bring. How are the Oilers? Yeah. Or if you love coffee, bring a coffee pot. Because sometimes you don't work here. She's good. Oh, yeah. I bring a lance and a near her because there's only one mirror in the room. So, girls, you might need more than one for two people. Yeah, so I have it's huge. Hello. Yeah, maybe a printer. Oh, that looks super essential. Tio, This is the best thing I've ever bought in my life. It's a movable one. It's like Ben. So, like, if I wanted to work to get, I got a target and it wraps around. But I think I have a mitt stables, too. And so they called it like the cats, actually. So great. Now I've never even seen it. So many It's so nice. And I have a lot of clubs. Maybe bring, like, two albums. Like I have an extension cord plugged into Mexico. There's a lot to it's got you got You said. Okay. Well, thank you so much. Hey, guys, I'm in the convenience store. So this is where you get a lot of, like, on the go kind of snacks. And then with the meal plan, there's actually a couple different options with what you could have for one. Sure, dinner you can trade in or breakfast. You can trade in one of your meals wipes every day for spicing grill. Or you can eat at clay. I love you. So definitely here. Except on, you know, weekends are some different things with that. But depending on what's she like to eat, you do that. And then we also have a Starbucks here. Go on and show you on. And then they also have, like, a smoothie station as well. So right here. Hey, it could be like in order. Starbucks? Yeah. Over you. No. Has students thing about coming here. Why should my mission? Because it's a great place. There's great to meet. The professors are awesome educations. Great. You're better than most places. It's a big family. What you think? They make a better That's right. That's why you should come here. Okay, Gavin, when you introduce yourself in your major and your classification here, Toby, I'm Gavin Elster and I Everybody give Major and have a sophomore. But do you I want to do with you. I actually want to be a missionary doctor. So being at O. B U, I can study ministry and I can also learn from top of the Nazi scientist here, right? But the professor's here are actually from other countries. We get that. Yeah, so it's really cool because we get diversity here, but also a different knowledge. So we have a lot of people from Cameroon. We have a lot India, and I think there's even one from South Africa. And what they do is they teach from their world view how they taught it. And it's much different how I was taught in high school. And it's much easier to pull. The teachers are very intentional, and they know you by name. So if you're walking on campus, they will literally hunt you down just to shake your hand. But not good morning. I'm not only that, but they invited to their house to eat dinner with So my favorite thing about over you is the spiritual impact that they do here. Being in science, you would think that science and you mentioned are definitely polar opposite. But they are. It's crazy because the professors here know what they're talking about. And they put Bible scriptures and Bible versus and give us clarity on how we should look into the future also. So it's pretty amazing just for me to get clarity on subjects like, you know, the creation of the world or even evolution. What advice would you give to high schoolers thinking about going t O bu specifically, um, find a good group here at ofyou. Like anybody you see, walking on the sidewalk is a great person and get to know everybody and find your group and find your people. Even though I'm a science major and I hang out with so many signs, major friends, I have so many other friends that want different major communications or, like social sciences. And it's really cool because we can, like, put all of our knowledge on a table. And then, just, like, talk about anything made. Yeah, coming through, Sextus. Super fun. But yeah, if you find a group of people, I mean, you're going to find people like you, that helps you. The transition from high school college a lot easier. And like I found the best friends I've ever had