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You guys, I'm going to show you my favorite spot to study and hang out. Also, our CAF sells a little mini ice cream. It's amazing. Okay, we're gonna go up the stairs already. It's my favorite spot, and almost no one goes here. All right. Look at this. These beautiful tables and a All right, you guys, This is my favorite thing about number nine. These tables air. Here are where I get to eat lunch every single day overlooking the ocean. It's absolutely beautiful. Then over here, you see no inside. There's lots of tables and there's well, our cafeteria is great. There's a lot of options. They make different things every single day. There's a rotating menu that you can check online, but in addition to that, we also cook whatever you want, so there's little ticket. You can highlight your circle, whatever it is I'm going to make put in a little basket and then they serve it up for you. So there's always something something good to have. Hey, you guys. I'm here, my friend Grace, I just want to show you a cool place that we hang out on campus. This is right in the lobby of the library that I showed you earlier in Starbucks right behind this. So it's nice to sit here. Grace is doing some homework. Get your work done. But then you also get your coffee. Are you guys? I am in Elkins Auditorium. This is where all the big lectures costs happened. Well, there aren't actually any, um at one class in your last semester, and that's all the classes I've ever taken. Opens. Most classes are really small, about twenty people in less. You can see there's chairs everywhere. The only things that are in here are basic. Geez, I got to humanity's in here and sometimes there's Hey, guys, I'm back. I'm here with one of my sorority sisters, and she's gonna talk to you a little bit about her experience of pepper dine. Hi, I'm Sophie. I am currently a freshman at Pepper Dine, and I'm double majoring in their national studies and political science. And I'm going to talk to you about white school and what I like about it. I chose the school because I knew I wanted to grow spiritually in college. So that's been a huge bonus, Pepper and has facilitated a fire and environment that cultivates here spiritually. Curiosity your relationship with God, I'm growing a lot. Even just within the first semester and a half, Uh, student body at the school is really like lean back. Chill. Everybody's really nice. What you would think is, like, never happens on a college campus. Everybody so stressed out. But no matter how stressed out your friends are, they're always gonna be there for you. Your professor's care about you. They always ask you how you doing. Costs are small enough to wear. Your professors will be able to get to know you on What I love about you is this, uh that's one of the reasons why I chose it. And there are also many opportunities for idiot involved on campus with campus ministry clubs, sororities Go Rush is a fun and just, you know, song fast. There's so many activities that you could do and get involved, and also that helps you narrow down what you might want to do. What you get. You just mentioned song fast. Can you explain what that is? Some fest is a really fun intensive two and a half seeing and where groups get together. And you could do with your sorority I'm doing with my sorority. But you know people from outside of Greek life will get together in groups and perform musical routines. There's a theme every year, and each group chooses specific theme. They keep it secret, so I can't tell you what it is. But we perform over the course of a week, and it's so much fun. All right, you guys, i'll take you in the library. We're entering through the starbucks. There's a starbucks on campus and it takes meal points. Let's super beautiful. We're gonna enter. I'm not be able to talk to much of the library, and i have to be quiet, but i will take you through. Talk. You can see there's lots of tables and things to work out over here. Usually pretty busy. But you can always find us. Well, if our books like any good library, my favorite spot is back over here. First of all with couches, that's important. More importantly, let's just carefully study in front The guy's karma and I are now exiting the sandbar. There she is. See our mailboxes? That's where you can pick up. Your package is way. Got all these tables and a job. All right, you guys. Right now we're in the hallway that leads up to our cafeteria showing you this big map so I can talk to about international programs. Number nine is one of the best schools in the country for study abroad. And we have all these different locations. You could go. Teo, I'm here. I'LL show you. You can go. Teo. Hey, you got Washington D C not international people get cool. Internship. Heidelberg, Germany Got London, England, lasagne, Switzerland and Florence, Italy. I will be in Florence, Italy, for all of next year. Also, we have all these very cool summer programs where you can go for a month. You just go for a month or two months for the summer and take some of your courses there. I want to show you what's called the hawk, the Howard, a white center, some where people can come and hang out. There's all these tables, just a little area sitting over there with the TV coming wash. Most importantly, the hawk is they get food and it's open late at night. Also, they have this whole market area. It's closed right now where you can get stuff that you could bring back your dorm to eat later. So is great for all your food needs when the Hey, I just wanted to show you one more little outdoor hangout area. So that's the library right behind me. We're right outside of it from the amphitheater right now. So there's all these seats, people. Sometimes two performances in that middle trunk. There was a convocation event here this morning. And then down there you see the beautiful stove for chapel and behind it is the ocean. Is my walk into main campus to class every day.