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Housing Explanation

Learn all about Pepperdine Housing! Freshman and Sophomores live on campus, but this video is specifically about freshman housing. Look for Erin's video on International Programs to learn more about Sophomores!

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Erin Miller
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So I have to wait a few minutes for the washing machine to be free. So take these few minutes to tell you guys about housing here. So all the freshman live on campus and all the sophomores who don't go abroad are also on campus. There's fifty to sixty people that live here and it's single sex. Then right next to us is Miller house, which is all boys. Boy, girl, boy, girl In the dorms, they're divided up into sweet. So within the bell house, there are six sweets I live in Be sweet. Yeah, and then within that, there's four different bedrooms that our doubles or triples, depending on what you want with that on. You guys will meet her and and then I also have six suitemates, and we all live together. So in this sweet, there's the four bedrooms and then you share a common room in a bathroom and then as a house we all share a common space with the lobby and me share laundry facilities.