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Thinking about Rice University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Rice University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Rice University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Rice University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Rice University experience. These Rice University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right. So now we're in the main clawed behind me is the sally portal. This is basically the arch that fall matriculated did since go through during their orientation week. Basically, the tradition is you walk under this arch towards in here, the main quad and really just seem to find that you, like, officially matriculated. And then the the sort of the tradition is basically don't walk out that art until you graduated or else the consequences. Technically, you don't graduate now. I have technically wants out of their last year because someone was giving away free bubble tea on the other side. And so i did that. And i don't know, maybe i won't graduate this year. We'll see. But that is our quarrel. Inside that building are just really just administration. Buildings to the left is hurt seeing hall, which are more classrooms to the right. Sewell also more classrooms, right? Is where all the psychology building our psychology houses. They're taught million mainly as well as our visual and dramatic art major. And then this is more physics and more stem subjects. Then behind me, this is razor hall. So these air where the languages are being taught to the right is the architecture building called anderson home. I have a really good architecture program. Students who come into architecture, er they enroll for five year program. Really, really procedures program to get in. And i am told and he can also look that up. Um, that's really statue that's our founder behind willie Right now I'm headed toward Brock Steen Pavilion, which is one of the kind of cafes on campus, and this is where a lot of people end up meeting. You know, they have meetings or they have group assignments because there's a really good cafe inside and you can buy food either with actual money or you can buy it with your Tetra points, which is kind of like money that Rice gives you each semester on your right side. Um, and you can use those Tetra points in AA Lot of places, you can use them to buy food with the rice coffee house on here and a lot of the student run businesses. But let me show you a little bit about Brock Hi, Kristie. So introduce yourself a little bit. Hi. My name's Christy. I'm a sophomore at more. Tell college just wanted prices, residential colleges. And I'm sitting here and I love it. Okay, So what do you think about the student body of rice? I'm the student body here is very unique. I think every single person is weird in their own way, and I think it's really cool. Hot? Everyone seemed to have something that they really passionate about. So I haven't really met anyone in Rice that I couldn't say one good thing about I agree. Okay. Uh, what is your major? And tell us a little bit about the atmosphere surrounding it? Sure. My major is bio engineering or biomedical engineering, A cz, everyone else, but right to call it, I would say the atmosphere around it is a very collaborative. It's a very difficult major, but I think the reason that we can all get through is because we're all really good about working together. We have a lot of great projects that really help you bond with the other bio. He's in your grade, and we all kind of have the same schedule. And so We're very close knit group. That's good to hear. Okay. And then finally, what is your favorite part about rice and your least favorite part about, right? So, like I said, I love my major because of the people in it. So that's probably my favorite part about Rice is, uh, just how my major is like, help me get to know a lot of people that otherwise wouldn't have. And I'm close with them, but it's also my least favorite part of Rice, because it is. It's definitely a lot of work. My major classes are always going to be a priority for me. And so school always comes first. And that's something that I kind of struggled to balance. Making sure that I keep my friends at Martell and staying involved at Marist College and other organizations on campus. So that's my least everything. But it's also my most favorite thing. Yes. Okay, thank you so much for your So right here is a really view of the surgery. This is kind of where people come to eat and if they're not eating there studying. And they're not studying there watching a performance because we use this area for performances as well, whether it's theater or from sort of project kind of thing. And we just kind of like move the tables aside. We also use it for public parties that Martell has for Rice University. So this whole area are common is one of the most vital aspect of Martel on. It's very dear to us, and it's kind of where the Martel Ian's come together as one. Yeah. So what do you do with your weekend? Let's hear weekend like Yeah. So I think it's different for like a lot of people. People on campus, right? Some people like to do homework or stay in or whatever. Uh, I definitely, like, have had my fair share of parties here. Rice prices? A what? Campus. So we are allowed to have alcohol, which is a good thing or can be thanks to you. We haven't on campus way haven't on campus, pop. Uh, graduate student bar, which is really great. You know, now that we're seniors, that we could just go grab a beer like whatever we want on DH, then also, like something unique about rice is each of the residential colleges hosts a public party, which is like just like a large dance party, basically, once a semester. So my college does Teo two, actually, one in the fallen one spring fall is a two stepping party, and the spring is like it's based off a wave in Europe, it's called sensations. Everyone wears white and throat states like Find on. Yeah, it's really enjoyable, but people around campus to like I usually choose to trick my friends on campus. Go, Teo. Different friends rooms on campus. And we will go to Lincoln Town Are like, some of the bars and Houston. Yeah, but I would say, What do you think that most people would stay on campus? Yeah, pretty. I think most people stay on campus until you're, like, twenty one for us. And then, uh, then you go explore the bar, see which I since I turned him. So let me explain a little bit about how on campus housing works there are eleven residential colleges, and the best way that I can explain that. It's kind of like the housing system at Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books, I think is usually what people use to describe the system. Um, and each student, when they come to Rice, is assigned randomly to one of the eleven residential colleges. I'll show you mine in a little bit. Right now we're passing through McMurtry College. Each college is kind of like a frat or a sorority. We don't have Greek life on rice because of the presidential college system. It kind of makes up for it. And each of the colleges has its own culture. It has its own student government. Um, they're all kind of different, and even the architecture and the type of rooms that are in each college are different. S O, For example. Some colleges have sweets, which is kind of like mine. Panel show you that in a little bit on DH. Some colleges have just normal dorm rooms where you have to live with a roommate. All of them have kind of a designated serve ary, which is kind of like the main cafeteria for each of the residential colleges. And each one has its own common room, which is kind of like where they right here. We're passing through some of the residential colleges or their common room right here is McMurtry. Uh, and right here is Duncan, and Okay, so this is a my residential college. This is Martel College on DH Here is kind of like the main entrance and you can enter through here on DH. Let me give you a little bit of tour. Hey, so I'm currently on my way to one of the many cultural shows on campus tonight. My friend is performing in the Rice Ross Sica's performance, which I'll show you a little bit and that's something that I love about Rice is that there's so much diversity on campus and there's so many cultural clubs. I am part of the Hispanic Student Association on DH. There's all sorts of cultural clubs. I like that. Everyone kind of celebrates their heritage on campus on DH. I can't wait to show you. I just got out of the performance and I congratulated my friend who was performing. And it they were so good as you guys saw. They ended up raising over a thousand dollars for the Hurricane Harvey Relief, which is amazing. And most of the time, when cultural clubs do these sort of events, they do do it for charity, which I think is really great. It shows that the rice students care about the greater community apart from like, what is on campus? Um, but it was really fun going Tio. All of this, as you can see, is Martone. This is the main Martel Central quad. As you can see, the big tree is kind of center point for the college. Um, right here. Well, I'm on the third floor. This is the second floor. There's a sun deck, and that's where we have a lot of events for our college. And whenever we have public parties for Rice University, it's also where we have chill out days during Friday's, where there's a lot of foods and drinks and people come together. Um, and when it's really nice outside, people study on the sundeck sometimes, too. So it's one of the most important parts of the hotel. I live right there, a room right there. It's kind of all over the place right now. I think there was an event going, but, yeah, this is a Sunday places. The best college ever. Martin Fun fact about Martell. If you Google best college ever, Martel actually comes up. So if you want to So as I'm concluding my tour of price, I just want to talk a little bit about my own experience and maybe some advice that I can give to you is a student here. Universe. I decided to come to Christ because it was really close to home, and I can still see my friends and my family. He likes the idea, a very close knit community. I learned a lot about the residential college system from coming to visit here, and I really like my dear part about Rice. I think is the students. I mean, they're really collaborated like you saw in the interviews with my friends. I think that's a really big thing here is that there's a really big culture of care, and all the students here want to help each other. They want to see each other grow. I don't think it's competitive at all, and I'm really, really lucky to come to a school where people are excited to meet other people and work with other people and learn Okay, Um, had to give one piece of advice for students that come here or actually advice for people like any university is to not be afraid to look at The different resource is that your university provides you. I have always been really happy and rice because the students are really nice and the professors are really approachable. For a while, I felt like have a proper sense of belonging about make sense, like I have a lot of friends. But I didn't really find my niche until this year, where I started exploring the different sorts of communities and clubs that Rice, for example, are really big thing for me is true, which is our student run radio station. I didn't join until this year and I've made so many friends s were into very, very similar things as I am music, they like going to concerts together on I made a lot of friends in the community. And by joining that, I feel like like I found my pace is belonging at race. Similarly, I started getting more into the photography classes and kind of exploring my artistic abilities, regardless of breast being kind of an engineering school. And my, you know, being very open about who I am, what I like. I found all our people that kind of publicity mindset so again by like going to these rich or photography classes and Arctic Sivits and joining. He's in clubs that are really like, artistic and about photography. I found a lot of friends, and to this day, a lot of my closest friends are the people that I've met by me reaching out to these communities in clubs on and the same goes for a lot of other people that know on campus, like they really have found their place for reaching out to the different resource. Is that right? So that is my final piece of advice, Teo, and not be afraid to look communities that your campus has. Don't be afraid to be yourself. It sounds kind of cliche, but it's kind of the best way that you can feel a sense of belonging at university and that we said, rice. Regardless of what you like as a community for everything and even the people that are as artist Acre as into this thing, because I am, I'm still really good friends with all of them. Ah, no, I'm just really glad to be at this university. So again, I really thought that you could join me on this tour, and I hope that you consider race for coming to college because it's really fun, so I hope to see you here. Bye. Rice is a very, very small school. There's about four thousand undergraduates enrolled, um, and there's a few grad students, but the majority of campuses for undergraduates, I would say, Um, there's pros and cons to that. The prose is that you can get really, really good relationships with professors, and you can get really close to them and and they help you a lot. They can pay a lot of attention to you because the class sizes are really small, so they really know all of their students. I think one con about the really small size or population is that you kind of see the same faces over and over again. And that can get a little tiring if you kind of want something new. But at the same time, it's really nice to kind of like familiarize yourself with the whole campus. And it's nice tohave familiar faces when you're going to class because I don't know. I think you can make friends pretty easily and you can remember people a lot easier to. So I think overall thie types of relationships that you can create on campus. Um, really great. Just because it's such a small school where everyone knows