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You guys just got into soccer game. This is gonna be one of the biggest games with season. Wow. This's Harmon Stadium, where we have all their soccer games, big soccer culture here. Actually, Hey, guys, we are just about five minutes from campus and were in my favorite area. Has the sign might suggest the growth? This is where I come to eat a lot and hang out. And there's also several party spots but a risky business being in the middle of the road. But to give you a sense of what the grove is like, it's a very long road. Lots of food places along inside. Yes. I'm Scooter. I'm Scooter. I'm Scooter. There was one area. They described the grove pretty accurately. It would probably be this area. So, yeah, there's lime scooters everywhere around St Louis. We have tons of them on campus. That's how most people travel. Um, yeah, so it's kind of this area is very grove ish. There's lots of art, lots of bars. Equality is a big thing about this area. I'm another several gay bars around here. I think it's really cool area. Got the grove when I favorite restaurants. I talked about it. Sauce on the side, like down the street, like right there, specially calzones. It's like my favorite restaurants too far in saying this, and I love it. So this is my favorite area to come, too. Just on Kevin Knight for food or on the weekends today. Actually, there was a street fair here on there's a little run in. Hey, guys, I don't know that I know that, but yeah, this's a funny area. We were here yesterday. They were selling a lot different items and things really Okay, guys, I'm out here in front of the Richard, A shape, this school of business, which is stunning. Let me tell you, it's a great place for pictures. Just, I'm just filling you all in on that. But I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about the setting of campus and why absolutely, positively love living in the city. I'm the type of person that needs, like a lot of activities and a lot of options to do things. And living in downtown St Louis is the perfect location. We're technically in midtown, which is a little bit outside of downtown St Louis, but I think it's the perfect location we're so close to. So many things were super close to to really popular areas. The loop, which is one of America's most famous streets. Apparently, it's pretty highly rated. There are a ton of really cute little restaurants, amazing restaurants, though. Let me tell you, they're so good places to shop. There's a thrift store, a movie theater. It's really up and coming, and it's such a nice place just to get off campus. And we also have the Central West End now centralised and it's kind of like a little upscale like area, but not like that upscale. But they have, like Lulu Lemon, and they have a bunch of really nice places to eat. The food here in St Louis is so good, there's so many options and so many places to go and Central is that also is like a ton of places to just go shopping in general. So if you guys need your shopping fix, St Louis has you covered, Let me tell you. And they also have the Galleria mall, which is just about like a twenty minute drive away from here, which is so nice. But just in general, living in camp, living in the city excuse me is it's amazing if you guys just need something else to do on the weekends or want to hang out with friends or just get off campus. There is something for everybody here to dio. I pro promise you that we also get free metro tickets to ride our metro, which is like our it's not like a subway exits, not under ground. But it's just like a train that runs through the city and that super nice that allows you to get off campus anywhere. We also have slew ride, which takes you to about a block ish off campus anywhere, which is another super convenient thing you could get to the grocery store. Walgreens. I can, if need be. It is in walking distance, though, and yes, and uber, of course. Super easy. They also have a parking garage. Parking is a bit expensive here. I'm not gonna lie. But in the parking garage, it's really safe. And it is a nice way. Just have your car and just be able to drive around. But overall, St Louis is an amazing city. There's so much to do so much to see. There's so many other things here that I can't even begin to scratch the surface on. But if you come here living in the city, you will not be disappointed. Oh, I almost forgot. We have the well, Our park here is huge. It is actually larger than Central Park in New York City is Forest Park. They have a art museum history museum. They have immunity, which is our oldest outdoor theater, and then it's just a ton of running trails or in some places for you. Guys to go. So, yes, sailors was full of plenty of things and let me in the city is definitely definitely the way Oh, all right. Go. Hi. I'm fuck. Walk. West. Well. Right. Um, I would say is from cool. What? Right? But it turns out this one middle ground it is pretty much a middle ground. Just I want a small private school. Guys, stop it. Uh, today on campus. Here we are. Lock down. Most essential point on campus Road goes this way that way and walking cap, so that way as well. So four way intersection basically around about to go around mountain, find out to get wet. Basically past here. Every single day, That's the back. So you're gonna see anyone you know? Um, right behind me, we have step. Where? On a nice day, people or just you out. Listen to the frank will. Sounds of the fountains there's also found back here. The school building. The name repair. You have all of your sloughs campus in college right there. Yo, it's Peter back again. Yeah. So what I have for you today, I don't know if you can see it. This is the millikan. What is ability? Everyone always asks what's ability. Uh, well, it's like, uh I still don't know what ability in is. I think it has something to do with, like, magical gnomes on, uh, yeah, definitely. Good luck. Okay. So even says it here. Millikan. According to legend, those who rub its belly will have good luck. So oftentimes I've done it other people, everyone really will come down and rub the Billiton's belly for good luck before games around Midterms finals. This is the spot. And, uh, this year I will do it again and it'll help you out on all those tests that you have. It actually used to be further up on campus by a couple's house, which is like a mansion. This on campus, Sort of like an old house is now an art gallery. But they have relocated it down here by shaving Serena. I don't know why, but yes, this is a Bill Come to St Louis University, also known a slew. My name is Sara, and I'm gonna be your campus real tour guide throughout this week. And I am super super pumped to get to show you guys all of my favorite places on campus and some of the most iconic places that you guys need to know about. I am so excited for this week and a little bit of information about myself. I'm a business major here. It flew with a concentration in entrepreneurship, and I'm also Mina ring in visual communications. I'm a freshman here, and this is my first year. We're in second semester, so I definitely have a lot of time here under my wings, and I have a lot of tips and tricks to help you guys navigate campus life without further ado. Let's just get right into Welcome back guys, and welcome to the massive lounge that we have here on my floor and Grand Hall. This lounge is so big, and it fits our entire floor. Actually, here it's an amazing place. Or just come chill out with friends to take some time to study, or even just to make some phone calls and do whatever you really please. Here is a perfect, perfect place to reconnect with your floor, and I'm gonna give you guys a tour once again. This lounge is absolutely gorgeous. We have huge windows giving you a view of the entire city couple tables, These really funky chairs all the way back over there. Actually, I'll take you guys over is a TV, which you can plug in your computer with an HD mic cable and watch whatever shows you want. You can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Who, Lou, et cetera, et cetera. We had a floor bonding of Emery watched Hilary Duff's movie Lizzie McGuire, the one in Italy or Rome or whatever is great way. Have some private studying chairs here, more gorgeous views of campus. Then you come over here. We have even more chairs and facing out this way, actually, is the view towards downtown St Louis. But it is a bit cloudy, which I promise I will give you guys amazing views of the entire downtown city wants its sun year. It is just kind of yucky weather today, which, you know, St Louis weather is some predictable, so that's what you have to deal with. But, yeah, this is our lounge, and it's absolutely amazing. You're about to go to the fourth floor. So many people are studying here is so good, Carrie. All right. We're now heading up to the fifth floor. The institute is getting pretty eyes. You could see And you also have to be dead quiet like fourth. Florida was whispering. This floor is like so you just general reference high. We are. Try. It just made this very silent. It's. Tastic here, a bedroom here. That was pretty loud and in very risky. Don't great meant dropping. So just house idea. Academic technology Commons is sort of the lobby area, one of the entrance fees for the library in Einstein's bagels. Just in case you want a late night snack or you need a smoothie or coffee refill or anything like that. Quick meals by its basic ALS, Of course, everything there. We also have the community puzzle, which is currently being worked on. I put a piece in there. It's kind of difficult, Yes, and there's also sort of a basement area down here where there's like archive magazines and articles and things like that which no one really ever used. This kind of kind of spooky. But yeah, that's about it. One important note about the library is that is open for twenty four hours a day, five days a week. Yes, four days, Maybe on the weekends. It tends to close a little early, but, yes, during the school week, Yes, you can go there In addition to free admission to all the games for all sports. Oftentimes there's also free food. I just got some free Jimmy Johns from this tent and it looks like fund bounces over here, a lot of pregame activities available. As we pre game for the soccer game almost ten minutes into the first half and the crowd is. Over here. We have our student section. I'm taking that so you could get a feel for what it's like to be a silicon approaching the student section. Right? Yeah. With ten national championships SLOUGHS Soccer team is the nation's watch, a student for free. Hey, guys, what's up? I am just outside. Beautiful Shafe it, Serena, This is where we have also sporting events in concerts in the life of thing over It was winter break You had me goes so definitely a cool place to come Visit Watch the Billikens play basketball Hashtag team blue do you have access into the arena? The stores are probably locked, but through the V I p entrance, I could get you guys in. We'll just do a little sneak peek tour of what it's like to be basically on the court. It's Hey, glorious shape. See it's, I think, around eleven dollars. Okay, That's it, James. Some different volleyball games? No. In other sports, of course. I have a backstage pass, so I'm gonna bring you guys in right now. They're actually have seen are setting up for a tennis match. So there's a court, and this is beautiful stadium. Take a look. Student section is in this area here. These pictures will come out and I think the best part about coming to shake it. Serena, it's all the free stuff that you're gonna get from from the school. They give tons of free T shirts, lots of other knickknack items. Okay, so you guys just so grand, and that is the only dining hall on campus. But what's so great about Slough is that, other than dining halls offer a variety of actual restaurants where you can get food, so behind me now is fused. We have Q Toba subway and there's a pot shop, which is basically it's like a gas station that salt sells all sorts of foods. See, really, if you needed, you know, cinnamon toast, crunch and things like that. So there's a seating area. There's also a girl works. They sell burgers, fries, American style food. So there's actually a couple of my friends over here sitting say, Hey, every buddy this This is so, Yeah, And here's actually a couple of my friends now just sitting. Hey, guys, what's up? Oh, hey, Peter. We're just talking about class in the way. These are my friends. I also think I forgot to mention that there is a job. A juice, Jamba Juice, Jamba Juice one My favorite places to get smoothies. And this is the rest of the fuse. Sort of eating area indoors. Great place ever. Let me just say every single night for about five months. Freshman year, I went to Dover for second dinner, so you're allowed to get one meal. Swipe her night after five PM and any of the restaurants and there's, um, sort of sat plan of meals that you can get. So what do you do if I got two tacos, chips, salsa and a drink? All for one meal swipe and you have unlimited swipes for dining halls on ly one swipe for actual restaurants on So I'm here at Grand Dining Hall. This is the only dining hall on campus, and we're gonna do a quick tour. So let's take a look over here. You're gonna have your begin and health conscious foods. Simple servings. It's Paul Large salad bar. You can expect a yogurt parfait is in the morning salad's basically all day and promise chips and Pico and things like that. And we're moving towards the grill. Aken, which is like an American style grille, burgers, chicken patties, fries. I like to grill again on the other side. Sweet treats That's what you deserve. Your soft serve Ice cream, brownies, cookies. Things like that are always gonna be there for desserts. Mais comfort corner. This is where you're gonna get lots of media options like turkey and being sort of your classic meat, potatoes, dinner and lunch. No. And we have the Midtown ongoing grill. This is where you will get your own personal custom. We'll go in style meal, but you get noodles, Beef, chicken, tofu. Put it all in there. If you want, we'll start right up on this grill in the center here. Bungle in style course. Brick Street. We have the pizza and pasta station that basically runs all day. So just in case you want pizza and then we have sandwich bar. So withdrawn sandwiches here. There's also some preset selected sandwiches there. Of course, you gotta toast. So you have toasters there. As for seeing and drinks, have a drink and lots of juices. We also offer spa water comes like orange and cover and used. Take a look at the main seating area on the other side. It's eating right. Of course they are. You got your cinnamon toast Crunch for lives. All the best of white, right? More soda and more. Yeah, ran the dining hall.