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Bethany Luke

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My decision to come to Samford was not a simple one! I started with some schools closer to home (North Carolina), but those ended up not working out. So I kept looking at different options and my dad told me about Samford. He knew about it from working with Samford Alum. After checking it online and visiting Samford, I fell in love! So I ended up applying, getting in, and coming to Samford after settling some financials. I was able to get merit scholarship, as well as a scholarship for my major. This just confirmed that I had picked the right place. The reasons I was drawn to Samford was how beautiful it was, but more importantly, the community that is inevitable felt at Samford. The alumni are very active, as well as I was reached out to by many faculty members and through letters during my decision-making time. I knew I was wanted at Samford and not just a number, and so I wanted Samford University back!