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Thinking about Samford University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Samford University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Samford University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Samford University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Samford University experience. These Samford University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Bethany Luke

Chemistry, Class of 2022



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Okay. Stabling for Big Brown for St Jude's. I've been tryinto this's Molly. That's Ashlyn having fun with tailing you ground where a lot of us hanging out. And today we're table ing for St Jude. So we're just selling goods. People hang out, passed by to support the hospital. Our research. It's a great cause. We're excited and having fun. A lot of times you walking out on benches is food trucks out here Sometimes. Right now, it's kind of between classes, but you will walk back and forth because that's our caf in universities and right there's a gotta go between classes, which was our College health sciences building, and I also used to be the Southern Livings headquarters. This is the main auditorium of C HS, probably the most beautiful dream on campus in definitely a favorite by Sanford students. And it's located right next depressions, which is asked another eating option that can be used as a swipe on the mill clan or with your bulldog books. Hi, everyone. So I live in Val, which is one of two freshman girl dormitories. This is the hall I live on. There's about eighteen to twenty different girls, along with our A. And we share a three no bathroom once you come in from the main door because we do that one first for I'm one of the first room's right off, which is very nice. We just Deckard at a door that Ari had set up for us on the first day. And then me and my roommate chose to add our Greek letters. Once you come in you, you'll see an overlay of our room. We did decide to loft our best. This at a little bit more space, because it was kind of small moving day over here. We have my closet. It is open closet. You'll get fifty fifty about walding clauses in open closet symbol. It will come with one rack. You can choose to add another one. If you'd like to add storage. I chose not to. And then we add its artwork in some different things just to personalize the room. Every person does get their own bed, a desk, a dresser and a closet. Um, I decided to go and add some more storage and through storage down here. And then we went ahead and decided to start our addresses as well. Just to save space. My roommate did bring a TV, so we have some storage under there. We also added an ottoman in the middle. Just tow. Have more storage once again in Iraq to add a little bit of home Minister. The room we store our food in our fridge and a cart under my bed as well. Assume baskets under our couch, which folds out into a few thanh bed. And it has been a lifesaver all you had a sister and some friends stay on it. Um and yes, my bed is fairly tall, but I am still tall. It's six foot and I have yet to hit my head so you can do it. This is my roommate side. So I want show too much of that. I mean, everyone does also come with Okay, so not really hard because someone's practicing, but I'm about to show you what it looks like. Thank you. Okay, everybody happy now? But that's an existing People are going to have to read people just coming on playing racial music, which is awesome. It's always open so he can come in here with your friends and Uh Hey, Sorry, Copper. Right now this ship has almost all sixty refresh here. So let's try to be hurt. Not me. I have less than twenty, so wait. Show Bali. So I think she just likes the way girls. Wait todo sixty, sixty times one time. We're graduated thirty by the time your junior. But yeah, it just happens from ten to eleven and The words are breaking help now. But this is one of our friends, Caroline. Back in same grade. She's also a freshman. And I'm gonna let her about Adrian. Just about what's your major? I'm a graphic side B. J. Basic home, major. I'm, uh what would you say something like? Is that guy going like I always have? You know, I think it's just what did you say? Active. Challenging, like breast size weight. I'm telling you the way on. Just know, like, I don't have to do with really important. But they still like, Yeah, I don't think socialized like walk with Christ. Definitely show incorporated intact. Okay, what's not favorite thing? I have? It's not time to find you, but you don't. Even then it's like we work squeeze. Just parking for Lauren. Wanted Teo? Yeah, that's a bucking. A safer. There are several bills. Yeah, I think some of the petition, Your canning kills. So I love that you're not gonna get fresh with fifteen, which is nice. Thank you. So this is a room and GBH or Dwight Dezenhall. We just liketo shorten it. As you can see, it's a little bit were laid out for electric style. Where is a lot of our other classes would be discussing based and Warren a rectangular, so we just need to talk to each other. This is the view from her. A student's perspective. Again, we have the projector for different videos and material to be shown like power points a cz well as a white word behind their thin structure. Just use that. No studio there. Right over your property. Others? Can you list basically what you told us already? What kind of doctor is we have? What? You've been joined about it. When you feel like a mane of any delis, just listen, okay? Someone else come join me. This is not a you have to have all my answers suggested for inspection movement. What are you, a little heads up? Asked you exactly what? Just let it through. Thoughts about this checks out there. Is that pressure a little bit nervous? Because it's not a nervous moment. Okay, Here's what I'm going to say to the next person whose Let's not skip the obvious. So when someone should put up a few things you think are kind of the obvious things. Such as the title I'm just trying to be, But it also gives us thank you. He just probably going right, ladies. Now the reason why I'm I'm pushing a little bit for this obvious moment with Jenna on the title. Because maybe some of you maybe someone way search the child, was this actually titled We're not looking at Not right. We're looking at a Siri's of letters, and we're probably only looking at a couple of Mai. Okay, so how we give his title? That was something. So this is the view as you come into campus. As you can see our library's right up here. Lovely. Congrats. And, Mr Beeson, this's personally a favorite perspective. Mine end up with something that was catching when I first came to Sanford Way Do jokes about the gas gangrene? Because I don't know if you noticed some overlays of the quad. Is Brown past this point? See? Definitely keeping up appearances out here with green fertilizer, but it makes it very appealing. Very pretty, Mr B. Sin is a popular spot campus take pictures with, and it's kind of iconic you will more than likely come by on your tour of Sanford. That's the library just off the top, donated by several different pounders. Mr. Reason was a large contributor to Sanford being formed, and then back on our right is reading in this kind of how the world looks funny. First, that's Hodges wrestle Reed Chapman Brooks Law School Library and then DPH in the University Center. Over here and perhaps, is Hodges. This is one of our other tramples on the backside of the Divinity School and on the opposite side of the quad from Reed. It's a beautiful courtyard, and it's just a really serene place on church doesn't meet here in the morning, but during the week it's for students to find peace. This is the back of it, even in the school. And on the other side is Hodges, which I'm about to show you never hear is right. Right is way put on section, which is the big scene dancing competition. It's him fruit. So the big tradition here, me and my friends actually sleeping and agitation building the night before in order to get to shoot. So that should have serious. It is, but it's a lot of time on. It's a great way to meet. People from other organizations were in different classes. If you choose to go ahead and deception with your Greek affiliation or your group, you are, you know there is like a sweepstakes winner, and that's who wins over all. And then the next tap two scores When the women's and men's deficient Sam So this is coming from the other side of the quad. You can see readers that it end now, uh, this is kind of the center quad. People talk about that. Usually tell get here. The other night we came out here and hosted a dance party for the Jonas Brothers, releasing their new song. It's also a lot of the music. Schools are some alright right now, as we can in which is a musical school. And beside that is Harrison Theater, which is, uh, theatre. Like the rights and amber. So this is one of my friend's room he lives and Pittman, which is the other freshman dormitory on campus. And once you open the door, you'll just see that they're just small hallway with some storage unit, which is great. And they have their own bathroom. Little should with another suite. And then this is their room. You come in and you can just see that how they set up their room. Very few. Too bad someone prevail on that. This is an example of, ah, water closet look like. So I chose to put a TV in here, but actually has an outlay of woods. You can use shark curtains etcetera to cover it up. And yeah, that's basically the stray singer. What Pittman would look like. OK, so this is a typical tried out room, which is one authorities on campus. You have two different closets along the first ball, and then you'll get your own bathroom in here. And then this is just kind of overlay the room. It's a bit bigger of it. Then avail room, but still pretty nice. So my friend Julie was kind enough to let us see it. She was here and every Here is what we hope. Peace and woods. This's where all of our sophomore, junior and senior living is other than less campus. As you can see, there's quite a few different gods. It's that apartment south, so you each get your own room and share a living room and kitchen and you Hello. I'm just enjoying lunch for Mose and I thought I would go over. I'm Neil playing real quick here. Samford. So I dig it moves. And from those I paid bulldog books with today. So you're giving one hundred thirty bulldog books each semester as a freshman? I believe that's due to go up it. But next year, so you'll get the benefit of that. But Bulldog Boxer just used to pay for food at places like Chick fillet Mo's Henry's, which is our coffee shop. Einstein's is another coffee shop in the library. And then we also have something called freshens, which is over in C hs are College of Health and sciences. Um, and so I just have that money to use a CZ you'd like instead of, like, real money. I guess at those places throughout this Messer, they do run out kind of pass if you're like me. And I'm very busy and like to just grab stuff on the go sometimes to be aware of that assed fresh when you have the unlimited cuffs white plan. So that half which I showed early in this video has several different things to choose from to eat. But for a freshman, you can swipe in and out as much as you want during freshman year. Enjoy. Go grab a drink. Go get ice cream if you feel like it. You don't have to just go at mealtimes. Yeah, that's kind of the freshman part passed freshman year. We'll get, like, twelve mil swipes next year, so that a sophomores. So that just means that you can go to the caf twelve times a day or when you go down from unlimited Millis wipes. You can use those swipes impressions to get meals as well, which is really nice. Um, that's kind of a meal plan. So, to be honest about our half, it is pretty good with it. Staples. So, like, girl chicken fries, ice cream pizza. We have a pretty good toss salad. An omelet bar for breakfast. You just have to be willing to wait a bit for those. Um, those are, ah, good. Sometimes the rest could be questionable and repetitive. Just pure morning. I mean, I feel like it's a typical college. Kath. Like it's nothing fancy. It's nothing terrific by any means. Still very good food. Yeah, I like to try to keep a couple things in my dorm room as well, just for late. I'm setting or just prison acted out the day when I'm not a silly wanting to For the team. Wear a sign way to go. Any meals in action having fun? But going Oh, yeah. So hey, so I mean, um, Jim, right now that we use for a college basketball and volleyball and just some other events on campus are basketball season. Just write regular season. Just wrap up this past week on DH. They are in the playoffs now. So congratulations of the men's basketball team and women's basketball team. They're also delivered. Yeah, I still talk about athletics real quick here. Sanford, Would you have a student section? And the great thing about Stanford is that your idea is your ticket toe authentic event, so you never have to purchase a ticket while attending our section. Especially Bass Williams. You're pretty hyper right more on the inside end of the court, right behind the basket. So you really good seats for all the games and a CZ, always auto fined for best William. Usually there's more athletically or there's a theme night We'll go with that. There was football. You kind of just up more, especially for tailgating before football games. Even if you're not Greek life or if you are, then it's kind of nice. But of course, you can always just wear jerseys in jeans. If you want to. It's up to you, obviously. And then best baseball games, We also tell get with, so there's always a lot of fun. I baseball season is just getting started, so not too many of those games yet, but there will be some more in the future. But I'm definitely talking about Social media YouTube all that. We actually made it to the college worth Siri's last year, so that was a lot of fun. I wasn't here yet, but I was so following it and even got to see clips of it from green ball, which is closer to where I'm from originally. Yeah, so what I find here, we like to get athletic and very competitive, especially their intramurals and places where students can get competitive. It's very competitive school, and we have a lot of fun with it. You have Hello coming in universities recent moves. So we're in the universities. And right now, as you can see the pictures on the wall, we just passed the Sanford Seal. Coming in on and in the downstairs for of this building is Chick Fil A Henry's, which is a coffee shop in those. And the CAF is on the second center. And that's news on our right. And then every years where Henry's replaced, this is actually stables or chicken and ice cream in front. So this is me and my friend taking a typical crap about justice. What are you gonna get for lunch?