Scripps College Campus

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Okay, So basically where I was just sitting is called Honnold Gateway. It's the fanciest entrance into scripts. It's got the little slogan that says And sip It, Vita Nova, which means here begins new life. So basically, this is your entrance. And they have this quote here, which is by Ellen Browning Scripts, which the school is named after. And, interestingly enough, because this is the Claremont colleges here. Um, it's a consortium, so that clock tower over there is a completely different college. That's Pomona College. That building over there is a performing arts center, which is a Scripture, his horse but also all of the Five Seas Resource is which is five Claremont colleges, and over there is Harvey Mudd College, which is a mainly stem school. So basically, like the schools, they're very close together and no other consortium was like this. And yeah, so it's really awesome. Well, look here like treadmills and bicycles and different kinds of gym equipment. But my highlight, my ass favorite thing is this. Every night when I get out of I know when I punch this bag because chemistry Oh tends to make me want to do that. And it's got a leak, a nice view of the pool. In general. A nice view of scripts. Also, this is Kimberly dorm, which I will show you a little bit of later on in the store. Okay, so this is that's Matlock Commons where we ate lunch earlier, and that's like Carl on. So now I'm walking up the steps that I showed you before. And so this is another little outdoor space. And there's the squirrels. If there's one thing you should know about Clear was that, like even though our mascot is Lasse Emma's, which is like a woman who's like giving things. The scroll is the unofficial mascot because there's so many. And trust me, college girls are a lot different than regular squirrels so year round. There's like different kinds of seasonal fruit that will come into bloom, and you can feel free to take any fruit that you see. And there's lots of like, different herbs. And there's like a multitude of like edible fruit across all of the five colleges. I personally think that Skips has the best and these air like, completely edible. There's also come quite treaties and like different kinds of edible things going on here. But we're going to take a journey so that that is Dennis and Library, which this is where we have like matriculation, which I mentioned earlier. So there's only one time where you'll enter these doors and that's your freshman year when you walk through and you sign a book with all the names of your class and then you enter it, you accident one more time when you graduate. But in the meantime, you have to go through the side door. So But, yeah, these air that fancy doors that you Okay, So one of the things that I like the most about scripts, this its location, and that's for several reasons. So script is like a very small school, like it's like roughly a thousand, maybe thousand five hundred students. Uh, but it's like Clairmont, which is a small town outside of L. A. So basically all of the clear my colleges will give you, like a free train card and you can walk to the train station, get to L. A like within an hour, really less than that. Um, so it's really close to L. A. But you also get to have the subculture of actually having, like a campus where people see each other all the time and do things on campus as opposed to a college that might be like in the middle of a city where everybody who leaves campus to do things. People do things here, and they also go see concerts in l. A all the time every weekend. And a pretty inexpensive I was surprised that there's so many contracts in L. A. But the prices aren't that high two. Yeah, um, small campus and yeah. Because so it's still raining lightly, so I'll keep it short. But I just wanted to show you one of my favorite places on campus. And that's the cue. You can study in here at any time of the day, and at night you could get a C M C student just like you in. But, yeah, it looks really pretty at night, so, yeah. So right now we're leaving where the main campus isn't the claremont colleges, and we're heading to the claremont graduate university of hermits and basically the apartment's airbase where, like the graduate students live. But no, some of us pressure on script students here, and what i like about it is that it's really close to this botanical garden, and there's a lot of nature and mountains which we didn't have back in houston, where, uh, i grew up, it was very flat place, so very unique thing for me. I will say like my roommate's probably home right now. So good to meet her for name is molly, and she's the best thing that ever happened.