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No good. Uh, okay, so we're coming up on the second quad. Um, this one is between Can't campus center, um, the athletic department area and one of the freshmen dorms. So this area used to actually be a through street on called C Street. And just before our first when you hear, they actually changed it. So no one can actually drive through this part that goes through the campus. They hold a lot of the events here. Um, there's inflatables that come up. They're here for a different events. Food trucks, um, just know anything you can think of. So there is an access points where they could park the food trucks on this actual kind of quad area and then large bed stand around, thrown by Cabot, who also through bingo and just kind of there was a kind of a one year for a fundraiser event for leukemia, I believe just kind of random events that kind of pop up on campus. It's kind of just a really big open space, and a lot of people end up going to camp another day because there is more food in this building. So it's really easy to get people who are coming through and get them to attend So up here, we're kind of beginning the tour of the athletic complex. Here we have the fitness room appears all your treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers. Um, there's some other is a suite down this hallway that actually overlooks a football field. They do auction off spots for that for, um, certain football games and use it as a fund raising things. Let's talk about these doors on this stage. And then also lived. There's a hallway, clear our locker rooms, and then the door that's shut. There is the athletic training. They tracked me running right now, but give it a czar high school track meet going on here. So we have the stadium with the red track around it, um, your press box over there, off to the right. And you think I don't see the belt for that sweet that I was talking about over here. Scorpio is in the way. But there is also more seating off to the left side of this and that building that you kind of get a little peek from on the left side is come in. So we're gonna wander down the second stairs. Her name is just kind of below where the fitness room is right below is the wrestling room here. I don't actually want to open up about the coach in his office. Just get it. I'm not gonna walk in there a lot of videos and pictures online. They recently redid that proud So you can definitely go and see those online on the website on the athletics website on the athletics Twitter Facebook page escapes us. So if we hop in here we have the main gym floor. This actually comes up for events such as graduation and stuff. So they're actually large wooden tiles types. Um, they come up so that they don't get scratched, Especially since this one was redone in Oh, November ish sure, basketball season. All the banners air up being a thief, top of the jinn, or sell a gymnasium with a brand new scoreboard and videoboard. If we walk further down, we will hit the south side of count. So right now we have the baseball cages down, um, so they can work in here pitches hitting whatever theywant to do multiple volleyball courts. This is where they're holed. Intramural volleyball, internal basketball etcetera. Um, there is some lines were attractive drawn in on here. I believe it's one hundred seventy five meter track around this, Jim. Um, no spikes. Uh, but its really useful one winter tracking scoring one because the coaches know exactly how long that is. And then we'LL take you up to the old gym where there's a little bit of history going on up there, Right? She tried Wait here for intramural Babin. I hope there's some stuff going on. So this is actually Hopper Gymnasium. Um, about the top. Or easy. There really is a track. It is banked. Oh, thank you for that focusing. Yeah. So this gymnasium used to actually be used for state wrestling in Iowa here. And then the bank track at the top is smaller than the one that is downstairs. Um, it's actually banked Freddy story because they wanted to do roller derby of there, So, yeah, that's the end of the finish. Their work. Oh! No. Logan, You're my shop. You know what I find? Sound of winning. Seven. I hate that sound. Wait. Three people for basic Brandon. Work? No, thank you. Yeah, yeah. No, no, from me. With what? No, you come on. I'm actually here. Yeah. I wasn't. Killer. Yes. What? A three way We're gonna freeze to Wait. Hi, guys. I cross that out. Yeah, So we have one of the main Claude's here. So the building I'm showing you now is college hall, and there's these gates in front of it. So these were donated by a class. The actual year of the class escapes me right now, but they were donated and kind of the idea of the gates super important. Because you walk in this direction like you're coming into the college, uh, as a freshman. So that's part of, like, your orientation week and then part of graduation. You actually walk back through coming towards the way I am filming. And it's your signaling of like leaving the college like you've completed everything here and it's kind of just a really cool way of introducing everyone to the college and kind of closing out your final years here. So the rest of the quad, this building over here beside is Hellman. On the second floor is the president's office and the worst city office I worked for, which is Officer Convenience Man. You have the registers and business office both on the first floor, and it is attached to McNeil, which is an academic building, which I will take you guys through later. And I am walking this because part of, like the same quad area in front of and next to College Hall is this big green space over here. Um so this big green space I really want to capture for you guys because they do hold a lot of events here not only in the green space but further down on a bricked ground. Kind of very unfair to the library. So a t O, which is a fraternity on campus, with you freezing for a reason out here, where they stay out all night and raise money for homeless people. They have multiple events on the area in front of the library. Like pie A professor. They have a really coolly vids where they kind of stand out. There they set up a stage and microphones for students like speak their opinions on problems going on around campus and kind of whatever other pop up events that students what the hold outside. Also the tree. It's the bigger one right back there. Closer to the library is an interface tree known as the butt tree, and I will try to get footage of that later to put in here. But it's the butt tree people like to study. Take patients in front of it because it kind of looks like a butt. So that's the first quad for you. Here's the after mentioned but tree, and we're here just kind of in front of the library. And apparently no one else wants to come touch the But with me, it's Thea only, but you could touch, not like the one in the mail. It was really long here. So I'm gonna come in here and talk to you guys about this. And just so this is the student for Sweets. And I want everyone here because I don't think I discovered this place until sophomore year. Mom, when I finally kind of became organized with the clubs and stuff that I'm in and got into the higher up parts of the club and I gained access to this room. And first of all, it's a little cluttered right now because there is a lot of campus events going on, and the planning of that all happens up in here. So from I feel like this is just a really great room for studying group studying, there's meetings that are held in here. Um, have a TV over there with UI U X box, and, uh, there's another gaming system and I don't remember what because that's not my area of expertise, But this is the second floor of Kent, which I mentioned kind of in my, um, dining video. So it's really thought, and I come back out here because this isn't the only place on the second floor, but I want you guys, So we're gonna want her back here. So. Two nineteen, which is an art. Right now we're showing a faculty art. And as you can see, it's a super quiet nice lounge, Um, for meeting space, studying these other videos that people shoot for campus admissions stuff up here. A lot of people like to take photos in front of a fireplace. Um, just come up here, turn on the fireplace, study in here and be nice and warm by the fire kind of in the winter. So that is our second hinge. M v. Drink some faculty? I don't know. Is it him? Jam? Logan, how much money do you spend here? Can we talk about that being in gym? Hi, Kyle. Have you been here? Kyle's Air dude. Who is that one near the white one? That's interesting. I don't wear white. I'm a mess, per usual. Clearance. Do not fill me up. No. Senator, I you know, it's only April. Now, don't forget your Christmas socks. Uh, five for dining hall on the right and a first year dorm hole on the left. And we're coming into a really beautiful place called Bucks and Park Right now, since we're just entering spring, that'LL be flowers or planted in blooming. But I promise you, even in the winter, that this part looks beautiful. And so I want to bring you over here for a new edition. Um, this is new as a thiss year, and it is a fire pit that they have started to allow campus groups to use for different events. So this who's the fire pit? And typically, once the weather gets warmer? Um, probably tomorrow or sometime later this week, they're going to add the hammocks that come out next to these and all of the lawn furniture, so it is very well done. Thie s e is there in the brick, and we have a fire pit with the red fire glass in it. Onlooking bucks in park with the fountain. There's a good sea boat back there. Actually, you can really tell because of the trees. And the fountain is running it either because it's so cold. Not that it'LL freeze at night. Sadly, there's another gazebo back of there between the trees, and it's a really great place. You see, just a lot of community members coming walking through. There's some kids driving their bikes right now. I'm walking dogs, Uh, cheer. Practice will be held through Greece. Season out here just where lack of space. And it's just kind of a beautiful place to practice. I think I thought it was a brilliant idea.