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This white building is the campus center. It stands out on school like this alien art texture. But inside is Campus Cafe, which is a great place to go and get it. A mudslide, which is kind of a Smith tradition, although it's way too sugary. In my opinion, I can't finish one myself, but they're great for exam time. There's also a bunch of conference rooms, Um, and our student engagement office, the mail room and our bookstore, which is also where you get Smith swag, then right over here is cheap. In which is our two go food option or one of them on campus. Best one. There's always a few sandwiches in there. Um, I'll try and get a video of it, but, yeah, this is mainly like Center of campus, and I'm standing on a green that if it wasn't so early and grass isn't what people would be on it studying, some of the best destinations on Smith College campuses. The Smith College Gates. This is what everyone takes their declaring picture, whether they're they're clearing, that they're going to be attending some college. Or what made your reminder that they decide to claim you also have to visit the Smith College Museum. It's one of the best museums I've ever been to and hasn't really wide selection of art. I'm from New York City, so I've been to a lot of really, really nice and zooms, and I would say Smith is on par with all those museum. Also, a lot of events happened in this myth Car College museum. We have something called Night at the museum where Smithies get dressed up and they take pictures and look at art and they mingle. They eat some advertisers, and it's a really nice social event on these bathrooms here, actually, one of the greatest exhibits of the college of the museum. And as you can see, it's really, um, decked out. It's really interesting bathroom and almost makes you feel bad for using the bathroom. Lasses at Smith College will actually bring their students to the museum to experience on the new exhibit going on. There's also a really nice gift This is one of the most scenic place some campus. Um, if you live in the quad you have to walk past every day. It's just the pond, and you can't really tell from this vantage point. But there's damn all the way past the boathouse that we have, and these are the gardens. They're the right by the president's house and their new as of last year, but also a great place to This is my room for sixteen. It's a little bit messy because I've had a rough week, but bed standard college humans tapestry other bed, huh? The heater is a little too powerful, sometimes Democratic. Post around the fridge and then the desk area. Hey, you guys mind showing your room for a campus? Okay, So this is Molly and me. This is my my my way. Had to rearrange all from your month ago. Maru Do you guys like how Smith has set up their dorms? Yeah, it is nice to be able to set it up. No way. Me like we don't have that much because it is melded into my bed. But, like, e just read, I can't. Yeah. All right, well, this is kind of the normal freshman dorm size. Everyone gets a couple desks. Um, Dresser nightstand in beds. You guys like some silver? the all in gym is one of the nicest, um I've ever seen on any college campus. Uh, it has great sunlight and really state of the art machinery. Every time I go to the gym, it's full of people exercise. Um, all of machinery are made one of the best destinations of Smith College is it's campus and term. It has a cafe and has really great burgers and mudslides, and there's so much nice seating And while very stores love of books, we have from Nielsen approximately don't go young as much as it as much because it's a medium noise library I come to young to do. Printing Young has really cute little Bob Going to usual work has laws more public, UM, faces their computers for students to use. I come too young to use text books for class that are on reserve. Fill your library is super quiet, every like the individual desk by the windows. It's a very calm environment is also the art library. There's a lot of nice books about art friendly. Justin is the performing arts by realer soundproof rooms for recording. He's also a lot of private rooms to use, which I love. It's also really great for intense study the way back from the campus and touch the quad. Next to the president's house is the Happy Chase Garden and Happy Chase card and is a really cute area. Just take pictures, have a photo, shoot a favor, read a book, draw. Just do anything relaxing outside with weapons. Thanks. Um, garden is right next to the president's house. You have a nice view of the president's house. There's also the Paradise Pond, which you can see from the Chief Garden. Then Paradise Parties was a great place to sit down and relax. Right here. It is our statue of Sylvia Plath and really killer The least talked about best part about Smith is the bathrooms because it's an all women's college like ninety five percent of the time. These things are the cleanest. Like their stalls, there's usually like four showers and then he's fabulous flighted mirrors and everything is super. No hairless, and there's no gross things I can't identify, I'm currently at the very edge of campus, Uh, right. Going into North Hampton, which is right. You can see, like obviously lots of fantastic traffic. There's the local church. And if you keep going past that, there is a Greek place and keeps the places Mexican place and then a bunch of bookstores and cafes Stuff. This is right near College Hall, which is behind me, and failure we are building. So this is where my taxi one class happened? Yes. Well, that really you? No, it's, um so, yeah, there's just a bunch of these tables that has the company's chairs of any of the classrooms I have ever been in Smith. And then for half of the time, we're in the dark room anyways. But there's compartment. This is the photo making studio. So these are the two little rooms that we open film canisters, one dark room here and then you see, like a ton of different stations and then this huge So we're in the abnormal psych room right now. It's like a little. Thank you. Yeah, It's me and Peter Asia. I also like Major. You like everyone's like I love it. So, yeah, it's kind of early. So I'm standing in one of the main quads on campus. Right here. We have most of our science building. This is MMA Cannell and Burton Hall. And those are also for, like, math classes. Couple Sykes. And then behind me is Bass Hall, which also has Young Library, one of the library's that are taking over currently for Nielsen, which is our big mammoth library, which is going to close the next few years. Construction who? Um, so, yeah, that is this area. Behind me is Nilsson, which would be our main library if it wasn't under construction for the next three years. A lot of people at Smith really Miss Neilson because it is like dead center on campus. It's a huge building. There was a lot. A lot of resource is in there, but they have moved a lot of the stuff to our three smaller libraries on campus, one of which is right here in Hillier Hall, which also is the home of Smith's art museum and all of their art classes. It's actually really cool building, and I'd say it's a good substitute for the library. But really, uh, the other libraries are back this way about two minutes in Fort Hall, which is where a lot of like the chemistry and physics classes go, um, and one in Bass Hall, which is the main psych building on campus. This would also be, uh, one of the main academic wads. Behind me is silly Hol, which is where, basically, you have to have a class. It's Smith uh, in Silly Hall there's. I don't think anyone has ever avoided it. I've had four classes in there myself, and they've all been great. It's, um, one of the more comfortable buildings. I think they spent a lot more on architecture in