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Thinking about Southeastern Louisiana University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Southeastern Louisiana University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Southeastern Louisiana University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Southeastern Louisiana University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Southeastern Louisiana University experience. These Southeastern Louisiana University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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you can't fix one of cyclical Monday. Everyone's back from the weekend. It's awesome. So really, it's before noon. So campus is really popular right now. It's our tennis courts. Moore residence. A lot of people, but not your class time spot on campus here. It's my favorite part because it's so pretty, and this is where you see most of the people on campus all the time. And it's not like your typical hot spot on campus. And they're always going on like this party going on right now. There's always something going on. I think I love it out here. We'LL show you. Our capital, which is called the main dish, is kind of a buffet style. It has all different sections. There's something new every day at the main station, but they're always serving hamburgers. There's always pizza is always super Sally. There's our wave burgers, chicken sandwiches and there's always the pasta line is always the home. Make your own rap section, and we also that's on the second floor B wing on the first floor. It's called The Lion Stand. That's where those fast food places are. So we have Panda Express. We have Taco Bell, we have Chick fil A. We have Moo ya burger, we have Starbucks and we have pizza and we have something. The first thing you see in main dish is the lovely soup and salad bar, and the next thing you see is the comfort zone, and this is the main section that has a different meal every day. Right now, I'm waiting in line for fried chicken and red beans, which is what has served every Monday. You know, that's kind of a Southern thing, and I'm zooming in on the two desert stations, desserts and more desserts, along with a fruit sable, and behind those stations is the ice cream machine, cereal and milk. There are the drink machines, and here we have the grill station with all types of meat on the grill. There's hot dogs, different types of sandwiches. You could get grilled chicken, hamburgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, french fries and baked potatoes, toppings and condiments. And then there's the pasta line, so popular it's always the longest thing in the capital where you can't forget about pizza. Here we are in the downstairs part of the union, where the food accordions and first we have Panda Express. Then we have Chick fil A and Taco Bill Express, along with Julia and next to movie eyes, what we call our union market with sales, all types of food, and you can see they're a nice little sitting areas with TVs and to our right. We have another sitting area with pool tables. Our meal plan works. When you're a student, you get your student ID, and if you stay on campus, you have to have a meal plan. So there's like many different times. I think there's like four or five different types or, for example, I have the cup playing, which is the most basic one. So it gives me one hundred fifty Neil swipes for that semester and four hundred dollars cup cash so the meal swipes are strictly for the main dish. The cafeteria. So you literally just walking and we have a friendly cashier, their ardent just hand her your ID. They swipe it, and it takes more and down. You can like track. I think I have, like, forty left for the semester, which is enough for me with these last two weeks of school and then the cub. Cash is what you can use on your mark at your markets and at the fast food places. So I have one two dollars, meaning it's not like my real money. It's club cash with the school. I like, for example, if I want to go to Chick fil A and I get a number to win it seven ninety nine. So my four hundred minus seven ninety nine just easy, little swipe don't have to worry about keeping up. It also tracks on a little thing like you had a regular place. We also have this app called Gets and you can load money onto your card and also keeps up with your balance for that as well. So everything regarding food is super easy and quick. You can also pay for like, a real cash or credit card. So it's where public campaigns and people come on the time on there aren't students, and they dine with us. So even if you like, run out of your coat, cashmere slaps, you can still pay for with my regular money. So it's super easy and simple. all right. Good morning of a little out of breath, and I just finished a bar class at our gym on campus who call it their way. But one piece of advice I would give to prospective students. Are anybody in college. Don't listen. So what? Everyone says. A lot of people have negative about college saying how it's so hard and it's not worth it. I always have, like a broke college student. It always tired. I'm not going to say college is easy and rainbows and sunshine all the time, but it is what you make it. If you're here for school and make sure you're putting your best into your score, something that helps me not stress Lis, I always do. My Ali started my assignments when they decide to me always like Plan out when I want to work on certain points of assignments up. It's no bigger assignment. I break it up into different chunks, doing different day, so I'm not like waiting to the mess. Many interesting myself. Okay, also get involved on campus. A lot of people at a measure bar about college or really getting involved just here for classes and they're leaving their going. Some other job. Yes, I understand you have to work, but also take time and he's going to something. That's old camp is new. People join the organization. So just remember colleges all what you make it out to be. If you wanted to be a great four years and you want to enjoy your time, make sure you enjoy your time. But if you want to be this would have to be my favorite. This's were most of fresh linens have common classes, is also history around social science and technology. So you Hey, you have your concentration classes in here. Also, many freshmen have classes in here. Tostada in this building like a lot of people half classes here, just about everybody. That Southeastern student has classes in this building. Over here. I wanna show you the classes and over here I wanna show you there's three of them. Its hole to use for classrooms and other one is for you had Technology Lab. Um, it's open from like six a. M two a. M. Which is amazing, actually saved my life. One time I had an assignment due, like a m the next morning or some type of the time. I forgot what it was. And this was before I knew about the technology centers. But it was a Saturday, and the library was closed. I was freaking out. I was crying. I was like, What? Do I have this assignment? This do like I need to put it out. I have nowhere to tie it like what's going on, And there's some kind of way somebody told me. I don't know if I looked it up for work, but I found out about technology sending, like around over there like one AM got my Simon Dunne hours before they close it, too. And now I'm like, This place is everything. So, basically, even when the library closes during the week on regular school nights on that lab, isto over which is amazing to William is awesome. No, here's one of the typical classes and fair set up like your regular Claire. Some type that you used to sing in high school, nothing too special. See if I can take a peek in here because most of the times when the classrooms on occupied locked use the typical lecture hall in mine. Look, think of college teacher stands up. And this was my favorite type of questions, like you shape with more like discussion form based classrooms and also on. Like I said, most of time, everyone has at least one class in here that's a Southeastern student. So here is a lovely English class of mine with my fellow classmates, somewhere friendly and somewhere shy. But I just want to show you guys the inside of a class saw feast. Since we are a small campus, our teacher to student ratio is also really small. Most classes outside of those pretty red classes are bucks. When's he touch thirty students, which is not a lot compared to one teacher. Student ratio is about twenty to thirty students. So once feature, which is amazing Most of times we think about college in those lecture halls, and I know about other, like bigger universities here in Louisiana is like hundreds of people in one class, and you're literally just like a student number. These teachers, they're just teaching to the audience and they're done. They're out of their parents off Eastern, since we have the smaller classes. Teachers. Actually, it's hate time, and they have the ability to get to know you, and they actually know your name. And you, like form relationships, teachers, professors, I should say I'm like, still stuck in. The teacher moved for some reason, even Alma Jr but the professor's actually take times and know your name gets to know you form relationships with you. They really care about you. Their doors, like always open to their office like professors here actually willing to help. And I love that about Southeastern. Even in those freshman classes where most people are taken like the Mavs English, his histories science is those collection all classes they see, maybe like ninety. But a class might be only seventy or eighty or videos for capacity. It's like ninety. No more than one hundred students that I've been in in a class, you know, once a semester starts going on, people stop showing up anyway, So he gets down like that, maybe twenty, thirty or forty people in the class and even in those big ninety people classrooms that teachers are still taking time to get to know you and they know you there. They know their students names, which I'm very proud to like. Say that about feast because I know most universities don't someone to give you all a tour of my residents are what some people call a dorm room here Southeast. We don't like to say Door won't because storm room has a negative connotation to it just implies that you just have a place to sleep, has Southeast or we call them residence halls because it's so much more than just a place to sleep. It's a living learning community, our awesome resident assistants like me. We're playing programs once a month, our bimonthly or even weekly. You take time to get to know our residence, and we also create a community. That is why we like to call them residence halls instead of dorm rooms. But here's a sneak peek of thiss room is called. It is called a singles because two people share a role. There's a wall in between, so you have all separate. Here is the kitchen area, so I have my refrigerator microwave, my little cooker. Biggie. I don't a lot of cooking, so let's just stop quick. Lots of Cabinet space. If you like lots of food, that's what they were part of a single rules. Then I'm gonna turn around. Here's our vanity area. There's a nice full size. We get sick and some more camera space. Cool about our bathroom here is that the sink and vanity area is separate from the toilet and shower here. And this reason is because let's say that what resident is showering and another West has to get ready what needs, like, wash your face and brush your teeth? If all of this was in one, they couldn't do that because they were roommate was taking a shower. But since it's separates, Hey, I might need you to take a shower now, but I can do other things like my hair makeup shave, brush my teeth for never wash my face whenever they come on the show I can have. So that's why South Houston has them separate. And now, when I turn around and show you this part, so you walk in and I have my wonders up because I love the naturists, unlike that comes in. But here is a bad area. It comes with a little bookshelf. It's the laundry hamburger and some extra story Nice A C unit. Here's my lovely desk area and dresser, Cool backpack and my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite part is a full length mirror, so this is what comes of a single seats. There's a full it double mirror that comes with the rolls supercool. Check out all day and inside. It's not really a walk in closet a closet. It's nice, totally spacious closet. So that's my favorite part of the sliding doors. And since I'm a resident assistant, I do not have a roommate so unfortunate, casual way. But we are going to check out some other roles, and I want to show you a double room, which is also shared by two people. But they have to separate bedrooms, and I'm going to show you brand new residents homes they just opened last semester, two buildings, so they completely upgraded and totally awesome and a favorite hangout spot. Want kids. Here is a double room that we have on campus. It's where two people share a single with the separate bedrooms. There's open for playing, so as you can see, we have been over here with a desk and a dresser, and they have our more cause. It's instead of walking and share a sea with their roommate and then another bed over here. So all the black and brown furniture comes with the room, and you can like, just however you want it. You can move around in bunk beds, so as you can see with our beds, they can't be a pie on the highest much, or they can be a slower as you are on. The low snatch just depends on how you want to know how you make it along and same with the same bathrooms. There's a vanity in sync area. Let's separate from the bathroom here for a shower. Of course, they're separate. Sure, pretty simple. So again, this is a double one hunter now here in our newest residents. All that opened last fall. So it's only two semesters old, and I'm gonna show you how awesome and different it is from my mother. So here I am at the end of the hall, and there's like this cool little sitting area. So in our contemporary halls peak of Kali, Contemporary Hall's only have a lobby on the first of four floor. The newer buildings have a lobby on every floor, along with study rooms on every floor and these little sitting sitting areas of the end of each hall. He also have green doors in the nobility. The hallways a wider feels a little more Holy someone on pop in on my friends for you to see if she's here. We can check out her, whose thumb? Here in our double room in our newer building, I'm going to show you around what it looks like. So we have our little closet space here, and then you have two closets for to Isaac's and the Nor Buildings also come with a microwave and a refrigerator and its huge looking that awesome. So you don't have to bring your own, and it also comes with two babes. It comes with the little just these here dressers to desk chair. Also another desk in a cheer here the beds pushed together because my friend Sophie years are like me and she doesn't have a roommate. So she has a luxury. And here's our other little piece right here. So you can, like, move the furniture around her, wanting the rooms and instead of the A C. And it's like the other rooms they have. Cool little Carlos. It's so yeah, that's our room. Here's the huge lobby space they check floor has have kind of like the table's for studying or eating, I guess. And then we have the core lounge area back here, and I like the open windows because I love natural lighting, my friend Sophia. And then we also have the study room right there that some people study and they're looking at me, and we also have two elevators and these buildings, and they also have a vending machines on every floor. So it's super cool. Everybody envies the new buildings, and they want to stay everybody. My name's Jenny. I'm a junior English education major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I attend Southeastern Louisiana University here in Hammond, Louisiana. Some fun facts about me is I have been a resident assistant on campus for two years. I'll be going into my third year and I attend many campus events, and I've been a part of many organizations in my three years on Can Feast. A Louisiana university is located in him in Louisiana, we usually short enough school named by saying Southeastern or S L. U. It is about our main campus is about two miles around because a lot of people walk the perimeter of campus and it's about two miles. We also have a north campus, which is about the same amount. Um, it's kind of across the street from our main campus. Part about South Eastern is, honestly the close knit community that is felt on campus. We're not a bigger school. We have about maybe fourteen or fifteen thousand students. So walking around campus. And since it's like such a small campus, everything is so close together, I'm seeing the same familiar faces every day. It's not like I'm seeing weird odd people around, like, always see a friendly face, somebody that I know and recognise on campus all day, every day. And honestly, my favorite part, another favorite part is like I was saying, Our campus is about two miles, so everything is so close, like I'm really not walking more than five minutes to get from anywhere. Even if you live in the Farthest Residents Hall on campus, it's literally about five minutes to get the union and maybe a extra three minutes to get the class that you have classes behind the union. But for me and my experience, everything has been super close. If I'm like running late for glass, which I mean happens a lot, I don't really have to worry about being too late because I'm just like within a five minute walking distance, so that would be my favorite part of campus. My least favorite thing about campus would have to be how we are considered a commuter school, so that means most of our students do not stay on campus. They commute to and from school, even if it's from an apartment from like five minutes down the street. But most people like come you out of the city. So with that, um, when it's called a commuter school, most people that even stay on campus leap on the weekend, so it already makes our small on campus living community even smaller. And then that results in like the hours on campus on the weekends are kind of weird. Like, for example, the library isn't open on Saturday, but we do have a computer lab that you can use on Saturday. Our markets are like closed or have weird hours. Also, the cafeteria kind of closes earlier than they do on the normal week, so they don't have to be my least favorite thing. How we're commuter school and that's enters into people leaving on the weekend, and that turns into our hours being kind of limited on campus on the weekends, which sucks when you're staying your hunger like ten o'clock put. Maybe a market might be close, so now I have