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Thinking about Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville experience. These Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hi. Can you introduce yourself and telling me why you chose us? Hi. Uh, my name is Amy Keller. I trust you because my cousin what here and graduate from pharmacy school here on I wanted to follow in her footsteps. Okay, Amy, what would you say? The social climate and the academic climate of you is, uh, social climate is anything like a large schools, like Greek life. We do have here, but it's not a huge, like a state school or something by any means. There is partying, but it's not a lot on DH. Thie is the other question was back down that climate. Uh, everybody mostly kind of studies, as you can see, focus. Um, people study what they go to library. They hang out. Look, that's what are some of the pros and cons of our school? So the prose is we don't have to buy her textbooks. They are rented, included into our tuition. And then a con is we don't have a football team. And if you're really into football, I'm coming. Is more revolved around soccer do wrong football? What would you say to finds essay? We, um, coming from a small town? We didn't have a lot of diversity. But here there is different people from all different kinds of countries. Andi, I think that really stands out to me. If you had to give advice to your senior self, what would you say? Study. I came in freshman year, not really knowing how to study. I passed through high school in the problem, and then my freshman year came, and it kind of hit me in the fight. So study and learn to study. Right now, I'm on my way to Peck Hall, which houses a lot of miscellaneous majors. College of Arts and Sciences has a lot of classes in there, but that's also where you would take foreign language classes or honors classes. Really, any type of electric style classes will be impeccable. It's pretty quiet on campus right now. Uh, it's around five o'Clock p. M. But I had a a late night lab, so that's why I'm still out and about. So I'm just gonna have to pack Hall to show you a little bit about what's going on in time. On the first floor back here. Depart Justice, Sociology. And there was respected class into thirteen hundred wing first door. You will see. So excuse me left here. Just wait lecture rooms. I can show you a bit about that. It's pretty much but the room looks like if you continue on this way, you'll have college Martin Sciences advising to all advising appointments. Twenty three hundred wing, the first number which, obviously the two, shows you what level you're on. So we are, too. Here's the department. Foreign language in the richer on. There's lots of seating areas for study, and the machines get closer down there. I have some really great works of art all throughout this building. Now that I have shown you what's going on in the first and second floor of that coal, we'll head down to the basement to show you what we've got going on down there in the basement when we have the anthropology department. Really interesting artifacts. I love coming down here to look at all the new exhibitions. We also have you never seen museum, which is pretty local, that carries some more artifacts if you're really interested in anthropology. The Undergraduate Huh? Research and Creative Activities Program, which I talked about in another video when I was discussing research, also has opportunities for history and anthropology majors to do work within the town with different artifacts, which is pretty cool. You're a few more heart to take a look. In general, most students have classes and pet call. It's not really segregated to a specific major, even though there are departments here in PICKLE, the honors program actually has a lot of interesting lecture seminar style classes, Uh, which actually take place in that call. Most of the seminar classes will take place here because they're smaller rooms, which are more faculty and student, uh, based so the students will typically lead those classes and What? So here we are in a normal freshman residents. All right, now we're at bluff. Haul the room. Sizes are pretty good. Closets are relatively large here. Desks and beds are provided they come at this height, you can turn them into bunk bed style beds. Here is a typical bathroom. Lots of space. She was agree in their section off, usually with a door or a curtain step, you can use the toilet or other people use the shower. And the way that our bathrooms are set up here. Uh, you share a bathroom with your sweet maid. So it's four people that share bathrooms and they are section off s. So it's all women in one area and all men in the other area. All the different always have lounges. Some of them come on TV's. Lots of people liked to hang out here, and there's a microwave, since you aren't allowed to have my great in your room. However, in the upperclassmen holes, you are allowed to have Micah wait in your room. Today I'll be taking you through the different types of classrooms. At first were in my organic chemistry classroom as a general education requirements for chemistry and biology majors a swell as pre farm or pre med students. Uh, this class it was pretty large in size have about one hundred fifty students in this class. This class is, uh, my cell in molecular biology class, which is similar in size. So for these types of classes, you can expect to have a lot of students in them. However, the lecture rooms are extremely large, and the projectors are large enough to wear. You can still see everything that's going on and feel like you are still understanding material that professors are great about, but being very one on one, even though there are so many students in the classroom. So, for example, this is Dr Darren Lessee. He's one of the cell and molecular biology teachers at me, and he is a very personal with his students. You can always go to his office hours, and he's constantly asking questions in class, which is very helpful for bosses students. So as a pre med major, I have to take all of these classes. Um, however, once I get into my upperclassmen, uh, courses such as, uh, three hundred or four hundred level courses that'll take in my junior or senior year class sizes will get smaller, too, about a one two twenty ratio. But you can expect to have larger classes. It's really not as bad as you might think. If you like more personal attention, a ce faras the workload for these classes, it's definitely no easy ride. These classes are intense, and they pretty quickly so you have to work really hard. Here we are on honors class that I take. So this is a class that's super small in size. I only have thirteen students in the class, so the amount of students in your class definitely varies from class to class. Walking into Centre Court. Just our main dining. You first here. Burgers are mean burger and this also morning. Wait. Everything walks there. Remain is really good. General social is definitely the most popular. Could also get stir fry. And they have a hot bar there. Booth entrees someone to typical different options that change every day for every meal. Also chicken tenders, bars. They have chicken wings. We also have a fresh salad today No actions. First. You're on the meal plan and also has wake up. Yeah. Really again delicious. Every day. Sometimes they just go like that. It's really around and go cereal over here and a toaster to make progress. Condiments. Can I also get a bag of nails to go if you want to take it back to the rest? Cantatas well is plastic silverware. Take me so we also do have a Pizza Hut and Cassina, which is similar to Taco Bell on campus, which is also included in the meal plan. Uh, speaking of the meal plan, I want to take this opportunity to explain how our meal plan works. We have two meal plan options. Meal Plan A and meal Plan B Plan A is required for all freshmen to have four upperclassmen. So that'll be sophomores, juniors, seniors, et cetera. They are not required to have a meal plan. The meal plan is essentially a sixty forty split. So say you pay a thousand dollars for your meal plan. It's around that cost. They take out sixty percent of that to pay for faculty members, uh, for the staff in the kitchen and the dining in the dining halls. So they take that money right off the top, and they compensate by giving you a sixty percent discount on all food you purchase. So if you go to Chick fil A and you spend ten dollars on your meal, you're only paying four dollars, so I've never really encountered anyone running out of money on their meal plan. That's not a problem, and that's only with the standard meal plan, so my recommendation is if your freshmen do not upgrade to meal Plan B. Right now, I'm showing you a few clips of thie athletic culture here at sea. We were in the Dala being Center Gymnasium, which is the main gymnasium for a Division one athletics, particularly our division one women's basketball and men's basketball team. The athletic culture here it be really isn't too popular were a pretty new school. We're only seventy six years old, so we don't really have a very strong athletic presence yet, even though we are Division One. Right now it's March and I say we which means it's the end of the basketball season. In the fall we'll pick back up with soccer, which is actually what we have. Our homecoming tailgate, too, is to our soccer team, and that's because we don't have a football team. So I would show you our soccer stadium. But it's completely closed down right now because of the weather. Obviously, it's winter here we are in southern Right now we're walking around downtown, every bill and we are going to head to Jilly's, which is a cupcake store we have in Edward's cell. And it was actually on Cupcake Wars and won the competition. On top of that, we have Dairy Queen and we have a really good relationship with all of the companies In Edwardsville, Dairy Queen has a promotion called Cougar Tuesdays, and on the first and last Tuesday of every month, it's half off any of their merchandise. Edwards will also has lots of great places to shop. One of the boutiques we have that's local is called Blix. Lots of really good items are sold there, and we have plenty of shopping places such as T. J. Maxx, target Walmart, anything you could really. I think. For free. How is it? This is Say hello to the kids. Hello? Because I'm here to talk to you about it right now where I was sobbing. It's one of the companies will be along with Wang Yang. Really? Anything else You could actually lots of places to go, Teo. Like Edison's part. If you can find what you're looking for here you can take you twenty. Thirty with everything you could want todo all the food's moths ago, Teo. And logical places to hang around like science and technical burning. Easy. Yeah. There's one studio. Green has a twenty four hour fitness center, and all the residents halls on campus have fitness centers except for gloves. That's because it's right next to the medulla being center, which is our rec center on campus. And then right across here we have classrooms and evergreen. This is the back way here, our means until you're with printers, you can print out papers for your classes. Thanks. And then we have some machines. You're, like, addicted to diet. Onesie spy parody to get in the building we have ever green. It's here. If you ever pick up your mail at the front desk every single recipe, ask their own mailbox so letters will be found in there. But you do have to sign for packages at the front desk if you get them. And they also have handy Andy stamps in an area for you to send meal. And we had the new machines once you get into the actual residence hall on every floor and there is an elevator, but you do have a slight idea, so we have a very good security here, and on the first floor you will find the laundry services forever. Green Hall Uh, the laundry services are only located on the first floor, but they're pretty large, so it's never really an issue. Behind the elevator on every floor you confined the garbage services. Garbage is located obviously in the trash turn. The light on here. Pretty standard. There's trash, but it's nice that you don't have to go all the way down to the first war to get rid of it. After Green Hall is one of two upperclassmen living facilities regulated by us. I mean, evergreen is set up pretty somewhere, too underclassman housing. So it will be similar to bluff whole Perry Hall and Wooden Hollow, which are all the freshmen residence halls. Uh, they do have resident assistance here. However, the rooms are set up like apartments. So you're still getting that adult living type of field types of apartments here. Some of them are sweets, so they don't include kitchens. Which is why we have a floor kitchen for students to use, especially those who dont have kitchens. Uh, and then we also have. This is our social lounge. You have a TV in there. People like to come and study with a really great view of the lake behind Evergreen. And then if you walk all the way down to the end of the hall, you will find the study lounge, so that is very isolated. So you need quiet space to study. That's a great place to do it if you have a kind of loud roommates, but quite our start. Ten PM so usually that's not too much prop, and you gotta pick who you live with, So make sure you choose people that air quiet if you need that. But here we are at our study lounge. Clearly someone was study hanging. We will have to my apartment. I live any six person apartment and I do have a kitchen. Uh, they're also studio apartments. I didn't mention that Studio apartments that only have one. It's moving in them. Here is one of these six person apartments on our campus in every home. You have a refrigerator that comes with the apartment up in lots of storage. We didn't choose to decorate our apartment. We don't really spend much time here, but lots of people to put TVs out here on, spent a lot of time and they're living here, isthe. And I have a private bedroom in the sixth person apartment. Uh, six person apartments have two rooms where they have remains living in them. So that's four people total in those and then to private bedrooms. And I'm in a private kiss. Me, my love. And it split up into two different ways. So three people shared bathroom over there, and three people share a bathroom over here. This is my room in the sixth person apartment. The closets are really large. All the freshman dorm rooms are pretty big themselves, but Evergreen definitely tops it off One of the amazing opportunities we have here is research, and that all is coordinated through a program we have here called the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program, otherwise known as Orca. Through Erica, you can sign up to either be an orca assistant or a narc associate through the orca assistant position. You work under the guidance of the faculty mentor, and you help with a primary investigators specific topic of interest. As anarchy associate, you create your own topic to be studied in a research lab. So I am a orca assistant currently, and as an assistant, I work in one of the labs here on campus. I worked in the middle of being center where there are exercise physiology labs, so I do research on diabetes and your apathy in mice. And so this is the lab that were in. Currently, we have lots going on behind me, and then I can even show you some of the mice that we work with in the Web. Here are the mice that we work with. They have exercise wheels, as you can see right there, and then we have a system to monitor all of their activity. And then we also have a few good where we do some of our research on the mind, swaying and feeding and such. We also have more mice over here that we have another one of the machines that I work with. This is a Christ at machine, which is used to cut foot pads on. Might have state of the art equipment in all of the lab's. This machine right here is called a sonic ation machine, and it breaks up proteins and arn A through the usage of sound waves. We also have different machines that could be used for protein and Arnie analysis. Pipette tips, things you would find in a normal lab, and there's a lot of autonomy offered for the students who work through the program. They get to really do the projects at their own pace, and a typical orca assistant will work about seven to nine hours per week. Not only do you receive work experience from being in an orca lab, but you also have the potential of receiving a stipend, which is a free payment for you for doing your work in the lab. On top of that, it's not on ly for science students, there are orca programs available in psychology and other social sciences. That could be interesting to some of you who, perhaps aren't pre professional hope or hoping to go to graduate. In regards to the stipend for IRK assistance, you'll receive seven hundred fifty dollars per semester for Erica Associates. You have the potential of getting up to a thousand two hundred dollars per semester, so not every student who works in the lab receives stipend. I received a stipend last semester, but this semester I will not be receiving a stipend. It's all dependent on how many students are working in your lab and how long they've been there and how skilled they are at what they're doing. Right next door to the lab that I work in is an exercise physiology lab for the exercise Physiology students at they have plenty of equipment to use treadmills and oxygen monitoring machines, and then, if you have right next door. They have machines where you can actually monitor the different organs and function of them in the body, as well as freezers at very low temperatures, which can store focusing here very low temperatures which can store all of the samples that we use and cut in the research Here we are walking into the suit's excess energy, which has a lot of resources as you walk in. International studies office here and lots of different study to study you. On the lower level of the student success center. We have our health services office with a pharmacy. All students are able to make appointments for vaccinations for checkups through counseling and house services online. Also on the lower level of the student success in er is the career development center, where you can get your resume critiqued or if you need help with figuring out what you want to do for your career if you mock interviews, social media workshops, all sorts of things to help with your professional life wrapping around this entire center computer loud. We had work rooms for students. Uh, right now it's the weekend. Uh, but usually these rooms are very, very popular. Uh, they're super quiet. Pretty much soundproof. So students are always fighting to get into these rooms. And that if you need a break from studying, we have a small student fitness center that is in the student success center. And the hours are listed here. There are more workshops this way, and they all have TVs er, that you could connect to your computer if you need to project something like a power point for studying in a crew. This one has a whiteboard as well as the TV that I just mentioned and all you do is you swipe your ID to get in. And then you have the room for a song. I can go ahead and show you what these rooms look like. Well describes what my d and show you what it looks like. Okay, So here is one of the group war grooms. They're very nice, which is why so many students like to study in here. So if they're not studying in the library there, definitely studying here, that the center of all these tables. We have power outlets for people to charge your laptops or any other things they want you to charge, like their phone. And you have to be a student to access these rooms ahead and walk upstairs to check out what we have up there. Academic Advancement Center is where tutors will teach for different classes. You just signed your idea, and it's really great there. You have lots of different study space is up here. Senator. And computers. And then if you walk in this direction when you're upstairs, you will be walking towards the Morris University Center. It is connected to success center. We have lots of artwork throughout the hallways. And then student government is right here. And downstairs directly beneath This is the office for international Correspondent. So that will be where you would go if