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Evergreen Residence Hall

Evergreen Hall is the primary residence hall for upperclassmen students! The other living option is Cougar Village. Evergreen is located on campus with apartment style living options. There are studio and suite apartments available.

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Jordyn Nimmer
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Green has a twenty four hour fitness center, and all the residents halls on campus have fitness centers except for gloves. That's because it's right next to the medulla being center, which is our rec center on campus. Then right across here we have classrooms and evergreen. This is the back way here, our means until you're with printers, you can print out papers for your classes. Onesie spy parody to get in the building we have ever green. If you ever pick up your mail at the front desk every single recipe, ask their own mailbox so letters will be found in there. You do have to sign for packages at the front desk if you get them. They also have handy Andy stamps in an area for you to send meal. We had the new machines once you get into the actual residence hall on every floor and there is an elevator, but you do have a slight idea, so we have a very good security here, and on the first floor you will find the laundry services forever. Green Hall Uh, the laundry services are only located on the first floor, but they're pretty large, so it's never really an issue. Behind the elevator on every floor you confined the garbage services. There's trash, but it's nice that you don't have to go all the way down to the first war to get rid of it. After Green Hall is one of two upperclassmen living facilities regulated by us. I mean, evergreen is set up pretty somewhere, too underclassman housing. So it will be similar to bluff whole Perry Hall and Wooden Hollow, which are all the freshmen residence halls. So you're still getting that adult living type of field types of apartments here. Some of them are sweets, so they don't include kitchens. Which is why we have a floor kitchen for students to use, especially those who dont have kitchens. People like to come and study with a really great view of the lake behind Evergreen. Then if you walk all the way down to the end of the hall, you will find the study lounge, so that is very isolated. That's a great place to do it if you have a kind of loud roommates, but quite our start. Ten PM so usually that's not too much prop, and you gotta pick who you live with, So make sure you choose people that air quiet if you need that. I live any six person apartment and I do have a kitchen. I didn't mention that Studio apartments that only have one. Here is one of these six person apartments on our campus in every home. You have a refrigerator that comes with the apartment up in lots of storage. We don't really spend much time here, but lots of people to put TVs out here on, spent a lot of time and they're living here, isthe. I have a private bedroom in the sixth person apartment. Uh, six person apartments have two rooms where they have remains living in them. So that's four people total in those and then to private bedrooms. So three people shared bathroom over there, and three people share a bathroom over here. All the freshman dorm rooms are pretty big themselves, but Evergreen definitely tops it off with the largest rooms.