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So this is our academic and welcome sexy, this building his brand new opening just this past fall. It has ignitions, classes and often hand which everyone loves here. This is one of the main hallways in this building. This is another hallway, and there are more classes in this hallway, so yeah, this is forgetting Typically look like from the inside. Well, they're making things about this building is all the lounge areas. It has me and my friends always ng out here after getting forget Autobahn, and we love it. Welcome to our sports complex. Jim has to force. And this is the first wear Large truck mills and weight machines are These are some of the weight missions that were on the first floor. So this is the second floor, the jam. There's a row of track Nels here on the thiss where there's also benches in three weeks sports complex. There's also a log of classrooms or some group exercise rooms and some multipurpose rooms. So I just love Jim did go for me. Look up, which is pretty good for me. Um, so I'm gonna get to come to the kitchen to nothing, because I'm just, like, really busy. Like that worked two jobs, but I always try to go with this one, So yeah, o clock of students use it a lot. And I really like the group exercise classes they have because it just makes it easier. You know, you're going for clouds. You got to think about what you do. one for the football game. Hi, guys, welcome to our football stadium. So this is our football stadium. This is also where the soccer team lacrosse team and pretty much every other team plays their games on. Let's go! So, guys, this is the Brickfields, also known as the rugby pitch where I play way. Had Arnie's here way, tournament way won three games. Yeah, this is one of my favorite spots on campus. Obviously field. So if you're on a club team club soccer ultimate Frisbee, any of those this is where you're Hi. I'm Julia. And welcome to the hill. Um, so, God, you're going to drive me and wonder a little bit more about Stone Hill. This is the hill Will be Love it here. Yeah, so just continue watching you around. Thank you. Tell you a little bit more about me, Freshman. I'm from Central Massachusetts, Kes. I am a political science major and declaring a double major environmental science. I do. Although here on campus there's tongue you can do and part of extra in the mock trial team. So, yeah, I really love here. Stonehill. Um, I'm glad you showed. You know what it's really like. wait till I show you a little bit of the view from where I was at the clock, but now give you a better view because it really is the most beautiful things about our way back. This is a front. Wait. No, I guess I think that this would be the back. All right, just talk loud. This is what you'LL see on all of our flyers and add a beautiful view. And if you turn around, you could see the clock, the new business building and the welcome center that I took you in before you really see all campus from Okay, so it's like five p. M. And we're about to go get food. But I thought I betrayed one of my favorite places on campus on. Okay, So where I walked over to the Reds breaks, which is one of my favorite places on campus. It somewhere you like to go to walk just to relax and clear my head. Okay, so this is the red Bridge. I come here a lot. Just like going I need to take a breather and need toe walk around. Ex super pretty, and I love it.