12am sushi?

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Brittaney Skavla

Tour Guide

When the dining halls close at 8pm, and you're hungry at 8:01, there's no need to panic! Luckily, Binghamton has two dining locations that are open after dining hall hours in order to accommodate late night cravings. Here, we're in one of the two, called "Night Owl", which is located at C4, the dining hall shared by Newing and Dickinson communities. Here, you can find a range of foods, from burgers, to mozzarella sticks, to cereal, to sushi, to quesadillas, to milkshakes, to salad. Weekdays, Night Owl is open until 1am, but on the weekends, you can eat as late as 4am! Pizza logs taste much, much better at 2am, anyway.