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Thinking about SUNY at Binghamton and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting SUNY at Binghamton in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet SUNY at Binghamton’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to SUNY at Binghamton, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the SUNY at Binghamton experience. These SUNY at Binghamton video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Really? We also have a bunch of vegans snacks here. It's out. Can you play with your meal plan now you can play. Okay, cool. Thank you so much. So that's the food co op. To be honest, I've never been there because I'm not begin, but it's pretty cool that they offer begin in vegetarian gluten free options as well as organic options. So that's downstairs underground. It's pretty unknown, so I just thought I'd share that with you guys. You were completely serious. Three or Danny Locally sourced Cafe on campus. It's a really great even an option for suits and Justin also place coming out, so come by So we'd love to show you the going out scene. But since wrapping them ten, there's gonna be a huge snowstorm. And yet it's November like it's no big deal. Like it's whatever. I'm sure that that's like normal, but there's gonna be a huge snowstorm tonight, and I really don't think anyone's gonna be going out. But Maeve is going to show you our fall concert. So way have twenty one savage this year. Last year we had postponed, and pretty much every fall Binghamton, uh, student association gets like another person to come in and form for everyone last year. Like the bars up. Yeah. So last year, Postpone came out to the bars. I'll, uh, put a clip. Those on parcel, right? And, um, yeah, he came out to bars and someone iced him, so he had to get on his knees and during days are not lice. And it was on bar stools, So all right, uh, we'll get back to you, so as you can see, we're snowed in twenty one. Savage is supposed to come and perform tonight, and I'm betting everyone that he's just not going to come because of the snow. Hey, guys. So you're probably here because you're trying to figure out more about Binghamton University? Well, I'm here to tell you something into university, but first I'm gonna start by introducing myself. So my name's Britney and I'm a sophomore double majoring in psychology and cinema and some of the student groups that I'm in our Alfa Delta Bi rd waiter to society. I'm a writer for Free press in Arts and Culture magazine on campus. And I'm also an apprentice for the school radio station W h R w Simon show and everything. It's really cool. And, uh, right now I'm sitting outside Dickens a community which is where I live. And it's a beautiful day So naturally, everyone's outside basket really fun. So yeah, so sit tight. I'm gonna take your on campus. I'm going to find out everything you want to know Welcome to my triple it. Okay, so this is a triple and new ing. So we have one bad because it another bag, another closet desk. Another bad. And then this. These come with every single person's room. They stacked them on top of each other to make, like, a little night, Stan. Another dusk, this and then they also have their own planet. No matter. Never. I'm a freshman at being I wasn't a forced triple down the hole and they moved me to this room now, and it's really easy. Like anyone consign up to get this room. Really? It's just a triple, every corner, every floor. So, ah, Force triple is like, Common affects it because they over except freshman. How long were you in it for? I was in the foreseeable for, like, two months. So she was in the foreseeable for two months, which is longer than most people are in their force troubles for So that, basically is the room that's the size of a double. Except they forced three people into it. But then she got moved in. Yeah, you're, like, first priority to get switched out here in the force Switched out. Eventually, The girl that was in here before me got switched out. And once that's why was open. They just emailed me. So now she's in this big house? No, I will thank you for showing your course. T. So I'm gonna give you one for you guys. She's so fun. And which can I ask you a few questions about being on time. So just introduce yourself and like, why did you choose? I'm you on. I'm a year at school and I am a neuroscience major minor and I toast school because it's good. It's good answered so, like what was How do you explain, like the student body and like stereotypes? Very kind of threw a lot of Japs, but job equals a Jewish American princess. But I've met a lot of great people like Renee, and I really like. I thought I wouldn't, but I like all right, how would you like it? Described the academic climate like Clear Major. So, like what's like the workload for you, a classroom dynamics size with classroom stuff like that, Classes are really depending on you. It's very Richard, very hard. So, like probably like a thousand kids come in here thinking they're going to be doctors, and it literally just funnels and get smaller and smaller throughout the years on one of them. So she's one of the unfortunate. How many people do you think? Like we'll end up actually being doctors? That's like a hard question. Maybe, like Adam ten one one at a time. So it's time for a sign of people who come in thinking they'll be doctors will actually end up being daughters. Think ten is like one of the most rigorous science programs in New York. We, like, get better grades for now and where our public schools. So that's like definitely something that's so like be brutally honest. What are some pros of Binghamton? Um, what are like cons that you wish? The pros. Really honest. I like how, like going out is China very easy and it's fun. What else? To be honest, there's not a lot of progress. Let's start with a lot of work very hard. Hard to get a good grade, happy people. Girls are just in the way and very hard to make girls. If you're a girl like, it's probably the hardest school Teo friends that are genuine here. They kind of older like very culti. And if you're not like planning on joining a sorority, you're gonna have a tough time. Like finding backers a great life. Yeah, it's not that big here, but they think it's a big deal that think they're better than everybody. They become cold down. We're both not authorities. Actually, last year I didn't get along with my roommate, so I moved into Mom's room. Her roommate left, so it was really easy for me to just transfer in. That's basically it happens a lot. It's really common for freshmen, so just keep that in mind. Like even if you think you're gonna love your roommate, you may not, but you can move out like you. So what would you think like different from It is really nice here. Wei have a lot. Sign it. The storms are very I don't There's other campuses. Other campuses. Really nice Tio. Yeah, like schools. I feel like I'm back on the nice. Yeah. Um what would you like? What advice would you give to your high school yourself? Work harder. Use rate, My professor. Oh, yeah, definitely use. Great. Might forget that's like asked a lot of like upper classmen. About what? Healthy photo by Just like plan out what you want. Four. I always have a backup Hi, This is election. All one start for him too. Four hundred seats. So it's for like Intro class is usually your one hundred level classes will be here. There's some two hundred levels. Okay. Also, a lot of the updates from like pretty health and pre law advisory committees take place in here as well. Doesn't get nearly introductory class with an introductory. So you're sitting in the fifth row today, right? I like this because it's in the center lecture on the best view of the professor. The course work on them. So why you dressed so dapper? Lee? So happily well today and simply for a pharmaceutical sales position in their diabetic sales unit or general practice? Do you think that thing I'm ten sets you up? Well, for the That's absolutely the fact that I even had the opportunity and pharmaceutical sales. Rep. Why I'm still in college is a pretty big deal, too. Very mystery to get into. Cool. Thank you. No problem. So there's two types of classes that come with, like large intro class is like this. You have the lecture, which is around three hours a week. So either three one hour classes or to one and a half hour classes so normally Monday, Wednesday, Friday for one hour or Tuesday through Thursday for one and a half hours, the's air where the professor is really just doing a lecture. You take your own notes, uh, figure out things on your own. Some Professor's post the lecture notes on Blackboard, which is think of universities. How would you explain that, Like a portal like it online portal. But there's also for a lot of the classes a discussion section. So these are either optional or a mandatory like one hour classes with your t A where you can go. It's one hour, one hour like one day per week, and you go and ask your questions. And they'll kind of explain what the professor is talking about em and quizzes. Yeah, so like a lot of times you'll take your quizzes during those types of things. So for big classes like she's in like a one hundred level statistics class, she has that. I had it for political science classes, philosophy classes. So those types of things you can kind of just like going meet with your ta the cheese air really helpful here, and a lot of them are actually grad Eva is undecided. So she is in a lot of classes that, um, you'll probably end up taking here. Rapping on ten like intro class, is that you'll probably end up taking here. So she's just gonna tell you, like what? Her basic class sizes and we're going to go through and kind of show you, uh, like what? Me and her experience differently since I'm in the school of management. And I have a set major versus someone who's in Harper without a sudden seizure. So we're instant wing right now, which is just like a section of lecture hall. It just had a smaller discussion classes. This is like a normal class size for, like a discussion. Like I had writing one eleven in here, which is like intro writing class. If you write, write, write research papers and everything. Yeah. So it's like a berry into, like, into your like with your professor. So you're Professor will sit here, and the students will sit here, and it's very like open discussion. Very discussion based. Uh, that's really so writing one eleven, as Eva said, is a freshman writing class. It's like teaches you how to write, uh, If you're coming to Binghamton, make sure you put that on your schedule. Um, it's only offered in freshman year, and you need to writing credits. And there were tough after freshman year, so definitely put writing one eleven on This was my classroom. That's a smart board, most classrooms of the smart boards where teachers can connect their laptops. And I'm sure that you guys may use them in high school, so it's pretty cool. Okay. Okay. Hi, guys. So, basically, this is how housing works at Binghamton University when you're a freshman, Once you put in your money around April right run April, you should have already picture roommates. So how I did that as long along with Eva is, there's always a Facebook page. So look up Binghamton University, class of and whatever class you're graduating class will be. And basically there's going to be a face it page full of people who are looking for roommates. So I my freshman year chose to live in Mountain View, so there's a few different living options. Applicant, University. There's Mountain View, which is on ly sweet, so it's up far. It's up far in the hills. Cold mountain. You Yeah, like definitely the longest walk. It's actually not that hard. A lecture hall, which I think is pretty cool, but it's definitely It's not the newest buildings, either. But these buildings are sweet, so we're in a double, which means that it's just me and even, and we have a bathroom that we share with two other rooms. But outside, it's a hallway, like, but anyone can luck in right outside our door. So the suite is different. The suite is four or six people all of the same gender, unless it's like, whatever, No way on you have your own bathroom or two bathrooms that you share with people, you know? So I chose my sweet means. It was really easy. As long as you really get on the housing portal and stay on top of it, you should be able to live wherever you want. I personally really likes living in Mountain View but didn't end up getting along with her roommates, so actually moved into new ing, which is where we are now. So new ING offers just doubles. So this is a double for triples or troubles, But there's only one triple per floor, so it's very hard to get to the triples. But if you are on top of it, used to be able to get into one. Uh, nothing that new ing offers is single. So if you have, like either like a disorder anxiety, a service animal, you're actually able to live in a single in New ing. You could bring a dog, which is really cool. We had a friend who was bipolar last year, and he did a service animal chatter dog here so that that was awesome. And she was able to, like, relax with her service in the building. So it actually permitted. But not for regular students have a dog. And then there's also Dickinson. So Dickinson is very similar to doing. These are brand new. They're brown new, built their noses in the past five years. So Dickinson is bread very, very new. And Dickinson is more of like a condo like it's really, really big as well, yes, so they're They're called Sweets, but they're not like the streets in Mountain View. So in Mountain View, as I was explaining you actually at a huge common room and, you know, last base like kind of like throw parties like Do whatever you want set up the TV. But then in Dickinson we have flats, so Dickinson flats are either just doubles amenity. You go outside and you have like a little common area in the bathroom that you share. But the commentaries they're very small, but there's also flat. So I have a single and doubles or all singles s. So you kind of just got to decide where you wanna live. Dickinson is the most popular because a lot of people want to live in singles, so those self those go out really quickly. But as a freshman, you're gonna have priority because they're gonna leave rooms opened specifically for a freshman. Another thing is him in him in is another living community that's in your mountain view. So it's one of the oldest ones still on campus, and they're really not nice. I would not return until, uh, yeah, if, if you if you can, if you like, have the decision to not live in him and don't live in Hitman. The worst on our opinion is see I w, which is college in the woods. These air, the oldest buildings. They're crappy. The bathrooms are coed. It's very, very bad. They're trying to, like make them nicer. So they're like actively changing them, which is good because becomes always actively changing. But it's definitely not where we would try toe live or tell you guys to live. There's also old Dickinson. They put a lot of freshmen and old Dickinson for the gym. So if you go to the gym a lot, maybe choose new ing. Our old Dickinson. If you go to the gym a lot, I would definitely tell you do not choose Mountain. You were him opposite side of campus. Also, if you're going to be in the school, management with the nursing school would always also recommend to not choose new ing or old Dickinson because it's the farthest away. So knowing to consider, like the newest buildings hymns yet to be our older mountain views a little older, but a view is like up a hill. So like that's why? Yeah, nice. But it's another thing is like Mountain view is up the hill, but it's really close to a lecture hall. So if you're like just doing basic classes like political science, you gonna be electro lot. So I actually never had a problem living about you. What, like when you're, like, walking back off your legs? Like I remember calling my mom she's like, Are you confronting for, like, running a mile? I'm like, uh, just so like Dickinson's in other news, the nicest. But they, like, share the worst dining halls. Yeah. So watch another video. Better dining hall. We actually had a good meal today, but it wasn't a good representation of what's normally and I take incident. And New Wings dining hall, which is called for. Yeah, it's It's the worst food. The best food, in our opinion is see n w Also for some reason, I'm sorry. For some reason I bring you on a tour to C. I. W dorms. That's not what your room's gonna look like. Like this is our room. Watch our room tour That we is in another video like this is our room. We're living in like, a nice little brand new room. What? It's awesome. It's tiny, but it's awesome. But they bring you to see I w for some reason, and I think that the reason they bring you there's so that if you end up getting it, you're not expecting this, and then you get that. So yeah, it's something else. I mean, like just like small things like only doing in Dickinson. Have, like, id scanners to get it. Oh, yeah. So basically, everyone has a Binghamton University student I D card. And this is the same thing that you'll use the paper on your formula, but it's also to get into your room for the newer buildings, So it's also to get into every building. So every building is protected by the ID scanners. You have to live in that community to be able to get in. So if you're going to visit your front and mountain, you and you live in doing that, we need them to open the door for you. Even though you're Binghamton student, you're not allowed in, which is really good to protect strangers from just being able to walk into the buildings. Something else is like the bathrooms here for us in new ing we share, as we said, a bathroom with the four other girls who live across the hall in next to us. We know them. They're only girl centers. Or if your boys that's gonna be on Lee Boys, I share the room with you is one toilet room and one shower room. So you have to scan your I D to get into it, and only six can get into it. Also in your condition. I don't think I don't think, uh, most mountain view buildings are a hundred ways, because that's where I live. But I don't think most about you. What ones are they're just older buildings. So they air conditioning honestly, like, I'm gonna be honest with you. You don't even need air conditioning like hold the only time you'll need air conditioning. This may be the first, like me, a month, like the first month. And if I am going to be like, you could just get a fan like and you'll be able to be fine like, it's not really like a freezing like you're not gonna be sweating in your room only five. And unlike just, they don't pay attention to They don't pay attention to like the temperature in rooms. So, like it's snowing outside. Well, I literally, like, didn't want to take my jacket off because I was so cold like sometimes. Just like always, keep in mind that becomes also offers work orders. So, like, you could just place a work order and you're having a problem with something, and they'll come fix it, and another thing is like, you can bunk beds. You could do really whatever you want because he's really cool with that. And there's no cleaning services for your specific rooms. But there's clue cleaning services for every bathroom. Even if you're in a suite in the bathrooms inside your sweet, a cleaning lady will come once a week and clean your bathroom. So we get a cleaning lady that comes on speaking, cleans our bathrooms, and then another thing is like over winter break. You need to take everything out of the bathrooms are like, unplug everything on and then also, like just so you guys know there's different living communities have strictness of like, partying. So if you guys like the partying type, I really recommend mountain beyond number one. Uh, s. Sorry, but your senior residents, versus what most people have is ours. Which our resident assistant. So the s ours air seniors who kind of don't really need that much training. And they just keep their door open, and they're there for you to talk to. It's kind of more like a mental health, like people to guide you mental health or like if you're stressed stuff like that. But the IRA's in other buildings like new ING that they're tough. So, like they're not going to be tough with drinking as much as you think. Like we're going to be straight up honest with you. They're not gonna be tough with drinking time. They'll be tough with drinking is if you're being loud. So if your doors open, yeah, like doors open or you're walking across the hallway with something in your hand. They're gonna they're gonna have to do their job. But like if the music's really, really loud, they're going knock on the door. It's not like Do you have a little bit of music on? There's cops at your door like you know what I mean? Another thing is like marijuana smoking, like Just don't do it inside honestly and don't do outside of you. They're like, if you're gonna do it, just maybe do like a non smelling marijuana, like a pen or something, because if they smell marijuana, I've seen somebody. People get in trouble with police for smoking marijuana. They're more strict about that here than they are drinking. So it's definitely something I would keep in mind when you guys are cheating school. One more thing talk. How about the dorms? Um, I would say doing and mostly knowing is more like Greek life. Like a lot of Greek. Yeah, already people live there. Yeah, Bahamas Dickinson as well. And then, like Mount View is a lot of like athletes, right? Yeah, mountain views. Like a lot of athletes and kind of just chiller people. It's like it's just like if you like, live on Thailand and there's different areas like I like a lot of people that come to being on center from one island. She's from Jersey like if I could explain it like Mountain View is like Suffolk County, South Shore kids and new ing is like Nassau County, nor short people. And it's just like complete differences. And like as like there's just just so many like cults of people that just like travel with each other like we have, like our Asian students are all in one one building like we'll have a lot of the Jewish girls are Jewish guys in one building. And it's kind of just because they have, like they're Jewish frats they have. They're like Jewish sororities. They have there the Asian break, housing we have like a lot of students have come from China, so they're in break housing. So just like when you're choosing your room, you might see break housing. It's gonna be more expensive because you can stay there over break. So it's for the students who can't go home to China every single time. There's a break, so just definitely keep that in mind when you're picking your room. I personally really loved doing like, now I've lived in mountain view and doing. She's only with renewing, like I really love new ing. I love mountain view for the space, but I just love doing like it's just cleaner like newer. But the downside is just it's just smaller. Yet the downside is the rooms were definitely smaller and the food is worse and it's farther. But like it's just new. If you if you're like, it's like a whole new idea of it. It's definitely be clean and something else. I also would like toe add because this video is getting a little long, something else that I also like to add. As you get older, you have priority for rooms. So now that I'm a sophomore, if I decide I want to live on campus. I could choose probably before anyone else can. But you have tto either be living with someone who's going Teo, whose lives in that place. So if next year I want to live in mountain view, I need someone. If I want to get priority, I'm gonna live with someone who's already in mountains because they had already don't live there again. So if me and even want to live here in this exact same room, we have pardoned you live in this exact same room like weaken before anyone else decides if we want to stay together and live here, we have priority. If we want to go somewhere who are front isn't. Dickinson will have, like, second priority. And then if we want to go move toe Dickinson. But we don't have another friend. We have last priority. So another thing is like you are required to live on campus as a freshmen. So definitely like look into it. Think about it a lot. Like just keep in mind like Mountain View also has like drugs for floors. I know some people get weird around like you don't have a run in your room. It's green like just keep fine. But freshman Ricard's live on campus. Everyone else can really live off campus. I would recommend living there living on campus. Freshman as off. Yeah, a lot of people move off campus. Two. You're going into junior year, so I there's roughly like something that's really cool about continues. There's a lot of up campus options, so just keep that in your mind. If you're miserable your first year, just now, it's one year and then you could move off campus like and do whatever you need to do. Think about it. What's kicking about. Solid. Yeah, the last time you hear from him? Hundreds? Yeah, there's one in New Paltz. So take me through the process of so your pickle rice. No yellow, brown and white rice you want most, Then we have fortunate. This is titled and they're off. So what kind of sauce is wait sauce? How sauce. Get anybody? It's creamy and tag it. Get it? Get it in this bar. Go! No, also like a little bit of spice. No little spice. We have our free and spices doesn't want favorites. That The hot sauce too spicy mattress. You want a lot? Well, thank you so much. So now we're in Academic A, which is a school of management building, and this is where I go to almost my classes because I'm in the school management, so it's definitely different than other places on campus. It's more specialized and focused on the students and what type of classes they're going to take. And I personally think that they offer a lot more to specific students than Harbor does. So I'll just show you around the Watson career in alumni connections. So come eat with alumni here on basically, like try and market yourself on look for a job opportunities that maybe you would not be offered somewhere else head downstairs where all of the classes are down here. Okay, so we're approaching. A class is in session right now, but this is a basic statistics or computer quantitative skills classroom. So, um, as you can see, it looks like they're probably taking a test or doing a lot of work right now. So I'm not going to, like, sit here in records so they don't think I'm crazy, but also the car around myself. So those kids are taking a test, it looks like, and that's basically like an Excel. Of course, they teach you how to use excel. That's s o I'm specific thing. It's called seek us its computer quantitative skills. So these kids are all sitting here taking a computer class, and there's few computer pods like classrooms that are set up just like that, with simply only computers on nothing else. So this is where my sink us one twelve classes. It's an intro class because I just transferred into us. So, um, so there's a lot more seats. Uh, my teacher says that this this classrooms normally filled up during our class, and he says that it's his largest class that he has. I think it's around fifty or sixty people s so we basically all set here he goes through slides. We don't really do as much work as you were just seeing in the other class. They looked like they were taking a test because they were all like doing something on XL. But yes, So this is basically really what like a computer class would be like when you're in school management. So this is a school matter Career services they actually offer, like meetings where you could go over your resume and kind of, like, find jobs. And it's actually a really great program that the school management has. Right now, they're close. I can't really bring you in there, but definitely check it out. My class was canceled, so I'll take you on a tour. So this is what a non computer classroom would look like in the school of management. Basically, like, very once again in touch of the professor because these classrooms are smaller and are more specific to each person. So my professor will sit back here and he could see everything that's going on. There's definitely no like cheating or anything that's happening in this room because he can see literally everything in everyone. Uh, he was back there. Yes. So this is basically just like what normal classroom size is. S So, um, so the school of management has definitely helped me realize like what I'm specifically into. So you actually have to take, like, pretty wrecked courses which are prerequisites to take other courses in the future. And as you take those classes, you kind of realize what you're into. So even if you're not in accounting, the easier they make you take an accounting class. And, you know, even if you're not a business major, they make you take a business class because you'll realize that it may be. You are into something that you didn't realize you were into, and not only that, but they offer so many awesome things like you can seriously realize so much about, like your future and your career by just speaking to someone who works here, which is really cool. So for the school management, the workload is definitely less than that of a science major happing in ten. So it's still more than what, like someone who's majoring in liberal arts, I would definitely say it's more than someone who's majoring in political science or philosophy or graphic design, other things like that. We definitely have, like, a stronger work. Well, but not only that my major at Assam is is the administration and frequently, like there are events every single day. So to be involved definitely takes a lot like you need to buy suits. You need Teo, go to meetings. You need Teo. Get like a certain amount of points to be a part of anything on this campus, because it's a very, very challenging and rigorous program where people are competing to be the best. So definitely it's definitely more rigorous in terms of the competitiveness of it all. So, as I showed you, the classes in the School of management are smaller. I'd say that they're still the same. They're very educated. People don't teach at the School of Management. It's more rigorous hiring, I'd say then for the Harper school, which is just like the main school. So we have people who are. Some become laud you pen graduates who teach intro business on society classes. So it's definitely more of like a professional workplace. You're not going to be disrespectful to your teachers here or else you'll be. You'll never make it, so it's definitely more professional. In terms of your relationships with your professors. You can't really mess around with them. You can't joke around with them than in like Harper and maybe Eva's classes. You can become friends with your astronomy T. A. That's not gonna happen here. You're not gonna be able to become friends with anyone and what? That sounds terrible. But it's just a professional relationship that you have with your professors and you kind of just, like, become close to them so you can get like, recommendation letters. So I know that that sounds terrible, but it's more like a big, big girl stuff.