Brittaney shows you the university union (+the bus situation)

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Brittaney Skavla

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Welcome to the University Union! Or in the common man's vernacular, just the UNION. The Union houses many rooms, which are used as classrooms and club/group meeting spaces. Here, you can also find the campus's Dunkin Donuts! What I find the most significant about the Union, however, is the buses. This is the main bus stop on campus, where you can catch either the university-run OCCT buses (what we call the "BLUE BUS"), or the public bus (Broome County Transit bus). For absolutely FREE (yes, free!!), you can take either of these bus lines to various locations in the surrounding area, such as downtown Binghamton, nearby neighborhoods (for if you live off campus, for example), the mall, Walmart, Target, University Plaza ("U.P.", which I'll show you later!), and a multitude of other locations.