Tennessee State University Campus

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Good morning, guys. So it is orientation day. Homemade is approximately seven o'clock. Way have to be up in. That's real at eight o'clock is when we have the chicken, I guess Just start at 8 30 So, yeah, I'm excited. So let's go ahead and get it to Okay, guys, we have made it to Tennessee State University. I don't give a video. We're running behind, but it's okay. Has already hot up here is only 8 30 Almost. Yeah. All right. I'll see y'all later. I e you wait, Right? Yes. Good morning. This is it. I can, but we have water. Straight up. Good morning. Good morning. You're gonna go ahead. This is the tables. And when you're done, you're gonna take a seat. Okay? What? Okay, so we have checked and they gave us, I got a bag, and then they say, Love's a little bag. And they gave us this book, which has, like, our schedule in it. We're gonna be going today and then like, up from information and all that stuff. So now we're just waiting, waiting one whoever to speak to come and speak to get out of hot, hot, hot outside on a damn Sure brought me a fan. So in a minute. Wait. Okay. Wilson, this is one of our gym. We have to Jim, where you guys were at earlier. That was King. That's the second mama car see on TV success. It don't change. Essentially, Waas on our dream is a process. I waas said I won't be No, no, I congratulate. That was never friend known, Jim, Another band in a north under matter. But I know I have it for you. I didn't have a great apartment. We're gonna learn a compartment. Everything. Everybody help working. I love it here would be happy. And like I said, I wanna get a picture. What? You got to get a picture with you guys before I go? I didn't enjoy your time. I'm so happy for you guys. We're done. Forgot what they look like. They're gonna get me home, pulls up here. You gotta be like everybody's gonna be out here. It's been a long, long, long, hot, sweaty long day. Wear about the go get some way already checking a little tail, you'll get some e and go back to the hotel and basically take a nap, chill. Whatever. I'm probably gonna take a nap, because been a long day. Once I get the wholesale, I'm gonna go ahead and get more information about, like when you take Shane and waded and all that stuff. Yeah. So I'm gonna give you more information. No limitation. What we need not so Okay, guys. So I'm back. I just finished eating. I mean, hope till clearly ordered. I think it was called the Alaskan platter. President. I was some crab legs, Saul seeds. Things of that sort. It's kind of spicy. A little O. C. Said, but it still tastes good. Like, I think I'll see anything good. But as far as the irritation goes, it was a very big humbling experience. Life don't ever take care for granted. Because what you gonna have air? It's hard. It's really, really are like it was so hot that the only way I had was that it was so hot, like outside and inside, like you thought that would open the door. He's gonna be able to just fill air cover. It was hot. So hot. Well, there is a learned a lot of things about the campus. What they do on camp is even my golf campus. Things even like, more serious. Sort of suggest the campus police. I didn't get to meet with my advisor. I don't know why they said that we would do that, but we didn't. That's okay. I'm getting all these. So next couple months way do a lot of walking, walking, Of course, because we have to do a tour or whatever. My 20 guarded where they call ambassadors where she was nice. She knew a lot about campus or whatever. Um, we were all like my group consists of. It was like major by Major. So I had people with the same major in my group. Whatever. Um, I got to me with my student success coach. So basically, they are there for, you know, help you stay on track. So, like, advisor, But now that there to help you stay on track. Clan, You know, for you and your major send others. So I like that. So I didn't get me with somebody that I'm gonna have to get used to see it all the time after, like, orientation and everything. Everybody went to the bookstore. Um, I was able to purchase this little by little sale. If I could find the link, I'm not sure people order this wine, but if I could find the link, I will post the bolo so that we could record it ordered. Look at it. Maybe what to do has their tea issue logo. It also got the shirt. I will also provide for wink shirt. Yes. So that's pretty much it Ornamentation was fine, you know, high a lot of walking, and still I was able to get in a lot of information about college and what I could expect. So, yeah, if you like this video, this love, give it a thumbs up. Like social comment shared. Do all of that. You already know. Um, yeah. So that's pretty much it. I hope you'll join the video. It's homecoming week, and I'm about to hit on. Oh, listen, look chilly out here, but I know my wife's sisters to come and get me. I wrecked my car, but, you know, just west, this is for sister. That is everything. But you have about the head on campus and Goto courtyard Wednesday, so yeah. Oh, she just pulled up. Oh, my God. My personal uber. Okay, Chelsea in, like, 10 minutes. Hella, I'm blogging. This is Les Wish. This is my block up. This my lament. See right here. Are you sure you should get it to go, Simon? No. Bet that bad and pulls you. Thank you. Okay, I am back. So I'm just chilling out. Simon The library between the students interest, uh, just took my losses. The pitchers. Hey, J Yes, yes. Period of long. So now I don't know what we're about to do. It's like hungry. Well, she's, like, hungry, so no, but, um, maybe I should go in a suit Isn't possible. I really want to, like, you know, showcase my good life that I lived. So So I'm eating shit for lay outside. My body got locally. Stop this story. It's actually. What's the word said about yourself? I'm my name's bodyguard. She doesn't pay me, so I'm about to quit. But don't. Don't be spitting on Etsy This like I say. Oh, she has a foot fetish. She likes her feet. All right, See this by bodyguards on top. They just guard. Whose is this? This'd Who's here? We have a way. Hey, you. Oh, I like some of the hollow man, but I have to do a face mask after this long, terrible week that I had. Well, let me say about my day here. Some, like, terribly blogging. So I could just say about my day at the end of it. I don't have the natural reaction. Just put on my phone about in public, you know, its record. The scenery. I'd like to record myself only half. Well, anyway, someone said a little homecoming concert. We had some open eggs laying ring. I don't know who she is, Jack. Please. Um n b a young boy in the two songs, and I just not a chorus. And Gucci. I was really there for Gucci. He has no stage presence. I was not impressed, but I have watched him some footage online side. You know what I was getting myself into? I wanted to sell my ticket. And honestly, I should have. Honestly, this week just has not been my week. And it's okay because, you know, it's not always about me, but yeah, so it is. I'm gonna say, like, 2 15 in the morning right now, and I'm just chilling. I have about three minutes of my mask in the morning. We had the pepper tell what happens. So we was bicycles. It is part of you call foreplay. Whatever is, like throwing this away from us. And then my losses, We in line stuff, I don't know, but who's in line? It's time I don't get the door. And I had to. Awesome life takes me. And I had our RSVP ticket where I could get in free before 11. But of course I wasn't getting there before 11. Who does that? So there's about $30 of the door? Yeah, you could stick their $30 up your nostrils and then my loss of trying talk, talk. Some do like to bring it down or whatever. And there he was, some about it. He said 20. There he was like 15. Mind you, it was about 1 30 The clothes closet too. Dismays 2 a.m. and his knees deuces like I don't have time for this. And, um yeah, so I'm ready to go. So we a lot And he suppose and got the finding lodge. And Andrew was like, that was trying to grab my gun. I was When I grabbed my gun, I wouldn't hurt your own. That's a godlike A role run. Okay, girl, you saying both suit out of that line, okay? But yeah, I can't. This is why I don't do parties. See me? So what's it? Send me to a kickback, cause because I can't do that, man. Yes, the foolery. So smart. You got the little pep rally. Um, I'm trying to block their give my makeup done in about six hours. My loss system. That's how every such so book, huh? Um, I put her on trial for her link in my description box, but you hang on at the Pera rally in the end, it so the party. Oh, freak. This stuff shows tomorrow, so I'm a vlog. Deception, of course. Gotta seem O'Neill's turn up period, and they better when and then after the pep rally. I mean, the stuff show. It's like a little party. My profile is having a party, so we might, you know, put up whatever, but yeah, I will see you are late. So I'm about to take this mask off me and my skin was banned strict about a water and yeah, see, I said, Wait, No. 7:44 a.m. And we're here getting ready for homecoming. King, get him of love. I know we're on the bus. Andrew, where we were gonna get ready for this, right? I'm gonna block, but I can't see you guys like way. Leviticus, Chapter three, Verse 21. Get gate. Are you Flo? It's freezing out here. They didn't provide us with jackets, Food, water, umbrellas. Honestly, I'm over because this is the haze, OK, for homecoming parade, but this is just a small portion way I'm blogging. No way. So we're okay. Hello. This is my knee. Oh! Oh, wait back. I got my love period beyond good adventures. Okay? I don't either killed or anything right now.