Night life in a tiny town?! welcome to northgate!

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Sheila Mohebpour

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Welcome to Bottle Cap Alley located in the Northgate District of College Station, Texas! Northgate is a unique night life strip here in our humble tiny town! The strip is fairly Southern themed, we've got places like the Dixie Chicken, Shiner Park, and The Dry Bean Saloon! If you're above the legal age and looking to have a beer in town, you can add to the Bottle Cap Alley and be a part of the collection! "Purchased in 1912, Texas A&M set aside land for shopping and business development where Northgate is now located. However, the district had humble beginnings with only a few businesses and some still thriving today such as the Dixie Chicken and Duddley’s Draw. Cathy Lockett, local resident since 1983, spent time during her college days at Northgate with her husband and close friends. 'It’s where people went to blow off steam, shoot some pool, and share a pitcher." When it comes to night life options here in town, Northgate is practically a landmark.