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Thinking about Texas A & M University-College Station and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Texas A & M University-College Station in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Texas A & M University-College Station’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Texas A & M University-College Station, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Texas A & M University-College Station experience. These Texas A & M University-College Station video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, welcome back. I am in downtown Brian. Right now. It is about fifteen minutes away from campus. It is very hard to come here just to fund like dates. Paul, you can come out with friends, eat some good food. It's very take pictures. It's very a historic like there's during Christmastime because Christmas tree is very nice Christmas trees. There's Hotel Brian. And yet it's just very at home and I very enjoy it. Hey, I spread Mr De right now eating How do you how do you like the food? O? Tell me after. How do you like this? It's pretty good. This's what the restaurant looks like. It's very like home. I'm gonna I'm gonna record your reaction of doing anything all right? Right now we are at the Christmas tree. It is very pretty. It's lit up. It was a little special light today. Um, but yeah, that is my downtime buying experience. I hope you all enjoyed I ten out of ten. Recommend this way's thanks and giggle. Here we go again. All right. You also Thank you so much for watching my broom tour. I appreciate you. I told you. Come out when I say so. What's going on, you two? My name is John. Welcome to my channel. And in today's episode, I'm going to do a room tour for you. So this is a video that I've been actually meaning to do for a long time that I haven't gotten around to it. And so I figured today's a good day to do. It's pretty outside, and this is probably the cleanest my room's ever gonna get. So I'm a junior at Texas A and M University, but I transferred in. And so this is my second semester living on my own. And I've kind of gotten into my groove, you know, added the little touches to my room. That really makes it homie. And I think it's ready to show. So, uh, yeah, without further ado, I'll stop yapping. Let's get into it. All right. So here's what it looks like when you first walk in my room. I had this nice little hallway. Don't mind this. I got a little typewriter. I'm trying to sell it on eBay. If you haven't seen my how I made What is it, like $1900 my 1st 2 weeks today for 89 50 59? That's what this bad boy's about. So I'm trying to sell this on eBay. It's probably not, but here's the so in here we have my bathroom just cleaned it yesterday. So noted stains hopefully actually don't open that we have the squatty potty. This is probably the best invention mankind has ever come up with, and I actually made a video on this as well because it changed my life. And then right here we have my shower curtain. It's just gray as we go through my room. You kind of see the theme is like black and gray accents. I just like neutral tones. I think it's kind of a vibe. I don't know behind here. We have my shower. I really like this apartment complex because of shower heads. Really nice in the water. Pressure's really nice as well. We have a head and shoulders because I can't be staying Krusty out here. I got my sound body. This is essential. I like to pretend I'm having some Beyonce exile concerts while I'm taking my shop. It won't fade away for Bree's Got the plunger. Actually. Haven't even used his bad boy once yet. Odd flex, but Okay. Got a little Hargett, I believe trash can. And up here I have all of my supplies. Deodorant lotions, SPF 100. So my tattoos don't look like melted chocolate By the time I'm 30. Toilet paper is a central. So, you know, I got that wrapped up, and then some towels right here. I have my scale just to see how much weight I'm losing by not eating any food while I'm down here. Here's me too. I got a comment on my tattoo video that set off the tattoos. What to face you use? This is the goat for toothpaste and sanitizer. Just in case I'm too lazy to use soap under here. I just have a bunch of random supplies like cleaning supplies. I have some laundry detergent, Gloucester's stuff like that when these drawers I keep my cologne, My retainers, how are you? And actually, I put this down here because ideally it's supposed to pull out like this. But I haven't really found a way to mount it on, and I've been too lazy to actually drill it. So that's basically it for the bathroom. Pretty simple, straightforward, from the squatty potty to the head and shoulders to the sound body to the plunger. We got the essentials. All right, So I'm just trying to give you a visual here. So that's my front door. This is my bathroom. And my girlfriend actually got me these hooks. Bless her soul because I literally lose everything. I'm the definition of a d d. And so literally I'll get home and get my keys and throw him anywhere, and they'll end up in the weirdest places. So thanks, Booth. And then So right outside of here, we have the room. And then I figured since I have guests over, you gotta have some of that house fatality. These apartments actually came with a mini fridge. This is really nice. And so I got a whole lot of nothing. I got some yogurts, some cheese, like to pre cook some of my meals. That's why you see these. Tupperware's soy milk is the move. I used to be a huge dairy guy, but soy milk is the wave now? Got some of these fordo coffee shots? I am 21 So I got some of the rose a and then I actually have some Portuguese liquor as well. And I'm saying, you gotta have that yak on you. And then over here, I got some of some crusty milk residue that I have yet to clean. So instead, like, most of my problems were just gonna mask it and pretend like it's not there and then over to my left. I just have some bags. My guitar case, one single red solo cup. And then this is actually what I used to take my product pictures for eBay Just to get the background a nice, clean look and really focus on that I'm selling here. I just keep some miscellaneous items. I have these Caesar, like the greatest thing ever be invented besides a squatty potty. Because it's a huge cookie, right? 16 grams of protein, vegan, non GMO, no soy, no egg, no dairy. I'm not sponsored by them. I hope one day I could because Lenny in Larry's everything. So I have some bread. I like to keep some of my food in here just because I'm broke and I can't be having the roommates into my food. I got the pretty dino bites have some other, like, miscellaneous stuff. Kind of like my junk drawer and then kind of my food. George. Actually, the president quit. I have a ton of hats. I probably wear like 1/3 of all the hats on here. This is a fake Gucci had, by the way, I got this from China. Here's all my clothes. I do have a little close look. I am a man of options. No, I like to have my options when it comes to clothing. This is a lifesaver. Let me go ahead and put you onto the greatest invention ever. Besides the squatty potty and Lenny in Larry's cookies. Wrinkle spray. I don't know why so many people don't know about this, but this literally you spray it on your clothes and it takes the wrinkles out like ironing. Except it takes like, 30 seconds down here. I have my shoe organization and it looks like I have a lot of shoes, but literally, I have not bought a new pair of shoes in probably two years, but I keep him in semi good condition, and I just wear the hell out of him. And yeah, so that's my closet. And then you probably noticed these posters right here is just a black and gray world map. I really want to travel the world one day. And so I figured putting that up kind of motivates me to keep going in school, get the degree and then right here, it's just like a fake window of New York City. I really, really love New York, and so I figured I'd put that out. So even though I'm in College Station, I can look out there and it feels like I'm really in the Big Apple mattress. I have a four inch mattress topper that I got from Costco. So it's mad. Comfy, This is my favorite pillow ever. And then right here is a drawer that no matter how many times I close, it will not stay close. I guess like some shorts or some type of clothing fell behind this also in this dry just keep on my vitamins like probiotics like ibuprofen, magnesium, multivitamin. Being in college, I don't get the nutrition I need. And so, by being able to have a multivitamin. I gets a carpet bomb, all of my vitamin necessities. And so this is really a central. I really recommend this for people who are in college or living on their own, and they don't know how they're supposed to. So basically, thing I need is in there. This is from my tattoo video. So it's a little bit of junk, A little bit of vitamins stuff, you know, got the greens so moving on over here. I have my PS for unfortunately, I don't have a PS N because I'm on my bro boys, so I can't be paying that monthly fee, but I use it just to go on YouTube and stuff my wallet. I put bananas here when I actually have bananas. Speaker Big Essential. Got the 48 pack of coffee one day. I'll actually make a video on some of my favorite books as well, because there are some bangers underneath my bed. I just have a bunch of eBay supplies and, like boxes and stuff to ship out eBay stuff. Also, this is a mere that my mom got for, like, $10 from a thrift store and I'm a tall guy, right? So having a full body mere like this is I mean, it's essential. Not only is it clutch because it's like a seven foot mirror, but also adds a lot of space to my room because I feel like without this smear, my room would look a lot smaller. But it just kind of extends that space outwards. And then over here, just have a little walkway. There's my boxes. My charger got a fan that's really crucial for me. I need to sleep with a fan in my face and then some more shipping supplies and then a warming pad. Because being in college, I tend to binge eat. And so after I eat an enormous amount of calories in one sitting, most of the time I get stomach aches. And so I just put that on my stomach. App words, and then, to my favorite part of my room is my little work area. This is where I filmed videos and get my homework done. So the desk and chair we're already part of my torment. Pretty simple, I guess. Kind of minimalistic. Too much clutter on my desperate kind overwhelms me so We have a Nike A trash can right here, because I'm messy. Just got some, you know, motivational quotes. I'm weird like that. Actually made these by myself. And my girlfriend remade him more. Pretty shadow, Cecilia for being the goat. I got a picture of me and my mom because I got to show myself while I'm doing all this my external hard drive. Some of my Mac accessories got my tripod from Amazon for, like, $10 because I'm a man of value. A little black school. Little simple life that I got from Target. I actually used this light in a lot of my videos for some lighting. Got a love letter from my boo. And then here's a little reminder that I still have to do defensive driving because I was going 95 75. I got a $200 ticket and I still gotta do defensive driving. I got some of my outlets. I got a wireless charger so I could just turn my phone on that when I'm editing a little wireless mouse. Some earphones. I have a 49 inch and sing me a flat screen. I actually got this when I was working at best Buy, so I got hooked up on a discount for it. I didn't mount this myself. Luckily, the maintenance guys he came in here amounts in it for me because he's my guy and this is actually really cool because you can pull this out. You can turn it any way you want. So even like when I'm laying in bed and I'm trying to get some Netflix in, it's like my own little movie. Alright, you also thank you so much for watching my broom tour. I appreciate you. I told you, Come out when I say so. All jokes aside, you all. This is my girlfriend, Cecilia. She's not included with the room. Thank you so much for watching today's video. I appreciate you tune it in if you like. It hit me with a comment. See if you want more college videos or tattoo videos or reactions. I have a lot of different things I'm gonna put out on this channel. So gave Nikki for watching and I'll catch you next Howdy, guys. My name is Sheila, and I am the Loudest and the Peratis member of the Fighting Texas Aggie class in twenty. Nineteen, eh? So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm twenty two years old. I'm from Houston, Texas, which isn't too far from here. And my major is in telecommunications and media studies with a minor in psychology. I absolutely love Texas. And, um, it is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Wei have a lot of crazy traditions. Kind of like the one that shows you the intro of this video. We're not a cult, though. We definitely our culture. And I can't wait to show you all the hidden gems of this school has to offer. So yeah, come on in. Join me and let's get started. Would you believe me if I told you I'm standing on tens and thousands of bottle caps because I really, really, really welcome to Bottle Cap Alley here in College Station, Texas, in the middle of the North Gate District. It's a really popular attraction here. North Gay is kind of unique. It's not like most strips or like night life opportunities and other cities. It's kind of Southern beamed, and North Gate has got T shirt whose days all that jazz. I've heard a lot of really cool stuff about it. I personally never been, but they've got really cool like square dancing. I bet stuff like that not to be stereotypical, but there's Dixie Chicken. There's cherries there shiner part all of these opportunities. So if you need a break from exams and studying North Gate is where I've heard is the place to come and dance your butt off if you need Teo. But yeah, in addition to that, we've got thousands of bottle caps that you can take pictures in an ad and contribute to the bottle cap So right now I am outside of which is a dining law, and you'll see the cool Aggie land little watering our thing right behind me. And I'm about to turn the camera around for you to see your very own farmers market here on the Texas A and M campus. It's really cute and small, but we'll get it right next to the fountain. Outside of Visa, you'll see students banner holding, which is a very popular thing here. There's a bunch of different stands. A lemonade, snow cones, succulents, anything you could think of their currently selling it on campus. And it's actually really, really cute. So, yeah, that is what farmers market on the Texas A and M campus looks like. Hey, guys, what is up? So I've already showed you around historic district. But I thought it would only be fair to show you guys around the White Creek dorms here on campus at Texas A and M, And to do so I'm gonna introduce you to my friend Nadia body, and she's going to show you around her white creek door. Here we balance gets started. So first we have the fed, the main attraction in my favorite place here. So in White Creek, every bed is a full size. But in all the other dorms on campus, there are twins. So if you don't like Greek, get this huge beds perfect for your friends will sleep when you want to sleep over. Or just if you want to take up all the room, you can't. Amazing. Do you have a nice closet space? Nice closet space. Here she is. My closet is huge. I brought so much clothes and I came here. I had no idea. I like Didn't think it would say I even bought an extra storage unit, but ended him not needing it. I have a bunch of extra room. It's really big. It's perfect. For hanging up your shoes and then we even have the shelf up here. That's good for your boots, too. Amazing. What's your favorite part of your room? I think. My favorite part. It is definitely what I like to call the cave. Just cave under here. I have a bean bag and then some pillows. And it's where my friends love to come, and we all hang out. We sit under here for hours on end, and you can eat here. You can sleep here. You can study here, do it all in the cave. Amazing. So tell me much a desk space. So my desk, it's actually a really good size compared to other dust that I've seen. And a fun thing about this test is that it actually extends out. So all of the little storage units here, they all extend out room like you. For some reason, this was a marginal for you. You can make it bigger. Amazing. Thank you so much for showing us around. So today, I really actually got Aggie ring, which is a huge tradition here in Texas A and M and the active during symbolizes so much more than just getting in class right here. It's walking the world. Any industry. There's a really solid chance that you're gonna meet another Aggie, and I'd always look out for one another. So this's what kind of looks like today Kyle Field. But usually it's in the association of it looks really cool. Everyone can come and pick up their bring it said. That is really cool. Former student like your parents. They went near any one slide your ring on your finger. Just a really good tradition we have here, so get Hey, guys. So I'm walking around Just going to give you guys a little brief introduction Teo and M. So it used to be a military school, and then it opened up to the public. So now we have the corps of cadets. There will be a video on that. It's have. There's a lot of influences of tradition here, so my favorite tradition are the leaders, so we don't have a cheer. So we have yells and you have your leaders and they are guys from the court. So cadets, mainly so. We're located in College Station, a city. We have pre temperate weather. It's pretty hot during the during the summer. I think I don't think it's that human because I'm from Brownsville. That's South Texas, So that's a hundred percent humidity all the time, so it's not as human, but people tend to think it is. The winter went is pretty cold, but it could be called. It actually snowed in December, which hadn't happened in a long, long while, So I was very excited for that. But that doesn't usually happen. That was really rare. So this is a big university. There's so many students here However, I always run into somebody I know, which is really cool because it's just nice, Teo always like running toe a friendly face. And then, even if you don't know them, I know I've made friends just by having the same routine as people. So my friend Devin, I would always run into her. We were on the same bus route to the same class, and so after a while, it was just kind of like, Well, we're friends because I see you all the time. So I was like, how did I Yo, yo, yeah, yeah, What's going on? Guys drew here back with another video. And for the love of God, peep this view. Oh my God, no. Austin's crazy, But what's going on, guys, I'm back in my car again. That's been a theme lately because I'm in Austin. I don't really have like, my own little space mom little room to record. So I like being in my car. It's intimate. We get a little conversation and it's good. So today my topic of discussion is school and mental health. Mental health is neglected in public school and some ideas to fix that right? So on. There's a popular picture that's going around the throat up there that when you type in school makes me on Google. It's like school makes me to press school. Makes me suicidal. School makes me sad. That's kind of fucked up. I think that that points to a broader picture. So this topic came about because I was talking to my sister the other day and I was like education. And 2019 is failing so many. We need to look at how our core curriculum is structured and we need to fundamentally change that because mental health is so important. I've had my own mental health struggles have people around me who struggle with mental health. I mean, look, the bottom line is most of us struggle with some type of mental health problems, whether it's from childhood past, traumas, chemical imbalances. I mean, more than likely, you probably are experiencing some type of trouble that goes back to mental health. And so I think it's very interesting that our education system in America, which is supposed to produce productive and happy members of society, fails toe highlight the importance of mental health. So you get into high school and you have these core curriculum classes, such as algebra, biology classes that are important for people who want to go into those fields. But there's no classes whatsoever on how to deal with stress, how to deal with depression and anxiety. That's nowhere to be found. And I hope that there are schools out there in the US that are starting to implement mental health programs into the core curriculum because I think it is so, so important. Okay, so let me tell you a little story. My freshman year of college I started taking Adderall. That's because I couldn't focus on these subjects, right. I was taking government classes that I had already taken an eighth grade and in high school, and I was doing it again, right So we can get into the argument of why are we still taking these classes? You could get into the argument of that college is for profit and that these classes aren't very helpful. We've already taken them multiple times throughout our K through 12 education system, but that's that's amore tea for another topic. And so I couldn't focus in these classes. And I got a prescription about Adderall, which was, by the way very, very easy. I just went into the doctor and said I couldn't focus, filled out like a little five question frickin questionnaire, and he gave me these pills, right? So I take these pills and I'm focusing in class. I can sit down, I can look at the board and I can listen to what my teachers saying. I'm dialed in, but that's where the line is drawn for benefits with my increased focus in the classroom also came with social isolation, increased depression and my overall mindset was just weird on Adderall. The more I would take it, the more I get into this weird headspace that just it wasn't me. And now nowhere was I provided the tools and education to think. Okay. Is this worth it? Should I do a cost benefit analysis on Yes, I'm able to get through these classes, and my college life is improving as far as academics. But everywhere else is suffering. And I think with the majority of US education failing to mention or realize that mental health is super important and not putting any line on mental health whatsoever promotes the idea that you should put your mental health to the side Finnish education and then worry about it. And I see this all the time. I see people who are like, Oh, I'm feeling this way. I'm feeling the press. I'm feeling anxious, but they have college shit to do in there like I'm just gonna get through this college and then I'll focus on my mental health afterwards, and then they're going out on the weekends and getting blackout fucking drunk because they don't want to deal with their problems. Here's a good idea to combat that. What if we added a mental health class that taught you healthy coping behaviors for mental health rather than turning to drugs and alcohol? Or what about a mental health class that for an exercise taught you to identify toxic familial patterns? We all have thoughts and behaviors that have manifested from our childhood. Growing up with our parents puts a huge influence on how we act and perceive the world. Or maybe a class that teaches us how to know when we need to seek help and how to seek out. Instead, we have to take these bullshit classes that don't help us in the real world. We've taken multiple times throughout our education as it is, and ultimately promotes the idea of us putting our mental health to decide to focus on our education. My 1st 2 years of college, my mental health was so out of whack that I didn't even really retain a lot of the information that I could have was so focused on getting the grades and seeing this artificial number called my G p A. That I put way too much value in that I couldn't even step back and like actually enjoyed the experience because my mental health was all fucked up. But at least I got that four point. All right, look, I know I ranted on. My thoughts were all kind of scrambled. I make these videos off the top. I don't write a script or anything, so I kind of bounce left and right off of ideas. But I've talked about it before, and I'll talk about it again. I have many other topics to discuss with education. I believe education needs a huge reform toe adequately prepares for the future in the modern world, and it's a complex issue. It's not black and white, and I believe a good place to start would be implementing mental health awareness into classes and making that curriculum necessary. Because mental health is such a base. Need that if you don't have that men, how are we expected to be productive members of society? So let me know if you want to talk more about this topic. I got a lot to get into with education system, and I appreciate you watching. If you watch this far, leave a comment. Tell me something interesting that you think about the education system. Share me a story about your mental health. Tell me what you think about school in mental health and what your opinions are, what your parents have taught you about it. What society has taught you about it, I want to hear. So thank you so much for watching today's video. I appreciate it new videos on the way car talks coming because the ship has been a big vibe and I got you on the next episode All right. Isn't my roommate right here? He's gonna introduce himself and explain why he chose text saying, and my name's Chris Martigues on. I chose a meme for the opportunities I would have for jobs. Connections. Really? I didn't know anything about the school before accepting, which is kind of crazy, But my parents and parents friends just told me You go to this school and like, you put in work, gonna make connections, and you're gonna get the job that you want to get. So it really was a no brainer for me after hearing that from everyone that went to an Amber knows about it. All right. So go ahead and describe the student body at our school. The first thing that I think is the student body being friendly as a whole on also diverse. I feel like it's a diverse is you wanted to be just joining different organizations and getting your foot out there, whether you're joining something, that major, specific or passion that you have outside of that. So I just describe the student body, like I said before, is welcoming and divers. All right, sir. So what is your major and what is the academic climate in them. Each has a feel. I'm a psychology major, the economic climate. I feel like everyone that is in psychology and takes the specific causes that I've been in. They have a passion for those classes. Not a lot of people will go into psychology and having a job that's specific to that are doing research for sight. But psychology helps and other other realms, whether you want to do counseling or something. In the medical field, itjust helps with interacting with people. So what? I've notices the causes that I take. People just have a passion for learning about how people work alright. And what's your favorite and least favorite part of school? And while I cannot touch on this earlier with the diversity, it's a am. But my favorite part is specifically the diversity of organizations and involvement. You can be in something that's like a social organization or service or passion, like photography or outdoor adventures. If you like to go camping. I'm in immense organization in a service organization, and there's really just like opportunities to do all kinds of things. If you if you want to do something and you can start a club where you can join it, So I think that's that's cool was the second part of the question least favorite part of the least favorite. Lisa would have to go along with the size of the student body. It's a little noticeable when you're in intro classes and the lecture sizes three hundred students, and it doesn't feel as personable. But at the same time, you can, like, break down that barrier by going to your professor's office hours more on bits, really, just what you want to get out of it. But I do kind of notice that there's less like student to professor interactions compared to other schools that maybe have smaller class sizes. All right, so now we get some more perspective from my fellow roommate here, we'll go and introduce himself. I'm Jack Jacobson on economy, major philosophy, minor from East in Texas and a member of the class of twenty nineteen a U. S. O. Go ahead and explain. So that's why you chose Texas. So I chose text saying them for for the traditions for the student life, you know, and the prestige. You know, it's one of the best colleges in Texas, and I want on my student tour and and really felt at home here. And Okay, well, my mom oxide, honestly chosen because of its engineering program, was with three e. T. And a and A. And I didn't get into the engineering program at U T, so it was just kind of like a defaulting, But, I mean, I'm happy now. It's been four years here. I've found my my own niche. Talk it. All right. So now you described the student body at our school. Go ahead and go first. So what I could say about in and on his people is that everybody's just unbelievably friendly in the sense that, like, I know, like, I hear that, like on the east Coast, you know, you can't You can't be saying like what's that? The people are just randomly on the street. But am everybody says hi to each other. For the most part, they'll entertain. You know, if you got any questions about where something is on campus, like they have glad Feli help you having on that. And this is a very welcoming environment for sure. Jefferson. Glad, Yes, gladly whatever. Obviously right? Uh, yeah, I agree with everything he said. You know, the hospitality is definitely really day now, but also, I think that's just a part of, like, the embodiment of the Aggie family, which is something that we really believe in today in them. And, you know, it's reflected through the hospitality. When you're on campus, it's reflected when you're off campus and when you're looking for a job, usually got frag ese, it's Ah, that's a really big thing around here. And then it's even reflected afterwards when we have things like Muster, where like we honor Agnese, who since graduated a long time ago but in the past way in the past year or so, there's a lot of Aggie family traditions and a lot of a lot of that. A lot of spirit that block, right? You get here, it gets them right right in here, spread through your whole body, just in that, Uh, yeah, I agree with everything, he said. You know, the hospitality is definitely really day now, but also, I think that's just a part of like the embodiment of the Aggie family, which is something that we really believe in. Today in them, and you know, it's reflected through the hospitality. When you're on campus, it's reflected when you're off campus and when you're looking for a job, usually got frag ese. It's Ah, that's a really big thing around here. And then it's even reflected afterwards when we have things like Muster, where like we honor Maggie's, who've since graduated a long time ago, but he passed away in the past year or so. There's a lot of Aggie family traditions and a lot of a lot of that. A lot of spirit, huh? All right, you get here, it gets them right right in here. Spread through your whole body, and you just All right, Next question. Describe your major, What is your major? And described the academic climate. So I'll go first. My major is industria distribution. So in layman's terms, that's basically engineering and supply chain slash sales combined into one. Um, it's a very, very major, very diverse. You have many opportunities out there after graduation. I think like the afflicted. They give like ninety eight percent jobs after after graduation. So that's very, very promising. I was academic climate's very, very laid back at least compared to other engineering majors. Definitely not come that your neck like a computer engineer, which which, which is what I was before, so definitely, definitely good environment. We have every like every week or two weeks we have, like a like a luncheon on our buildings long, we're like a company will come in like, you know, talk to us and everything. And it was provide, like Corinne knows, or any any cake topper catering. So that's always great to have in the middle of the day. Yeah, it's a great, great culture. I would say. I don't know if any other majors have like a specific, close knit culture like Idea does. So that's something I'm very happy to be a part of. It s o. I was originally political science, Manami economics, and they're both pretty similar because the cool thing is we have classes in the Bush school, which is named after President Bush, the first President Bush. And it's right next to the Bush library, which is actually where his late wife, Barbara, is buried and its whole presidential libraries. And so that's awesome, because it's sort of like gives our school in extra prestige, and it gives you a good opportunity to be around like, you know, some really relevant history and stuff. So that's awesome. And within the school of e Con, it's super diverse, and it's a lot of people there. There's a lot of really prestigious professors there and a lot of cool opportunities for you to do research and for your work on campus and for you to take a lot of really interesting classes. Question is what's my favorite part of a new and least favorite part of them and why? So we'll just start with least every part. I would say that you really have to get involved in order to have, Ah, consistent friend, because everybody has. I'm not saying this is a negative thing either. It's a both positive and negative. Yeah, everybody has very busy schedules and, like no one really has time to be hanging out with friends and just meet on campus and stuff like everybody. Everybody's busy at all times, so there's a very strong implication to get involved and kind of get it get into the pipelines where you would belong on campus. So I mean, that obviously has its benefits because then you would have friends. But if you're not the type Tio to go out for organizations and go through a very stringent recruiting process and you're just not that, like, outgoing person, that could be a drawback for you. But, I mean, I would say, Yeah, it's a it's a It's a pleasant negative, but yeah, and then as for my favorite part, well, I think my favorite part is going to be the extension. The extensiveness of the Agony network. I mean, right now we have, like, sixty thousand people on campus, and I'm sure, like, you know, from all the people they're alive and still Aggie is theirs upwards of a million. Aggie is out there that are willing to help you. And I know I mean, just based off of traditions that we have here in the culture that we have here, it doesn't just stop on campus. It extends out into the real world. So I'm gonna be very helpful inhabitable. Tell me, reach my career ambitions. Alright, so favorite least favorite party campus. My favorite part is student life. I think this manifest itself in a few different ways. First of all, game days are amazing specifically for football, but also we have a huge array of different competitive sports were great baseball. I think we're really good at track and like soccer, too. And so there's, oh, in basketball. There's a ton of different like events for you to go to as a part of the student body that we really get involved, like in our sports. And then, on top of that, in terms of student life there, so many. I think there's, like, over a thousand student organizations. And so there's It's really easy for you to find something to get involved in, and it's cool to have like that involvement. And, you know, like it makes you a little bit busier. But it's kind of good to be busy sometimes, you know, especially with something that you can really like, invest your time in. And so that's really awesome. And then also, the students on campus are so friendly, everyone wants to talk to everybody. It's that's an aspect of student life that I really like. And so that's why student life is probably my favorite thing about university. Least Favorite thing has got to be parking man this university's growing fast. There's I think we have, like, fifteen, twenty thousand more kids here now than we did when ever could, and I first got to campus. So it's growing fast and parking is top. So I recommend if you're coming here, take the buses. The bus system goes all over the city. It'll take you from wherever you live to your class. It's really easy do that. You don't have to park a sparking stuff.