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So guys here I have Nadia, and she is going to answer a couple questions that you might have her. I actually have about what it's like to live in White Creek. So thanks for being with us, Nadia. Thanks for having me. So my first question would be how to get to campus. Okay, so we have amazing bus system. The good thing about living in White Creek is that it's on campus, so we have around best route. There's two bus stops here. There's one that way, and there's one that way. So you happen to be too far. That's up. You run down the stairs and go to that stuff, and the buses run until about When am Teo? So the buses are really reliable. Cool. Okay. And how long would you say it takes to get from here to your class in the morning from here to Main campus? It's about maybe, like, five to seven minute bus ride. But like most of my classes, or maybe like a ten minute walk from the bus stop. So it drops off Main campus and just go wherever you need to. Nice. And what is your favorite thing? About living in White Creek. I think my favorite thing about living life, it actually had multiple things. I like that. We all get our own individual rooms. This is probably the only place on campus that you can have roommates, but you don't actually share. But yeah, and then, Yeah, I also really like our kitchen. And then we also have our own laundry and drier system. Like for one room, there's like dorms that have three hundred people, really ten washers. But here you get four for life. Amazing. And what would you say it's like to live with roots living with roommates here? I don't think it's not bad because we all have our own individual room. So if we want our privacy, just close our doors. And the only thing we really share is the kitchen, living room and the bathroom. So it's not that at all cool. And do you guys have tohave like any kind on campus meal plans or anything like that? As a freshman, if you live here, you do have to have it on campus Nail plan. But it's actually really coming in handy now, because across the street there's gonna be a dining hall. It's opening probably within the next month. So say you don't have to go on the main campus to eat now. You're worse than me. So you get your own. Dining hall is Well, that's actually really cool. Thank you so much for sharing your little humble abode here with us. And Yeah, best of luck with semester. Hey, guys, what is up? So I've already showed you around historic district. But I thought it would only be fair to show you guys around the White Creek dorms here on campus at Texas A and M, And to do so I'm gonna introduce you to my friend Nadia body, and she's going to show you around her white creek door. Here we balance gets started. So first we have the fed, the main attraction in my favorite place here. So in White Creek, every bed is a full size. But in all the other dorms on campus, there are twins. So if you don't like Greek, get this huge beds perfect for your friends will sleep when you want to sleep over. Or just if you want to take up all the room, you can't. Amazing. Do you have a nice closet space? Nice closet space. Here she is. My closet is huge. I brought so much clothes and I came here. I had no idea. I like Didn't think it would say I even bought an extra storage unit, but ended him not needing it. I have a bunch of extra room. It's really big. It's perfect. For hanging up your shoes and then we even have the shelf up here. That's good for your boots, too. Amazing. What's your favorite part of your room? I think. My favorite part. It is definitely what I like to call the cave. Just cave under here. I have a bean bag and then some pillows. And it's where my friends love to come, and we all hang out. We sit under here for hours on end, and you can eat here. You can sleep here. You can study here, do it all in the cave. Amazing. So tell me much a desk space. So my desk, it's actually a really good size compared to other dust that I've seen. And a fun thing about this test is that it actually extends out. So all of the little storage units here, they all extend out room like you. For some reason, this was a marginal for you. You can make it bigger. Amazing. Thank you so much for showing us around. Hey, guys, Welcome back Me, Natalia are no way Tio tailgate right now. Jacob, we're on our way to the bus. The buses run like three hours before the game in three hours are not three hours. What in half hours have been the game. And so, yeah, it's very convenient. Especially if you, like, live far away because parking is very hectic. Very hectic. Very Cecil. So, yeah. No way. Oh. The core is right there. They're getting their traditional mark. These are some of the concessions that are open. We have like a big event. Pizzeria, We have held a alright, we're leaving the game now. That is it for my game digs Syrians thank So I'm gonna show you guys my personal favorite statue here on campus, and you might ask yourselves why, but you'll know in a second, Basically, it's a former text saying, um, President Warren Sullivan Ross and we're gonna walk on over to the statue, and I'll show you exactly what? Basically, there's a bunch of pennies at the feet of this statue, and you might ask yourself why Len President Lauren Sullivan Ross was here. Texas Anna. It was said that he would always leave his door open, any students that needed help on homework so students would come on in and they'd ask how they could repay him for his help. He would just say a penny for your thoughts. So to this day when Maggie's needed good luck or anything of the sort already exams Finals week, Whatever you name it, hell place a penny at the feet of former President Lauren Sullivan Ross. It's also said that the reason that Sully in Monsters Inc is named Sully is after yours truly. Lauren Sullivan Ross. So, yeah, that's my favorite statue here on campus, right So now I'm gonna show you guys around. My bedroom is kind of like my sanctuary or my home away from home, and I don't actually live in a dorm room. I live in an area called the Historic District. It's about a mile away from campus, right behind Kyle Field, and some of the homes in this neighborhood have been around since the eighteen eighties. If I'm not mistaken, it's a really cute neighborhood. And all the homes are kind of old school lookin. But the insides are great and yeah, so here we go. So right off the bat when you walk into my room, you first see these beanbags in this fuzzy rug make today. Great. I absolutely love this area for reading. I've got these huge windows from one side to the other side of the house, and it's just beautiful. Let's in so much light. I've got my tapestry of my bed because you know, Tumbler and Pinterest would not let me do college without one. And this is a bookshelf that my roommate's actually wanted to get rid of, so I just threw a could black paint on it, and I kept it and I love it because it holds all of the things that I don't have room anywhere else in the house to put, like my Polaroid cameras, the binders, my books, a bike helmet that I don't really use my yoga mat. Other things that I am my backpack because, you know, that's what We're here for school. I got this thing from Target. Don't what it is, but I love it. And then we'll come to the left side of my room, and this is my desk area. We've kind of got this bulletin board I don't really know. White says January, It's a march while I'm recording this, and that is embarrassing. I've got a bunch of pictures of my friends up on my walls because I absolutely love keeping good Mans Paro Tip. If you're going to study at a desk, make sure to keep little treats because Spaeder, little old. So that's embarrassing. But essentially, they kind of keep me going binders and stuff. And I was spaced timing a friend earlier, hide eyes and lapping out Where to take you guys next. These air binders? Yeah, just kind of says she was Binder. Please don't touch next a minute. So you guys a closet? But I'm a little nervous about what it looks like right now. Excuse the mess. If there's any. This is my closet where I keep all my clothes. Kind of bags a suitcase to pack things up. And another pro tip is that these guys are your best friend. They store a lot of clothes. I like to keep up pajamas, socks, everything and misuse all kind of in this area. And then I'm gonna bring you guys over here too. Little Mir. Yes. And this is a little jewelry area that I have. Girls, let me tell you, it's not really hard. It's just a couple thumbtacks, and you just hang your jewelry in a little fun quote and then this is my second kind of closet storage area that I've got. I like to keep laundry baskets and things of the sorts, kind of out of sight, and that's what I use this space for. Also, for anyone else that has WiFi issues, I have a WiFi extender, and that thing has saved the day many times because, let me tell you, it is tough not having what son in the house. And now you talk to you guys like this for the rest of the video. So it's not a dorm room, but I absolutely love living in a home with four of my friends. It is honestly, like having family here in this city and its great. Now I'm gonna try to find you guys a dorm room to show you guys around. But some of the houses in this neighborhood are honestly so cute and old, but they don't look old on the inside. This you would never tell how old this house is by just looking at it. So, yeah. Welcome to my house in the historic district. So today, I really actually got Aggie ring, which is a huge tradition here in Texas A and M and the active during symbolizes so much more than just getting in class right here. It's walking the world. Any industry. There's a really solid chance that you're gonna meet another Aggie, and I'd always look out for one another. So this's what kind of looks like today Kyle Field. But usually it's in the association of it looks really cool. Everyone can come and pick up their bring it said. That is really cool. Former student like your parents. They went near any one slide your ring on your finger. Just a really good tradition we have here, so get Yo, yo, yeah, yeah, What's going on? Guys drew here back with another video. And for the love of God, peep this view. Oh my God, no. Austin's crazy, But what's going on, guys, I'm back in my car again. That's been a theme lately because I'm in Austin. I don't really have like, my own little space mom little room to record. So I like being in my car. It's intimate. We get a little conversation and it's good. So today my topic of discussion is school and mental health. Mental health is neglected in public school and some ideas to fix that right? So on. There's a popular picture that's going around the throat up there that when you type in school makes me on Google. It's like school makes me to press school. Makes me suicidal. School makes me sad. That's kind of fucked up. I think that that points to a broader picture. So this topic came about because I was talking to my sister the other day and I was like education. And 2019 is failing so many. We need to look at how our core curriculum is structured and we need to fundamentally change that because mental health is so important. I've had my own mental health struggles have people around me who struggle with mental health. I mean, look, the bottom line is most of us struggle with some type of mental health problems, whether it's from childhood past, traumas, chemical imbalances. I mean, more than likely, you probably are experiencing some type of trouble that goes back to mental health. And so I think it's very interesting that our education system in America, which is supposed to produce productive and happy members of society, fails toe highlight the importance of mental health. So you get into high school and you have these core curriculum classes, such as algebra, biology classes that are important for people who want to go into those fields. But there's no classes whatsoever on how to deal with stress, how to deal with depression and anxiety. That's nowhere to be found. And I hope that there are schools out there in the US that are starting to implement mental health programs into the core curriculum because I think it is so, so important. Okay, so let me tell you a little story. My freshman year of college I started taking Adderall. That's because I couldn't focus on these subjects, right. I was taking government classes that I had already taken an eighth grade and in high school, and I was doing it again, right So we can get into the argument of why are we still taking these classes? You could get into the argument of that college is for profit and that these classes aren't very helpful. We've already taken them multiple times throughout our K through 12 education system, but that's that's amore tea for another topic. And so I couldn't focus in these classes. And I got a prescription about Adderall, which was, by the way very, very easy. I just went into the doctor and said I couldn't focus, filled out like a little five question frickin questionnaire, and he gave me these pills, right? So I take these pills and I'm focusing in class. I can sit down, I can look at the board and I can listen to what my teachers saying. I'm dialed in, but that's where the line is drawn for benefits with my increased focus in the classroom also came with social isolation, increased depression and my overall mindset was just weird on Adderall. The more I would take it, the more I get into this weird headspace that just it wasn't me. And now nowhere was I provided the tools and education to think. Okay. Is this worth it? Should I do a cost benefit analysis on Yes, I'm able to get through these classes, and my college life is improving as far as academics. But everywhere else is suffering. And I think with the majority of US education failing to mention or realize that mental health is super important and not putting any line on mental health whatsoever promotes the idea that you should put your mental health to the side Finnish education and then worry about it. And I see this all the time. I see people who are like, Oh, I'm feeling this way. I'm feeling the press. I'm feeling anxious, but they have college shit to do in there like I'm just gonna get through this college and then I'll focus on my mental health afterwards, and then they're going out on the weekends and getting blackout fucking drunk because they don't want to deal with their problems. Here's a good idea to combat that. What if we added a mental health class that taught you healthy coping behaviors for mental health rather than turning to drugs and alcohol? Or what about a mental health class that for an exercise taught you to identify toxic familial patterns? We all have thoughts and behaviors that have manifested from our childhood. Growing up with our parents puts a huge influence on how we act and perceive the world. Or maybe a class that teaches us how to know when we need to seek help and how to seek out. Instead, we have to take these bullshit classes that don't help us in the real world. We've taken multiple times throughout our education as it is, and ultimately promotes the idea of us putting our mental health to decide to focus on our education. My 1st 2 years of college, my mental health was so out of whack that I didn't even really retain a lot of the information that I could have was so focused on getting the grades and seeing this artificial number called my G p A. That I put way too much value in that I couldn't even step back and like actually enjoyed the experience because my mental health was all fucked up. But at least I got that four point. All right, look, I know I ranted on. My thoughts were all kind of scrambled. I make these videos off the top. I don't write a script or anything, so I kind of bounce left and right off of ideas. But I've talked about it before, and I'll talk about it again. I have many other topics to discuss with education. I believe education needs a huge reform toe adequately prepares for the future in the modern world, and it's a complex issue. It's not black and white, and I believe a good place to start would be implementing mental health awareness into classes and making that curriculum necessary. Because mental health is such a base. Need that if you don't have that men, how are we expected to be productive members of society? So let me know if you want to talk more about this topic. I got a lot to get into with education system, and I appreciate you watching. If you watch this far, leave a comment. Tell me something interesting that you think about the education system. Share me a story about your mental health. Tell me what you think about school in mental health and what your opinions are, what your parents have taught you about it. What society has taught you about it, I want to hear. So thank you so much for watching today's video. I appreciate it new videos on the way car talks coming because the ship has been a big vibe and I got you on the next episode Okay, guys. So we're right in front of Kyle Field and it's game day. Happy game day. So basically this is what it looks like. It's kind of nuts, and we're crossing the street. So right now I am outside of which is a dining law, and you'll see the cool Aggie land little watering our thing right behind me. And I'm about to turn the camera around for you to see your very own farmers market here on the Texas A and M campus. It's really cute and small, but we'll get it right next to the fountain. Outside of Visa, you'll see students banner holding, which is a very popular thing here. There's a bunch of different stands. A lemonade, snow cones, succulents, anything you could think of their currently selling it on campus. And it's actually really, really cute. So, yeah, that is what farmers market on the Texas A and M campus looks like. Hey, guys, welcome back. I am in downtown Brian. Right now. It is about fifteen minutes away from campus. It is very hard to come here just to fund like dates. Paul, you can come out with friends, eat some good food. It's very take pictures. It's very a historic like there's during Christmastime because Christmas tree is very nice Christmas trees. There's Hotel Brian. And yet it's just very at home and I very enjoy it. Hey, I spread Mr De right now eating How do you how do you like the food? O? Tell me after. How do you like this? It's pretty good. This's what the restaurant looks like. It's very like home. I'm gonna I'm gonna record your reaction of doing anything all right? Right now we are at the Christmas tree. It is very pretty. It's lit up. It was a little special light today. Um, but yeah, that is my downtime buying experience. I hope you all enjoyed I ten out of ten. Recommend this way's thanks and giggle.