Petroleum engineering building at texas a&m!

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Sheila Mohebpour

Tour Guide

This semester I'm taking Theories of Mediated Communication in the Richardson Petroleum Engineering Building here at Texas A&M University! Most of my Communications courses actually take place in Bolton Hall right next to the Century Tree, but another professor asked to do a room swap with us this semester so we got to experience a semester in the life of an Engineering major. Richardson is home to many different kinds of courses, not just Engineering which makes it that much better. The spacious lecture halls provide every student their own workspace and the swivel chairs provide some bonus entertainment. The large projector, lighting, and even the way the room allows the professor's voice to travel easily without a microphone is helpful. Although this lecture hall seems large, it's actually quite cozy. My class has approximately 40 students in it, and even though we're spaced apart it's easy to talk to one another without difficultly during class discussions.